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«Medusa DELIVERABLE D622 – Initial Exploitation Plan ...»

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D622 – Initial Exploitation Plan


Project number: ITEA 10004

Document version no.: 1.0

Edited by: WP6 partners on 2014 Aug 6

ITEA Roadmap domains:

Major: Content & Knowledge

ITEA Roadmap categories:

Major: Interaction Minor: Network & computing This document will be treated as strictly confidential. It will only be public to those who have signed the ITEA Declaration of Non-Disclosure.

Medusa ITEA 10004 WP61 Deliverable 622 Page 2 of 46 HISTORY Document Remarks version # V1.0 Final Version (Approved by PMT) Piet-Hein Peeters Consortium confidential 06/08/2014 Medusa ITEA 10004 WP61 Deliverable 622 Page 3 of 46



1.1 Aim of activity

1.2 Medusa Consortium



3.1 Philips Healthcare

3.1.1 Advanced image processing in the Cloud

3.1.2 Video Conferencing

3.1.3 Open Innovation

3.2 AMC Amsterdam

3.3 Sopheon

3.4 Technolution

3.5 Bull

3.5.1 Extreme computing – Designed without compromise for unlimited innovation 3.5.2 Le Cloud by Bull – Practical approach for a smooth transition

3.5.3 Extreme Factory – bringing the computer simulation to the age of Cloud Computing

3.5.4 Bull Digital Security – Secure and resilient solutions

3.6 DOSIsoft


3.8 Institut Gustave Roussy

3.9 Institut Mines & Telecom

3.10 Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital

3.11 Prologue


4.1 Healthcare market

4.1.1 Market trends in healthcare

4.1.2 Market trends in medical imaging and collaborative systems

4.1.3 Market impact of Medusa

–  –  –

4.2 Decision Support

4.2.1 The analytics market

4.2.2 Decision support for radiotherapy

4.3 Remote computing / processing

4.3.1 Infrastructure as a Service

4.3.2 Platform as a Service

4.3.3 Software as a Service

4.3.4 Conclusions related to Cloud and remote processing


5.1 Philips Healthcare

5.2 Sopheon

5.3 Technolution

5.4 Bull

5.4.1 HPC

5.4.2 Cloud

5.4.3 Security

5.5 DOSIsoft

5.5.1 Business relevance

5.5.2 Business Targets

5.5.3 Benchmarking

5.6 Prologue


6.1 General

6.2 Individual exploitation activities

6.2.1 Philips

6.2.2 AMC Amsterdam

6.2.3 Sopheon

6.2.4 Technolution

6.2.5 Bull

6.2.6 DOSIsoft

6.2.7 Institut Gustave Roussy (IGR)

6.2.8 Institut Mines-Télécom

6.2.9 Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital (HSP)

6.2.10 Prologue



–  –  –

1 Introduction

1.1 Aim of activity This document will provide an overview of exploitable assets per partner and the overall assets of the Medusa project. It also describes the plan on how to exploit these assets. The document lists an overview of the relevant business opportunities and applicable market opportunities and trends.

1.2 Medusa Consortium In the Medusa project 12 consortium partners work together, complementing each other along different axes. The consortium represents a knowledge chain of universities, (academic) hospitals and R&D centers from SMEs and large industries active in medical imaging, communication technology and security product innovation.

The consortium characteristics are as follows:

12 partners participate;

2 European countries are represented;

8 of 12 partners are industrial companies, of which 4 are SMEs;

3 ITEA founding partners participate: Philips, Bull and EADS (Cassidian).

With respect to the Medusa consortium:

The consortium partners complement each other by their contributions in WP3-5 for the three main technological areas considered in Medusa.

The consortium partners complement each other to produce demonstrators in WP1 for the three specific use cases/ clinical applications considered in Medusa: trauma care, stroke imaging and treatment and cancer care.

National consortia likewise complement each other for the production of prototypes and integrated demonstrators at the national level.

–  –  –

2 Executive summary Medusa’s purpose is to enhance quality of diagnosis and decision making in acute and/or critical situations in a patient’s condition by introducing a new service

concept in healthcare based on three pillars:

Advanced imaging as a service • Secure virtual workspaces as a service • Medical diagnosis support as a service • This deliverable has been produced to describe how results from the Medusa project can be directed to the market.

The deliverable describes how the assets from the Medusa project can be exploit and describes the relevant markets. The assets can be divided in one of the three mentioned services and are described per partner.

The chapter about Business relevance describes changes and trends on 3 areas of

expertise within Medusa:

Healthcare market • Decision support • Remote computing/processing • Every partner also identified the relevant market for his assets obtained in the Medusa project (markets, targets in each market, analysis of competitors, substitutive products, barriers, catalyst) Finally the initial exploitation plans for each of the partners of the consortium are described.

These individual exploitation plans can be taken as a referent for defining exploitation actions that can be directed to the market.

–  –  –

3 Inventory of exploitable assets per partner This section described on a high level the expertise per partner, which is relevant for Medusa The results of the Medusa project will be exploited in the following typical future

healthcare IT products:

Intervention support systems;

• Medical imaging infrastructure;

• Decision support software tools;

• Medical image processing service centers;

• Medical decision support service centers;

• Secure and dependable collaborative products and services in other domains.

3.1 Philips Healthcare At Philips, we understand that providing quality healthcare means balancing many needs. You need high quality images for fast, confident decision-making. Seamless collaboration is critical so that information gets to the right person quickly. And patients demand quality, more personalized care that addresses their needs for comfort and dose management. All of this must be delivered at a low cost. It’s a complicated formula.

Within the Medusa project we want to improve capabilities of the existing portfolio, with advanced image processing and collaboration tools. We also want to offer a new system and services with the Open Philips Imaging Platform 3.1.1 Advanced image processing in the Cloud Within the Medusa project Philips is deploying legacy imaging systems in a cloud environment. Deploying this model to existing products is an enabler to provide more cost effective and scalable healthcare solutions.

This can also enable deployment of shared, jointly owned applications into market segments were individual users cannot afford such systems.

The reference architecture and designs developed in Medusa are examples of integrating heterogeneous products into one consistent ecosystem.

This is an enabler for deeper integration of these independent products, providing a more cost effective healthcare system.

3.1.2 Video Conferencing Video Conferencing project will be used in Healthcare platform to provide a conferencing mechanism (Audio, Video and Screen Sharing) for medical application users. Applications users like radiologists can use this feature to trigger a conference amongst a host computer (for e.g. An IntelliSpace portal client) and participating clients to collaborate each other for discussing, clarifying and communicating information, ideas, open issues etc. to provide a better diagnosis.

3.1.3 Open Innovation Philips Healthcare will use the project results to provide a research platform enabling rapid (clinical) application development for Philips research and for external parties (e.g. Clinical Customers, Research Institutes). The prototypes are basis for the development of real products.

The expected impact is:

–  –  –

1. Accelerate Idea to Market

2. Supports rapid development, verification and clinical validation of algorithms and workflows

3. Enables co-creation and co-innovation with e.g. clinical customers

3.2 AMC Amsterdam AMC is one of the largest academic medical centers of the Netherlands. It especially focusses on acute care and complex surgery, and neurovascular diseases in particular. In complex and acute situations, information and knowledge from diverse sources are required (life signs, consultation from specialists with different expertises, radiological images, etc.). Furthermore, an important task of the AMC is to educate students. By introducing these new developments to students, the next generation can profit from the advance in image management and collaboration as provided by

Medusa. As such we have identified the following inventory of exploitable assets:

• The latest high-tech collaboration environment for specialists;

• High performance image processing for fast and quantitative assessment of radiological images;

• Easy exchange of medical images for treatment selection support.

These exploitable assets results in a number of benefits resulting from the Medusa


• Strengthening of the leading position in stroke image processing;

• Advancing and implementing image processing functionality for multi trauma care;

• Allowing to attract the best students and researchers interested in acute care to the AMC;

• Become the opinion leader in image supported acute care;

• Stay an attractive partner in multi-organization projects;

• Improve care by experimenting with the Medusa platform by clinicians and decision makers;

• Improve care by increasing the number of patients to be treated by becoming the referral center for a large area;

The action plan for the AMC consist of hosting Medusa demonstrators, organizing a conference on image-supported acute care and presenting the demonstrators at national and international meetings. Furthermore, the results from Medusa and its implementations will be published in national and international peer-reviewed articles.

3.3 Sopheon Sopheon provides complete Enterprise Innovation Management (EIM) solutions including software, expertise, and best-practices to achieve exceptional long-term revenue growth and profitability.

One of the big challenges that organizations face is to make informed (investment) decisions. Portfolio Management is a key business process in any organization: the process by which organizations manage the prioritization of initiatives and the allocation of resources. The decisions made in managing portfolios shape the future of the business, driving the innovation agenda. That agenda will determine the competitiveness of a business, its market position, its financial performance and, ultimately, its level of success.

–  –  –

Portfolio Management is a dynamic decision process, whereby a business list of product investments is continuously updated, revised, rebalanced and reprioritized.

This ensures the optimal investment mix for the company - the optimal ‘Portfolio Value’

- and optimal usage of the organization’s resources.

The Portfolio Management process is always coping with uncertainties and changing information, with dynamic opportunities and with multiple decision makers spread geographically. It is very clear that such a process has very dynamic information flows.

Like the processes represented in the Medusa demonstrators, it needs accurate and immediate, actual data collected from various sources. It also needs support for decision making and tools to communicate decisions into the relevant other processes.

Therefore the following elements of Medusa are exploitable assets for Sopheon:

• Collaboration portal - for gate meetings and portfolio meetings

• Rules engine - for the configuration of portfolio alerts (by the users)

• HTML5 - for dashboards (with portfolio views)

• all browser-based - for next generation Accolade

• new Accolade API - for collaboration with external apps

• SaaS – for next generation Accolade

3.4 Technolution Over the years, Technolution has built up a leading role as technical software developer and systems integrator in various markets like healthcare and traffic management. Technolution has gained a lot of knowledge and experience as integrator for heterogeneous systems, ranging from state of the art web applications till old legacy applications. This knowledge also has been used to develop products which contribute to a better collaboration between people in a workplace, like the Processmanager™ and MobiMaestro ™.

Technolution sees Medusa as a great opportunity to extend the knowledge about systems integration with very heterogenous systems, to extend the knowledge about deployment of systems in the cloud, and last but not least to develop products that contribute to real collaboration in the workplace. Several technical Medusa innovations will be directly applied in projects with our customers in different domains.

3.5 Bull Bull is an Information Technology company with €1.3 billion revenue, 9,300 employees, that operates in over 50 countries.

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