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E.K. Schreiber


Rare Books


µθωερτψυιοπασδφγηϕκλζξχϖβνµθωερτ ψυιοπασδφγηϕκλζξχϖβνµθωερτψυιοπα σδφγηϕκλζξχϖβνµθωερτψυιοπασδφγηϕκ λζξχϖβνµθωερτψυιοπασδφγηϕκλζξχϖβ νµθωερτψυιοπασδφγηϕκλζξχϖβνµθωερτ Summer 2016 Selections ψυιοπασδφγηϕκλζξχϖβνµθωερτψυιοπα 285 Central Park West. New York, NY 10024 σδφγηϕκλζξχϖβνµθωερτψυιοπασδφγηϕκ Telephone: (212) 873-3180


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1. ACHILLES TATIUS. De Clitophontis & Leucippes amorib[us] libri VIII. (Tr. L.

Annibale della Croce). Basel: J. Herwagen, 1554. $950 8vo, [6], 221 pp. Printer's device on title; italic type; ornamental initials. Modern half vellum; light toning throughout, repairs in gutter of title-page.

First complete edition in any language of Leucippe and Clitophon, one of the only five surviving complete ancient Greek novels. The author, Achilles Tatius, a Greek from Alexandria of uncertain date, but commonly placed in the 2nd- century AD, is known primarily for this novel in eight books, considered one of the best Greek love romances.

The text consists of the Latin translation by the Milanese humanist Luigi Annibale della Croce (1509-1577), who ten years earlier had already published a partial translation from an evidently fragmentary manuscript in which neither the title nor its author was named: the title of that partial edition (Lyon 1544), consisting of only the last four

–  –  –

Two parts in one volume, 8vo, [12], 228, 168, [12] leaves; Greek and Latin texts in parallel columns; a few large criblé initials. Handsome modern calf, single blind fillet round sides; original gilt edges (one leaf of index bound upsidedown); early ownership signature on title page, following leaf recto, and last page, below the colophon; in addition there is an early inscription at foot of title-page, reading in part, 'Pour les Peres Capucins de Caen'; copy ruled in red throughout; small round wormhole at extreme lower margins of first 100 and last 60 leaves, far from text; another small, inoffensive wormhole in the text of the first forty-five leaves; paper flaw at edge of outer margin of second leaf (far from text).

This bilingual New Testament, in the recension and Latin translation by Erasmus -- presumably revised by the French humanist Jacques Toussain (d. 1547) -- has the distinction of being the first Greek Bible to have been printed by a woman; it is one of the handful of Greek books produced by Charlotte Guillard, the foremost woman printer of the French Renaissance, active in the second quarter of the sixteenth century: see B. Beech, "Charlotte Guillard: A Sixteenth-Century Business Woman," Renaissance Quarterly, XXXVI (1983), 354-367.

Charlotte Guillard was the widow of the printer Claude Chevallon and ran the press after his death from 1537 to 1557 (the year of her own death);

during that period she produced about 160 titles, most of which catered to the student and professional population of Paris as well as to monasteries and other religious houses; the bulk of her productions were in Latin, with a handful in Greek.

4 The text of this edition follows that published in 1535 at Basel by J. Bebel (with occasional alterations by the editor, Jacques Toussain, whom Charlotte often called upon for editorial work). All Erasmus's editorial material (prefaces, etc.) has been retained.

Charlotte printed this Greek-Latin New Testament for her own account, as well as for that of the Paris printers-publishers Jean de Roigny and her nephew Jacques Bogard; therefore copies are known with the imprints of each of the partners (see Renouard, Imprimeurs & libraires parisiens, Vol. V, p. 163, no. 147 [citing the Bogard and Roigny issues]); but the title-page and

the colophon state unequivocally that Charlotte herself printed the book:

"Excudebat Carola Guillard" ('Charlotte Guillard printed [this book]'), whereas the wording of the imprint of copies bearing the names of her associates makes it clear that these copies were simply for sale at their shops: "Veneunt apud Ioannem Roigny" (as here), and "Apud Jacobum Bogardum".

§ Darlow & Moule 4613; Delaveau & Hillard 3807; Vander Haeghen, Bibliotheca Erasmiana, II, 60.

–  –  –


6. FIRENZUOLA, Agnolo. I Lucidi. Comedia. Florence: Giunti, 1552. $1,450 8vo, 44 leaves; woodcut printer's device on title-page with variant at the end;

woodcut initials. 18th century marbled calf (front joint repaired); some light foxing; heraldic bookplate of Sir Charles James Stuart, Baronet (1824-1901).

Second, improved and more elegant edition of this five-act comedy in prose which Gamba notes is held in greater esteem than the first edition of 1549 because of its correctness and the gracefulness of the typography: “tenersi in maggiore stima [della prima: 1549]... sì per la leggiadria de’ caratteri, che per la diligenza nella correzione” (Gamba 458).

It was first performed in the theater of the Villani family and in that of the Signori of Prato in the years 1540/1541 and again in 1555 at Fontainebleau, in the presence of Henry II.

"Another well-known Florentine poet, Agnolo Firenzuola (1493-1543), wrote two prose comedies, La Trinutia and I Lucidi, both of which were published in 1549, four years after the death of the author. Of these two the Lucidi is the better play although it is a close imitation of Plautus' Menaechmi … A classicist himself, Firenzuola provides a good illustration of the advice of Horace, namely, that it is safer to take a well-known story and rewrite it than to invent a new one."

(Herrick, Italian Comedy in the Renaissance, pp. 106-7).

Firenzuola was also an important influence in promoting the equality of women in the arts as expressed in his prose writings: "Firenzuola's dialogue emphasizes the equality of women, the reciprocity of love, and the value of sexuality independent of its reproductive function. In doing so, he provides us with important insights into contemporary values" (J. Murray, Agnolo Firenzuolo on Female Sexuality and Woman's Equality, in: "Sixteenth Century Journal", 22, 1991, pp. 207, 213).

§ Clubb 426; Bregoli Russo 251; Decia & Camerini, I Giunti di Firenze 287.


7. FLEURY, Claude. Les moeurs des Israelites. Paris: Widow of Gervais Clouzier, $580 1681.

12mo, [4] leaves, 343, [5] pp.; pictorial woodcut headpiece and capital at beginning. Contemporary calf, five raised bands on spine, five compartments with floral gilt ornaments, titled in gilt in second compartment; binding with surface wear but solid.

FIRST EDITION of the classic history of the social life and customs of the Jews in antiquity, by the church historian Charles Fleury (1640-1723), who was the tutor of several sons of noble houses, including a son and three grandsons of Louis XIV.

The success of this first edition elicited from Fleury a similar history of the early Christians, which appeared the following year, and the two works were henceforth systematically published together to the end of the eighteenth century.

§ Brunet II, 1291 (note).

–  –  –

12mo (122 x 67 mm), 45, [1] pp. Bound in modern marbled boards; some light foxing; small paper flaw in fol. A3, touching three letters..

Only edition of this little handbook on Latin metrics and versification intended for the use of students at the grammar-school (Gymnasium) of Frankfurt/Main, by Anton Itter (1611-1692?), who was assistant headmaster at the school. Itter also issued similar handbooks on philosophy for his students (1659 and 1655).

Being produced for a very limited readership, the booklet is understandably very rare: no copy can be located in any American collection.

§ VD17 3:609489B.

–  –  –

14 A large part of the queries are posed by women, either writers or contemporary supporters of literary salons. Lando was in fact known as a champion of women authors: "Closely associated with women's writing in this period was Ortensio Lando,... the author of a 'paradox' on women's superiority to men. Lando figures as editor of three female-authored works in the 1540s and 1550s... perhaps most strikingly, the 1548 anthology Lettere di molte valorose donne, whose subtitle proclaims itself as proof of women's equality with men in eloquence and learning" (Cox, Women's Writing in Italy 1400-1650, p. 83). Thus, in the present work, when the Marchesana di Vigevano asks him, "Which is the nobler man or woman?" Lando replies, "God always adds fresh nobility to the newer creatures He makes; thus, He formed man after the beasts, and last of all made woman, and therefore she is noblest, being taken out of man, who of all the other animals was the most perfect" (p. 285).

Both first and second editions are rare. The OCLC locates four copies of the 1552 edition in North American Libraries (UCLA, Yale, LC and Duke) and only three of the present first complete, edition (Columbia, Cornell, UMich).

§ Bongi, Giolito I, 368; Melzi, Anonime e pseudonime II, p. 39; BM/STC Italian 377 (s.

v. 'Libri'); not in Adams.

15 Sammelband of Five Important First Editions

13. LE MIRE, Aubert. Origines coenobiorum Benedictinorum in Belgio.

Antwerp: H. Verdussen, 1606. $1,500 8vo, [10] leaves, 188, [1] pp., [4] leaves; woodcut printer's device on title, ornamental woodcut tailpieces and initials.

Bound with:

II. LE MIRE, Aubert. Elenchus historicorum Belgii, nondum typis editorum.

Antwerp: H. Verdussen, 1606. 15 pp. woodcut printer's device on title.

Bound with:

III. PUTEANUS, Erycius. De Erycio nomine syntagma. item Iuli Paridis de nominibus epitome. Hanau: C. de Marne & heirs of J. Aubry, at the Wechel Press,

1606. 44 pp., [2] leaves (including last blank); woodcut "Pegasus" printer's device on title and at the end.

Bound with:

IV. COUSIN, Jean. De prosperitate et exitio Salomonis. Douai: J. Bogard, 1588. 167 pp. Elaborate woodcut printer's device on title, ornamental initials.

Bound with:

V. HERAULD, Didier. Adversariorum libri duo. Paris: J. Perier, 1588. [8] leaves, 183 pp., [5] leaves; woodcut printer's device on title. The five works bound together in 18th-century plain calf, back gilt in compartments created by four raised bands;

surface wear. With the Nordkirchen Library bookplate on front pastedown.

Interesting sammelband of five rare works on philological and theological subjects, by four contemporary scholars, three Flemish and one French.

I. FIRST EDITION of a monograph on the origins and history of the Benedictine Order, by Aubert Le Mire (Miraeus, 1573-1640), renowned Belgian ecclesiastical historian, canon of the cathedral of Antwerp, and staunch champion of the Catholic Church against the attacks of the Reformed movement.

The work is divided into 67 chapters in which Miraeus describes as many Benedictine monasteries and convents.

II. FIRST EDITION of Le Mire's catalogue (or inventory) of unpublished manuscripts held by ecclesiastic institutions; for each item Miraeus records the title, author, and date of the work, and identifies the institution where the manuscript is kept.

Miraeus's objective in compiling the catalogue was to encourage the heads of the institutions to publish the manuscripts in their possession.

III. FIRST EDITION. The Flemish historian and humanist Erycius Puteanus (1574-1646) had been a pupil of Justus Lipsius who inspired him to a life of scholarship. This work consists of Puteanus's dissertation on the origin, etymology, and examples of his own Christian name, Erycius (Eric), from ancient times to his own day. In the course of his work the author provides certain autobiographical details.

16 In appendix Puteanus has added the portion of the "Epitome of Proper Names" (De Nominibus Epitome) attributed to Julius Paris (4th-5th-century).

IV. FIRST EDITION of a dissertation of King Solomon by Jean Cousin (Cognatus), a Belgian historian and theologian, canon of the cathedral of Tournai.

V. FIRST EDITION. Didier Herauld (1575-1648), professor of Greek at Sedan, and a member of the parliamentary bar in Paris, published an important treatise on Greek and Roman law. The present work contains textual notes and interpretations of Diogenes Laertius, Herodotus, Pindar, Plautus, Aristotle, Cicero, and Juvenal. The second part (pp. 135-183) consists of an extensive critique of the recently published editio princeps of Iamblichus's Life of Pythagoras (Heidelberg, 1588).

§ I. Ch. Matagne, Répertoire des ouvrages du XVIIe siècle de la Bibliothèque du C.D.R.R. (1601-1650), L-141; not in Simoni; II. Not in Simoni; III. Bibliotheca Belgica IV, p. 762, P 156; not in Paisey; IV. Cioranescu 22407; Répertoire bibliographique II (Douai), p. 350, no. 281; V. Adams H-281.

–  –  –

18 The Classic Work on the Rivers of France: Noble Provenance

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