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«1-401A District Construction (Designated Representative) District Construction does the following: • Furnishes to the DMT, copies of test reports ...»

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Construction Manual

Volume 1 Contract Administration

Chapter 4 – Materials Testing

1-401 Overall Responsibilities

The quality of materials used on the project are evaluated and accepted in various ways, whether by testing of

samples, visual inspection, or certification of compliance. The Division of Materials Testing (DMT) Representative

and the District Construction Representative have separate and important responsibilities for inspecting, sampling and testing of these materials. Complete cooperation by both is required to effectively evaluate and determine the compliance of materials to the project specifications.

1-401A District Construction (Designated Representative)

District Construction does the following:

• Furnishes to the DMT, copies of test reports for certain materials tested by the District, including in-place nuclear density tests for all materials, such as bituminous concrete, structural backfill, o embankment and base materials, and air content, temperature, and slump tests for Portland Cement concrete.


• Ascertains that project inspection, sampling, and testing on federally funded National Highway System projects is performed by NETTCP certified personnel. All other funded projects will have qualified personnel perform project inspection, sampling and testing.

• Special mixes are submitted and revised for content to Special Provisions.

• Notifies the DMT, of the final disposition of all materials recommended for rejection by the Laboratory using a MAT-103 - Report of Rejected Materials.

• Ascertains that samples for all materials incorporated permanently or temporarily into a project are representative of the material used and meet the contract specifications.

• Notifies the DMT when additional items that require testing are added to the Contract.

• Submits material samples or documentation in accordance with the “Minimum Schedule for Acceptance Testing” and the “Minimum Schedule for Assurance Testing.” 1-401B Division of Materials Testing (Designated Representative)

The Division of Materials Testing does the following:

• Ascertains that laboratory inspection, sampling, and testing on Federally funded National Highway System projects is performed by NETTCP certified personnel according to Contract Specifications. All other funded projects will have qualified personnel perform inspection, sampling and testing.

Volume 1 Materials Testing 1-4.1 ver. 2.2 (Aug 2010) Construction Manual Volume 1

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• Posts detailed results of testing within SiteManager where possible.

• Issues final material certification to FHWA for oversite projects and for other construction projects to the Construction Administrator.

• Is available for consultation and acts as an adviser to Office of Construction on all matters pertaining to the sampling, testing, fabrication, inspection and production of materials.

• When a test is rejected, the DMT will notify the project staff directly and follow up with a report of the rejected test.

1-402 Standard Procedures 1-402A Request-for-Test/Material Quantities The primary responsibility for adequate and sufficient testing rests with the project Chief Inspector. The Chief Inspector must comply in all regards to the requirements stipulated in the “Minimum Schedule for Acceptance Testing,” and the “Minimum Schedule for Assurance Testing” or as directed. The Project Engineer is responsible for providing adequate supervision and instructions to the Inspector to ensure adherence to material testing requirements.

The Inspector is responsible for taking samples, so that the Laboratory will be able to complete the tests and post the results in SiteManager before the Contractor desires to use the material. It is the Contractor's responsibility to have materials on the Project in sufficient quantities early enough to allow for testing.

The Chief Inspector is responsible for scheduling assurance testing as stipulated in the “Minimum Schedule for Assurance Testing.” Notification of the Laboratory Supervisor is required to have appropriate assurance testing performed.

The Chief Inspector must arrange for the delivery of samples of all materials to be used on the job, except those to be tested at the source of supply or by the District, to the DMT. Material submitted for testing can only be sampled or witnessed by State forces or other designated representatives employed by the State. Design approval of cuts (catalog and sheets) or drawings of materials is similar to shop drawing approval by the Bridge Design Section. The Inspector is responsible for inspecting and verifying the materials involved are represented by the approved cuts.

A standard form Request for Test, Form MAT-100, must accompany any acceptance or assurance sample. The form used for non-SiteManager jobs is shown in Figure 1-4.1, and is explained in detail in the Section 1-405 “Request for Materials Test (Form MAT-100).” The form generated by SiteManager is shown in Example 1-4.2, and directions on how to complete the form are contained in the “SiteManager Help Files.” Sampling, labeling and shipping must be in accordance with the instructions contained in “Schedule of Minimum Requirements for Sampling Materials for Test.” A summary must be included in the Inspector's records so that the number of each test taken, under the appropriate categories, can be readily checked against the total required and against the quantity paid for on the monthly estimate.

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1-402B Test Results Materials cannot be used until a favorable report of the test is received from the Division of Materials Testing, except in special cases as provided in the Specifications or approved by the Assistant District Engineer. When a verbal or email report is received from the Materials Testing Section or the District, either recommending acceptance or rejection of the material, a notation is generally made on the Request for Test by DMT personnel.

Project personnel can always access the testing status through SiteManager after they are posted.

Typically results of testing performed by DMT personnel are never provided directly to the Contractor. Any requests from a Contractor for test results should be coordinated through the District or the Office of Construction.

1-402C Samples Recommended for Rejection If the Division of Materials Testing determines that a sample does not meet specification, a representative from the Division contacts the Project Field office and provides the results of the tests. A detailed test report may also be issued. Copies of all test reports are on file at the Division of Materials Testing.

1-402D Buy America Requirements As stated in Section 1.06.01 of the Standard Specifications, “All permanently incorporated steel and iron used in the construction of the project must have been produced and fabricated in the United States.” DMT personnel review all documentation submitted with requests for test for steel and materials containing steel and recommend acceptance or rejection based on this review. As part of the enforcement of Contract Specifications for materials, it is important that all project personnel be aware of this requirement and notify their chain of command and the DMT if there is evidence or suspicion that this requirement is not being met.

As further stated in Section 1.06.01, “The Contractor may request, in accordance with Section 635.410(b)(4) of Title 23 CFR, approval to include a minimal amount of steel in the Project.” These requests must be made in writing.

The District will approve these requests provided the overall value of the steel, including delivery cost to the Project, is less than 1/10 of 1% of the total Contract price or $2,500, whichever is greater. When multiple approvals are requested the combined total can not exceed the minimal amount defined above.

There may be other circumstances where the Contractor proposes to use foreign steel and may request that the District seek a waiver. Should this occur, the District will obtain from the Contractor details of the efforts made to secure domestic steel. The District will forward this information to the Office of Construction which may request a waiver from the Federal Highway Administration or other administering agency for the specific Project.

Foreign steel should never be incorporated into the Project unless approved. Inspection personnel are required to track the value of all foreign steel delivered to the project and provide documentation to the DMT at the conclusion of the Project that substantiates required waivers and/or approvals have been obtained.

–  –  –

In accordance with the notification required in Section M06.02-13(a), the Division of Materials Testing provides onsite inspection at any facility fabricating structural steel which includes, but is not limited to, bridge girders or trusses, building trusses, sign supports, span poles, railings, or any fabricated steel item that is controlled by a shop drawing. The inspection is intended to monitor the fabricator’s adherence to the Department’s and project specifications and advise project staff on the progress of the work. It is the responsibility of DMT staff to keep District project personnel informed so that any action that may be required on the part of the Contractor cam be initiated as soon as possible.

In accordance with Section 1.05.09, this inspection “does not relieve the Contractor of its responsibility to perform the project work properly, to monitor the work of its subcontractors, and to institute and maintain quality control procedures appropriate for the proper execution of the project work”. While every attempt is made to assure that steel is fabricated correctly at the fabrication facility, project personnel should be aware that incorrect, incomplete, or unacceptable material may be delivered to the project site. The Department’s role is to perform Quality Assurance, not Quality Control. Minimally, a visual inspection of the materials delivered to the project site should be performed by project personnel to detect any damage during transportation. It should be made clear to the Contractor that structural steel is not accepted ay any stage prior to being properly erected or installed in its final location.

1-403 Non-standard Testing Procedures The designer (with input from the D.E. and the DMT representative) establishes the method of processing for approval of all items for which a standard testing procedure has not been identified in the special provisions.

1-404 Minimum Testing Requirements Acceptance and Assurance 1-404A General All materials are subject to inspection, testing, and acceptance or rejection at any time during preparation and use.

Contract Items within Site Manager that include materials that require acceptance testing, assurance testing, or certification will have all material(s) codes assigned to each project by the Division of Materials Testing. The Project Engineer is responsible for deleting materials not used with that item on each project. The testing requirements (frequency, sample size etc…) for each specific material are included within Site manager. These requirements are also listed in the “Schedule of Minimum Requirements for Sampling Materials for Test”. It

includes the following information:

• the persons responsible for sampling,

• the sample size,

• the location for sampling,

• the frequency for acceptance sampling,

• the frequency for assurance sampling, and

• any special instructions.

It is required by Federal and State regulations that at least the minimum number of tests be conducted. Additional sampling and testing may be needed to assure acceptability of materials.

–  –  –

• Quality Control samples are those samples obtained by the Contractor to provide quality control of his process/material.

• Acceptance samples are taken and tested, by DOT personnel to determine material compliance with the Contract specifications.

• Assurance samples are taken by or under the observation or supervision of the Materials Testing Section, personnel of the Office of Construction, representatives of the Federal Highway Administration or representatives of other federal agencies to provide an independent check on the quality of the sampling and testing equipment, and the personnel performing these tasks. Assurance testing is extremely important in that it validates the results and recommendations of all the acceptance sampling and testing done on the project.

• Verification samples are used to validate the contractor’s quality control test data used in process control for the product.

1-404B Assurance Samples and Tests In accordance with the “Schedule of Minimum Requirements for Sampling Materials for Test,” the following

items/materials require assurance samples and/or tests:

–  –  –

To ensure that required assurance sampling and testing is performed as required including qualification of sampling and testing personnel, it is necessary that the District project personnel notify Laboratory personnel of the need for these samples and tests, with as much advance notice as possible. Assurance samples and tests performed by

Laboratory personnel must be in accordance with the following:

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