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«Assayers Foundation of British Columbia MINUTES of the Annual General Meeting of the Certified Assayers Foundation of British Columbia held in Room ...»

Assayers Foundation of British Columbia


of the

Annual General Meeting of the Certified Assayers Foundation of British Columbia

held in

Room SW9-118. British Columbia Institute of Technology,

3700 Willingdon Ave. Burnaby, BC.

May 14th, 2010


Member Role Affiliation Address

Mac Chaudhry Examiners Board Chair BC Gov. (Ret.) Victoria, BC.

Scott Daniels Chair-Advisory Council Teck Metals Trail, BC.

Jim McLeod Member, Advisory Council Teck-Metals Vancouver, BC.

Ray Lett Secretary-Advisory Council BC Government Victoria, BC.

Paul Morrison Member, Advisory Council BCIT Burnaby, BC.

John Gravel Member, Advisory Council Acme Analytical Vancouver, BC.

Keith Rogers Member, Advisory Council ALS-Chemex N.Vancouver, BC.

Bill Clifford Member, Advisory Council Anachemia Richmond, BC.

Gavin McGill Member, Advisory Council SGS Toronto Elaine Woo Member, Advisory Council/Examiner BCIT Burnaby

1. Approval of the Meeting Agenda The meeting was called to order at 11.25 a.m. by Scott Daniels, a quorum of members determined to be present and the meeting Agenda tabled.

Motion by Jim McLeod and seconded by John Gravel that the May 14th 2010 Annual General Meeting Agenda be accepted. Discussion: None. Unanimous acceptance by members of the Motion.

2. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Certified Assayers Foundation of British Columbia held on April 24th, 2009.

Draft Minutes were previously posted on the bcassayers web site and copies distributed by Secretary to members present at the Annual General Meeting.

Motion by Bill Clifford and seconded by Keith Rogers that the Minutes of the April 24th 2009 Annual Meeting of the Assayers Foundation of British Columbia be accepted Page 1 1020 East Cordova Street, Vancouver, BC, V6A 4A3 Assayers Foundation of British Columbia Discussion on Matters Arising from the Minutes: Errors noted by Jim McLeod and Scott Daniels. Agreement that the Minutes be accepted by members after correction by the Secretary.

Call for a vote on the Motion. Unanimous acceptance of the Minutes as presented.

3. Chair Report (Respectably submitted by Scott Daniels) Since our 24-Apr-2009 AGM, the Advisory Council has participated in a flurry of activity and meetings with no equal since the formation of a government-industryacademia Partnership in 1998 and the Foundation in 2003. A driver for these activities has been insufficient financial planning and succession planning for the Board of Examiners. Mr. Chaudhry, Mr. Blundell and Ms. Woo have generously given their expertise and time. Mr. Blundell has retired from the Board of Examiners and Mr.

Chaudhry has indicated his wish to do the same. Fortunately for the Assayer Certification Program, Mr. Chaudhry has agreed to one last term, and work is in progress to replace Mr. Blundell.

Another key individual who was a founding member of the Partnership is Mr. Lett. We thank Mr. Lett for his diligence and generosity of professional and personal time to carry the significant roles of Secretary and Treasurer since 1998. In the very near future, Ray will be retiring from his role as the Senior Geochemist for the BC Geological Survey.

We wish Ray and his wife all the best retirement can bring.

Meetings and activities since the last AGM focused on an action plan for sustainability of the Assayer Certification Program. Two models for sustainability were pursued: 1) a professional model where financial support would come from the membership, i.e.

Assayers; and 2) an industry-funded model where primary financial support would come from major corporate sponsors. Owing largely to the fundraising efforts of Mr. Clifford, and the generosity of companies including ALS Laboratory Group, Acme, SGS, Teck, Anachemia Science, Assayers Canada, Rock Labs, and others, an industry-funded model is the ongoing plan for sustainability of the Assayer Certification Program. We continue to work with our Government partner to encourage them to support their Government mandated program.

Our good news is that most industries have observed a near-full recovery from the recession of 2008/09.

Keys to our ongoing success will include diligence in financial planning, succession planning and the defining of roles & responsibilities for members of our executive and directors.

–  –  –


Jim McLeod: Congratulations to Mac Chaudhry for continuing to serve as Chair of the Examiners Board until 2012.

Mac Chaudhry: There will be an emphasis during my term in creating a succession plan for the next generation of Examiners and ensuring a smooth transition from the present Board to the succeeding Board.

Jim McLeod: Presently, funding for the Assayers Foundation funding is provided by industry contributions. Another source might be individual Certified Assayer dues similar to those levied on members of other professional bodies (e.g. APEGBC).

Scott Daniels: Individual Certified Assayer dues of $300 - $500 would be needed to cover program administration costs and it would be difficult to encourage a Certified Assayer to pay dues unless payment is mandated by legislation.

John Gravel: The benefit of a $400 dues payment by a laboratory on behalf of a certified assayer employee might be questioned since certified assayers are only required in BC and not in other parts of Canada. The mining industry could have samples assayed outside of BC to avoid the BC mandated requirement and this could increase the cost of assaying industries conducting business in BC and thereby discourage companies from using BC Labs.

Mac Chaudhry: The BC Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Act require that all assays are carried out or supervised by a BC Certified Assayer. Presently there is no legislated requirement that a BC Certified assayer pay an annual fee to maintain a license to practice and the funding of the Program from fees might depend on laboratories willingness to pay to pay a member’s fee.

Bill Clifford: Eastern Canadian laboratories function very well without a certified assayers program and do not see a need for it.

Scott Daniels: Since there is always a risk that assays generated by mining companies are sent out-of-province to avoid the BC legislated requirement, then the BC government should be informed of possible commercial revenue loss and might also be encouraged to improve funding for the Assayers Program.

Vote on acceptance of the Report. Unanimous acceptance of the Chair report as presented.

4. Secretary –Treasurer Report (Ray Lett)

Since the last Foundation Annual General Meeting on April 24th 2009 the Secretary Treasurer has:

–  –  –

Motion by Mac Chaudhry and seconded by Elaine Woo that the Secretary/Treasurer report be accepted.

Discussion of the Report - none.

Vote on the Motion: Unanimous acceptance of the report as presented.

5. Appointment of Directors and Officers Ray Lett resigned as a Director and Secretary of the BC Certified Assayers Foundation.

Scott Daniels, Keith Rogers, John Gravel, Mac Chaudhry, Lloyd Twaites and Jim McLeod were nominated by Ray Lett and seconded by Elaine Woo to continue as directors of the Certified Assayers Foundation of British Columbia.

Foundation Officers:

• Chair – Scott Daniels

• Vice Chair – Alice Pang

• Government Representative – David Lefebure

• Scribe (Secretary) – Alice Pang

• Treasurer – John Gravel

• Scholership Committee Chair – Elaine Woo

• Corporate membership – vacant

• Individual membership – vacant

• Website administrator – Scott Daniels

–  –  –

of the Foundation, Scott Daniels appoint Foundation Chair, John Gravel appointed Foundation Treasurer and Alice Pang appointed Secretary for 2010-2011.

Carried unanimously

6. Other Business

6.1 Green Proposal – Scott Daniels: The distribution of agenda and minutes in paper form at meeting would cease and all relevant material would be posted on the bcassayer web site. All AGM and Advisors Council Meeting minutes have been posted in a DRAFT version and, after approval reposted. DRAFT Minutes would be posted in the member’s area and, after approval, reposted in the public area.

Motion by John Gravel and Seconded by Ray Lett that the bcassayer pass word is changed to XXXXXXXX. Vote on the Motion: Unanimous acceptance of the password.

6.2 Branding for the BC Certified Assayers – Scott Daniels: At a previous Advisors steering committee meeting David Lefebure suggested that the value of the BC Assayers program could be recognized by branding the program with a logo entitled “Assaying Capital of the World” Bill Clifford: There might be objections to the logo title from laboratories in Eastern Canada who are among the Foundations major sponsors.

John Gravel: The title could be revised to “Global Excellence in Assaying” Action: Ray Lett and John Gravel to modify the Foundation Logo.

6.3: Appreciation - Scott Daniels: Thanks from the Advisors Council to Ray Lett for past services as a Director and Secretary-Treasurer since 1998.

6.4: Foundation registered address - Ray Lett: Propose that the Foundations address be changed to 1020 Cordova Street East, Vancouver.

Unanimous acceptance by members of the proposed address change.

6.5: Appreciation - Scott Daniels: Thanks from Council to Paul Morrison for BCIT hospitality in hosting the Foundation Annual General and Advisors Council Meetings.

7. Adjournment: Motion by Scott Daniels, seconded by Ray Lett that the 2010 Annual General Meeting of the Certified Assayers Foundation of British Columbia be adjourned at 12.35 p.m. May 14th, 2010. Accepted Unanimously.

Chair, Scott Daniels_________________________

Secretary, Ray Lett__________________________

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