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«- - 1.0 Message from the President 2.0 MSA Exec Team 2013/2014 3.0 Prayer 3.1 Prayer Times 3.2 Jum’ah Prayers 3.3 Taraweeh Prayers 3.4 Other Prayer ...»

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1.0 Message from the President

2.0 MSA Exec Team 2013/2014

3.0 Prayer

3.1 Prayer Times

3.2 Jum’ah Prayers

3.3 Taraweeh Prayers

3.4 Other Prayer Spots on Campus

3.5 Masaajid and Musallahs Off Campus

4.0 MSA Services

4.1 Weekly Halaqas

4.2 The MSA Library

4.3 MSA Classifieds

4.4 Support

5.0 MSA Events

5.1 The Annual Summer BBQ

5.2 Community Iftars

5.3 Imagine Day

5.4 Clubs Days

5.5 Pink Hijab Day

5.6 Eid Party

5.7 Islam Awareness Week

5.8 Community Gatherings

5.9 Socials

5.10 Sports

6.0 Halal Dining

6.1 On Campus

6.2 Close to Campus

7.0 Volunteer Opportunities

8.0 How to Participate

9.0 Places to Hang Out on Campus

10.0 Some Academic Tips

11.0 Arabic and Islamic Studies Courses Offered by UBC

12.0 First Year? Misc Things You Should Know

13.0 Muslim Organizations in BC……………………………………………………………………….. 24

14.0 Conclusion

Assalamu Alaykum Wa Ramatullahi Wa Barakatu!

{May the Peace, Mercy, and Blessing of Allah be with you!} Ice skating, Socials, and Slam Poetry?! Those aren’t the typical words you hear when people talk about Muslim Student Associations, but then again, MSA UBC does not fit the common MSA stereotype. We balance worship, education, outreach, athletics, socializing, and da’wah(calling people to Islam) to promote a way of life that is in accordance with the teachings of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wassalam).

MSA UBC is one of the most active student organizations you will ever come across, uniting Muslims from various backgrounds and parts of the world, with a common goal of serving Islam and the Muslim community. We offer you religious & educational services and exciting events that will be make your time at UBC much more beneficial and memorable Inshallah. Whether you are a brother or sister, single or married, undergrad or graduate student, you will fit in perfectly in our friendly community. MSA UBC is where you will meet the people who will become your friends not only during university, but the remainder of your life! We have over 400 members from just about every country in the world.

By joining MSA UBC, you will be able to excel in Islamic knowledge, develop your character, build networks, and acquire the transferrable skills you need for your career. We all know that as Muslims we will be questioned about how we spent our youth, and what we have done to serve Islam and the Muslims. By getting involved with us, you will have the chance to do something you are passionate about while simultaneously fulfilling your religious duties. To get involved, start attending our weekly meetings and find out ways in which you can contribute.

Jazakum Allah Khair May Allah reward you with good.

President: Musavvir Shourav Vice President (Internal): Sivar Rajab Khan Vice President (External): Salman Alam Secretary: Iqra Javed Treasurer: Aamir Sheergar Marketing: Rabea Syeda Prayer Services: Ahmed Sharkia IT/Webmaster: Mohammad Halane Education Director (Brothers): Sahli Haziq Education Director (Sisters): Tasnim Anwar Outreach: Amna Chaudhry & Sumeyye Cakal Brothers Sports Director: Hamza Virk Brothers Social Coordinator: Haidar Raza Sisters Sports Director: Sado Ismail Sisters Social Coordinator: Katia Fawaz Chaplain’s Assistant: Mu Yang MSA Chaplain: Dr. Younes Alila What’s the most important time of a Muslim’s day? That’s right, prayer time. That’s why we place special importance on providing a daily prayer space for Muslims on campus.

Feel free to drop by UBC’s own campus Musallah anytime to gain the immense reward for praying in congregation (Jama’a). Prayer times are sent out weekly in the MSA Weekly newsletter and posted on the MSA website (www.msaubc.org).

The Musallah is located on the second floor of Brock Hall Annex, Room 2357. The address is 1874 East Mall, V6T 1Z1. Brock Hall Annex is connected to Brock Hall (main building), where students pay their tuition. Click here for map.

Conveniently located on the basement floor of Brock Hall Annex are wudu (ablution) facilities in the men’s and women’s washrooms.

Not a hijabi? You’re welcome to use the variety of hijabs, long skirts, and ‘abayas in the sisters section of the Musallah!

Since prayer times continue to fluctuate throughout the year, we constantly update our website to inform you of the changes in prayer times. On the website home page, you can see the adhan times for the daily prayers. In our Prayers section, we post the times that we pray in Congregation in the Musallah (iqaama. Usually, we leave about 10 minutes between the adhan (call to prayer) and iqaamah (the second call prior to beginning the prayer) times. Click here for prayer times. Prayer times are also published in the MSA Weekly newsletter.

During the previous (2012/2013) academic year (September to April), we held Jum’ah prayers in the Totem Park Ballroom (2525 West Mall, V6T 1W9. Click here for map). The location MAY CHANGE this year – we will notify everyone via emails and website Inshallah, once a location is confirmed. Please sign-up for MSA’s email subscription on our website to stay updated!

The khutba (in English), an enlightening sermon fueled with benefiting reminders, starts at 1:10 PM every Friday and concludes by 1:40 PM. The time is constant all year round and does not change after daylight savings. If you have a conflict with the Jumaa prayer time, you may email info@msaubc.org.

Throughout the summer semester (May-August), Jum’ah will take place here(map) in the International House at 1783 West Mall, V6T 1Z2.

MSA UBC holds Taraweeh Prayers each night in Ramadaan at the Acadia Community Centre (2707 Tennis Crescent).

Don’t have time to go to the Musallah? Visit one of these spaces where you can conveniently pray before you rush off to your next class. These spots are relatively private, but are still public spaces.

Kaiser: 2nd floor by the lounge area  CEME: stairway, 3rd level  Irving K. Barber Library: 3rd/4th floor between the book stacks  Irving K. Barber Learning Centre: 1st floor, private corridor in front of Victoria Learning  Theatre doors  Brock Hall: 2nd floor, near the balcony overlooking the foyer  Allard Hall, Law Library: 2nd floor behind the book stacks  Acadia Park Commons Block: The Muslim graduate students and families living in the Acadia residence, and nearby areas, also regularly pray at the Commons Block on 2707 Tennis Crescent, V6T 2E5.

Note: Only Fajr, Maghrib and ‘Isha prayers take place here.

Find another convenient prayer space you want to let your fellow Muslims know about? Email info@msaubc.org.

1. Masjid Omar Al Farouq: 1659 East 10th Avenue Vancouver, BC V5N 1X6 www.masjidomar.ca Conveniently located near Commercial and Broadway, this Masjid holds regular weekly lessons on various Islamic sciences: ‘Aaqeedah (beliefs),Tafseer (Explanation of the Qur’an), (Islamic Law),etc.

2. Jamia Masjid Vancouver: 655 West 8th Avenue Vancouver, BC V5Z 1C7

3. Aiyal Centre: Unit 205, 181 Keefer place Vancouver, BC V6B 6L4 http://ajyal.org/

4. MAC Centre (Muslim Association of Canada): 2122 Kingsway Vancouver, BC V5N 1T2 http://www.macnet.ca/English/Pages/Home.aspx

You can find a further list of Masaajid and Musallahs off campus at:

www.bcmuslims.com/masjid-musalla-jumuah/ Looking for a place to gain Islamic knowledge on campus? We organize weekly halaqas, or study circles at UBC, one for sisters and one for brothers to gain a deeper understanding of the Islamic sciences in depth.The halaqa is a gathering to share and improve our knowledge of Islam as well as an opportunity for Muslims on campus to meet and hang out.

Some halaqa’s are student-led and others are taught by a qualified Shuyookh, or scholar. They are interactive and usually contain stimulating discussions on diverse topics full of benefit to Muslims of all backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. Individuals inquiring about Islam are too more than welcome! The atmosphere is one full of trust and attendees are sincerely concerned about one another’s personal development and success.

Some of our previous topics include the importance of civic engagement, compassion in Islam, Islamic History, the Hijab series, Tajweed Lessons (Rules of Reciting the Qur’an), Sweetness of Salah (prayer) series, as well as discussions on contemporary issues.

So if you’re interested in learning more about Islam and/or discussing contemporary issues from an Islamic perspective, the MSA halaqa is the place for you! Need we mention free food? They will typically take place at a standard time during the week, in the evening. Watch out for details on our website, and in our emails, at the beginning of school terms – September, January, and May!

The MSA Library provides materials and services to help the UBC Muslim community obtain information pertaining to Islam, as well as their personal and educational needs. The Library aims to improve and enrich the lives of its users through Islamic knowledge. The Library is located in the Musallah and is accessible to anyone. It contains a wide selection of different books ranging from explanation (Tafsir) of the Quran and Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) to spiritual purification and personal development. Its purpose is to enrich Muslim minds with knowledge that will benefit them in this world and the hereafter.

The MSA Classifieds service is a great way for you to advertise on our website, free of charge.

You can post ads related to housing, textbooks, or anything that would be relevant to the UBC Muslim community. To place an ad, click on the Classifieds tab at the top of the homepage, then click the orange Post an Ad button. Make a free account, if you don’t have one already, order to post! You may leave replies to the ads on the website, or contact the individuals directly.

The MSA is here for you in case you need any form of support. Whether you are facing a problem with the UBC Administration or being discriminated against on campus, the MSA is here to back you up and help you figure things out. If you are ever in need of any help or advice, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@msaubc.org. We will do our best to assist you or connect you with other support groups on campus or in the larger Muslim community, such as the Muslim Youth Help Line (1-800-550-6945).

Every year, MSA UBC holds a community barbeque during the summer. Our barbeques are open to the entire Vancouver Muslim community, and we always choose a scenic, family-friendly

venue. BBQ activities include:

 Sports activities for sisters and brothers, such as: soccer volleyball, football, badminton and ultimate Frisbee.

 Delicious halal beef burgers, chicken burgers, and hot dogs grilled to perfection!

In June 2013, we held our barbeque at Stanley Park, in the Miniature Railway Picnic Site. People are still talking about how much fun they had, and can’t wait for next year insha’Allah!

The MSA holds 1-2 Iftars for the UBC and larger community every Ramadan. Not only is the food amazing, but we also try to link the Iftars to a noble cause. For instance, in August 2010, we hosted an iftar that also served as a fundraiser for the Pakistan flood relief efforts. With the help and blessing of Allah (swt), we raised over $30,000 in one evening, Alhamdulillah! In August 2011, we held a fundraising Iftar for Rumana Manzur, a UBC Muslim graduate student who lost her sight to domestic violence. Alhamdulillah, we raised over $6000 for Rumana! This effort was recognized by the UBC Administration, and MSA UBC received a letter of gratitude from UBC President, Stephen Toope. In 2012, we supported fundraising iftars for Syria.

Of course, our iftars are always free and open to the whole community, so don’t miss out next Ramadan!

Imagine Day is a campus wide orientation program for new and returning students, which takes place on the first day of classes (the day after Labour day). One of the core events of Imagine Day is The Main Event. Student clubs and organizations on campus set up booths along UBC’s Main Mall.

There, new students have the opportunity to learn about different clubs, their activities, sign up as members, and get free stuff!

At the MSA booth: drop by to ask any questions you have, sign up to be a member and receive important information via our mailing list, get a tour of campus, get free stuff, or just stick around and chat with our exec and all the other amazing MSAers at UBC.

Imagine Day 2012 will take place on Tuesday September 4th, 2012. As an added bonus, we’ll be hosting a Welcome Back Social to welcome all the newcomers to campus and introduce them to what the MSA is all about. The social is also on Sept.4th at 5 PM at BUCH B313.

For more info on the MSA Imagine Day booth and social, click here.

Clubs Days is a 3-day event that features over 300 AMS student clubs. One of these clubs, of course, is MSA UBC! During the third week of school, from Wednesday to Friday, come visit MSA’s booth located in the upper floor of the Student Union Building. Find out about our events and activities, services we offer, and how you can get involved.

Global Pink Hijab Day is a day recognized worldwide every October, coinciding with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Muslims participate by wearing pink hijabs (guys wear kufis – skullcaps), pink ribbons, and donating to cancer foundations. MSA UBC held its first Pink Hijab Day in October 2010, and raised over $1000 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation! At the same time we educated the general public about the Hijab, refuting some of the common misconceptions about women in Islam.

MSA UBC holds an annual Eid party for the entire community. Our Eid parties have become famous for their high quality, positive atmosphere, incredible cuisine, and live entertainment.

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