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Issue Number 18, December 2010

Coordinator: Janet Ridout-Sharpe, BSc ARCS

66 Radnor Road, Wallingford, Oxfordshire OX10 0PH, UK

Email: j.ridout-sharpe@cabi.org

Current and previous issues of the Archaeo+Malacology Group Newsletter are available at

http://triton.anu.edu.au/ and http://home.earthlink.net/~aydinslibrary/AMGnews.htm, with

thanks to Kat Szabo of the ICAZ Archaeomalacology Working Group and to Aydın Örstan, respectively. The Coordinator would also like to thank all past and present contributors to the AMG Newsletter, and to encourage everyone to submit short articles, abstracts of publications, book reviews, research news, conference reports, etc., for the next (copy date mid-June 2011) and future issues. For the purposes of this newsletter, archaeomalacology is interpreted in its widest sense: the interaction of man and molluscs from earliest times to the recent past; palaeoenvironmental reconstruction; studies on diet, ancient trade routes, ornaments and jewellery, ritual and symbolism – the choice is yours! Please share your interests and research projects with the greater archaeomalacological community. All items and correspondence should be sent as Word documents to JRS at the email address above.

Contents Records of Papillifera papillaris in continental Spain..............1 Papillifera papillaris: a second colony is discovered in England..... 4 Snails from the ‘Cloaca Maxima’ of Caesarea, Israel.............. 6 Land and freshwater molluscs from Yavneh-Yam, Israel........... 8 Shells from Byzantine and Early Islamic Bat Galim, Israel........ 11 Ancient metal ‘weights’ in the form of bivalve shells............. 13 Abstracts............................................... 14 Palaeobiodiversity mapping................................. 17 Conferences.............................................17 Records of Papillifera papillaris affinis in continental Spain and their connection with walls and ruins from the Roman period Burçin Aşkım Gümüş ¹ and Henk K. Mienis ² ¹ Eryaman 1. Etap, Altay Mah., Şehit Aymetin Galeri Sok., Betontaş Blokları, Başdere Apt. 74/8, Eryaman, Etimesgut-Ankara, Turkey. Email: burcinaskim@gmail.com ² National Collections of Natural History, Department of Zoology, Tel Aviv University, IL-69978 Tel Aviv, and National Natural History Collections, Berman Building, Hebrew University of Je

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The terrestrial snail Papillifera papillaris (Müller, 1774), Fam. Clausiliidae, is restricted in its natural distribution to Italy, Sicily and Malta. However, this species was introduced unintentionally during the Hellenistic and Roman periods to coastal towns around almost all of the Mediterranean.

The ribbed Sicilian subspecies, Papillifera papillaris affinis (Philippi, 1836), has been recorded as an allochthonous element not only from North Africa (Mienis and Gümüş, 2009) but also from the south of France (Falkner et al., 2002). In addition, Mienis and Gümüş (2007) mentioned several localities in Spain based on material in the collection of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Almost simultaneously, Beckmann (2007) presented data concerning the presence of Papillifera papillaris affinis on Mallorca and Minorca, where this subspecies seems to occur quite commonly.

In this report we are dealing only with the presence of Papillifera papillaris affinis in continental Spain. The presented data are based on the literature available to us and on samples preserved in the National Mollusc Collection of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJ) and the Mollusc Collection of the Zoological Museum of Amsterdam (ZMA).

Systematic data: Papillifera papillaris affinis (Philippi, 1836) Clausilia papillaris: Graells, 1846: 8.

Clausilia bidens var. virgata: Bofill, 1879: 154 (=23).

Clausilia virgata: Servain, 1880: 122.

Clausilia bidens: Kobelt, 1882: 75.

Clausilia catalonica: Fagot, 1884: 184.

Clausilia cathalonica: de Chia, 1887: 12.

Clausilia bidens var.: Bofill, 1888: 60.

Clausilia catalonica: Paetel, 1889: 320.

Clausilia catalonica: Westerlund, 1890: 70.

Clausilia catalonica: Fagot, 1892: 105.

Clausilia (Papillifera) virgata var. barcinensis: Westerlund, 1893: 129.

Clausilia catalonica: Westerlund, 1901: 138.

Clausilia catalonica forma barcinensis: Westerlund, 1901: 138.

Clausilia catalonica: Couturier, 1903: 53.

Clausilia (Euclista) bidens: Bofill i Poch, 1917: 545.

Clausilia (Papillifera) bidens: Bofill i Poch, 1919: 218.

Clausilia (Papillifera) bidens: Bofill and Haas, 1920: 763 (=387).

Papillifera catalonica: Coen, 1945: 41.

Papillifera bidens: Vilella, 1967: 19.

Papillifera papillaris: Bech, 1990.

Papillifera bidens bidens: Vilella Tejedo et al., 2003: 5, 14, 27.

Papillifera bidens affinis: Mienis and Gümüş, 2007: 5.

Locality data: Catalonia Catalonia region: Catalonia (Vilella Tejedo et al., 2003: 14); Alta Cataluña (=Upper Catalonia) (Graells, 1846: 8).

Barcelona province: Barcelona, leg. Martorell y Peña (ZMA/6, ex-coll. Heukelom); idem, leg.

J. Civia (ZMA/4, ex-coll. J.G.J. Kuiper); idem (Bofill, 1888: 60; Paetel, 1889: 320; Haas, 1929: 329; Coen, 1945: 41; Bech, 1990); idem, walls of the Old Citadel (Bofill, 1879: 23;

Servain, 1880: 122; Kobelt, 1882: 75; Fagot, 1884: 184; de Chia, 1887: 12; Westerlund, 1890:

70; Westerlund, 1893: 129; Westerlund, 1901: 138; Couturier, 1903: 53; Bofill and Haas, 1920: 763; Mienis and Gümüş, 2007: 5); idem, ex. del Prete (HUJ 50985/1); idem, castle of Montjuich (Bofill and Haas, 1920: 763); idem, castle of Gelida, leg. I. de Sagarra, October 1918 (Bofill i Poch, 1919: 218; Bofill and Haas, 1920: 763); mountain ridge of Las Ermitas, Sta. Coloma de Gramanent, March 1963 (Vilella, 1967: 19).

Tarragona province: Tarragona, ex. Kobelt (ZMA/2, ex-coll. Schepman); idem, ex. Champ (HUJ 50984/6, ex-coll. Blok 3109A); idem, leg. J. Ruttlant, 2 August 1945 (ZMA/6, ex-coll.

J.G.J. Kuiper); idem, leg. C. Altimira, April 1957 (ZMA/7); idem (Haas, 1929: 329; Bech, 1990; Mienis and Gümüş, 2007: 5); idem, on the gigantic walls, leg. A. Bofill, 19 March 1917 and 9 April 1917 (Bofill i Poch, 1917: 545); Vendrell (Bofill, 1888: 60).

Lérida province: Lleida (Lérida), leg. P. Jansen, April 1934 (ZMA/4).

Remarks Graells (1846: 8) was the first to mention the presence of Papillifera papillaris s.l. in continental Spain: Upper Catalonia, but he did not mention a more specific locality. We know now that Papillifera papillaris affinis has been recorded from at least four different towns in Catalonia: several different localities in and around Barcelona in Barcelona province, Lleida (or Lérida) in Lérida province, and Tarragona and Vendrell in Tarragona province. Lleida (Lérida) is here recorded for the first time as a locality for this introduced species.

No recent records are known to us from Tarragona, Vendrell or Lleida, and Menez (2007) did not find this exotic clausiliid in Barcelona in spite of the fact that Vilella (1967) collected this species and found it abundant in the Barcelona area in March 1963.

Most of the Papillifera specimens from Barcelona, Tarragona and Lleida were found on old walls or ruins of buildings dating to the Roman period. In spite of the fact that similar Roman remains are present elsewhere, in numerous other parts of the country, Catalonia is the only region where populations of Papillifera papillaris affinis have been found in continental Spain (see also Menez, 2007).

Acknowledgement We would like to thank our colleague Robert G. Moolenbeek for giving one of us (HKM) the opportunity to study the samples of the Papillifera papillaris complex in the Mollusc Collection of the Zoological Museum of Amsterdam.

References Bech, M., 1990. Fauna malacologica de Catalunya. Molluscs terrestres i d'aigua dulça. Treballs de la Institució Catalana d'Història Natural, Barcelona, 12: 1-229.

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Papillifera papillaris: a second colony is discovered in England

–  –  –

The discovery of a thriving colony of Papillifera papillaris (Müller, 1774) at Cliveden House near Maidenhead, England, in 2004 (Ridout-Sharpe, 2005, 2007) has led to a flurry of articles on the anthropogenic dispersal of this clausiliid snail from its homeland in peninsular Italy and some adjacent islands to many places around the Mediterranean from antiquity onwards (Gümüş, 2006; Gümüş and Mienis, 2009, 2010, 2010a [this newsletter]; Menez, 2007; Mienis and Gümüş, 2007, 2009; Örstan, 2006; Ridout-Sharpe, 2008). It has now been reported from (clockwise from Italy) Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Gibraltar, Spain (Catalonia, Balearics) and the south coast of France. The presence of Papillifera papillaris in England represents an outpost some 600 miles/966 km distant from this circum-Mediterranean distribution, with (as yet) no known localities between southern England and the south of France.

The Cliveden record was at first considered to be unique in the UK. Then Dance (2008) drew attention to a hand-coloured engraving which appears to represent Papillifera papillaris, with its distinctive crenulated suture, in ‘A descriptive catalogue of the British Testacea’ by W.G.

Maton and T. Rackett, published in the Transactions of the Linnean Society of London in

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