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«Assayers Foundation of British Columbia MINUTES of an Meeting of the British Columbia Assayers Foundation Advisory Council held at 1486 East Pender ...»

Assayers Foundation of British Columbia


of an

Meeting of the British Columbia Assayers Foundation Advisory Council

held at

1486 East Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, October 19th, 2007


Ray Lett (Secretary/Treasurer) Victoria, BC

Jim McLeod (Chair) Vancouver, BC

Scott Daniels (Vice Chair) Trail, BC (Via Conference phone)

Elaine Woo Burnaby, BC.

Mac Chaudhry Victoria, BC

1. Approval of the Meeting Agenda The meeting was called to order at 1.40 p.m. by the Chairperson, Jim McLeod, and the meeting Agenda tabled.

Moved by Ray Lett and seconded by Jim McLeod that the Agenda for the October 19th, 2007 Advisors Council Meeting be accepted as tabled.

Discussion: None. Unanimous acceptance of the Agenda.

2. Minutes of the April 27th, 2007 Advisors Council Meeting Moved by Mac Chaudhry and seconded by Elaine Woo that the Minutes of the April 27th, 2007 Advisors Council Meeting be accepted Discussion: Corrections to the minutes noted by Scott Daniels and Mac Chaudhry (corrections recorded in Appendix to the Minutes). Call for a vote on acceptance of the Minutes. Unanimous agreement that the Minutes of the April 27th Advisors Council Meeting be accepted after corrections.

3. Chair Report (Jim McLeod) 2007 has been a very challenging year for the mining industry and that there have been record exploration expenditures in Canada and World Wide. The record mineral exploration activity has had an obvious impact on the assaying industry and to paraphrase a Winston Churchill quotation “never has so much work been processed by so few laboratories”. The dilemma facing the laboratories is that the industry needs more qualified people but trainee assayers working in laboratories have insufficient training time in order to be ready to sit the assayers examination. This is a serious problem facing Page 1 3956 Ashford Road, Victoria, BC, V8P 3S5 Assayers Foundation of British Columbia the program examiners. The Assayers Foundation finances are very strong and the Examiners Board and Advisors Council members do excellent work but younger members are urgently needed on the Advisors Council. The BCIT and trainee assayer scholarships are one way of encouraging younger people to enter the industry. A record number of students are enrolled in the BCIT training program but more should be qualifying from the program. Next year (2008) is expected to be very busy. The shortage of qualified people is of serious concern to the Advisors Council.

Moved by Ray Lett and seconded by Mac Chaudhry that the report from the Chair be accepted.

Discussion: None. Unanimous acceptance of the report.

4. Matters Arising from the Minutes – Status of Action Items

4.1 Canadian Mineral Analysts Contribution – Elaine Woo Attended the Canadian Mineral Analysts (CMA) 2006 and 2007 annual general meetings. CMA approved$2000 contributions to the Assayers Foundation for 2006-7 and 2007-8 on condition that the contributions are used for scholarships.

Ray Lett: Confirmed for Council that the CMA contributed $2000 to the Assayers Foundation in June 2007.

4.2 Trainee Assayers Award – Ray Lett

Dori Pan is the applicant for the Trainee Assayers Award and summarized Pan’s applicant letter for Council. Recommend that the award be presented at a Vancouver Mineral exploration group lunch on November 7th, 2007.

Moved by Jim McLeod and seconded by Mac Chaudhry that Dori Pan receive the trainee assayer award for 2007.Unamious acceptance Discussion: Ray Lett: The BCIT graduate achievement scholarship should be increased to $1000 to attract more applicants. There would also be two $1000 trainee assayers awards covered by the $2000 CMA contribution.

Elaine Woo: Will confirm if CMA agreeable to the award and scholarship.

Mac Chaudhry: Suggest that assayer company management nominate candidates rather than individuals applying for trainee assayer awards and that letters go to company executive encouraging applications.

Scott Daniels: Strongly agree that company management need to be involved in trainee assayer award nominations and that documentation on assayer sites be revised to encourage more nominations.

4.3 Assayers Funding from BC Ministry of Energy, Mines & Petroleum Resources (MEMPR) – Ray Lett BC Ministry of Energy & Mines issued a grant for $5000 to the Assayers Foundation in April 2007 and has also purchased examination test standard for the program from CANMET at a cost of $3089. A request that government give an annual grant to administer the assayers program previously discussed by Council may not be practical because annual changes in the MEMPR budget.

4.4 Assayers Web Site (BCAssayer.Com) – Scott Daniels Page 2 3956 Ashford Road, Victoria, BC, V8P 3S5 Assayers Foundation of British Columbia A domain name (bcassayer) purchased after a decision to set up a web site at the April 27th 2007 Advisors meeting. Presently the web pages give information about the BC Assayers program and there is password protected members area.

Advisory councilors and assayers can exchange information using their alias names (e.g. Ray.Lett@bcassayer.com) The process of establishing web site has been a good voyage of discovery but discussion with Advisory Councilors needed to avoid duplication with material on BCIT assayers site.

Mac Chaudhry: The BCAssayers.Com and BCIT sites have a different focus and therefore duplication can be avoided. The BCIT site provides more formal information about the BC assayers program whereas BCAssayers.Com promotes certain areas of the program such as awards. BCAssayers.Com can be linked to the BCIT site. It also has the potential for directing users to relevant technical journals. Suggest that the site build up a bibliography of relevant technical paper abstracts to facilitate research by users. This would be an added incentive for more people to use the site.

Jim McLeod: Mac’s idea is excellent and has potential of decreasing the amount of time needed to research analytical topics BCAssayers.Com can function as an interactive site for all individuals working in the assaying industry.

Scott Daniels: Request Mac sends ideas for suitable format to capture information and suggest continue dialogue with Alice Pang to build up list of alias. Also, would Ray Lett send copies of recent Advisory Council minutes for posting on the site?

5. Examiners Board Report - Mac Chaudhry

The December 2007 assayers certification practical examination has been postponed until June 2008 because there were only 2 candidates available to take the December exam. All of the 10 potential candidates for the June examination have been informed that there would be no cancellation of the June examination. 5-6 candidates are expected for the practical exam.

Scott Daniels: Understand that 9 candidates passed the assayers certification theory examination and that Mac Chaudhry and the examiners should be congratulated for their efforts to increase the number of qualified assayers.

6. Board of examiners –Succession plans – Mac Chaudhry.

Three Board of Examiners candidates are presently working in Trail BC and another in eastern Canada. They need to be contacted and urged to make a commitment as examiner. Additional candidates from Vancouver labs are required and management encouragement would help candidates make this commitment. A succession plan with for 2 examiners with replacement candidates should be in place by mid 2008.

7. Secretary – Treasures Report – Ray Lett

Summary of Activities:

–  –  –

Moved by Mac Chaudhry and seconded by Elaine Woo that the Secretary-Treasurers Report be accepted. Unanimous acceptance.

Discussion: Elaine Woo: Henry Wong – Barrick Gold and Russ Callow, SGS-Lakefield should be contacted as possible new members for the Foundation.

Jim McLeod: Will also contact Duncan Sanderson, CDM.

Scott Daniels: Recommend that invitation to join Assayers Foundation to encourage new members be posted on the BCAssayer.com site.

8. BCIT Training Program – Elaine Woo

–  –  –

(c) The October 2007 Module 1 of the Assayers course has a full complement of 12 students with 5 students on the waiting list for the next intake in February/March 2008. There are presently 46 students in Module 1 and 75 students still progressing through Modules 2 to 4. The students need help from industry to complete the modules. A letter from the Assayers Foundation Chair to laboratory managers and company executive stressing that support for students is needed during training so that students complete courses quickly. Scott Daniels: Teck-Cominco, Trail, have encouraged students to complete the BCIT course by funding module registration and text books plus a salary increase on completion of the module. It would be helpful if a detail schedule of the assignments comprising each course module were to be made available to students and employers so that the expected time allocation for the assignments could be compared to the trainees actual progress

9. Other Business –

–  –  –

10. Next Meeting: The Assayers Foundation Annual general meeting will be held at BCIT on April 11th, 2008 at 11.30 a.m. and an Advisory Council Meeting will be held at BCIT on April 11th 2008 at 1.30 p.m.

11. Appreciation – Ray Lett: The Assayers Advisory Council thanks Jim McLeod and Global staff for providing hospitality during the meeting.

12. Adjournment: Moved by Mac Chaudhry and seconded by Elaine Woo that the Advisory Council Meeting be adjourned at 3.27 p.m. October 19th, 2007. Accepted Unanimously.

Chair, Jim McLeod_________________________

Secretary, Ray Lett__________________________

–  –  –

Summary of Action Items

Action Items:

• Mac Chaudhry: Discuss suitable format to capture technical publication information for the Bcassayer.com site with Scott Daniels.

• Ray Lett: Send copies of recent Advisory Council minutes to Scott Daniels for posting on the BCAssayer.com site.

• Ray Lett: Inform Dori Pan that she has been given the 2007 Trainee Assayers Award and that the award could be presented at a Vancouver Mineral exploration group lunch on November 7th, 2007. Also to arrange with MEG that the award be given.

• Elaine Woo: Ask Mark Gendron to post the assayers examination fee change on the BCIT Assayers Program site.

• Elaine Woo: Contact Henry Wong – Barrick Gold and Russ Callow, SGSLakefield should be contacted as possible new members for the Foundation.

• Jim McLeod and Elaine Woo: Draft a letter from the Assayers Foundation to laboratory managers and company executive stressing that support for students is essential during training so that students complete courses.

• Elaine Woo: Forward a detail schedule of the assignments comprising each course module were to be made available to students and employers so that the expected time allocation for the assignments could be compared to the trainees actual progress

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