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«MADE IN THE USA ACCESSORIES Total Vane Clearance Provides Full Capture 2965 Martin Mantis Capture Rest The new Mantis Capture Rest provides full ...»

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Bow Manual

*Lifetime Warranty




Total Vane Clearance

Provides Full Capture

2965 Martin Mantis Capture Rest

The new Mantis Capture Rest provides full capture

and enclosure of the arrow, while providing complete

vane clearance. T otal vane clearance means no drag,

no loss of speed and no vane wear. Soft overmolding

makes this the quietest rest you’ll ever shoot.

1230 Martin Hunting Armguard

with Quick-Snap Fasteners Innovative Quick-Snap Fasteners make installation, detaching, and adjustment easier than ever! Extra wide hunting style armguard features cowhide backing, 1” flexible reinforcement insert and durable facing.

3910N Martin Camo Fast 4 Quiver The Fast 4 Quiver has two integrated VEMs to capture and annihilate game spooking vibrations and noise. Now with the T wist Lock Release System that is lighter, vibration and noise free, and is tighter locking. The rubber hood insert securely holds field points and broadheads by the tip, to ensure your broadheads stay razor sharp for that moment of truth. The dual arrow clips hold your arrows more secure than any other quiver in its class, yet allows for fast and effortless arrow removal.

NEXT G1™ VISTA camo.

3911N Martin Camo 2x4 Quiver with Two-Piece Bracket


R71 Tru-Fire Hurricane Extreme Release If you’re looking for the “state of the art” release this year, look no further. The jaws open when you depress the trigger and close when you let up on the trigger.

The Hurricane utilizes a free-floating, self centering steel roller that does not slide over the jaws but rolls along the inside of the jaws. The Hurricane also has heat treated jaws and triggers that are T eflon coated for years of dependable use. All can be adjusted for trigger pressure.


Fits both right and left hand.

1672 Martin Prowler Carbon Arrows The 31” stock length is guaranteed to be within.003 in straightness over the entire length of the shaft. They are also weight matched to within +/- 2 grains throughout the entire dozen. One size fits all. Push in turnable nocks and inserts are included with each dozen. Available in sizes 300 at 9.9 grains per inch, 350 at 8.8 grains per inch, 400 at 8.1 grains per inch, and 500 at 7.2 grains per inch. Includes Bohning Double Lock nocks.

1672 Alien Carbon Fiber Stabilizer Rods The new Alien Carbon Fiber Stabilizers are composed of carbon fiber that encloses dampening material while remaining ultra light weight in the extension of the stabilizer. This allows you to keep the weight where you want it with the included two 1 oz. adjustable weights. Rytera is known for engineering only the most high end and beautiful archery equipment. The Alien Carbon Fiber stabilizer is an elegant addition to this lineup. Available in 4”, 6”, 12”, 18”, 24” and 32" lengths.

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String Length: _____________________________

Cable Length: _____________________________

Purchased From: _____________________________

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Welcome to the Martin Archery Family. We are confident that you will experience many years of enjoyment from your new Martin bow. Each bow that leaves our door is handmade one at a time as they have been for over 60 years. Martin Archery remains a family owned and operated business. We take great pride in every product we produce and we strive to offer you the most complete line of professional accessories available.

We welcome any comments you may have about our products. We also like to hear stories of your successes while using our products. If you have any comments, photos, or information you would like to share with us, please call or write. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

To better serve you, we have the most complete archery manufacturer's website on the internet at www.martinarchery.com.

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Parts Of The Bow

Basic Setup • Quick Arrow Rest And Nock Placement

• Measuring Draw Length

• Arrow Speed and String Accessories

• Changing Draw Weight

• Replacing the Strings

• Care and Storage

• Installing and Adjusting the Draw Stop

• Installing and Adjusting the STS

Cam Systems Fury XT Single Cam System • Parts of the Fury XT Single Cam System

• Adjusting The Fury XT Single Draw Length

• Adjusting The Fury XT Single Draw Weight

• Single Cam String Diagram

Single Cam Systems that Use F Modules • Parts of the Single Cam System

• Adjusting The Single Cam Draw Length

• Single Cam String Diagram

Hybrid Duo Cams Systems • Parts of the Hybrid Duel Cams

• Changing the Hybrid Duel Cams Draw Length

• Hybrid Duel Cams String Diagram

• Hybrid Duo Cams Rotation

• Tuning Duel Cams

Seeker 365 Grip Adjustment

Archery Safety


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Model Shown: Cougar FC with Nitro Cams Information in this manual pertains to all Martin Bow Models.

Basic Setup Your new Martin bow takes little setup to get started shooting. Please read and familiarize yourself with these starting procedures before shooting. Many of these procedures may have been completed by your authorized Martin dealer. After completing these simple steps, you will be more accurate and will have greater success from the start. A careful and thorough initial setup will make the tuning process much easier.

Quick Arrow Rest and Nock Placement You can quickly and easily set the position of your rest and nock point using the rest mount holes in your bow. Your rest should sit level with the two rest mount holes, or lock mount of your bow. (See graphic) When the rest placement is correct, you can begin placing the nock set. Place a nock loosely on the string and nock an arrow. Visually align the arrow level with or slightly tail high of the rest mount holes.

When the correct height is set, crimp the nock set into place.

This will give you a good starting point to begin tuning your bow.

Measuring Draw Length When your bow is at full draw, the apex of the string should be near the corner of your mouth.

Draw length can easily be measured from the apex of the string at full draw to the pivot point of the grip. From that measurement add 1 ¾” and you will have the A.M.O. standard draw length. All Martin Bows are adjustable with the use of modules. Refer to the section that covers your specific cam style for instructions on adjusting draw length.

Arrow Speed and String Accessories Certain bowstring accessories including D-loops, string silencers, and peep sights, can reduce arrow speed by as much 10-15 fps.

Changing Draw Weight Martin bows have a fifteen pound draw weight range. Using a 3/16” allen wrench ; you will turn the limb bolts clockwise to add weight and turn counter clockwise to reduce weight.

One complete turn on each limb bolt provides about 3 pounds of adjustment.

TIP: Mark a line on each limb bolt in white-out or white paint marker to make it easier to keep track of how far you are turning each bolt.

Note: Do not shoot your bow with the limb bolts more than 5 turns out from the riser.

Replacing The Strings Should your string need replacing, it is best to go to your Martin dealer and have it done by experts. Always be sure that the string you replace it with is of the correct length and material for your bow. We recommend using Martin Hammerhead bow strings. String wear is not covered by warranty.

Basic Setup Care And Storage When properly cared for, your new Martin bow will give you years of trouble-free service.

When your bow is new it will require no lubrication. Over time you may need to lubricate your cams to guard against friction and noise. Use a dry lubrication such as Teflon spray powder or graphite powder. You can also use wet lube such as Moly Lube or Tri-Flow. Do not use WD-40 lubrication.

A good rule of thumb when caring for your bow is to keep it as comfortable as you are. If it is too hot for you, it is too hot for your bow. If it gets wet, dry it off completely. Periodically clean your bow with a wet rag and mild soap to remove mud or dust (caution: do not store until completely dry). Prolonged exposure to extreme heat may cause failure in your bow limbs and excessive stretch in your string system. It will not hurt your bow if it is rained on while shooting, but make sure it is completely dry before storing it in a bow case to guard against rust or corrosion.

Installing and Adjusting the Draw Stop.

There are a total of four parts to the Draw Stop Draw Stop assembly. A rubber cap, the aluminum body of the Draw In Place Stop, an 8/32 screw and an 8/32 hex nut. To install the stop, place the hex nut in the track on the back side of the cam.

To adjust the stop, draw the bow back either by hand or in a scale/shooting machine. At full draw, slide the stop until it contacts the under side of the limb. Back the stop off of the limb 1/32” (appox.) to allow for the rubber cap to be installed. Snug down the Draw Stop with the appropriate Hex head wrench, and install the rubber cap over the Draw Stop.

Installing and Adjusting the STS Most Martin bows are outfitted with an STS String Dampening unit, or are equipped to accept one. This unit is installed in the 3/8” diameter hole located just below the grip and is secured in place with the set screw intersecting this hole from the side of the riser. The STS rod should be positioned so that the STS Bumper is nearly against the bowstring when the bow is at rest. Excessive contact with the bowstring will prevent the STS Bumper from performing effectively as a dampener, and may cause the Bumper to be pulled off by the bowstring during the shot. A small gap (approximately 1/16”) should be allowed between the bowstring and Bumper when the bow is at rest.

Fury XT Single Cam The Martin Fury XT Single Cam features a rotating module for draw length adjustments in half-inch increments. The cam also allows the draw weight to be lowered up to #20 pounds by moving the split cable to various weight adjustment posts.

–  –  –

Adjusting The Fury XT Single Cam Draw Length Make a note of the number on the Module by the setting mark. To rotate the draw length module, you will first need to remove the two (2) allen head module screws. Lift and rotate the module to the desired position and replace and tighten the screws in the appropriate positions. Larger numbers on the Module will increase draw length and smaller numbers will decrease your draw length. Check online at martinarchery.com for your bow's specs.

DO NOT draw the bow without the draw length module in place and secured.

Adjusting The Fury XT Single Cam Draw Weight The Fury XT Single Cams has two additional weight adjustment posts besides the standard setting post. Moving the split cable to the -10# post reduces your bow's draw weight by 10 pounds and the draw length by 1 inch. The -20# post lowers your draw weight by 20 pounds and draw length by 2". This process requires a bow press so visit your qualified Martin dealer.

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Single Cams That Use F Modules Martin Single Cam systems feature a modular draw length adjustment. A series of draw length modules are used to adjust draw length in one-inch increments (see below). Draw lengths can also be adjusted in half-inch increments within each size module.

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Adjusting The Single Cam Draw Length Using draw length modules, the draw length can be adjusted in 1" increments. To change the draw length, replace the module on the cam by removing the screws that hold it to the cam. NOTE: do not draw your bow without the module installed. It will damage your harness.

The module sizes range from F-1 to F-7. As the module numbers get higher, the draw gets longer. The draw length can also be adjusted in 1/2" increments using the pegs on the back of the cam.

This method of draw adjustment applies to the Martin Acu-Trak, Fuzion, Dyna, M-Pro, and M2 Single Cam System.

Single Cam String Diagram The string harness on your Single Cam is installed according to the diagram below. Your string harness should be installed by your qualified Martin dealer.

–  –  –

Hybrid Duo Cams Systems Your Hybrid Duo Cams (Nitro, Hybrix, C.A.T, etc.) are each equipped with a rotating draw length module. Each draw length module has numbers that indicate draw length settings. The Standard Module has positions that number #1 through #7, with each number providing ½” additional draw length. The Long Module has positions #8 and #9. The higher the # position, the longer the draw length.

–  –  –

Changing the Hybrid Cams Draw Length When you are adjusting the draw length, make sure that both the upper and lower modules are in the same setting. To rotate the modules, you will first need to remove the two (2) allen head module screws. Rotate the module to the desired position and replace and tighten the screws in the appropriate positions.

DO NOT attempt to draw the bow without the draw length modules in place and secured.

Hybrid Duo Cams String Diagram Hybrid Duo Cams Systems Hybrid Duo Cams Rotation

–  –  –

•To measure brace height, measure from the back of the grip to the shooting sting.

•To square grip, measure from the back of the upper and lower grip clamps to the shooting string.

–  –  –

Ten Commandments Of Archery Safety Never - “Dry fire" your bow (shoot it without an arrow.) This will result in damage to your bow and/or possible injury.

Never - Let anyone draw or shoot your bow if their draw length is longer than yours. Over drawing of the bow can cause cable damage.

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