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«Erasmus Exchange at Université Paris Dauphine, Stijn Knigge A General report 1. Host Institution: Université Paris Dauphine. Fall/winter semester. ...»

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Erasmus Exchange at Université Paris Dauphine, Stijn


A General report

1. Host Institution:

Université Paris Dauphine. Fall/winter semester. September 1st 2014 till

January 16th 2015.

2 Contact with home faculty:

Before I went on my exchange I visited the Study Abroad workshop and had my

Learning Agreement approved. I also made an extra appointment at the

exchange office because I did not remember everything from the workshop

and I wanted to ask some additional questions. During my stay in Paris I had regular contact with my program coordinator, because there were many changes in my learning agreement.

3. Residence abroad:

I applied for housing the university offers and I was very lucky, because I could rent a small studio (17m2) via the university. In Paris the student housing arrangement is managed by Crous. Crous has different residences for students and I was selected by Dauphine to obtain a studio at residence Lepaute. It is extremely hard to get a room in Paris and everybody had to look very hard and long and some people got scammed. Also most rooms are at least 600 euro or more, but the rooms and studios that Crous offers are a lot cheaper. I only had to pay 360 euro, even less for what I pay in the Netherlands. The studio I got was really nice and located in an upcoming business area near Bibliotheque Francois Mitterand. It was a really safe area and really clean. However a downside of Crous is that everything is managed at the headquarters which overlooks all residences. The first day before I could enter my room, I had to pay a deposit at Dauphine, after paying this deposit I had to go to the Crous building. But since every student has to go to the crous building to fill in a ridiculous amount of forms it was unbelievably crowded. It was so crowded that there was standing a line starting at the second floor crossing the whole building on the stairs, the first floor, and then the stairs again till the ground floor. There was only 1 desk helping people and this one closed at noon between 12:00 and 14:00 to go on a lunch break. By the time I arrived people had been waiting for hours. I left because there was no chance they could help me before closing time. I also had to do a level test at Dauphine for the French Intensive Language course. My mother drove me to Paris with all my belongings and had booked a hotel a little under Paris because she had a business meeting. I went with her to the hotel and returned Wednesday in Paris. One of the people at the university told me that it would probably be too crowded on Tuesday at the Crous building. My language course started actually on Wednesday, but since my room had priority I first went to the Crous building. After waiting there forever and showing them all my forms I finally could go to the residence. At the residence I had to fill in more paperwork and then I got my key. Even though it was a rough start, it is really worth it. The studio’s are really nice, clean, cheap and modern and have hidden compartments for your stuff. Contact throughout my stay with the Crous building was horrible, they do not have enough employees and everything is a chaos. If you make an appointment for 1 o’clock you can easily wait an hour for your appointment. And 1 time they emailed me it was urgent to come to the building because my dossier was incomplete. After ignoring the email, I received a second stressing that it was absolutely necessary to come. When I arrived they had no clue why I had to come and I was send home. They also only speak French to you.

I found out it was also possible to file for APL. Some sort of subsidy for housing.

It was chaotic to find all the documents for the application, again everything in French. The money was not transferred to my French bank account but was transferred to the residence. They said something vaguely about trying to transfer it together with a deposit I had to pay. But it will take at least 3 months.

4. Grant:

Paris is an expensive city, especially groceries and rent (in my case this was actually not expensive). But drinks at clubs and entrance fees are much higher than here in the Netherlands. Also going out to dinner can be expensive.

However, most musea like the Louvre, are free for students under the age of

26. The grant was a little over 250 euro and 70% was paid up front. The remaining 30% will be received upon completing the exchange. Also the grant for OV was 102 euro; this was more than I paid for a monthly pass for the public transport in Paris. This was around 65 euro.

5. Study General Université Dauphine is a large university in Paris. It is in my opinion one of the more modern universities in Paris, but still compared to the universities of the Netherlands they are old-fashioned. The university is close to a nice park and also very close to the Champs-Elysees. I had to pre-register my courses, but since the website did not work because everybody logged on at the same time I could not preregister to courses I actually wanted to follow. The courses where very limited and upon arrival many were overlapping. Luckily you could try to get a seat in courses if you showed up on the first day and asked the teacher.

The international office is at the ground floor and has limited opening times;

just as most offices in Paris they are closed at noon and large parts of the afternoon. Dauphine is not as well managed and the rooms are out-dated. But it is amazing to have studied there and I recommend it very much. The courses are taught in English, although with a big French accent. All the courses, except the French intensive language course, only had one large lecture of 3 hours a week. I did not do much self-study or homework because none of my courses where taught using a book or online slides. Instead the lectures are more intensive and you are ought to take notes.

6. Summary Paris is an amazing city and I had a great time. Dauphine is typically French so if you want to get something done it takes a while, however this is part of its charm. Most of the courses are not as hard as here in the Netherlands which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the fact that you are abroad.

Courses The courses altered during my stay a lot. Some I wanted to follow were already

full or had overlap with other courses. I finally took:

French intensive language course (6ECTS) This was outside of the exchange program and costs 300 euros. It started with a level test on the first of September. The results were used to place you in group with people of the same level. It consisted of 8 sessions and started on Wednesday September 3ed till Friday September the 12th. It ended with a final test. All my sessions started at 9 o’clock and ended at 1. I had expected them to be really intensive, but they were actually easy and relaxed. You did not get any homework and I did not learn very much French from the course. However since it was my first week in Paris I made a lot of friends at the course, so for me it was worth the 300 euro it costs. However if you want to pay 300 euro for learning French I think you could better take a language class outside Dauphine or perhaps in the Netherlands. The university actually offers regular classes during the semester which are free.

Company Culture I0LS18 Course Title Semester Subject Hours per week Duration weeks DFR Company Culture 1st semester 3 12 LSO Professor(s) Evaluation Status Nature ECTS Credits Level Richard Oren group presentation 40%, book review 20%, final exam 40% 6 L3 Language: English


To develop student insight into the operative properties and functionalities of company culture and improve their ability as future managers to analyze, organize and empower values within companies.

Course Description:

This course affords the opportunity to study the influence of culture within organizations as a factor of social identification with notable effects on belief systems and company behavior. Company culture will be examined with respect to the organizational structuring of corporate authority and the granting of perceived legitimacy conducive to empowerment and commitment to objectives. Values and constructs of significance and symbolization will be contrasted and evaluated within select reference systems. Cultures will be analyzed regarding their propensity for organizational effectiveness and economic efficiency or as coordinators of logical coherence with intrinsic psychosocial utility.

Academic achievement in this course is assessed by the graded evaluation of student participation in a group presentation, an elective book review and a written examination with a case study or a theoretical analysis.


International exchange students or Dauphine students with an advanced level of English fluency.

This course was not really hard. The teacher is a bit odd and he really did not mind if you where there or not. He said all the time that it was ok to take a break whenever you wanted and he did not believe in failing students. During the final exam he even said that we shouldn’t feel stressed about the exam because he did not want to give us a feeling like we were being tested. He did encourage everybody to make the most of the Erasmus exchange and focussed on the things you learn from being abroad that is not taught at school.

Energy Policies Course material available online Digital work environment: www.ent.dauphine.fr M5129U16 Course Title Semester Subject Hours per week Duration weeks DFR Energy Policies 1st Semester 3 6 MSO Professor(s) Evaluation Status Nature ECTS Credits Level Sophie Méritet Assignment # 1: Oral group presentation (40%) for master M2 students Assignment # 2: Final individual paper (60%) Exchange students will only have to write the paper.

Lectures 4 M2




The objectives in this course are:

To identify, discuss and study energy issues with economic tools.

To explain how energy is supplied, distributed, and used; and the economic, social, and environmental consequences of such patterns.

Course Description:

This course provides students with an overview of the fundamental concepts of economic issues and theories related to energy. More precisely, this course examines the economics of markets for various energy sources (such as oil, coal, natural gas, and electricity), and their interactions with each other and with the rest of the economy. It will cover a variety of theoretical and empirical topics related to energy demand, supply, costs, prices, environmental consequences of energy activities, various policies (from regional, national, and global perspectives)... With the use of economic tools for decision-making, this course aims to develop an understanding of energy economics through an exposure to the practical analytical skills of energy economics as well as to planning approaches.


Microeconomics As this class is a M2 level, exchange students need to have the authorization of the Professor to get enrolled in. Please contact Sophie.meritet@dauphine.fr I actually didn’t want to take this class. But one of my original courses was not approved at my home university and all other courses were not available or full. It is full of people who absolutely love energy, so if energy is your passion this is the right course for you. It is a master 2 course, so everybody already has a master and the course takes this into account. I found it a bit hard and you had to write a 15 page paper on energy.

Geopolitics of Energy M5129U01 Course Title Semester Subject Hours per week Duration weeks DFR Geopolitics of Energy 1st Semester Economics 3 6 MSO Professor(s) Evaluation Status Nature ECTS Credits Level Jean-Marie Chevalier Requirement 4.5 M2




To present the world energy scene, its economic and geopolitical fundamentals, and the main players: governments, companies, customers, international agencies.

Course Description:

Energy remains one of the key drivers of the modern global economy. Economic growth has to be fed continuously with oil, natural gas and electricity. Any physical disruption of energy flows or major price spikes may seriously affect economic activity at either a local or global level.

Energy has a direct economic cost but energy consumption also generates social surplus and social costs for the whole community. All costs have to be taken into account in order to ensure an appropriate balance between demand and supply within a perspective of sustainable development. Oil, gas, and electricity markets do not integrate all these elements and, therefore, market mechanisms have to be complemented by appropriate forms of regulation.

The energy problem has always been an energy supply problem. It is now complicated by the growth in energy consumption, which could endanger the sustainable development of the planet. In addition, the balance between supply and demand is permanently threatened by the geopolitics of energy. The high concentration of hydrocarbon resources within a few turbulent areas, the political instability of these areas, and the permanent threats of terrorist attacks make the energy question highly strategic.


Advanced level in English This course was the same case as energy policies. I did not really wanted to follow it, but there was nothing else available. It isn’t focused on international students. Some sessions were postponed the day before and I had to email a couple of times when the exam would be. Sometimes my emails were just ignored. Finally the exam changed into yet another paper with the deadline on January 16th. It would also be possible to take an exam that day.

Energy and Climate Change Economics I0LT20 Course Title Semester Subject Hours per week Duration weeks DFR Energy and Climate Change Economics 2nd Semester Economics 3h 12 LSO Professor(s) Evaluation Status Nature ECTS Credits Level Fabien Roques 1 presentation- 1 final exam No Requirement Lectures, discussions and student presentations 6 L3



Course Description:

The energy systems are in the midst of an in depth transformation resulting from various


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