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«Elysée Lausanne de presse Dossier Program 2016 Press kit Elysée Lausanne 2/16 2/14 The Musée de l’Elysée in 2016 Contents A word from Tatyana ...»

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The Musée de l’Elysée in 2016

Press Kit

Elysée Lausanne de presse


Program 2016 Press kit

Elysée Lausanne 2/16


The Musée de l’Elysée in 2016


A word from Tatyana Franck 3

The Prix Elysée 4

• About

• Applications 2016

Exhibitions Program - 2016 5 • January – May 5 • Werner Bischof, Point of view and Helvetica • Anonymats d’aujourd’hui, Petite grammaire photographique de la vie urbaine • May – August 6 • La Mémoire du futur, Dialogues photographiques entre passé, présent et futur • Steeve Iuncker, Se mettre au monde • September – January 2017 7 • Wojciech Zamecznik (1923-1967) • Martin Kollar, Provisional Arrangement The museum around the world 8 Events not to be missed 9 • artgenève, from 28th to 31st January • La Nuit des images, June 25th Facts & Figures 10 The Future Museum 11 Publications and Editions 12 The Museum for All 13 Partners and Funding in 2015 14 Press Images 15 Agenda and Practical Information 16 Cover : © Hans Wilschut, Network, from the series «Hermetic City», 2015 Program 2016 Press kit Elysée Lausanne 3/16 3/14 A word from Tatyana Franck 2015 was an eventful year for the Musée de l’Elysée. First and foremost, it marked the 30th anniversary of one of the leading museums entirely devoted to photography. Bearing in mind this extraordinary legacy, from March onwards as soon as I took up my post, I engaged in a program focused on an exceptional heritage but resolutely looking to the future.

Numerous events – showcasing collections with a first exhibition exclusively devoted to them (The Memory of Images), improving our reception of visitors with special needs with relief prints of photographs, organizing international conferences to meet stakeholders from the photography world, as well as previews, final viewings and guided tours – have brought us together throughout the year.

One of the highlights was the result of the Pôle muséal architecture competition for the future Museum of Design and Contemporary Applied Arts (mudac) and Musée de l’Elysée, announced on October 5th 2015 and awarded to the Portuguese architect firm Aires Mateus. The new setting allows us to anticipate a future that is already underway with digitalization, exhibitions of collections, a multimedia hall, artists’ in residence, shared areas with the mudac and the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts (mcb-a). The new building will enable the Musée de l’Elysée to fulfill its ambitions.

2016 will mark an important turning point in our artistic program.

From now on, the accent will be on the heart of the museum – its exceptional collection, one of the largest in Europe. Thus, in January 2016, in parallel to the monograph exhibition celebrating the centenary of Werner Bischof’s birth and focusing on his Swiss years, the exhibition Anonymats d’aujourd’hui, petite grammaire photographique de la vie urbaine will present works exclusively from our Collections and Archives.

With the Pôle muséal, we will also be present at artgenève with an installation by the Swiss artist Augustin Rebetez, which I recommend you go and see from January 28th to 31st. We are also delighted to announce the second Prix Elysée for mid-career photographers, for which applications should be submitted from January 4th to February 26th. The exhibition of Swiss photographer Werner Bischof will also be the opportunity for the museum to launch its first “Collection - Musée de l’Elysée” in partnership with the Lausanne publishers Noir sur Blanc.

I hope that 2016 will meet your expectations as much as last year did, and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy new year. I look forward to seeing you soon at the Musée de l’Elysée!

–  –  –

The Prix Elysée With the support of Parmigiani Fleurier Launching the second edition in January 2016!

About The Prix Elysée is a prize supporting artistic production in the field of photography. Result of a partnership between the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne and Parmigiani Fleurier, it offers financial help and curatorial guidance to artists with a passion for photography and books, so they can take a decisive step in their career.

The Prix Elysée is open to mid-career photographers or artists from around the world. There is no imposed theme or preference for any particular photographic genre or technique Eight nominees are selected by the Musée de l’Elysée. Each will receive a contribution of CHF5,000 towards the initial presentation of an original and new project in the nominees’ book, published for the occasion. The winner, chosen by an international jury, will receive CHF80,000 to produce his/her project and publish a book.

The eight nominees and the winner will benefit from an important visibility during the duration of the prize (2016-2018). The nominees’ and the winner’s books will be printed by one of the Sandoz Family Foundation printing companies.

Martin Kollar won the first edition of the prize (2014-2016) for his project Provisional Arrangement.

2016 Applications The call for applications for the second edition is open from 4 January to 26 February, 2016.

For more information and the complete official prize rules:


–  –  –

Exhibitions Program – 2016 January 27th – May 1st 2016 Werner Bischof, Point of View and Helvetica To mark the centenary of the birth of Swiss photographer Werner Bischof (1916-1954), the Musée de l’Elysée is presenting a retrospective of his work entitled Point of View, produced by Magnum Photos (Paris). The exhibition offers almost 200 original and sometimes unpublished prints selected from the Werner Bischof Estate (Zurich). The exhibition will also display contact sheets, books, magazines and private letters. Several projections will give a contemporary approach to his work. The exhibition will present his work in Switzerland (1934-1944), Europe (1945-1950), Asia (1951-1952), and North and South America (1953-1954).

A second exhibition, produced by the Musée de l’Elysée and entitled Helvetica focuses exclusively on Bischof’s Swiss years, the period of training, studio work, fashion and advertising and then the war years in Switzerland during which he became a press photographer working for the magazine DU. The exhibition Helvetica is the subject of the first publication of the « Collection Musée de l’Elysée ».

Exhibitions Point of View and Helvetica are made possible through the support of its partner PKB Privatbank.

Curators Marco Bischof, Werner Bischof Estate, for the exhibition Point of View and Daniel Girardin, Musée de l’Elysée, for the exhibition Helvetica.

Anonymats d’aujourd’hui Petite grammaire photographique de la vie urbaine To what extent do modern cities accommodate people as individuals? It is often said that today’s big cities are anonymous, swarming human masses in which individual citizens drown.

However, the isolation within the mass of urban anonymity varies greatly. While it can be an excluding factor, it also offers millions of people the freedom to live in harmony side by side. Curated from the Musée de l’Elysée’s collections, this exhibition explores various contemporary representations of anonymity in the city and its consequences on the human figure. Thanks to various formal devices, photography allows us to understand certain aspects of this anonymity – from the indistinguishable crowd to the most marginalized people, from standardized groups to anonymous heroes. Seriality, out of focus, black and white, digital manipulation or the form of photojournalism enable each photographer to accentuate certain characteristics, making it hard to resist offering a brief photographic lexicon of city life.

Curator Pauline Martin, Musée de l’Elysée

–  –  –

May 25th – August 28th 2016 La Mémoire du futur Dialogues photographiques entre passé, présent et futur “The distinction between the past, the present and the future is just an illusion”, believed Albert Einstein. There is no question here, then, of portraying a suppressed past or an undecided future. On the contrary, the exhibition La Mémoire du futur aims to configure the present by reconfiguring the past in order to prefigure the future. When we compare and contrast works by the pioneers of early photographic processes with those of contemporary artists, three dialogues emerge: between the phototypes of the 19th and 20th centuries (e.g. the first color photographs invented by Gabriel Lippmann) and the latest technologies that shed light on them, then between early photographic processes and works by contemporary artists reviving them and lastly, the dialogue between works by contemporary artists who examine the notion of time or memory, such as Oscar Muñoz. The exhibition’s objectives are to show the crossover of perspectives over time as well as to enable visitors to discover the diversity of photographic techniques and to showcase the Musée’s collections. By highlighting convergences, this exhibition proves, paradoxically, to be divergent in that it has one eye on the future and another on the past.

A book covering the exhibition is also available.

Curator Tatyana Franck, Musée l’Elysée Steeve Iuncker, Se mettre au monde For several years, photographer Steeve Iuncker has been studying the passage from childhood to adulthood, examining the lack of clearly-identified rites in our secular societies. His pictures show the anodyne or theatrical acts of teenagers affiliating themselves with unconscious rites. The photographer weaves a subtle visual landscape of coming-of-age, reminding us of our own private rituals. Parachuting, teenage pregnancies, drunken parties, periods of incubation and boredom, scarifications and tattoos, violence that simmers or is channeled into sport - the aspects addressed by the photographer do not attempt to give a universal, unequivocal definition of teenage rites of passage. Instead, he sketches an intimate and nuanced portrait of youth trying to find itself. His approach, both intimate and informative, is transformed at the moment of printing by an analogical pigment process, the Quadrichromie Fresson carbon process where the grain of the film is replaced with a pigment. The pictorial aspect and accidents of light (blurring, penetration of light) give this very contemporary work a timeless materiality and esthetics.

Curator Caroline Recher, Musée de l’Elysée

–  –  –

September 20th 2016 – January 8th 2017 Wojciech Zamecznik (1923-1967) The Polish graphic artist Wojciech Zamecznik was an influential figure in the post-war Polish art scene. Working between 1945 and 1967, he is famous for his posters (more than 200), and his sphere of activity covered various fields: publishing (magazine covers, book designs), music (posters, album covers), cinema (posters, opening credits, films) and exhibitions. Zamecznik soon became interested in photography and is considered a pioneer in combining the medium with graphics. The exhibition, organized in partnership with the Fundacja Archeologia Fotografii, which holds the artist’s archives in Warsaw, is the first international presentation of his photographic work.

Curated after studying thousands of the artist’s phototypes, the project reveals his ceaseless exploration of the photographic medium. His work shows his interest in movement, speed and the conception of graphic and


forms. The exhibition comprises between 150 and 200 pieces. The selection presents his vast photographic production: from original silver prints to color productions in the form of projections. The negatives, preliminary tests, prints and contact sheets demonstrate the graphic artist’s creative process. Original posters, album covers and publications, along with his films, complete the collection and give an idea of the diversity of his work.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication devoted to the photographic work of Wojciech Zamecznik.

Curators Anne Lacoste, Musée de l’Elysée, in collaboration with Karolina Puchala-Rojek, Presidente of the Fundacja Archeologia Fotografii.

Martin Kollar, Provisional Arrangement Like in a road movie, Martin Kollar stalks situations where uncertainty creeps between unexpected, often unusual scenes photographed in the course of his wanderings. Deviating from a purely documentary practice, the Slovak photographer captures the moments where two opposing temporalities, the permanent and the ephemeral, clash. His pictures reveal these moments of transition and are intended to «fill in the gap, and build in the interstices» of reality. By focusing his attention on these visual inconsistencies and nonsense, the artist creates another dimension of reality that results in a strange world where absurdity is manifested but also the poetry of everyday life.

This exhibition and publication project is made possible by the Prix Elysée, with the support of Parmigiani Fleurier, of which Martin Kollar is the first recipient.

Curator Lydia Dorner, Musée de l’Elysée

–  –  –

The Museum around the world Gilles Caron, The Conflict Within Until January 9th Hôtel Fontfreyde Centre photographique, Clermont-Ferrand, France Philippe Halsman, Astonish me!

Until January 24th Jeu de Paume, Paris, France Philippe Halsman, Astonish me!

From February 27th to June 5th Kunsthal Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands reGeneration3, Which Approaches to Photography?

Until February 15th Museo Amparo/Foto.MX, Puebla, Mexico reGeneration3, Which Approaches to Photography?

From March 25th to June 12th QUAD Galleries, Derby, United Kingdom Philippe Halsman, Astonish me!

From July 19th to October 30th Caixa Forum Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain Philippe Halsman, Astonish me!

From November 29th to March 12, 2017 Caixa Forum Madrid, Madrid, Spain

–  –  –

Events not to be missed artgenève, January 28th – 31st


Pôle muséal is the Lausanne arts district planned for a 22,000 m2 site near the train station. It will bring together three of the city’s most important museums: the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts (mcb-a), the Musée de l’Elysée (photography museum) and the Museum of Design and Contemporary Applied Arts (mudac).

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