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«MBB Wealth Multiplier #2: Deserve Reserve BRAD: Now we have a green light. JOE: All right. Joe Vitale here. Welcome to part 2 in our teleseminar ...»

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MBB Wealth Multiplier #2: Deserve Reserve

BRAD: Now we have a green light.

JOE: All right. Joe Vitale here. Welcome to part 2 in our teleseminar series called “Money Beyond Belief,” and I

overheard a few people talking before we actually got started, and they’ve already had some major shifts taking

place from the other day. I overheard somebody say they were unemployed for two years and, all of a sudden,

after last Wednesday’s call, our first in this two-part series, she was being called back to work out of the blue, out of nowhere, totally unexpectedly. And there are some other stories that are circulating. I think at some point when we put up a website, it’ll be www.moneybeyondbelief.com, we’ll have to put the stories there and all the ones that we’re accumulating. So that was only after one call. And I know personally, I’m looking forward to this because a lot of things came up for me, Brad.

BRAD: Ah ha.

JOE: And I think that they probably did for a lot of other people, which is one reason that I want to point out that we have to – I don’t know if we have to – but we are invited to repeatedly listen to these calls. We’re recording them so that people can go back and replay them. But I think other things may come up for us – you know – as we clear one thing, something else that was hiding underneath it may bubble up.

BRAD: Absolutely.

JOE: For example, for me in just the past couple days, I had a lot of bills come in, which is no big deal – I mean, I got the money – I’ll pay for them and everything – but I noticed that I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable about it.

And I was wondering, “Now what’s going on here?” And I think as we’ve been clearing beliefs, some deeper ones surface that are my opportunity to clear them now. So they were just kind of standing up and saying, “We’re next.” BRAD: Yeah.

JOE: So I think that this is kind of a message for all of us, no matter where you’re at, no matter what took place for you after the first part of the teleseminar series here on “Money Beyond Belief,” that we want to go back and continuously listen to the recordings – but more importantly – tap away anything and everything that comes up, as it comes up. Am I on track there, Brad? Would you agree with that?

BRAD: I would absolutely agree. Any issue that we have tends to have different aspects to it. So each time we go through and tap through it again – and this is what I’ve said with my etappings – the electronic audio tappings that I have online already – is that you can listen to it over and over again and different issues will come up. EFT works like peeling the layers of an onion. So each time you clear something, something deeper gets brought up.

I mean – it often happens that the time that you tap through it, everything gets cleared – certain issues will be cleared. EFT always works, but a lot of times it will bring up other issues. You can go back and listen tothe same recording, and even though the first time through you’ve cleared specific things, it’ll bring up something else to be cleared as well.

JOE: Yeah. Well, I’m glad that we’re doing that, and I’m glad that we’re recording this. I’m inviting everybody – once the recordings are done – to go back and listen to all of this. But more importantly, as anything comes up – to use what you’re learning to release it – to clear it. That’s what this is all about. And the whole point is to clear the things that are in the way of you having, doing and being what you really want. In this case, we’re specifically focused on money. We want money beyond belief. That’s what this is all about. So, we’ve done part 1, Brad, and we’re going to do part 2 tonight. And just like the other day, I’m basically putting myself in your hands – so is everybody else. So I’m just going to step aside, give you the mike, and say, “The show’s yours.” BRAD: Excellent. Thank you very much, Joe. And fortunately, you’re not so much in my hands as something bigger than me. I’m very blessed in the work that I do that I’m guided. So, once I get started tapping, I never know what’s coming up because there’s a greater intelligence than mine that’s working through me. So, while I certainly enjoy all the compliments that I’ve basked in, my ego comes out of it because it’s not me. So let’s see where we go today. As I mentioned the other day, on Wednesday, we were talking about limiting beliefs about money – those beliefs that we’ve held onto that money wasn’t good, that people who had money were greedy, and all these limiting things that made us think that money was not okay to have because we didn’t want to be bad people, so we didn’t want to have it. And the ideal is that a lot of that got cleared on Wednesday. So today we’re going to turn the focus in on ourselves, which is why I expect today to be even more powerful. There’re a lot of beliefs that we have about ourselves in terms of money. Even if we thought that money was absolutely wonderful, and we thought the world of people who are rich, there might be beliefs that we have about ourselves that say why we can’t have it – I’m not deserving; I don’t work hard enough; I’m not smart enough; I’m too lazy.

And these are lies. They’re just beliefs. They’re things that we decided about ourselves years ago based on some traumatic incident, or maybe it wasn’t even that traumatic. But we’re carrying on living our lives based on decisions that we made as small children. Now, most of us wouldn’t make too many decisions in our life nowadays based on the advice of a very small child, and yet that’s how most of us are living. We’re going about with these ideas that we decided upon at a very young age.

For those of you who were not on the call Wednesday and have not had a chance to be at the website, I’m going to quickly review the tapping points so that you have some familiarity with it. I’m not going to give the whole lecture about EFT and the history and the foundation of it. That can all be found on my website at www.bradyates.net, and you can find out all the basic information about EFT and see the points. If you have a computer up, you can even go to that and see the picture of the tapping points. But I’m going to review them right now. The first point we’ll tap is on the side of the hand. If you were going to karate chop somebody, that’s the edge of the hand that you would hit them with. Geez, how funny that I should use a violent image while doing this. Okay, beyond that, the knife-edge of the hand, just below the pinkie, between the pinkie and the wrist, and you’ll be tapping with two fingers of the opposite hand. Generally we do the tapping with our dominant hand, and you can do either hand and either side of the body because the meridians that we’re using run up and down both sides of the body. This is the energy that flows through us, that gets disrupted when we have a negative emotion or a negative limiting belief. So we’ll be tapping first on the side of the hand, and that’ll be through the first part of what I call the setup of EFT. And then when we start the actual tapping, the first point we’re going to tap is the eyebrow point – and that’s right there at the beginning of the eyebrow, closest in to the middle of the face. The next point will be the side of the eye, right on the edge of the eye socket, on the outside edge of the eye. The next point will be under the eye, and this is on top of the cheekbone – right, again, at the edge of the eye socket, directly under the middle of the eye. The next point will be right under the nose. The next point is under the mouth, right between the lower lip and the chin. Then the collarbone point – and the easiest way to get the collarbone point is to feel with your fingers right now and find your collarbones and feel in towards the middle.

You’ll find that little u-shape, right in between where the collarbones come together. Make a fist or an open hand and tap over that area, so that you tap over the top of both ends of the collarbone. And that tends to be a very key point for a lot of people. The next point is under the arm. It’s about four inches down from the armpit. The best way to do this is to use all four fingers to get a larger area, right under there. And then the last point we’re going to tap is on the top of your head. This is right about where someone would wear a beanie cap or a yarmulke. And just take all five fingers and tap around in a circle at the top of your head. There are other points in EFT. On my website you’ll see finger points. There are other practitioners who use the wrists and inside the ankles. There are tons of meridian points on the body that can be tapped. With basic EFT, these are the points that we’re going to be tapping on.

So, with that being said, the first one I want to go into is what tends to be the most crucial limiting belief for people on almost any issue they have. I’ve worked with a couple of clients today already on this issue. And this is the belief that I am not worthy or I am not good enough or I am not deserving. And it tends to hit a lot of people in a lot of different areas in their life, but particularly around money. So what I’m going to have you do is repeat after me. I’ll tell you what point to tap on, and then I’ll give you the words to repeat. And the more you repeat them with enthusiasm, the better. If, during the tapping, emotions come up – because as Joe said, things get cleared and other things come up – and sometimes the emotions that come up are more troubling than what we thought we were experiencing already – my recommendation to you is to keep tapping and clearing it. Keep doing the

clearing work. So, tapping on the side of the hand – tapping on the side of the hand:

(Side of the Hand) Even though I don’t think I’m deserving, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, I’m going to throw in one more instruction here: When you’re working with EFT, one of the best ways to find out how it’s working for you is to get a level on what kind of discomfort you’re experiencing. So one of the ways to do this is – if you’re experiencing a physical pain, for instance, when I say, “I’m not deserving,” and I’ll have you say that – and say that out loud right now, “I’m not deserving.” PEOPLE: I’m not deserving.

BRAD: Notice when you say, “I’m not deserving,” what kind of discomfort comes up. If you have a feeling of, “Yes, that’s definitely true,” on a scale of 0-10, how true is it? Also notice if there’s a physical discomfort that comes up. You may feel a tightness in some part of your body or a sense of nausea in your stomach. Rate the level of discomfort, so that as we go through the tapping, you can see how the SUDS level (subjective units of discomfort) – you can see how that comes down, and you can see that the relief is happening. So, again, tapping

on the side of the hand:

(Side of the Hand) Even though I’m not deserving, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, Even though I’m not deserving, I deeply and completely love and forgive myself, Even though I’m not deserving, And I have this desire, To have a lot of money, To have money beyond belief, There’s a part of me, That says, “You don’t deserve that, You can’t have that abundance, Who are you to ask for abundance?

Who are you to ask for a lot of money?

Who are you to think you can have a lot of money?

You’ve already got more than you deserve,” There may be a part of me, That’s saying, “You don’t deserve what you’ve already got, And now that you’ve asked for more, I’m going to cause you to lose more,” That part of me is scared, And that part of me, Has some old belief, That I’m not deserving, And what I choose to know, Is that that’s rubbish!

If I wasn’t deserving, I wouldn’t be here, The Universe did not make a mistake, By creating me, And the Universe has unlimited abundance, And I am just as welcome to it, And just as deserving of it, As anyone else, So I choose to release, This idea, That I am not worthy and deserving, And I choose to acknowledge the truth, That I am absolutely worthy and deserving, Of money beyond belief, And even though I don’t think I’m deserving, I deeply and completely, Love and forgive and accept myself, And anyone else, Who has ever given me that idea, And made me question my worthiness, They were doing the best they could, (Eyebrow Point) This thought that I’m not worthy, (Side of the Eye) I don’t deserve a lot of money, (Under the Eye) I don’t deserve a lot of money, (Under the Nose) I don’t deserve a lot of money, (Under the Mouth) I don’t deserve a lot of money, (CollarBone Point) I’m not sure I deserve what I’ve got, (Under the Arm) I don’t feel deserving, (Top of Head) Chances are, (EB) Years ago, (SE) Maybe when I was a small child, (UE) Maybe even as an infant, (UN) Something happened, (UM) And I made it mean something about me, (CB) I made a decision, (UA) That I wasn’t worthy, (TH) That I wasn’t deserving, (EB) Maybe I saw things, (SE) Like my family not having much money, (UE) And so I made the decision, (UN) That people in my family, (UM) Didn’t deserve money, (CB) My family doesn’t deserve money, (UA) Maybe I let that mean something, (TH) About an even larger group, (EB) My whole family, (SE) My whole race, (UE) Every member of my religion, (UN) Who knows who I thought that about?

(UM) Maybe I decided, (CB) That nobody deserves a lot of money, (UA) No one deserves a lot of money, (TH) Least of all me, (EB) I am so undeserving, (SE) And as undeserving as everybody else is, (UE) I’m even less deserving!

(UN) I am the most undeserving person, (UM) On the face of the planet, (CB) How dare I ask for more?

(UA) How dare I think I could have more?

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