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«            Table of Contents   General Informa on 3     Welcome 4   Exhibitors Informa on 5‐8   Fossil Agenda 10‐13   Nuclear Agenda ...»

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Table of Contents


General Informa on 3


  Welcome 4

  Exhibitors Informa on 5‐8


Fossil Agenda 10‐13


Nuclear Agenda 14‐19


  Hotel Floor Plan 20   Exhibit Area Floor Plan 21   Nearby Restaurants 22‐23   Things to Do in New Orleans 24‐25     Upcoming SCS Conferences Info 26‐27                   Brought to you by :  The Society for Modeling & Simula on Interna onal (SCS)  1   2014 PowerPlantSim  


        Jan. 20 ‐ 23, 2014 New Orleans, LA, USA Sponsored by SCS    General Chairs  Sco Cupp (Nuclear Track) & William H. Talbot (Fossil Track)        


 Network: Astor Crowne Plaza Conference   Password: PPS2014    2 General Information    PPS 2014 Registration Astor Foyer Sunday: 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm Monday-Wednesday: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm On Thursday, staff will be available for questions and information

PPS 2014 Reception:

Monday, January 20, 2014 Exhibit Area

–  –  –

We wish to express our warmest welcome to all participants and organizers of the tracks making up this 2014 Power Plant Simulation Conference (PowerPlantSim‘14). All attendees are welcome to attend all of the sessions and activities unless otherwise noted in the agenda.

PowerPlantSim‘14 offers a great forum for worldwide researchers and practitioners from Academia, Industry, Business, and Government to share their expertise, results and research findings relating to the Fossil and Nuclear energy community. This year’s conference will be held at the Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel in New Orleans, LA.

We wish to thank the many individuals, whose dedicated effort contributed to the success of the event.

Our sincere appreciation goes to all authors including those whose papers could not be accommodated in the program, and to all presenters.

On behalf of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International, SCS, we invite all of you to join us at PowerPlantSim 2014 in New Orleans, LA, USA.

–  –  –

When you’re looking for improving your power plant’s performance and reliability, you’ll want the right simulation experience to get you there. One company has the dedication to produce true-to-life power plant simulators that ensure that your personnel have the knowledge required to safely and efficiently operate your power plant.

–  –  –


Providing more than just training devices, L-3 MAPPS’ simulator solutions - powered by the unparalleled Orchid® suite of simulation products - will elevate your operation and engineering teams to new heights in addressing plant design issues, procedural deficiencies and reliability improvements. L-3 MAPPS simulators provide superior realworld power plant training. L-3 MAPPS offers a variety of products and services, including full scope simulators, classroom simulators, engineering simulators, part-task trainers, severe accident simulation, simulator retrofits and upgrades, and more. L-3 MAPPS provides design to completion turnkey systems, specific components, and simulator design tools as required by the customer. The company’s simulators offer the highest quality in modeling fidelity and training to provide trainees and instructors with user-friendly tools for learning, operating and mastering complex power plant systems.

The superior training environments of L-3 MAPPS simulators provide clear advantages for obtaining operator licenses/certification, optimizing plant operating procedures and reducing costs. Operators trained on L-3 MAPPS simulator environments acquire the skills necessary to increase plant performance, minimize downtime, and provide confident emergency response. Real-time responses to operator actions and interactive instructor controls ensure maximum training effectiveness and adaptability.

Simulator uses include interactive team training, severe incident management, plant design testing, and start-up/ shutdown optimization. Any scenario, no matter how complex or dangerous in a real plant, can be reproduced, monitored and varied in real time, providing a highly valuable tool for training, plant engineering and emergency response.


Cost-effective training for

• Experienced operators and new recruits

• Overall plant and individual system operation and control

• Improving soft skills such as “command and control”, three-way communication, team interaction and performance in the most realistic simulator control room environment

• Emergency plan implementation and incident management

• Skilled response to equipment malfunction and plant transients

• I&C familiarization through DCS and plant process computer operation

5 Exhibitors Information (Cont.)L-3 MAPPS (Cont.)

More benefits

• Full visual implementation of whole plant simulation allowing users to have complete control over simulated plant design in an intuitive, easy-to-use manner

• State-of-the-art simulation environment for development, operation and management of your simulator with a fully visual, interactive graphic user interface including control room soft panels and plant system models

• Operations optimization with just-in-time training on plant start-up, shutdown and infrequently performed evolutions, etc.

• Fewer unplanned outages due to operator error or equipment malfunction

• Improved plant safety

• Analysis of plant response to equipment and/or instrument failure

• Efficient plant design planning and testing

• DCS and plant process computer verification and validation

• Ease of simulator upgrade and ability to keep current with plant

• Multiple configurations on one simulator

•Portability of simulation for classroom training

–  –  –

Westinghouse Electric Company Westinghouse Electric Company is the only company with a single focus on nuclear power, providing a wide range of nuclear plant products and services to utilities throughout the world. Our employees worldwide provide fuel, spent fuel management, service and maintenance, instrumentation and control, and advanced nuclear plant designs. With the world’s largest base of installed plants, no company has more nuclear experience.

With the combined resources of Westinghouse and Toshiba, an even broader range of products and services will be available to our customers, furthering our commitment to providing solutions that help achieve reduced outage times, reduced operation costs, and clean, efficient plant operations.

–  –  –

CORYS Thunder offers the most sophisticated products and technology in the simulation industry. Our simulators power most nuclear engineering and training simulators in the U.S., as well as several in Europe. Count on CORYS to meet critical training simulator fidelity, reliability, and training requirements.

CONTACT: Jody Ryan Jody.ryan@corysthunder.com www.corysthunder.com

Test and Measurement Instrumentation, LLC

TMI designs and manufactures high performance IO systems used predominantly in the Nuclear Power Simulation industry. We are the undisputed leader in simulation IO systems. We have upgraded 36 simulator IO systems worldwide. Our hardware is installed at nearly every nuclear simulator in the US. In addition to IO we offer many specialized hardware devices such as Synchroscope Controllers, Rod Step Counters, and Radiation Monitors to name a few.

–  –  –

GSE Systems, Inc.

We are a next-generation virtual simulation, simulation training, and engineering consulting services provider applying a world of experience to help you achieve the performance you imagine. GSE is a world leader in real-time, high-fidelity simulation, providing a wide range of simulation, training and engineering solutions to the energy industry. Our comprehensive and modular solutions help customers achieve performance excellence in design, training and operations. GSE's products and services are tailored to meet specific client requirements such as scope, budget and timeline.

–  –  –

WSC, headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, is a global simulation company that was founded in 1995 and has been growing steadily based on the quality and efficiency of its products and its flexible team-oriented approach for serving customers.

WSC’s primary focus is the development and deployment of advanced 3KEYSOFTWARE® Simulation Technology, which consists of the 3KEYMASTER™ simulation platform and a suite of unified graphical modeling tools, which includes 3KEYRELAP5-RT™, an adaptation of Idaho National Laboratory (INL) thermal-hydraulics and neutronics models running within the 3KEYMASTER Environment. WSC has its roots in the nuclear, fossil and combined cycle power plant operator training simulators and provides both new simulators and modernization or refurbishment of existing simulators. Even though operator training simulators are WSC’s main focus, WSC has achieved significant growth in Simulation Assisted Engineering (SAE) based on the strength of its “engineering grade” simulation technology. Leading companies are now embedding WSC’s technology in their engineering processes to address the challenges of improving quality up-front and reducing complex engineering development and commissioning cycles. To support the increasing deployment of e-learning, WSC has developed 3KEYSTUDENT™, which brings state-of-the-art simulator training to a student’s PC anywhere in the world via the Internet. In response to the Fukushima event, WSC has embedded Severe Accident Analysis modeling in 3KEYMASTER by coupling MELCOR, a product of Sandia National Laboratories, with 3KEYRELAP5-RT.

WSC is committed to continually improving the capabilities of its technology and widening the applicability of its simulation technology to complex systems. To further this goal, WSC has a vigorous market-focused R&D program and a strong commitment to customer service. WSC is ready to server you for your complete simulation needs.

–  –  –

Session 1: Project Management and Configuration Control 8:45 – 10:00 St. Charles B  Simulator Project Management for DCS Development and Maintenance by Bruce Kelly (Sega, Inc.) Session 2: Project Implementation 10:30 – 12:00 St. Charles B  Design and implementation of a high fidelity full scope training simulator for a triple-pressure CCGT power plant by Thomas Kollryd (GSE Power Systems AB)  Fossil Power Simulator Implementation Efficiencies When Using Automated Testing by Alex Lekich (GSE Systems, Inc) Session 3: Simulator Assisted Engineering and Engineering Training Using Math Modeling 13:30 – 15:00 St. Charles B  High Fidelity Operator Training Simulator for a Combined Cycle Plant Implemented Ahead of Plant Startup Commissioning by Mike Cabaniss (GSE Systems, Inc.) and Chad Butler (Emerson Process Management)  Modeling of Fundamental Balance of Plant (BOP) Thermohydraulic Components in MATLAB/Simulink by William A. Arnold (The University of Akron) Session 4: New and Different Approaches to Simulation 15:30 – 17:00 St. Charles B  Dynamic Model of the FutureGen 2.0 Coal-Fueled Oxy-Combustion Power Plant with CO2 Sequestration by William A. Arnold (Babcock & Wilcox Company)  LADWP Combined Cycle Intelligent Tutoring System 3KEYITS™ by Jake Rodriguez and David Newcomer (LADWP & WSC)

–  –  –

 Use of V-Panel Technology for Back Panel Equipment by Aline Griffin (Grand Gulf)  Leveraging Photo-Realistic Laser Scans and 3D Models to Provide an Efficient Training and Production Support Tool by Abrie Venter (Samahnzi)  The Fermi EDG Simulator: Extending the Benefits of the Full Scope Simulator by Vincent Gagnon (L-3 MAPPS) and Bryan Crone (DTE Energy)  ALARA Planning – 3D Simulation and Work Planning in Radioactive Environments by Erica Simmons (Siemens) Session 6: ISA 77.20 Committee Meeting (open) 10:30 – 12:00 St. Charles B Chair: Alex Lekich (GSE Systems, Inc)

–  –  –

 Simulation Real World Usage Other than Training, Panel Members: Jason Lee & John Corkill (Cassper Simulation Solutions), Billy Moore (Emerson Process Management) and Alex Lekich (GSE Systems, Inc.)

–  –  –

 Benefits and challenges of developing a large-scale, high-fidelity CO2 capture training simulator using expedited parallel development paths by Nick Elder, Corwyn Bruce, and Chris Bryant (TRAX International, SaskPower, and Cassper Simulation Solutions)  LADWP Haynes Repowering Project Simulator by Jake Rodriguez and David Newcomer (LADWP & WSC) Session 10: Planning & Closing Remarks 10:30 – 12:00 St. Charles B

–  –  –

 Cooper I/O Upgrade by Jim Florence (Cooper), Michael Colavito (TMI), and Evan Lloyd (Exitech)  Development of LED Annunciator Panels at Calvert Cliffs by John Stone (Corys) and Dave Gittens (CENG)  I/O Modernization at Almaraz NPP Simulator by Julio Mendez (Tecnatom)

–  –  –

 Vogtle 3/4 Simulator Development by Dennis Spielman (Vogtle)  What Does Next Generation Really Mean – Where Are We Spending Our Money? by Gerry Wyatt (Palo Verde)  Tablets and Windows 8: The Instructor Station of the Future by Stanley Chan (Corys)

–  –  –

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