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«heritagehardware.co.nz 2015 Fabrication manual Quartz benchtop surfaces Made in Germany Contents Sheet information 3 Technical data 4 Made in Germany ...»

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Fabrication manual

heritagehardware.co.nz 2015

Fabrication manual

Quartz benchtop surfaces

Made in Germany


Sheet information 3

Technical data 4

Made in Germany

Quality quartz surfaces

Transportation 5

manufactured to extremely

rigorous quality standards.

Storage & handling 6

Health & safety 7

Fabricator 8

Substrate 9

Fabulite® 10 Stain-resistant Fabulite® application 11 Food stains cannot stick.

Templating 12 Joint positions 13 Tooling & cutting 14 Preparation for installation 15 Glues & bonding 16 Sustainable Adhesive colour chart 17 Natural raw materials are fully recyclable and friendly to our environment.

Polishing & finishing 18 Installation 19 Customer warranty card 23 Warranty 24 First aid 25 Registration 27 Supplies details 28 Veined Michelangelo Food safe Hygiene non porous properties, never Made to last requires sealing.

12 year warranty for peace of mind.

Dirt repellent effect The dirt simply runs off.

*Chopping board recommended for direct cutting on Eurostone® surfaces Odour free Leaves the surface *Scratch-resistant Impact-resistant free of smells.

94% quartz which has Nature’s hardest mineral high abrasion and stone. Much tougher than scratch resistance. granite.

94 % 5% 1% quartz resin colour

–  –  –

All our Eurostone® sheets are a minimum of 3050mm x 1400mm All sheets delivered will be 3050mm x 1400mm.

The thickness of our sheets is 12mm this has a variance of +/- 0.5mm.

Colour’s and Batching We currently have 17 colour’s in our range, which are as follows;

–  –  –

Absolute White Example Absolute White AP0893 - Colour name Manufacture date sequential sheets within the batch manufactured when you are using more than one sheet per job, please double check all sheets come from the same batch.

–  –  –

Delivery Process All Eurostone sheets are to be transported upright (vertically) in purpose built steel stillage. The steel stillage size is 3200mm x 1500mm x 1000mm A $80 deposit applies, This is a paper charge and will only be invoiced if the steel stillages is lost or damaged. All steel stillages are numbered for tracking purposes. A stock take count will be requested twice a year.

Steel stillage returns Steel stillages returns are at the cost of Heritage Hardware Ltd.

Please return steel stillages to Heritage Hardware Hastings.

If possible please store crates out of the weather while waiting for the next truck to collect.

Disassembly instructions for returning stillages to Heritage Hardware Inspection on Delivery Our entire product when de-vaned is visually inspected sheet by sheet as it is moved into our storage facility.

It is your responsibility to inspect the sheets on arrival into your premises, and if there are any queries contact us within 24 hours.

This gives us the best opportunity to replace from the same batch if required. Remember signing for goods means you accept the goods in good condition. “Check carefully”

–  –  –

Sheets Always carry sheets vertically.

It is recommended that sheets are stored vertically on the 3050mm edge, at a 15° degree angle.

A rack with 4 uprights is preferred and recommended, is your rack earthquake resistant?

Store sheets polished face-to-face, of no more than 10 sheets per rack.

Pallet Racking Horizontal racking can be considered for pallets of less than 10 sheets.

NB: Pallets must not be stacked on top of each other.

Store inside and keep well ventilated at all times Manoeuvring Sheets When sheets are relocated ensure they are in a vertical position to prevent breaking.

Secure sheets on an a frame trolley, (wind can easily topple sheets).

Extreme care is required when using a dolly, it is A frame recommended to have two or more people. Trolley Mechanical Lifting Another option is to use a gantry crane or forklift with a slab lifter (White rubber prevents the marking on light materials)

–  –  –


Sheets may only be manoeuvred in a horizontal position if they are within an approved crate and moved by gantry crane or forklift.

(Spread the forks to their maximum prior to lifting pallet avoiding flexing and breakage)

–  –  –

Remember safety first.

Always exercise good safe work practices when fabricating or forming Eurostone® products.

Wear steel capped boots  Wear eye protection  Wear hearing protection 

–  –  –

Wear gloves and protective clothing as appropriate  Keep tools sharp and equipment in good repair  Good ventilation is always required  Keep work area clean  Take adequate breaks 

–  –  –

Eurostone® fabricator An approved Eurostone® fabricator will not be a novice at manufacturing engineered stone.

This means that Eurostone® is only supplied to approved engineered stone fabricators.

As engineered stone is now common place in our market, we offer guidelines in conjunction with industry recognized best practices.

Sheet Inspection We recommend you record all data from each sheet;

Please keep a factory register of these details.

These details are required, in the event of processing a warranty claim.

See section on colours & batching Inspect each sheet prior to cutting. The orange label on the sheet is a reminder to check each sheet prior to cutting, remember once sheets are cut no replacements or refunds will be given.

5 Simple rules for inspection

1. Cracks or flaws: Inspect sheets in a vertical position, in good white light.

Visually scan the entire length and width of sheet. Fractures usually refract light.

Helpful tip: To confirm a possible fracture, rub a lead pencil across the crack, this will highlight the imperfection.

2. Colour match sheets: Lay up sheets in the sequence they will joint, sheets from the same batch can appear different in certain lighting. Wet the sheets to intensify the colour.

Helpful tip: Rotate sheets 180° degrees.

3. Migration of particles: Even with the most sophisticated production methods, sheets can have a build up of particles in one area this may alter your bench tops appearance.

Helpful tip: Check all sheets being used are similar in appearance and inspect all sheets before a cut is made in the first sheet.

4. Warped - Is sheet bowed or cupped? Good storage methods will eliminate this.

Tolerance of 3mm in length and 1.5mm across sheet.

5. Consistent gloss level - No blemish pits or scratches.

–  –  –

Bench tops Eurostone® must be applied to a substrate for all bench top surfaces.

*Sheets used with out a substrate in a horizontal application are not covered by warranty.

Preferred substrate Fabulite®, Plywood – Marine grade or a similar high-grade interior quality is the preferred substrate for the manufacture of the Eurostone® bench tops substrate.

MDF is not suitable for Eurostone® bench tops or in an application where moisture may be present. For example a dishwasher can produce an unacceptable level of moisture.

(Steam can be trapped under the bench each time the washing cycle is complete, or around the sink insert in these wet areas.

We stipulate that Fabulite® or Marine grade plywoods must be used for the warranty to be valid.) However MDF may be used in the absence of any moisture, please note that this must be sealed with a Hi grade Acrylic sealer.

Any alternative product to plywood must be submitted in writing to Heritage Hardware Ltd for approval prior to being used. This will be documented against the approved fabricator.

Your substrate board needs to be adequate for the dimensions and overhangs of the bench top.

Avoid joints around dishwashers, sink and hob cut outs and overhangs.


Do not join a substrate directly below a Eurostone® joint.

(Site joints are exempt from the above rule).

Sealing of the substrate board Sealing of the underside and all exposed edges of substrates will be a Eurostone® fabricators standard practice.

As a minimum a high build acrylic base paint can be used as a sealer.

Seal all leading edges to wet areas, dishwasher cavities and edges that come into floor contact (e.g. waterfall slab ends).

It would be advisable to use a sealer over all surfaces of the substrate board for total protection.

Helpful tip:

If trimming substrate on site, it is important to reseal.

–  –  –

What is Fabulite® Fabulite® is a thermosetting rigid polyurethane polymer foam.

The polymer basis of Fabulite® has been known to the market since after World War II.

It was developed in the laboratories of Bayer industries where it was a sought after alternative and substitutive product to nylon.

70 years of continuous evolution has made it one of the most used synthetic products today.

Fabulite® benefits Lightweight - Easy to handle and install  Made to last - High resistance to compression and cutting  Thermal insulation properties - Transfer of thermal energy between objects of differing  temperature Workability - Fabulite® can be easily machined with standard wooden and marble tools  Easy adhesion - Stone materials, wood, aluminium, steel, plastic, glass, china and acrylic  surfaces Waterproof - Long lasting and with stands the kitchen elements  Soundproof - Solid properties that reduce the sound pressure  Chemical resistance - Household chemical products have no effect  Sustainable - Non-toxic and environmental friendly material  Available in 6 sizes - Unlimited usability options 

–  –  –

Highly recommended A necessary part of the bench top fabrication process.

When templating you may notice some areas of concern, as detailed below. We suggest your client is informed or ensure you have remedied these concerns before installation takes place.

Pre-templating Check List and areas of concern Cabinets - All cabinets must be level and fixed to walls or floors.

 Strength of cabinet - Can it support a Eurostone® top? Will it sag over time?

 Sink and hob rails - Must be positioned vertically or re-enforced - see picture below 

–  –  –

Corner base units or extra wide units - Horizontal rails will not keep the bench top straight.

 This type of rail has the potential to sag, and will need to be re-enforced accordingly.

Dishwasher cavity - Cleat the bench top to the back wall for the support required  Eurostone series joint placement - (see notes on page 13)  Sink and hob placement - Does this meet your local authority regulations.

 Thickness - Standard thickness is 40mm, less than 40mm is not recommended for  overhangs greater than 100mm Overhangs - To be no more than 300mm (see page 15 for details on overhangs).

 Site Access - Investigate accessibility of the site for delivery and installation. Consider how  many site joints will be practical.

Tolerance between walls - Reduce top by 1mm for every metre of bench and for high sun  areas reduce by 1.5mm.

Client satisfaction - Demonstrate actual sizes and inform client of final specifications.

 Explain process of installation and any sub trade services provided.

–  –  –

The planning and consideration of placements

a) If your bench top changes direction Joints will always be at a corner. An L shape cut from one piece is not approved.

b) Increases in size (greater than sheet specifications).

c) Hob rails are too narrow (min width of hob rail = 60mm)

d) Sink rails are too narrow (min width of sink rail = 80mm)

e) Visually - Client’s preferred placement. However only if all the fabrication guidelines are met. (Remember your company is responsible for this manufacturing process) Avoid joint placement over dishwashers, over under bench ovens, or beneath direct heat sources, e.g. bench top appliances.

Sink Joints Joints through sinks are approved where sink is over mounted – not approved for under mount.

–  –  –

A good practice is to use resin with a minimum of 30mm either side of the joint.

This bonds the sheet to the substrate.

This will keep the joint stable when glued together and increase its strength considerably.

–  –  –

Eurostone® surfaces An approved Eurostone® fabricator will not be a novice at engineered stone manufacturing.

Eurostone® will only be supplied to approved engineered stone fabricators. Approved fabricators will have the proper tools & safety equipment to produce a quality finished product. Below is a list of equipment that is essential or recommended.

Basic tools required Electric/Pneumatic polisher  Diamond cutting wheels  Diamond polishing pad  Grinding stone 

–  –  –

Diamond cutting blade  Wet profiling machine  Stone carts or dollies  A frame storage racks  Fabrication stands  Air compressor  Seaming clamps  Diamond tooling is required for all cutting, shaping and polishing. Tooling designed for other engineered stone products will behave similarly, however life of the tool may be shortened due to the high quartz content of Eurostone®.

Heritage Hardware also recommends wet working of the product, not only to prolong the life of your expensive diamond tooling but also to reduce the possibility of burning the products surface and to minimize dust. (See section on preferred suppliers for diamond tool manufactures and details about polishing.) Drilling Diamond coated core drills are recommended for taps, services and starter holes. We recommend a nominal size of 10mm for starter holes for your cut-outs.

Helpful tip: Remember to always arris finished hole.

–  –  –

Cut outs All cut outs must have radius corners (no exceptions) with a minimum radius of 5mm.

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