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«Task 1  Read the statements. Then read the advertisements and find which statement corresponds to which advertisement. Next to each statement ...»

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Task 1

 Read the statements. Then read the advertisements and find which statement corresponds to

which advertisement. Next to each statement write a letter (A-H). Some advertisements

correspond to more than one statement.

 Mark your answers on the answer sheet.

1. Your friend wants to buy a small house where he can spend the weekends. The house should have a good

view of the mountains and it should not take long to drive there. ______

2. Your elder brother is a writer and he often looks for information on the Internet. He wants to buy a flat which would be on the top floor and have a good Internet connection. ______

3. You love flowers. You would like to have a house or a flat which would have a nice garden with a lot of rare flowers in it. You prefer a quiet place far from the town centre. ______

4. Your father wants to buy a flat or a house which has a good view of the mountains. Your mother is a good cook and she insists on having a big kitchen. ______

5. You have decided to buy a house in the mountains and close to Tbilisi, which is heated by means of a big wood stove. ______

6. You are a cinema lover and never miss a chance to see a new film. Your parents are going to buy a flat and you are asking them to buy one near the cinema. ______

7. Your cousin has just got married. He is looking for a flat or a house which wouldn’t cost him a lot. He wants to have just one bedroom and a fireplace in the flat. ______

8. Your neighbours have decided to buy a summer house in a seaside town. The house shouldn’t be big and it should have a view of the sea. ______

9. Your sister is a historian and works in an open-air museum. She is looking for a flat or a house which would be close to the museum. ______

10. Your elder brother wants to buy a flat where he and his family could spend their summer holidays. He prefers a quiet place by the sea. ______

11. Your uncle has four small children and he and his wife both work. They want to buy a house which would not be in the centre and would have a kindergarten nearby. ______

12. Your relatives would like to buy a two-bedroom flat or house near a nice park where they could go with their small sons. ______ Special offers A. E.

We are offering a beautiful one-storey house On offer is a two-room apartment in the centre on the outskirts of the city, with a view on a with a nice view of the mountains and the park with entertainment facilities for children. river. Ideal for a newly-married couple. Not The house has two bedrooms, a living room fully furnished. One bedroom with a small and a small study. A beautiful small garden closet, living room with a fireplace. No with exotic evergreen trees and flower

–  –  –

 Read the text. Then read the statements below and decide whether they are True (T) or False (F). Circle the right answer.

 Mark your answers on the answer sheet.

–  –  –

Mount Everest, the highest peak in the Himalayas and the highest point on Earth, has many names.

Tibetans call it Chomolungma, meaning ‘Mother Goddess of the World’ and the Nepalese call it Sagarmatha, meaning ‘Goddess of the Sky’. Others call it the ‘Roof of the World’. In English the mountain is named after a Welsh geographer Sir George Everest, who lived between 1790-1866. George Everest was a scientist and a researcher, who for many years and despite numerous hardships, carried out geographical research about India and Nepal and drew maps of these territories.

The great Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world, extend 2,400 kilometres along four countries of Asia: China, India, Nepal and Pakistan. Mount Everest, which is on the border of Tibet and Nepal, is 8,848 metres high, almost twice as high as Mount Elbrus which, at 5,642 metres, is the highest point in the Caucasus Mountains and in Europe.

Everest, with its inspiring power and beauty, has always attracted courageous adventurers and climbers.

George Mallory, a British climber, was the first to explore a practical route up the mountain in 1921.

Later, in 1924, Mallory and his climbing partner Andrew Irvine disappeared during their attempt to make the first climb up Everest. It was only after 75 years, in 1999, that Mallory’s body was finally discovered by an expedition that had set out to search for the climbers’ bodies. Whether or not Mallory and Irvine reached the summit of Everest before they died is still unknown and this is a subject of debate and continuing research.

Such unlucky histories never frightened brave climbers, among whom Sir Edmund Hillary, a New Zealander, and Tenzing Norgay from Nepal, were the luckiest. We say the luckiest, because they were the first to reach the summit of Everest in 1953. Since then more than two thousand and five hundred men and women have stood there. More than two hundred have died in attempts to make it to the top. They were all brave people who were not afraid of cold, hunger and death. In 1980 a famous climber Rein Hold Mesner reached the summit alone without oxygen. Before that, in 1963, Barry Bishop, from National Geographic, climbed Everest as a member of the First American Expedition. Each of these expeditions established new routes and produced better maps, thus making things easier for the next generations.

Nepal is both lucky and unlucky to have Everest on its territory. Lucky, because they have the ‘Roof of the World’ and unlucky because this ‘Roof of the World’ attracts too many tourists. The Nepalese people joke: ‘We have three religions - Hinduism, Buddhism and Tourism. Tourism lays golden eggs but it spoils the nest’. The Nepalese realize that the Himalaya is much, much more than the highest point. It is true dazzling beauty and people have to take care of it.

–  –  –

3. George Everest climbed the mountain which was later named after him…………..… T F

4. The Himalayas stretch through several Asian countries. ………………………….…. T F

5. Mount Elbrus is only slightly lower than Mount Everest.……………………….….… T F

6. Mallory and Irvine didn’t return home from their expedition to Mount Everest. ….… T F

7. There is no doubt that Mallory and Irvine got to the top of Everest. ………………… T F

8. Hillary and Norgay were fortunate enough to climb the highest point on Earth….….. T F

9. More than 200 people have lost their lives while trying to reach the top of Everest.... T F

10. An American climber, Barry Bishop, followed the route taken by Mesner. ……….. T F

11. Nepalese people think that tourism does some harm to their country. …………….. T F

12. The text is about different routes to climb Mount Everest. ……………………….… T F

–  –  –

 Read the text. Then match the headings (A-H) with the paragraphs (1-6). There are two extra headings, which you do not need to use.

 Mark your answers on the answer sheet.

–  –  –

1.______ A million years ago there were a lot more different kinds of animals than there are now. Since then, some animal species have disappeared because of natural accidents or climate change. But in the modern world animals are disappearing because of various human activities and their behaviour which has a harmful effect on animals. We cannot protect animals from environmental problems or changing weather, but we can think about our behaviour and change it when it does harm to animals.

2.______ People do many things that are bad for animals. We put new buildings in parks or on riversides. We make new roads through forests. We divert rivers, so that they become dry, or make them flow in other directions. We cut down trees and take them away. And we do all these things without thinking about the animals that might live there. In fact, all these activities put them in danger as they might be killed or harmed by what we have done.

3.______ Sometimes we take animals from their natural home to another part of the country, the continent or even the world. In this new home, the animals that already live there do not know the new-comer and are not afraid of it. For this reason, when black rats were transported from Asia to the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean, they killed many different species of bird. This happened because the birds couldn’t recognize rats as their enemies and didn’t fly away. Those birds had always lived on the Galapagos Islands and they didn’t exist anywhere else. But after the rats came they disappeared for ever.

4.______ Tourism can also be harmful to animals. Some visitors to new places like to take pictures of animals, but there are others who hunt and kill them. And they do not kill animals for food, but just because they like hunting. Tourists like to travel to exotic countries to see animals in their natural environment, but there are also people who visit these countries just to hunt and kill animals.

5.______ In many countries people can also make a lot of money from animals. Elephants are killed because people want their ivory to make beautiful objects, such as ornamental figures and women’s bracelets, that can be sold at a high price. Rhinoceroses die because their horns are very valuable. Many animals, like leopards for instance, are in danger simply because their coats are beautiful and some people would like to have them on the walls and the floors of their houses or even have bags and wear shoes made from their skin.

6. ______ The world’s population is growing and the number of cities is growing too. Bigger populations and bigger cities produce more pollution. Pollution of the land, the water and the air is getting worse and worse. Our world is becoming a dirtier place every day and we are making it harder and harder for animals, and ourselves, to live in. And we are taking animals’ homes away from them. When they have lost their homes, where can they go? Often the answer is ‘nowhere’. And so animals die.

–  –  –

 Read the text and the questions below. For each question, mark the letter next to the correct answer A, B, C or D.

 Mark your answers on the answer sheet.

I’ll never forget the day when my three school friends and I, all students of the Carl Hayden High School, beat some of the best schools in the country, including MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - to win the national underwater robot championship. Looking back, I think it was the happiest day of my life! What makes this competition so unique for us is who we were competing with, what we were competing for and who won.

Our school had been invited to the University of Santa Barbara in California, to take part in the competition together with some of the top colleges and universities of the USA and Canada. The school that could build the best machine would be the winner. Many students came from schools which were able to give them lots of money and support for this particular competition. Our small team of four, however, had hardly any support and very little money which we had collected from people in our home town of Phoenix, Arizona. Our total budget ended up being just 800 USD, compared to 11,000 USD for the MIT team.

So we had to build our robot in a cheap way and in just three days. We used pipes, cameras, computer parts, off-the-shelf electronics and whatever we could find. We worked together day and night on the strange electric machine, strongly encouraged by our teacher Allan Cameron. In the end our machine looked like a very small submarine which was remotely operated from outside the swimming pool and which could move around a swimming pool and find objects 15 metres under the water and bring them to the surface.

The competition was held on a hot summer day in June, 2010. It was really a big day for all of us, four poor Mexican boys from Carl Hayden High School. The big moment finally arrived and we started our machine. When the students saw it some of them laughed. We had called our machine ‘Stinky’ because it had a very strong smell. But, when the competition started, they saw that Stinky was no joke. It did better than all the other machines, including MIT’s, and it took first place in the competition. In addition to the top prize, we ended up with the awards for the best design and the best technical writing.

We were absolutely delighted. It was hard to believe we could do it, we could beat such a strong team as MIT traditionally has! We immediately became very popular all over the USA. People even offered us money for college, and a movie producer asked us if it was OK to make a movie to tell our story.

1. The article is about a great A. adventure.

B. failure.

C. achievement.

D. experiment.

2. Carl Hayden boys won A. even though the other teams were better.

B. despite little support and a limited budget.

C. despite being the youngest participants.

D. even though they were not very motivated.

–  –  –

4. The boys couldn’t have achieved this without the special encouragement from A. their parents.

B. their teacher.

C. their friends.

D. their fans.

5. The boys’ underwater machine was A. controlled from outside the pool.

B. controlled from the surface of the pool.

C. built to move on the bottom of the sea.

D. like an enormous submarine.

6. When the students saw the machine some of them A. were interested.

B. were jealous.

C. made fun of it.

D. built the same one.

7. According to the author it was A. not a fair competition.

B. easy to beat MIT.

C. impossible to compete with MIT.

D. very difficult to beat MIT.

8. Which of the following would be the best title for the article?

A. Four unlucky Mexican boys B. Stinky: the underwater robot C. Carl Hayden boys beat MIT D. Carl Hayden School loses a competition

–  –  –

 Read the text and fill the gaps with the words given below. Use each word only once. Two words are extra.

 Mark the corresponding letter (A-N) on the answer sheet. Do not copy the words from the text on the answer sheet.

–  –  –

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