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«2011 Darwin Try a Trade Report 26th & 27th May Worldskills Australia NT Try a Trade Consortium 2011 Organising & Delivery Committee NTG Department of ...»

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2011 Darwin Try a Trade Report

26th & 27th May

Worldskills Australia NT Try a Trade Consortium

2011 Organising & Delivery Committee

NTG Department of Education & Training – Cathy Preddy

Australian Apprenticeship Centre NT – Skye Blake

Charles Darwin University - Trisha Mellow

GTNT – Daman Foy

Proudly funded by

NTG Department of Education & Training

GTNT Foundation

‘Try a Trade is a Worldskills Australia Initiative’

2011 NT Events

Darwin – 26th & 27th May, Charles Darwin University, Casuarina Campus Rivers Region – 23rd August, Katherine DET Training Centre (NTG) Alice Springs – 14th & 15th September, Charles Darwin University, Alice Springs Campus Try a Trade Event Background Try a Trade is a Worldskills Australia initiative that introduces secondary school students to a variety of trades, relevant to their regional skill shortages and employment opportunities. The program aims to provide hands on, interactive trade activities that introduce specific skill sets and encourage students to have a go, under the guidance of professional Tradespeople, Apprentices and Registered Training Organisations. The event also offers the opportunity for students to ask questions about how to secure an apprenticeship and gather up to date entry level requirements, study and course information relating to the career they are interested in pursuing.

The NT Try a Trade event was first delivered in Darwin in 2003, and is organised and delivered by a consortium of organisations comprising of, NTG Department of Education and Training, GTNT & Charles Darwin University (2003), Territory Construction Association (2003 – 2007), and the Australian Apprenticeship Centre NT (2010).

Try a Trade Event Aims The program aims to firstly support industry by addressing the critical skill shortages currently faced by our trade services in the Northern Territory and secondly, to ensure students have a better understanding on how education relates to employment and, to provide them the opportunity to learn prior to them having to make choices on study options whilst at school. By providing an interactive and educational forum, which introduces students to general skill sets, employability attributes and up to date entry level requirements, study and career information, focusing on Vet in School pathways and apprenticeships within the trades. The forum also provides an opportunity to facilitate and strengthen valued partnerships between schools, industries, employers, government departments, local community partnerships and registered training organisations.

The Darwin Event The 2011 Darwin Try a Trade event was held at the Charles Darwin University Casuarina Campus from Thursday 26th & Friday 27th May, from 9am – 2.30pm. The two day event hosted 700, students (650) & staff, from 18 different Schools from across Darwin, Palmerston, Darwin Rural, Arnhem and Alice Springs Region. The Event was delivered with the assistance of 50 Skills Coaches and Volunteers and offered an Australian Apprenticeship talk, 16 Trade activities, with 5 trades showcased for the first time.

Students were provided free choice of 7 trades by the use of a ticketing system. Students collected a new ticket after each 25 min activity. Industry sessions were delivered by qualified professionals, with Students having an opportunity to request more information, which was later distributed to them via their School. There were 325 Request for more Career Information. Each participating student received a Certificate of Participation, with their School receiving a Certificate of Appreciation for their support.

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Charles Darwin University & Lakeside Drive Community Garden Horticulture - Students were given a broad overview of the Horticulture and Conservation field, and the many careers available to those who choose horticulture as the base of their knowledge and skills. Students were provided and practice the OH&S requirements, discussing the dangers of working with soils. Students then participated in a hands-on activity where they learnt propagation techniques used to produce new plants from existing cuttings and seeds.

Charles Darwin University, CHARTTES & Patricia Obrien-Price Hospitality Operations - Students were given an overview of the many different Careers and Employment opportunities within the Hospitality Operations. Students were divided into groups to participate in “Hand On” activities, such as making tasty Moctails, Restaurant/Banquet table service and Barista Skills.

Charles Darwin University Hair Dressing - Students were given a host of information about Hairdressing and the many different employment options and travel opportunities available to them. Students were guided through by Apprentices, and perform professional up styles using professional salon products, bobby pins, hair bands, curling iron, hair straighter and blow dryers. Students also were witness to a blind fold speed braiding competition between the Apprentices supporting the activity.

Charles Darwin University Beauty (NEW) Students were given a host of information about Beauty Services and the many different employment and travel opportunities available to them.

Students were guided through the nail condition checks that all beauticians need to do prior to the application of any products. Once complete, students were shown how to take care of their cuticles using orange sticks and guided through the correct nail polish application, and practice on each other, taking the nail polish to keep.

Charles Darwin University, WITA, Smenco Pty Ltd & TEATAC Engineering/Metal Fabrication - Students were provided information on the many different fields of engineering, VET in School courses, School based apprenticeship pathways available to them whilst at school, and the various employment pathways once they have completed school. Student will be separated into groups of 15 Students after a brief OH&S induction into the workshop environment. In their groups students were shown the various testing procedures and equipment used in weld assessments, such as how to identify a crack in a weld, be introduced and have a go at the latest training Welding Simulator, whilst the other group under supervision and wearing safety gear be guided through and operated a sheet metal folder and bender, hammer and pot rivet gun to make their metal waste paper bins.

Charles Darwin University Light Vehicle Automotive Mechanics & Electrical - Students were provided the latest information on technology advancements by professional tradespeople, entry level requirements and the various employment pathways available to them via VET in School or a School base Apprenticeship. In Automotive Light Vehicle students were given a visual display of a working V8 Engine, discussion on engine performance, electronic ignition, emission control and mechanical systems. Students, under supervision were shown how to start and rev the engine, then offered a turn. Students will be shown through a Motor, which has sectional cut out, exposing the internal components and an introduction to Automotive Electrical. Students were provided with the basic theory of 12 volt electrical circuits, used to wire vehicles and trailers. Students were encouraged to use the tools and equipment specific to the trade and guided through rewiring and connecting an electrical board that has standard vehicle wiring for switches, fuses, horns, relays, reversing buzzers and other assorted components. They were also given a demonstration on what happens to wiring during an electrical short.

Charles Darwin University Heavy Vehicle (NEW) Students were provided with Career information on the many employment opportunities in the Heavy Vehicle (Diesel) Trade and what Employers are looking for in an apprentice. Students were provided study options that will support their application to secure an apprenticeship. Students were given an overview of the Heavy Vehicle Field, OH&S Requirements and information on the advancing technologies. They were provided a visual simulated demonstration on how components work, such as ABS Airbrakes/Standard Airbrakes and hydraulic systems.

Charles Darwin University Air-conditioning/Refrigeration (NEW) Students received an overview of the Careers offered through the Airconditioning and Refrigeration Trades, including what Employers are looking for in an apprentice and any VET in School training they can commence now to increase their chances of securing an apprenticeship.

Students will be shown through the many components of an Airconditioning/Refrigeration system and given a basic insight into how it all works using a visual simulator. Our Hampden “Refrigeration Trainer” will demonstrate the refrigeration cycle, and provide an opportunity for students to use specialist equipment to test for gas leaks; There will be 2 types of testing equipment used, ultraviolet light leak detector and the conventional (beep) type.

Charles Darwin University Carpentry/Construction – Students were introduced to the OH&S requirements and provided an overview of the many Trades that make up the Carpentry/Construction Industry. They discussed the types of employment opportunities, recommended education level and study pathway options available to them whilst at School. Students were then shown roof trusses and guided to use sand paper, carpenters square, glue and rubber bands to construct a wooden pencil box made with prefabricated blocks. Students were able to decorate with paint pens and take their creations with them. Majority of students also took them to the painting activity and added more colour.

Charles Darwin University Marine Industry (NEW) Students were provided an overview of the careers within the marine trades, including the entry level requirements, employment pathways and information on advancing technologies. Students were taken through and shown the various components on, and the operations of marine craft including an overview of the OH&S requirements, marine visuals and tried their hands on some of the skills used, such as knot tying. Students were also provided an opportunity to drive a marine watercraft using our training simulator.

Bill Warren Painting Services & DULUX Paints Painting - Students will meet and were guided by a real employer Bill Warren, who hires apprentices, they were provided an opportunity to ask questions and get firsthand knowledge of what employers are looking for.

They were given an overview on what it is like to be a professional painter, and taken through the many different types of paints and their application.

Using water based paint they were shown specialist painting techniques and given an opportunity to paint vertical and horizontal surfaces using brushes, rollers and cloth. Students will be encouraged to explore their creative artistic side, and for those that impressed themselves will be encouraged to take their master pieces home.

Charles Darwin University Industry Skills – Transport & Logistics - Students were introduced to the strict OH&S requirements of careers within the Industry Skills fields.

Students were taken through the various licenses such as Light & Medium Ridged, Crane, Forklift, Elevated Work Platform and Cherry Picker.

Students were shown and will practice the different rigging techniques and knots used by Riggers for a variety of loads, taken through the role of a Dogger and the importance of safety and awareness. Students will be shown and guided through how to fit a safety harness, for the use of scaffolding, whilst wearing the high Visy vests and hardhats. Student then, under guidance operated machinery such as a cherry picker and workshop crane.

Charles Darwin University Paint & Panel (NEW) Students received an overview of the type of Careers associated with the Spray Paint and Panel Beating Trades, information on Employer expectations and requirements and what VET in School programs will support their application to secure an apprenticeship. Students were introduced to various equipment and methods used in the Vehicle Body Repair industry to bring a vehicle back to a factory standard. They were taken through basic Panel Beating / Spray Painting steps and equipment e.g. panel beating tools, sanding, crash benches, vehicle measurement, welding, spray guns, paints, spray booths and final the finishing processes.

An overview of the potential dangers of injury and poisoning, and the strict OH&S requirements were highlighted throughout the session. Students tried their hand at buffing a dull painted surface back to a high gloss shine.

Charles Darwin University Plumbing - Students were given an OH&S introduction and introduced to the many specialist areas of plumbing and what they need to do to secure a career in this field. Students will be able see visual displays and demonstrations such as: House drainage, specialist plumbing camera operation, the snake used for blockages, Poly Welding and Pipe Threading, Installation and operations of Evaporative Air-conditioning Systems, Hot Water Solar Systems, Soft Soldering Sheet Metal and Tap washer reseating and replacement.

Charles Darwin University Electrical (Electrotechnology) - Student were given an overview of what it is like to be an Electrician, and the provided the basic theory of 240v electrical systems, including the dangers of electrocution. Students can ask questions and find out entry level requirements and what employers are looking for in an apprentice. Students were shown through the training facilities with large motors, house wiring boards and training resources.

They tried their hands at making a low voltage electric motor and household electrical wiring in a simulated workplace.

BUNNINGS – Supported our young budding Trades people by donating 5 x 105 Piece Tool Bags which were used as prizes. To re-confirm their commitment to our younger generation BUNNINGS Manager visited local Schools and presented winning student with their prize during School Assembly.

NT Participating Schools/Community Education Centres All Secondary Schools and Community Education Centres in the Darwin, Palmerston, Darwin Rural and Arnhem Regions were personally invited via post, email and fax. Schools interested in participating needed to complete a tentative booking form, indicating their preferred day, and provide an individual student registration form that including media permission release section.

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