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«EPIC Board of Directors Melissa Cefkin, IBM Corporation, President Alexandra Mack, Pitney Bowes, Treasurer Maria Bezaitis, Intel Corporation, ...»

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EPIC Board of Directors

Melissa Cefkin, IBM Corporation, President

Alexandra Mack, Pitney Bowes, Treasurer

Maria Bezaitis, Intel Corporation, Secretary

Tracey Lovejoy, Microsoft, Past-President

ken anderson, Intel Corporation

Ed Liebow, Battelle Memorial Institute

EPIC Advisory Committee

Marietta Baba, Michigan State University

Kathy Baxter, Google

Jeanette Blomberg, IBM Research

Sue Faulkner, Intel Corporation

Armin Moehrle, TOCA

Doerte Toellner, Point Blank International

Inga Treitler, Anthropology Imagination Arvind Venkataramani, SonicRim The National Association for the Practice of Anthropology (NAPA) is pleased to welcome you to this eighth annual Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference. NAPA is a section of the American Anthropological Association and supports the work of practicing anthropology by helping practitioners refine their skills, develop their careers, and market their services, www.practicinganthropology.org Tim Wallace – President Satish Kedia – Governing Council Mary Odell Butler – Past President Susan Andreatta – Governing Council Lenora Bohren – President-Elect Melissa Stevens – Governing Council Lisa Henry – Secretary David Himmelgreen and Satish Kedia, NAPA John Massad – Treasurer Bulletin Editors Pam Puntenney – Governing Council The American Anthropological Association, the primary professional society of anthropologists in the United States since its founding in 1902, is the world's largest professional organization of individuals interested in anthropology.

Leith Mullings, CUNY Graduate Center – President Monica Heller, U Toronto – President-Elect Deb Martin, U Nevada Las Vegas, Secretary Ed Liebow, Battelle - Treasurer Ana Aparicio, Northwestern U Florence Babb, Univ Florida Niko Besnier, U Amsterdam Susan Gillespie, U Florida Hugh Gusterson, George Mason U David A. Himmelgreen, U South Florida Sandra L. Lopez Varela, U Autónoma de Morelos Fran Mascia-Lees, Rutgers Jason Miller, U South Florida Jean Schensul, Inst Community Research Vilma Santiago-Irizarry, Cornell Ida Susser, Hunter Coll, CUNY Gabriela Vargas-Cetina, U Autónoma de Yucatan Alisse Waterston, NYU American Anthropological Association 2200 Wilson Blvd, Suite 600 • Arlington, VA 22201 phone 703/528-1902; fax 703/528-3546 www.aaanet.org ii Conference Organizers’ Welcome Welcome to EPIC 2012 and welcome to Savannah. We are delighted that you have chosen to attend the 8th annual EPIC conference.

When selecting a theme for this year we were conscious of the location of the conference and aware that the economic, political and social turmoil which had begun in 2008 was still very much making the news. We felt that the beautiful city of Savannah, a place that continues to quite consciously renew itself was the perfect location for the EPIC community to gather to think about its own renewal and how our work contributes to renewal in, and for, the organizations and communities for whom we work.

Our program features different interpretations and emphasizes various aspects of


Disciplinarity: attaining and retaining professional standards; strengthening the theoretical foundations of our work; developing new tools, models and frameworks Practices and fields: envisaging new arenas for engagement, developing networks; extending influence Organizations: recasting change and stasis; activating new agendas Cultural: preserving and recasting the past; mobilizing culture, reviving community Places and spaces: engaging multiple social fields to envision possible futures EPIC 2012 features a wide range of ethnographic applications in industry, policy making and design, with contributions from Asia, Latin America, Europe, and North America. Contributions speak to the theme of renewal based on experiences in different contexts (academia, business, NGO, government), different industries (technology, healthcare, consumer goods, advertising) and different purposes (product innovation, strategy, collaboration, communications, policy making).

We hope that the setting of Savannah, the people you meet and the content and activities you participate in will give you the opportunity to reflect on your work, explore new possibilities for the diffusion of ethnographic practice.

iii Our sincere thanks go to a highly energetic and creative team of local supporters who have contributed in thoughts, words and deeds to this year’s event. Their attention to detail and eye for special touches will, we trust, be much appreciated by all. Special thanks go to the entire program committee for their work in helping bring the theme alive through the selection and curation of high quality papers, artifacts, pecha kucha presentations and workshops. They were supported by a larger body of reviewers who evaluated the submissions and provided feedback to the authors. We extend our thanks also to the advisory committee who were forthcoming with support and advice during the year and whose collective experience allows the EPIC experience to be consistent, and consistently high quality. We would like to give a special mention to the Proceedings team who work within tight deadlines to ensure that this document reaches attendees in time for the event.

We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to our 2012 sponsors whose support literally makes EPIC possible each year: Intel, Microsoft, Sapient Nitro, IJLM, Citrix, Facebook, Google, ReD Associates, IBM, Steelcase, Battelle, Claro Partners, dentsu, hakuhodo, Human Factors International, Motorola. Pitney Bowes, Sony, convo, Daishinsha Marketing Communication Technologies, Fujitsu, gravity tank, in/situm, IIT Institute of Design, Lextant, Moment, and PARC. Product partners this year are AIGA, Ex Libris, and ThincSavannah who generously offered exhibit space for the OWS poster show and opened their doors to host the EPIC ‘Club House.’ Finally, we want to express our appreciation to SCAD for providing exceptional on ground support and the facilities that have created a unique setting for EPIC 2012. We also wish to acknowledge the support of the American Anthropological Association and the National Association for Practicing Anthropologists for their contributions of people and financial resources.

We hope you enjoy the Proceedings, as an official record of EPIC 2012 and as a reminder of the experience of attendance in Savannah. We look forward to welcoming you to EPIC 2013 in London.

John Payne, Moment Simon Roberts, ReD Associates Chris Miller, SCAD

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SILVER Citrix Facebook Google IBM ReD Associates Steelcase Silk Battelle Health and Life Sciences Claro Partners Hakuhodo Human Factors International Motorola Pitney-Bowes SONY

–  –  –

Opening Keynote: Tell Them I Built This: A story of community transformation through design, youth, and education, EMILY PILLOTON

Session 1—Renewing Ethnographic Theory, STOKES JONES, Curator............. 18 Designing the End, TONY SALVADOR, DEAN WHITNEY

Ethnographic Temporality: Using time-based data in product renewal, SAM LADNER

Function and Change in China: Reviving Mauss’ “total social fact” to gain knowledge of changing markets, MIN LIESKOVSKY, MORGAN RAMSEYELLIOT, CHARLIE HILL,

One Case, Three Ethnographic Styles: Exploring different ethnographic approaches to the same broad brief, FABIAN SEGELSTRŐM, STEFAN HOLMLID

Session 2— Emerging Practices for Renewal, ERIC ARNOULD, Curator............ 63 Ethics in Business Anthropology LAURA HAMMERSHØY THOMAS MADSEN

If These Walls Could Talk: The mental life of the built environment, NEAL PATEL

The Ethnographer Unbounded: Considering open source in corporate environments, NICOLE CONAND, ALICIA DORNADIC

SESSION 3 – Visions of Renewal, DAWN NAFUS, Curator

viii Concreting Sustainability: Renewing the cement industry through sustainability implementation, LAURA RESENDEZ DE LOZANO

Role of the Ephemeral in Recovery and Renewal, AKI ISHIDA

STAND Where You Live: Activating civic renewal by socially constructing Big Ethno, STOKES JONES, CHRISTINE MILLER, BIJAN DHANANI.............. 132 SESSION 4 – Renewing Workplaces/ Organizations, MAKIKO TANIGUCHI, Curator


Integrating Organizational and Design Perspectives to Address Challenges of Renewal: A case study of NASA’s post-shuttle workforce transition, JO AIKEN

Opting Out Of Stasis: Using integrated techniques to create sustainable change and renewal in healthcare organizations, LINDSEY MESSERVY, BETH WERNER

SESSION 5 – Renewing Places KEN ANDERSON, curator

Maru: An ethnographic approach to revive local communities, FUMIKO ICHIKAWA and HIROSHI TAMURA

Scene and Unscene: Revealing the value of the local music scene in Savannah, Georgia, COLLEEN HEINE

“Detroit is a Blank Slate”: Metaphors in the journalistic discourse of art and entrepeneurship in the City of Detroit, SIOBHAN GREGORY

SESSION 6 - Renewing Services, SHELLEY EVENSON, Curator

Implementing EMRs: Learnings from a video ethnography, ERIK VINKHUYZEN, LUKE PLURKOWSKI, GARY DAVID

–  –  –

SESSION 7 – Renewing Our Discipline, NIMMI RANGASWAMY, Curator........ 262 Badges, Branding, and Business Growth: The ROI of an ethnographic praxis professional certification, PATRICIA ENSWORTH

Framed by ‘Experience’: From user experience to strategic incitement, ARVIND VENKATARAMANI and CHRISTOPHER AVERY............. 278 Renewing Our Practice: Preparing the next generation of practitioners, SUSAN SQUIRES and ALEXANDRA MACK

Workshops, NEAL PATEL and IRISH MALIG, Curators

Grounding the


research topic: Using games to get tangible with the intangible, MARTHA COTTON, BRYNN FREEMAN, SARAH GARCIA, SHELLEY SATHER

Ethnography and Direct Action: The 99% Spring Activism Project, CHRIS DARROUZET

Experience Design Modeling, MEGAN BOWE, AARON SILVERS

Tangible Empathy: Research to change the design of touchpoints, TOI VALENTINE

Workshop ‘Maru’: Connecting Local Regions for Revival, YU OGAWA, IPPEI NUMATA, FUMIKO ICHIKAWA, HIROSHI TAMURA

Luxurious Rebranding: Reinvigorate Your Brand in a Global Economy, JAMIE BOWERMAN, KRISTA SINISCARCO

Exploring Gameplay to Understand Principles of Design for Social Systems, DIANNA MILLER


Video Editing Workshop for Ethnographers, NAN BRESS

A Sense of Savannah, DANIEL GODDEMEYER

x Using Models to Communicate Your Research Findings, MARTY GAGE, SUSANA LA LUZ-HOUCHIN


The Resilience and Adaptation of Occupy DC, ANTHONY LEONARD.............. 339 Fading Into the Horizon: the disappearance of Appalachian hollow communities and culture, JESSICA GRENOBLE

Middle Perspectives: a walk through the High Line, ARVIND VENKATARAMANI

Rebuilding Mumbai - Dreams and Reality, SHUBHANGI ATHALYE.................. 350 Public & Collaborative: Designing Services for Housing, CHELSEA MAULDIN. 354 Peckham, Poundland, Post its and the Peace Wall: Staging a Post-Riot Renewal, SIMON ROBERTS

Exploring the analogue - digital legibility of our behaviors, DANIEL GODDEMEYER

5 facts, 3 lessons, and 2 rules, ELISA OREGLIA

Work and the Future, MELISSA CEFKIN

A Call to Action Regarding the Patient Experience, RICHARD ANDERSON..... 365 Open Source Family | Implications for remaking and renewing notions of family, ROBIN BEERS, JAN YEAGER

Don’t clean up and lie down: Ethnography and conceptual art, CARRIE YURY 371 Artifacts: Direct from the Pressroom: Delivering Future Scenarios and Strategy to Users, ALICIA DORNADIC and HEINRICH SCHWARZ, Curators.. 375 Co-renewal of a village with local residents, TAKANORI UGAI

–  –  –

Drivers, Behaviors, and Scenarios: A Card Game for Concept Development and Evaluation, ALEXA CURTIS, JOHN PAYNE

Shadowbox Prototyping: A Method for Live Interface Enactments, SEUNG



Direct from the Pressroom: Delivering Future Scenarios and Strategy to Users, GISELLE RAHN

TOUCH: Provoking new dialogues through fresh perspectives, MARY KATICA, LAURA JANISSE

Video Confession Booth, SUSAN FAULKNER, LUCAS AINSWORTH.............. 387 Design Research for Website Visual Branding, SHIVANI MOHAN, SHU-JU YANG

Green Building Renovation: Renewal of Hardware, Software, Human behavior and Design Process, AYA KUBOSUMI, HIROBUMI UEDA, HARUHITO MATSUNAMI

Crafting local pursuits for Epic Conference; contextual research methods, HINA SHAHID

Diabetes Ecosystem: A tablet-based platform for self-navigated rich storytelling about living with type 2 diabetes, HELLE ROHDE



Closing Keynote– Cracking the Marketplace of Ideas PHILIP DELVES BROUGHTON



xii THE EPIC 2012 CONVERSATION The EPIC 2012 Conversation


IBM Research


Intel ALEX MACK Pitney Bowes


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