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«Ball State University A survey was completed in the spring of 2012 inviting graduate programs in family and consumer science departments to submit a ...»

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Theses and Dissertations Completed in Family and

Consumer Sciences: 2011

Deanna L. Pucciarelli and Stacey L. Faith

Ball State University

A survey was completed in the spring of 2012 inviting graduate programs in

family and consumer science departments to submit a compilation of theses and

dissertations titles. Two written and one verbal correspondence were conducted

with each institution to increase response rates and provide a representative

sample. A total of 397 theses and 143 dissertations were reported. A comprehensive report of submissions is provided by subject category, author, and title.


(including Interior Design) Master’s Chaney, S. (2011). Settled-in: Designing for comfort in older adult congregate housing in Oklahoma. Oklahoma State University.

Ellington, A. (2011). Repair of twentieth-century leavers lace and its incorporation in American fashion: 1940–1969. University of Rhode Island.

Hamilton, E. (2011). Mindful awareness in the built environment. University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Moynihan, K. (2011). Care of textile and costume collections in small museums and historical societies. University of Rhode Island.

Richter-O’Connell, D. (2011). Timeless kitchen design. University of WisconsinMadison.

Santos, J. (2011). The desert xpandable house: Closing the gap on accessibility and affordability in green housing. San Francisco State University.

Speck, A. (2011). A cost comparison of sustainable versus conventional interior finishes for a luxury hotel suite prototype. Oklahoma State University.

Steere, J. (2011). The Perrin Collection: History, fashion, and art in nineteenthcentury bags and purses. University of Rhode Island.

Doctorate Campbell, N. (2011). Therapeutic social space design for independent living retirement community residents. University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, Vol. 41, No. 2, December 2012 205–232 DOI: 10.1111/fcsr.12009 © 2012 American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences


Koch, B. (2011). Human emotion response to typographic design. University of Minnesota.

Williams, A. (2011). The reaffirmation of national myth in WWII digital games.

University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Master’s Barker, K. (2011). Contextual influences on faith development in adolescents and emerging adults. Louisiana State University.

Baumgart, N. (2011). Children’s social entry into peers’ interactions: A naturalistic study. Mills College.

Bowers, A. (2011). Increasing peer interaction by facilitating sensory play activities in an inclusive classroom for a child with autism: A case study. Mills College.

Hansen, S. (2011). Children’s viewpoints: Documentation and assessment in the preschool classroom. Mills College.

LeJeune, A. (2011). Balancing personal values and beliefs with early childhood “best practices”. Mills College.

Arbuckle, A. (2011). Writing development: Invented spelling and peer instruction in English language learners. Oklahoma State University.

Beisly, A. (2011). Emotional competence in a pre-kindergarten classroom: Links to social and emotional competence. Oklahoma State University.

Boss, C. (2011). Building authentic relationships with mothers during the transition to child care. Mills College.

Burnson, C. (2011). Differential susceptibility attachment and self-regulation in children born preterm. University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Buxton, A. (2011). Gender differences and writing development in kindergarteners.

Oklahoma State University.

Chung, T. (2011). Teachers’ strategies used to support social interactions between children with and without disabilities: A collaborative approach. Mills College.

Coughran, M. (2011). Enacting culturally relevant pedagogy: Going beyond heroes and holidays curriculum. Mills College.

Dang, T. (2011). An exploration of Reggio Emilia-inspired practice in China and Vietnam. Mills College.

Dove, M. (2011). Head start children’s literacy predictors: Home environment, school environment, and family resources. University of Georgia.

Ebeling, M. (2011). Symbolic play in low-income African American mother-toddler dyads: Maternal behaviors and child outcomes. University of Missouri.

Ellington, A. (2011). The role of family time on a young child’s overall development.

The University of Alabama.

Fisherkeller, S. (2011). Childhood play memories in global contexts. Mills College.

Forward, A. (2011). Mindfulness in education. Mills College.

Geary, K. (2011). The impact of choice on child sustained attention in the preschool classroom. Louisiana State University.

Gose, S. (2011). Loving me or loving you: Influencing the attitudes and behaviors of children through a prosocial intervention. Louisiana State University.

Graham, R. (2011). How young children remain autonomous in expressing their gender identity: Parent perceptions of the experiences had by their gender nonconforming child in the early education environment. Mills College.

Pucciarelli and Faith / THESES AND DISSERTATIONS 207

Gudmens, K. (2011). Child life- directed versus parent-directed distraction to reduce immunization pain and distress in preschool age children. The University of Alabama.

Hauptman, K. (2011). A qualitative study of Nebraska sixpence program directors’ experiences and perceptions. University of Nebraska.

Hendershot, S. (2011). Young children’s mathematics references during free play in family child care settings. Utah State University.

Hepworth, R. (2011). Exploring nature: The status of outdoor play in children’s hospitals. Mills College.

Hui, J. (2011). How does child life translate into pediatric palliative care? Mills College.

Jameel, R. (2011). The perspectives of teachers, administrators, and parents on community-teacher partnership in Reggio Emilia-inspired schools. Mills College.

Kean, A. (2011). The development of body image in early childhood. Mills College.

Keyser, B. (2011). Undergraduate university students’ satisfaction with mentoring in an after-school program for at-risk elementary school-aged children. The University of Alabama.

Klaus, J. (2011). Schools and technology: The schools’ responses to today’s technological trends. The University of Akron.

Lucero, L. (2011). Creating a safe learning environment for all students: Teaching strategies for helping defiant and physically aggressive students succeed. Mills College.

Martell, M. (2011). Bereavement and loss: Using Bowlby’s grief stages to analyze books for preschool children. The University of Akron.

Massaro, L. (2011). Gender self-concepts of preschool-age girls. Mills College.

McGowen, A. (2011). Parents’ perspectives of early childhood deaf education in public schools. Mills College.

McLaughlin, E. (2011). The effects of creative movement activities and movement abilities on preschool children’s social competence. The University of Alabama.

Menja, E. (2011). Association between parental behavior control and youth antisocial behavior: An examination of age differences. Oklahoma State University.

Nishimoto, K. (2011). Improving sibling support in Japanese and U.S. pediatric hospitals. Mills College.

Palau, R. (2011). Integrating and establishing child life outside of the hospital setting: The role of a child life specialist in schools. Mills College.

Peterson, J. (2011). Infant behavior cues: A study on parental knowledge and confidence in caregiving in the neonatal intensive care unit. Mills College.

Posey, C. (2011). Medical preparation as an intervention to reduce school age children’s medical exam distress in the primary healthcare setting. The University of Alabama.

Powers, C. (2011). Fostering compliance in preschool-aged children using least-tomost assistive prompt hierarchy. Louisiana State University.

Ross, T. (2011). Combination classrooms: Hidden curriculum of leadership. Mills College.

Sahagun, L. (2011). Supporting traumatized children in a trauma clinic. Mills College.

Sanders, K. (2011). The effects of SES, vocabulary size, and previous media use on young children’s ability to learn words from video. The University of Alabama.

Slusarz, E. (2011). What is an owie? An investigation of young children’s concepts of pain. Mills College.


Suhrke, A. (2011). Child life in non-traditional settings: Marketing one’s self, and the impact to professional identity. Mills College.

Thun, L. (2011). Self-confidence and language development in 4th grade students at a transitional bilingual school. Mills College.

Valtr, T. (2011). Maternal characteristics related to infant growth. Oklahoma State University.

Vander Wal, S. (2011). Mother-child interactional synchrony, teacher-child interactional synchrony, and young children’s social competence. The University of Alabama.

Vertus, G. (2011). Multicultural messages in a picture storybook: Conceptions of three- and four-year-old children. University of Georgia.

Von Kampen, M. (2011). The effect of outdoor environment on attention and selfregulation behaviors on a child with autism. University of Nebraska.

Wade, J. (2011). Sex education, communication, and life satisfaction in adolescence.

The University of Akron.

Williams, L. (2011). Supporting children’s self-regulation: Teaching strategies for helping children during lunch and nap time transitions. Mills College.

Wood, K. (2011). A content analysis of full-day kindergarten in Washington State.

Mills College.

Wright-Jackson, J. (2011). Visible ideas: Communication and learning through drawing in the early childhood setting. Mills College.


Bell, H. (2011). Investigating the validity of scores obtained with the home and family questionnaire and their reliability with scores obtained with the home observation for the measurement of the environment-middle childhood. Louisiana State University.

Brown, T. (2011). Fewer rainy days for those who praise: A psychological examination of religion and depression. Louisiana State University.

Danelia, K. (2011). Modeling early alcohol initiation: A comparison of linear regression, logistic regression, and discrete time hazard models. Oklahoma State University.

DeJong, J. (2011). The impact of baby-friendly hospital designation, employment status, parity, and other social-ecological factors on lactation duration for new mothers in upstate New York. North Dakota State University.

Emrich, P. (2011). An examination of negative maternal regard for child and its association with parenting behaviors and child problem behaviors. Oklahoma State University.

John, A. (2011). Correlates of secure attachment in children with intellectual disabilities in urban India. Oklahoma State University.

Kaufman, M. (2011). How families facilitate the development of empathy in children: A family systems theory perspective. Kansas State University.

Levitch, A. (2011). Relations among parenting stress, maternal parenting behaviors and child externalizing in Caucasian and African American low-income families.

University of Missouri.

Nalls, A. (2011). The role of siblings in the identity formation process of emerging adults. Florida State University.

Okwonga, B. (2011). Mediators and moderators of the links of parenting styles and feeding practices to child weight status. Oklahoma State University.

Pucciarelli and Faith / THESES AND DISSERTATIONS 209

Strachman-Miller, M. (2011). Processing the trauma of intrafamilial child sexual abuse. Kansas State University.

Swinton, J. (2011). Adoptees and behavior problems: A meta-analysis. Kansas State University.

Willard Curry, S. (2011). A comparative analysis of subsidized and non-subsidized relative child care homes in Kansas. Kansas State University.

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Master’s Benson, S. (2011). The fashion choices of black women of the hip hop generation in the metropolitan area. University of Georgia.

Brown, J. (2011). Understanding why young black college males sag their pants.

North Carolina Central University.

Buckner, K. (2011). Fit satisfaction of crocheted apparel. University of Minnesota.

Freier, M. (2011). Fitting rooms as a personal service. University of Rhode Island.

Gerlaugh, A. (2011). The factors that influence consumer purchase decisions towards secondhand apparel or accessories: Is it fashion lifestyle or social responsibility?

University of Georgia.

He, Y. (2011). College students’ apparel shopping orientation changes in relations to life events. Louisiana State University.

Heidebrecht, S. (2011). Dependency and development in the garment industry:

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Kansas State University.

Janigo, K. (2011). Collaborative redesign of used clothes as a sustainable fashion solution: Exploring consumer interest and experience. University of Minnesota.

Jones, A. (2011). The application of temperature sensors into fabric substrates.

Kansas State University.

Kobia, C. (2011). Examining teen girls’ fashion behavior in the virtual and the real world: An exploratory study. Louisiana State University.

Kumwenda, M. (2011). An examination of factors related to the improvement of the apparel manufacturing industry in Malawi. Oklahoma State University.

Mitchiner, R. (2011). Wearing of hats among African American women. North Carolina Central University.

Perruccio, P. (2011). Fashion design and sustainability curriculum. San Francisco State University.

Quinto, N. (2011). Visual media’s influence on women’s body image of the “baby boomer” generation. San Francisco State University.

Rader, J. (2011). A standard measurement of insulative properties of football shoulder pads. Oklahoma State University.

Ramirez, S. (2011). La Ola Verde: Female, Hispanic consumers and the green movement. Louisiana State University.

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