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«Assayers Foundation of British Columbia MINUTES of the Advisory Council Meeting of the British Columbia Certified Assayers Program held in Room ...»

Assayers Foundation of British Columbia


of the

Advisory Council Meeting of the British Columbia Certified Assayers Program

held in

Room SW9-118. British Columbia Institute of Technology,

3700 Willingdon Ave. Burnaby, BC.

May 14th, 2010


Member Role Affiliation Address

Mac Chaudhry Examiners Board Chair BC Gov. (Ret.) Victoria, BC.

Scott Daniels Chair-Advisory Council Teck Metals Trail, BC.

Jim McLeod Member, Advisory Council Teck-Metals Vancouver, BC.

Ray Lett Secretary-Advisory Council BC Government Victoria, BC.

Paul Morrison Member, Advisory Council BCIT Burnaby, BC.

John Gravel Member, Advisory Council Acme Analytical Vancouver, BC.

Keith Rogers Member, Advisory Council ALS-Chemex N.Vancouver, BC.

Bill Clifford Member, Advisory Council Anachemia Richmond, BC.

Gavin McGill Member, Advisory Council SGS Toronto Elaine Woo Member, Advisory Council/Examiner BCIT Burnaby

1. Approval of the Meeting Agenda The meeting was called to order at 1.08 p.m. by Scott Daniels, a quorum of members determined to be present and the meeting Agenda tabled.

Motion by John Gravel and seconded by Keith Rogers that the May 14th 2010 Advisors Council Meeting Agenda be accepted. Discussion: None. Unanimous acceptance by members of the Meeting Agenda.

2. Minutes of the Advisors Council Meeting of the BC Certified Assayers Program held on October 23rd, 2009.

Draft Minutes of the meeting were previously posted on the bcassayers web site and copies distributed by Secretary to members present at the Meeting.

Motion by John Gravel and seconded by Ray Lett that the Minutes of the October 23rd 2009 Advisors Council Meeting of the British Columbia Certified Assayers Program be accepted Page 1 1020 Cordova Street East, Vancouver, V6A 4A3 Assayers Foundation of British Columbia Discussion on Matters arising from the Minutes: No discussion.

Call for a vote on the Motion. Unanimous acceptance by members present of the Minutes as presented.

3. Matters Arising from the Minutes

3.1 Discussion with APEGBC and ASTTBC about an association that would include BC Certified Assayers – Ray Lett: Meetings were held in December 2009 and January 2010 with the registrar and executive members of both organizations to explore the feasibility of incorporating the BC Certified Assayers program in either APEGBC or ASTTBC. Results of meeting have not been encouraging because APEGBC are reluctant to merge with another professional body and ASTTBC indicate that they would charge a fee to BC Assayer members if BC Assayers were to join ASTTBC. Also, ASTTBC propose to administer the assayer certification examination rather than the BC Certified Assayers Examination Board and this would need a change to the existing BC Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Act.

Action - Scott Daniels: Propose to confirm with John Shortreid, ASTTBC registrar, by letter that further discussion of an association may be of benefit.

3.2 Letter to the Director, Geological Survey, MEMPR on behalf of the assaying industry concerning annual remuneration to the BC Certified Assayers Program Examination Board Chairperson for professional services – John Gravel: No letter has been written pending discussion about alternative models for delivery of the BC Assayers Certification program. Success of proposed self funded model for the Program relies on adequate resources and funding to sustain future BC Assayers Program growth. Without a critical mass of resources and new people becoming involved in the Program, its future could be in jeopardy. An alternative model would be to transfer all Program administration to BCIT, but continue to make government responsible for examination of candidates and certification. There is an urgent need to raise the level of enthusiasm among existing certified assayers and also to encourage and qualify new, younger assayers.

Elaine Woo: The feasibility of an alternative model for the program should be discussed with Paul Morrison or other others in the BCIT administration. Students prefer to have a government license because of the implied credibility of the certification and companies should encourage their trainees with recognition from supervisors.

Mac Chaudhry: The assaying industry has to be involved in training in addition to the BCIT courses. Long term participation in training must include mentoring and laboratory training to a point when laboratories and BCIT can jointly recommend candidates for certification.

–  –  –

Keith Rogers: Commercial laboratories are legally required to have a BC Certified assayer on staff, but the value of a certified assayer is commonly not recognized by senior executives in the mining industry.

Gavin McGill: One option for strengthening the BC Program would be to incorporate the BC Assayers Certification with ISO certification. The international standards organization would need to be convinced that the BC Assayers Certification is a training standard required by an individual for an individual ISO 1702 qualification.

Mac Chaudhry: An affiliation of the BC Assayers Program with APEGBC or ASTTBC would help to ensure the Program’s sustainability. Training must involve BCIT for theory and industry for the practical experience.

John Gravel: Since introduction of National Instrument 43101 approval of assays by a BC certified assayers is less of a requirement for reports submitted for approval to Securities Commissions because reports that include assays must be signed by a qualified professional who is not a BC Certified Assayer. One approach might be to recommend government repeal the BC Assayers program. While there are a few certified assayers with enthusiasm to encourage continuity of the BC Assayers program, many are not involved. Ultimately, if there is no change in the level of communication between individual certified assayers, and no greater acceptance of the Program’s values to the mining industry after two years then a recommendation should be made to government to cease the Program.

Scott Daniels: Individual certified assayers need to be advised of the challenges facing the BC Assayers Program and that Advisory Council is responsible for program leadership. Frequent conference calls are essential.

John Gravel.A full-day strategy meeting is needed later in 2010.

Mac Chaudhry: Opinion of the different models proposed for Program delivery should be determined by a survey of individual assayers.

Scott Daniels: Opinions expressed in the survey carried in 2009 can be reviewed. The existing model is susceptible to changes in the economy.

Ray Lett: Revisions to the existing legislation would be advisable such as provision for post qualification professional development and the ability for examiners to cancel an assayer’s certificate of proficiency in proven cases of negligence.

Keith Rogers: Certification should be required for all assays produced by a BC laboratory and not just by a laboratory report signature by a BC Certified assayer.

–  –  –

Program and suggesting that government match the level of industry funding. The letter would include a reminder to the Deputy Minister that under present legislation the BC Government is responsible for program administration expenses.

Action: John Gravel to circulate a proposal to Assayers Program to Advisors Council members within two weeks for an alternative, BCIT administered model for the Assayers Certification Program.

3.3 Draft letter to commercial laboratories urging more internal training for assayers – Scott Daniels: Recent activity by the Advisory Council such as a survey of assayers and laboratories that has encouraged training suggests that a letter is not needed.

3.4 Renewal notices for 2009-2010 and a list of contributors to Scott Daniels for posting on the bcassayer site – Ray Lett: John Gravel, elected Treasurer for 2010has agreed to send invoices for 2010-2011 dues payment to companies. A list of 2009-2010 Certified Assayer Foundation contributors is included in the Secretary Report for the 2009 Annual General Meeting.

3.5 Agenda for a one day meeting of the BC Assayers Program advisors Board to be held at BCIT on July 24th, 2009 - Scott Daniels and Ray Lett. Agenda created and meeting held successfully.

4. Examiners Report – Mac Chaudhry: A theory examination for eight candidates with be held at BCIT and Train on May 17th 2010. Up to eight candidates are expected for the practical examination in December 2010. Over the past ten years the pass rate for candidates has improved from 50% in to 75%.

5. BCIT Training Program Report -Elaine Woo: Intakes to the training program since October 2009 are December 2009 (12), January 2010 (10), March, 2010 (12). Twelve students have registered for July, 2010, and there are presently 185 enrolled in the training program. There has been expression of interest in the training program from individuals in South America, South Africa and Nigeria. Credits (15) for the BCIT Assayer training can be transferred to a BCIT Bachelor of Technology Management degree, i.e. BT. Once in the BT program, students can also apply for credits gained for the ASTTBC Technology Manager designate qualification. The BCIT Bachelor of Technology Management can lead to a Simon Fraser University MBA. Support from the Assayers Advisory Council for the BCIT training program is greatly appreciated.

6. New Business

6.1 Program sponsors - Bill Clifford: Up to $39, 000 has be promised by industry sponsors including ALS Chemex, Acme Labs, Teck Metals, SGS and others. Letters to Barrick, Newmont, Goldstrike are needed explaining the BC Assayers program and the benefits to industry.

Action: John Gravel to discuss invoices and letter to potential sponsors with Bill Clifford.

–  –  –

8. Next meeting – Scott Daniels – A full-day Program Strategy meeting is proposed for July 23 from 11.30 am to 6 p.m. and the next Advisory Council meeting will be held on October 22nd, 2010, BCIT, 11.30 am to 3 pm.

9. Adjournment: Proposed (Scott Daniels) and seconded (Ray Lett) that the Advisors Council Meeting of the BC Certified Assayers Foundation be adjourned at 3.26 p.m.

May 14th, 2010. Accepted unanimously.

Chair, Scott Daniels_________________________

Secretary, Ray Lett__________________________

Action Items:

1. Scott Daniels will confirm with John Shortreid, ASTTBC registrar, by letter that further discussion of an association may be of benefit.

2. Scott Daniels will write to the Deputy Minister, BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, noting that industry contributions have been made to the Program and suggesting that government match the level of industry funding. The letter would include a reminder to the Deputy Minister that under present legislation the BC Government is responsible for program administration expenses.

3. John Gravel will circulate a proposal to Assayers Program to Advisors Council members within two weeks for an alternative, BCIT administered model for the Assayers Certification Program.

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