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«© 2004 Brad Yates, C.Ht. Hello! Starting the newsletter Laurusnotes is one of my favorite things I’ve pushed myself to do. I’m pleased to offer ...»

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The First Year+ of

Wit, Wisdom and Tapping

from Brad Yates’ Newsletter

© 2004 Brad Yates, C.Ht.


Starting the newsletter Laurusnotes is one of my favorite things I’ve

pushed myself to do. I’m pleased to offer this anthology of the first

thirteen months of articles, as well as the tapping ideas and quotations.


You are free to pass this eBook along to others, provided you keep the copyright and

contact information intact.



www.bradyates.net 2


10.15.02 I. Tapping Ideas Here’s a piece sent to me by P.T. Thompkins. It’s a great morning affirmation to repeat while tapping. Either say it while doing a temporal tap (tapping with your finger tips in a semicircle just above your ear from just in front of your ear to just behind it), or do the EFT points, saying a different phrase at each point, repeating those that are particularly powerful for you (or that you really need to remember as truth about


First Manifestation (Part 1) Today, I am enough.

I am smart enough.

Wise enough.

Clever enough.

Resourceful enough.

Able enough.

Confident enough.

I am connected to enough people to accomplish my heart's desire I have enough ideas to pull off magic and miracles.

Enough is all I need.

Enough is what I have.

I have more than enough As I do all that I can do, I'm able to do more and more.

I am excited to be alive. I rejoice and re-choice everyday to make my life better.

3 Extracted from The One Minute Millionaire, by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen.

The Enlightened Millionaire Program www.milleagles.com II. Article: Who’s the Brain’s Behind Your Operation…?

So you read the books and articles...you listen to the tapes...you attend the seminars...and you know all kinds of great information on how to move your life into high gear and attain fabulous success.

Here's the question: Are you doing it? Are you doing what it takes to get everything you want on a daily basis? It's a simple matter of choosing one set of actions over another, right? So, if you still find yourself stuck, it's time to start asking yourself who's running the show.

This may be a new idea to you, but around eighty to ninety percent of your actions are unconscious, or habitual. The thoughts that control these actions - that choose for us what we will do - are unconscious - programmed over the years and often deeply ingrained. The famous quotes about "as within, so without" and "as a man thinketh, so is he" have a lot of truth to them. These proverbs and more suggest the power of one's thoughts on how one's life is shaped. If you can change your thoughts, you can change your life. But mostof these thoughts are so deep that they are rarely changed simply by consciously deciding to do so.

Here's a little experiment: Fold your arms in front of you. Now, look to see if your left arm is over your right, or vice versa. Did you consciously decide to put them that way, or did it happen automatically? In all the workshops I've done, I've yet to meet 4 anyone who did this consciously. Now - try to fold them the other way. For most, this feels rather awkward. I've even seen folks who just couldn't do it. Why is that?

Because over the years your body/mind has learned which way is more comfortable, and has stuck with that. So, without you having to waste any precious time thinking about it, it acts out of habit. This is a necessary function - if we didn't learn to do most of our behaviors habitually, we'd never get anywhere. Imagine having to think through the process of putting one foot in front of the other each time you wanted to walk across the room...!

Just for fun, let's say that you fold your arms right over left. And let's say you decided, come January First, to start folding your left arm over your right...because it is a well-known fact (one that is mentioned in several self-help books and seminars) that left-over-right people make more money, have more friends, shoot in the low sixties on the golf course and have the body of an athletic eighteen year old. So - you consciously decide that, from now on, you are a left-over-right person - and state this in affirmations. If over the course of a day you fold your arms ten to twenty times, how many of those times do you think you will remember to do left over right? Truth is, not many...maybe a couple at best. So, after awhile (say, by January Second) you say, "Well, I'm a right-over-left kind of person - that's just the way I am." And, that's okay. But is it what you want...?

You can become a left-over-right success - but you need to go to the source. Rather than giving up on whatever advice you have learned and looking for a "better" technique for becoming successful, find out what's stopping you. If switching to leftover-right has worked for others, it might well work for you, but the subconscious mind is defending the parameters of your comfort zone - of what it believes is safe.

There are learned reasons for putting right over left - beliefs that this is what you should do. But most of these beliefs that control our actions are based on questionable information, and can be changed.

Hypnosis, energy therapies and many other techniques taught on mind development exist to modify what goes on in the part of your mind that is, for better or for worse,

–  –  –

I Tapping Ideas: The Prayer of Jabez I recently received an enthusiastic note about how I incorporate EFT with prayers. One of the techniques I have taught is praying the Prayer of Jabez (I Chronicles 4:10 of the Old Testament) while tapping. This may not be for all tastes – it’s not my intention to push any kind of religious doctrine - but many have found it to be very beneficial.

Here’s how I do it:

Eye Brow - “Oh that you would bless me indeed…” Side of Eye – “And enlarge my territory…” Under the Eye – “That your hand would be with me...” Under Nose – “And that you would keep me from evil…” Chin – “So that I may not cause pain.” Collar Bone – “Thy will not mine be done…” Under Arm – “May I do thy will always…” Crown – “Amen.” For a great book on this prayer (which consists of the first five lines above – the last few I improvise…) I recommend you look up The Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson.

http://www.prayerofjabez.com/ II Article: The Myth of Willpower It’s likely you’ve heard it before … or perhaps have uttered it yourself. It is said with varying degrees of contempt, and sometimes even said in a way that is supposed to be 7 mildly humorous, as though the person passing judgment is only kidding you. But it is always a criticism suggesting that you are a lesser individual: “You’ve got no willpower.” It smacks of a certain air of superiority, as if the person offering this opinion was somehow made of stronger stuff. My opinion is that it just ain’t so.

Willpower could be defined as the conscious effort necessary to overcome unconscious resistance to taking a particular action. For instance, you are on a diet and your unconscious mind is compelling you to eat a hot fudge sundae, and you fight that urge with your willpower. Given that eighty to ninety percent of human behavior is unconscious, that means your odds are at best two in ten of succeeding on your diet. The variable from person to person in this scenario is how strong the urge is to eat the ice cream. The desire to eat such treats tends to have more to do with emotions than any real need to satisfy one’s physical hunger – which leads to the question: If you are no longer feeding the body, what are you feeding…? How profound that psychological hunger is depends on the person’s background and beliefs, as well as their current circumstances.

So if two people on diets are confronted with a tempting dessert, and one resists, does that mean they have greater willpower? No – they simply are fighting a less intense urge.

Despite being technically overweight as a child, Bob’s mother constantly told him, “Eat – look at you – you’re too skinny!” Years later, he starts yet another diet at his doctor’s insistence. As he starts to lose weight after much concerted effort, his mother’s words echo in the back of his mind, letting him know that he is in danger of getting too skinny.

Bob blows yet another diet. Is he just lacking in willpower, or is he fighting a losing battle? No one can know the power of his mother’s influence, so no one can determine if he has less willpower than another does. It isn’t that Bob doesn’t have enough willpower to stay on the diet, but rather that he has too strong a reason to stay overweight. That’s the key – if you are overweight, you have a reason for it – at the level of the unconscious, which is far more powerful than the conscious mind. I’m not saying that the reason is logical, but the subconscious doesn’t care about logic, it cares about keeping you in your comfort zone.

8 The object of unconscious resistance also varies from person to person. Driving home from a restaurant, the husband criticizes his wife for her lack of willpower when she is unable to stay on her diet, but finds himself unable to stop and ask for directions when they realize they are lost. Why should a quick stop at a gas station to ask for help be any more difficult than saying “no” to a tantalizing dessert? “Because I’m a man, and we don’t ask for directions,” comes the response, as if that made any real sense. He is succumbing to an unconscious belief, and apparently doesn’t “have enough willpower” to override it. Better to stay in his comfort zone regarding his rules of being a man than to get them home sooner.

So, in taking positive action, what we want is not more willpower to help us fight the good fight, but rather to take the fight out of the equation. Imagine that rather than being able to successfully struggle through the day resisting temptation after temptation – maybe feeling proud, and maybe a little thinner, but also perhaps bitter and stressed – you simply felt it easy and natural to choose appropriate foods in appropriate amounts. Or think how nice it would be to be able to freely ask for directions to get you where you are going as quickly and conveniently as possible. Basically, in terms of eating or any other aspect of life, imagine truly having the freedom of choice. It is possible. Unconscious beliefs control your choices, and thus your actions, but these beliefs can be modified.

Various forms of therapy can be beneficial in helping you achieve emotional freedom, the most effective of which are the emerging energy psychology techniques. These techniques can relieve the stress that occurs in the moment when we are confronted with a choice. More significantly, they can also reduce the intensity of the control our unconscious beliefs have over us, so that future choices are less stressful.

So, does it matter whether one person actually has more willpower than another does?

Without that unconscious resistance, who needs it?

© 2002 Brad Yates, C.Ht.

–  –  –

"If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself but to your own estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment."

- Marcus Aurelius (I like this quotation not only because it suggests why EFT can be so useful, but also because a psychic once told me I was Marcus Aurelius in a former life.) J (Hey – it’s possible…!) Thanks for reading!

Be Magnificent!

Brad PS Since some have asked, and have not noticed this at the bottom of my homepage, Laurus is Latin for Success. It is also the Latin word for the bay laurel tree, whose branches were used for the wreath that symbolized victory.

–  –  –

I Tapping Ideas: Looking in the Mirror There’s the old expression – thrown at us after we’ve done something that doesn’t come from our highest selves – and generally with more than a modicum of venom - “How do you look yourself in the mirror?” Well … how do you?

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Are there aspects about yourself that you don’t care for? These may be simply physical traits, or they may be character traits that arise upon viewing yourself. Tap on ‘em. I used to keep a mirror in my office that I would have clients look into while they tapped – often quite a powerful technique. Try it.

Tap on anything you don’t like that comes up when you look in the mirror.

Mike Dooley, in his series “Infinite Possibilities” (http://www.tut.com), asks, “If you were looking in the mirror, and your make-up needed adjustment, would you attempt to make that adjustment on the mirror image of yourself…?” Obviously, the answer is no.

You would know that the image is just a reflection of you, and you would make the adjustment on yourself. His point is this – your current situation outside of you is a reflection of what’s going on inside of you. (This is found in many philosophies, including the teachings of Abraham, http://www.abraham-hicks.com/) If you want to change something in your circumstances (relationships, career, finances…), you just might want to look at making the adjustment to yourself. So, try considering looking at your life as it is as looking in a mirror – and make the changes (by tapping or other techniques) that you deem desirable. (Don’t miss the Closing Quotation.)

–  –  –

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