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Statement of

Admiral Michael G. Mullen

Chief of Naval Operations

Before the

Subcommittee on Military Construction,

Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies

of the

House Appropriations Committee




Chairman Edwards, Rep Wicker, and distinguished members of the committee, it is my privilege to appear before you today to testify regarding what is perhaps the most important aspect of our Navy’s readiness: our Sailors, civilians, and their families, and the installations that support them.

We are a maritime nation involved in a long, irregular and global war that extends far beyond Iraq and Afghanistan to the undergoverned reaches of the world and throughout cyberspace. The threat of terrorism spreads across borders and global commons like a virus, feeding upon hatred, poverty, hopelessness and frustration. But we cannot allow ourselves to be fixated on one threat alone. We are also confronted by nation-states determined to develop sophisticated weapons systems, including nuclear arms.

For 231 years we have been sending our nation’s finest young patriots to sea, to defend and protect our home waters, to secure our lifelines for trade throughout the world, and to promote the international policies of the United States government. These Sailors come from America’s heartland, mountains, deserts and coastlines.

They come from every state in the Union and all of our territories. Some of them will earn citizenship through their service. Many of these men and women had never seen an ocean when they volunteered to serve. But as members of the United States Navy, they are all ambassadors of freedom and our front line of defense.

Our national security is, as it always has been, dependent upon a strong Navy that can keep the sea lanes free, deter aggression, safeguard our sources of energy, protect the interests of our citizens at home and reassure our friends abroad. We must never relinquish overmatching capability and capacity.

While our ground forces are engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Navy - with its ability to deliver two unique attributes day to day - global reach and persistent presence – will continue to support our day to day responsibilities worldwide and provide a powerful deterrent as a vital element of our nation’s “Strategic Reserve.” As we pace the rapidly changing security environment, there is no alternative to a well balanced Fleet supported by an equally well balanced infrastructure ashore. Without the right installations and infrastructure, we cannot attract and retain the Sailors and civilians we need to fight and win our nations wars.

Much has changed in the world since I testified before this committee last year. Iran has been emboldened by the Israel/Hezbollah war and continues the overt pursuit of a nuclear production capability. North Korea has test fired long range ballistic missiles and conducted an underground nuclear detonation. China has demonstrated the ability and willingness to conduct out of area diesel submarine operations and their advanced military and space technology development continues apace. The stated desire for, and apparent pursuit of, weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and advanced delivery systems has increased among terrorist organizations and their state sponsors. And within our own hemisphere, some leaders have become increasingly vocal in their opposition to policies of the United States.

I recently returned from a trip to Iraq, Afghanistan, Djibouti, Bahrain, and ships at sea in the Arabian Gulf. I visited with Sailors conducting special operations and combat support in Iraq, flying combat sorties in support of OEF and OIF, providing security protection for oil platforms, conducting civil affairs missions in Afghanistan, participating in Theater Security Cooperation activities in Horn of Africa, and standing watches onboard USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER, USS ANZIO, and USS BOXER – reassuring our allies in the region while providing a formidable deterrent to Iran.

Our Navy’s readiness is superb and our Sailors are performing at exceptional levels at sea and ashore. The men and women of your Navy are on watch AROUND THE WORLD, AROUND THE CLOCK.

A big part of our Navy’s readiness, is “family readiness.” We must ensure our Navy families are well prepared for the periodic absences of our Sailors and civilians. The Navy strives to reduce the uncertainty and apprehension experienced by our Navy families in these stressful times, while strengthening the programs and resources available to support them. Maintaining a ready shore infrastructure that paces our afloat programs and supports our families is an area in which I will not accept significant risk. I am committed to a thorough review of our ashore planning and investment portfolio as part of the POM10 process.

This committee deals with many of the issues of most concern to our Navy families – housing, facilities, Veterans Affairs, and Quality of Life (QoL) – and we are most grateful for the terrific support you have provided over the years.

Navy’s Military Construction (MILCON) and Quality of Life (QOL) program in this year’s budget focuses on three key areas: (1) ensuring we have the right bases with the right capabilities to meet mission requirements; (2) providing quality housing for our Sailors and their families; and (3) investing in the recapitalization of critical shore infrastructure.

Installation Readiness The Navy’s current readiness remains excellent. On any given day, there are approximately 30% of our ships and

more than 60,000 of our Sailors deployed world wide:

helping to win the global war on terror and any other armed conflict; deterring aggression; preserving freedom of the seas; and, promoting peace and security. There are currently more than 12,000 active and reserve Sailors on the ground in the CENTCOM area of responsibility. Vital to this effort are the Sailors and civilians - the Total Navy

- who serve the shore-based infrastructure that underpins our Fleet worldwide. The net effect of this global reach and persistent presence is a safer, more secure maritime commons.

As we strive to provide the nation the continuous readiness of our units, service members, and their families, the Navy must improve its global ashore readiness, quality of service and shore facility standards. Over the course of the last year, I've challenged the Navy Installations Command, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, and my staff to revolutionize our MILCON investment planning and programming process. I've charged them with developing a capabilities-based, collaborative and fully open process that is aligned with the Navy Enterprise construct.

We will build on the success of the Navy’s Ashore Vision 2030 (NAV 2030) in shaping the post-Ivan and post-Katrina reconstruction efforts and the Global Shore Infrastructure Planning process. We will add key concepts including operationalizing shore infrastructure as an extension of our warfighting capabilities, fleet and family readiness, and surge requirements.

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• Providing the infrastructure necessary to support new weapons systems and platforms

• QOL initiatives to improve training and quality of service

• Investment in utility infrastructure in Guam that supports existing infrastructure separate and apart from the Defense Policy Review Initiative (DPRI)

• Recapitalizing critical, operational facilities The FY 2008 Military Construction-Navy (MCN) budget requests appropriations of $1,126M that includes $47M for planning and design and $10M for Unspecified Minor Construction. The Navy Reserve Military Construction (MCNR) appropriation and authorization request is for $29.5M.

Military Construction - Navy (MCN)

• $486M for fifteen projects at ten different Navy Installations supporting new weapons platforms and systems that include: the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Maritime Strike Attack aircraft; the E-2 Advanced Hawkeye aircraft; the EA-18G Growler Electronic Attack aircraft;

the Mobile User Objective System (MUOS); and, the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS). The Installations hosting these MILCON projects are listed below.

Cherry Point, North Carolina. Hangar Renovation and Facility Upgrades (Supporting: F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Maritime Strike Attack Aircraft) San Diego, California. Magnetic Silencing Facility Modification (Supporting: LPD 17 (San Antonio Class) Landing Platform Dock) Whiting Field, Florida. NOLF Evergreen Runway Extension (Supporting: T-6A Joint Primary Air Training System (JPATS)) Patuxent River, Maryland. E-2 Advanced Hawkeye Aircraft RDT&E Facility; Aircraft Prototype Facility (Phase 1-3); and Aircraft Navigation Equipment Laboratory Norfolk, Virginia. E2/C2 Aircrew Training Facility; Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) Installation; MH-60 Multi-Mission / Special Operations Aircraft Hanger and Airfield Improvements Whidbey Island, Washington. EA-18G Growler Facility Improvements NB Kitsap, Washington. Trident II D5 Missile Assembly Building 3 Panama City, Florida. Littoral Warfare Systems Facility Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Communications Center; and Sub Drive-In Magnetic Silencing Facility

Marianas/Guam. Kilo Wharf Extension (Supporting:

T-AKE Lewis and Clark ADC(X) Auxiliary Dry Cargo Carrier) • $109M for three QOL initiatives to improve training and quality of service. Navy continues to improve Quality of Life for Sailors by supporting the CNO Sailor Readiness Initiative and maintaining support for the development of the Recruit Training Center (RTC) Great Lakes Recapitalization Program.

RTC Infrastructure Upgrades Great Lakes, Illinois (Increment Three of Three). This project, and the capstone project programmed in FY 2009, will complete the RTC Recapitalization Initiative and provide quality barracks and improved standard of service for the Navy’s newest recruits.

Bachelor Enlisted Quarters Homeport Ashore (Increment Two of Two) Naval Base Kitsap, Washington. Provides the berthing for permanent party E1-E3 Sailors stationed aboard ships home-ported at Bremerton.

Program is aligned with our initiative to house single Sailors ashore.

Fitness Center Marianas/Guam. Seals, Seabees, and other home-ported and forward deployed Navy personnel regularly deploy from Naval Base Guam to physically demanding missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines, and other locations in-theater. These men and women do not have the right physical fitness facility to empower the best fitness possible for their arduous deployments. Aligned with Navy’s emphasis on Sailor Readiness, the proposed physical fitness facility is one of the first such health centers planned to provide Sailors the means to train and focus on life fitness and operational readiness.

Through careful siting and engineering, the facility will be “scaleable” for the still undetermined buildup of forces on Guam.

• $139M for four utility infrastructure projects in Guam and Diego Garcia. In Guam, these projects are a long overdue investment in the existing infrastructure and are not associated with the Defense Policy Review Initiative (DPRI).

Marianas/Guam. Wastewater Treatment Plant Repairs & Upgrade, Potable Water Distribution System, and Electrical System Hardening NSA Diego Garcia. Sewage Lagoon. This project will construct an earthen sewage treatment cell to allow for required repair and maintenance without compromising the treatment process or regulatory compliance.

• $282M for eleven projects in ten areas to recapitalize critical operational facilities.

San Diego, California. Pier 5002 Submarine Fender Installation Corpus Christi, Texas. Aviation Trainer/Squadron Operations Facility Kitsap, Washington. Nuclear powered aircraft carrier (CVN) Maintenance Pier Replacement provides adequate and efficiently configured facilities for the upkeep, maintenance and repair of CVNs. Limited Area Storage Complex (Increment four of five) provides funding to continue construction of a special weapons processing and storage facility in the Kitsap area.

Yokosuka, Japan. Wharf Upgrades. Includes increment three of three for a project to support CVN homeporting.

NSA Bahrain. Waterfront Development Phase I replaces a deteriorated pier and constructs force-protection facilities for Port Operations, Harbor Patrol, and the Entry Control Point.

NSTC Great Lakes, Illinois. Small Arms Marksmanship Trainer.

Naval Air Station Oceana. Outlying Landing Field (Increment four of six).

Naval Support Activity Washington. National Maritime Intelligence Center (Increment two of three).

Norfolk, VA, Host Nation Infrastructure improvements.

Constructs additions to the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) Headquarters.

Various Locations. Wharf Utilities Upgrade.

• $22M for three projects in Djibouti that will provide essential infrastructure for CENTCOM's Forward Operating Base for Commander, Joint Task Force Horn of Africa (CJTF HOA).

Camp Lemonier Djibouti. Fuel Farm, Western Taxiway, and Full Length Taxiway.

Military Construction - Navy Reserve (MCNR) The Navy Reserve program will continue to seize opportunities to share facilities with other military Services to reduce facility acquisition and operating costs. Investment in Navy Reserve Facilities capitalizes on joint use with other DOD organizations.

JRB NAS Ft Worth, Texas Child Development Center. A joint-use project that will benefit all Services on Base.

JRB NAS Ft Worth, Texas Control Tower. Will support flight operations for all Services on Base.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota Armed Forces Reserve Center.

A joint facility with the Army Reserve.

Portland, Oregon Inshore Boat Unit. Will share joint facilities with the Oregon Army National Guard.

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