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«ANNUAL REPORT Spring & Fall 2014 2014 Student Association Annual Report 1 PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2ND, 2015 ANNUAL REPORT Spring & Fall 2014 Published by: ...»

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Spring & Fall 2014

2014 Student Association Annual Report 1



Spring & Fall 2014

Published by:

Student Association President Boris Gresely

February 2nd, 2015

2014 Student Association Annual Report 2


The Student Association exists as a right and for the benefit of the student body. It is the highest duty of the Association to consider the interests and needs of the students above all else. To that end, the Student Association shall strive to create a university community where the needs of students are met, the rights of students are represented, and the voice of the students is heard.


Dear Fellow Students, The Student Association has had a very productive year working on initiatives from student safety, diversity and inclusion, and expanding funding, among other initiatives that strive to improve the student life experience at SU. We would like to thank Chancellor Syverud, Senior Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs Rebecca Reed Kantrowitz, and other members of the administration for your continued partnership and guidance on matters relating to undergraduate student life.

The Student Association would not have accomplished all that it has this year without the support of the entire organization.

From the Directors to the Assembly Representatives, they all went above and beyond. This year was a special one. We had a new constitution, a new President/Vice-President Ticket administration, and a new Chancellor leading our University.

We also cannot forget to thank our advisors Kerry Foxx, Dave Sargalski, Kevin Costello, and Stephanie Fortier in the Office of Student Activities for their continued help and support On behalf of the Student Association, we are excited to share our 2014 Annual Report. Thank you again for your continued partnership.

Boris Gresely ’15 President Daniela Lopez’ 15 Vice President 2014 Student Association Annual Report 3


Who we are


Boris Gresely President Daniela Lopez Vice President Patrick Douglas Comptroller

–  –  –

2014 Student Association Annual Report 7


One year ago, when we decided to run for SA President and Vice President, we set out with an ambitious platform. Our primary goals were to reform the Student Association, reconnect the Student Body, and redirect the campus community to a new era in SU’s history. We believe strongly in making promises we can keep and making Student Association accountable and transparent to our constituents. As such, here are some of our accomplishments this year as organized by our


Reform: During the course of the year we successfully created the committee on the budget to review and approve the 2014 Student Association Operating Budget. We increased the number of retreats and leadership development opportunities. We restructured the Board of Election and Membership to have a greater focus on New Member Orientation programs. See the BEM report for more details.

In addition during the Spring 2014 semester a collective group of student organizations called THE General Body successful pushed for the Student Association to be able to have an email listserv to the entire undergraduate student body.

Part of the reform phase was to get this access and we thank THE General Body for their help.

Reconnect: During the Fall 2014 semester we successfully established the Student Affairs Task Force. The Student Affairs Task Force is a coalition of student leaders from the various facets of SU in order to establish a Student run conference during the Spring 2015.

Redirect: Our last phase entitled redirect is our decision to start pushing the Student Association to tackle bigger issues such as Tuition, Health and Wellness, and the creation of student facilities. As such a Committee on Tuition has been created with the administration to review and create a greater dialogue on tuition cost; we have also been active participants in discussion, about a Tobacco and Smoke Free Campus. Additionally, we have pushed for the administration to create a new Student Center, a new Health and Wellness Center and a new Recreational Facility.

In addition to the above accomplishments we have also:

* Successfully lobbied for the Office of Academic Affairs to fund 1/3 of the Collegiate Readership Program.

* Successfully funded additional Destiny USA shuttle buses for SU Undergraduate Students * Successfully implemented two student-designed trash receptacles on Marshall Street and Comstock Avenue to promote recycling and try to reduce littering * Successfully converted Haven Dining Hall into a Study Space * Sponsored an activity calendar for all RSOs to use through the Daily Orange Newspaper

During our last semester we wish to continue leading the Student Association in accomplishing the following initiatives:

* Lobbying the University for a Medical Amnesty Policy * Creation of the Student Athletic Fee * Creation of the Student Affairs Summit * Creation of a Student Travel Grant We are also proud of publishing the first ever SA Annual Report. We implore future SA Government leaders to continue to use this model and for future members to use it in order to gain familiarity with our organization.

–  –  –

M I S S I O N : The mission of the Student Association Student Engagement Committee is to gather constituent feedback regarding actions taken by the Student Association, as well as initiatives and courses of action suggested by the student body, and for coordinating events to facilitate such communication. It shall also be responsible for liaising between the Student Association and the Registered Student Organizations on campus.

–  –  –

Assembly Representatives:

Richard Ofosuhene ’16, Lavina Sabnani ’18, Domenica Vera ’18 During the Fall 2014 Semester I lead my team in passive and active ways in engaging the campus community on the issue of Sexual Assault on College Campuses. We partnered with the Office of Health Promotions, Office of Students Rights and Responsibilities, Sexual and Relationship Violence Response Team to create a Consent Campaign. This included a rebranding campaign and bringing “Beat the Blame Game” to campus. Beat the Blame Game is the first in a series of several training session to educate students to end sexual Assault on College Campuses. I also provided feedback from my committee in the creation phase of the PR campaign. Through this collaborative process we decided on a campaign and slogan that will be launched in Spring 2015.

As Director of Student Engagement I served on the Chancellor’s Workgroup for Sexual Violence Prevention, Education and Advocacy. I worked with others to hear the concerns and gaps in resources since the realignment and identify gaps in the campus culture around sexual assault.

Members of the Workgroup and I will created a comprehensive document acknowledging the gaps and providing recommendations to fill them.

Additionally, the Student Engagement Committee conducted two focus groups on alcohol statistics.

Some of our results included: students support a student center open 24/7 that has alcohol alternatives, students don’t report or seek help for friends extremely intoxicated because they are unclear about policy and they are afraid of disciplinary action and students feel the Think About It online program is "better than sitting in assemblies."

We also created a rating campaign and parody the #1 party school ranking and brought awareness to other facets of SU. This material will be used during next semesters RSO outreach.

–  –  –

During the Spring 2014 semester the Student Engagement Committee focused on compiling data through surveys. The committee conducted two surveys: one internal survey to assess recent changes within SA and one campus survey on self-segregation.

The self-segregation and diversity survey revived approximately 170 responses from students living on campus and showed that students believe self-segregation is still an issue.

To address this concern, committee members created the #ItooamSU event in the main quad to spread the word about inclusion and diversity. A video was created showing students participating in the event.

Towards the end of the semester we created two grants.

The Inclusion Investment Grant is a partnership with the Intergroup Dialogue Department to give students financing and supervision to create and implement a campus campaign that will raise awareness and education about issues of diversity and oppression.

The second is the Campus Involvement Grant. Following the Lead of Chancellor Syverud, Student Association will use our monetary resources and Student Affairs supervision to give students opportunities to exercise their own ideas and autonomy to be the change they want to see at Syracuse University.


* RSO Outreach: Each member of SEC and additional assembly representative will be the SA liaison to a group of RSOs. These representatives will be each RSOs specific relation to SA. The SA member will also have a better understanding of how specific RSOs, those of different tiers, function on a daily basis. In the future members will be able to use their knowledge of RSOs to better serve their needs.

* Impact Week: SEC will be partnering with (Residence Hall Association) RHA’s Director of CivicEngagement to co-facilitate impact week. This will involve SA reaching out to RSOs for opportunities for community service. RHA will work with residents and RAs to ensure that students will attend events to give back. Both SA and RHA will promote the week of giving back through social media channels.

Impact Week will tentatively be in late March.

2014 Student Association Annual Report 10


M I S S I O N : The mission of the Student Association Student Life Committee is to investigate, propose, oversee, and advocate for improved conditions and amenities on and off campus. The committee will effectively plan and address pertinent issues that arise within the student body pertaining to students’ social experience at Syracuse University

–  –  –

Assembly Representatives:

James Franco ’18, Stephanie Haber ’18, Henry Hokura ’17, Charles Mastoloni’17, Dulce Morales ’18, Luigi Davila ’17, Anjani Ladhar ’17, Sone Angubolkul ’17

Throughout the the Fall semester my team and I have accomplished the following initiatives:

• Created the “Chat & Dine” Lunch Program for Spring 2015. The “Chat & Dine” Lunch Program is a program designed to help students connect with faculty and staff members. The way the lunch program works is by completing a simple application process where the student will be given a meal voucher to invite a faculty or staff member to lunch at the Goldstein Faculty and Alumni Center.

• Successfully lobbied to install four heat lamps in the South Campus bus stops. The pilot program will run for next semester pending feedback from the entire student body.

• Continued offering transportation services to Wegmans and Target throughout the semester. For more information visit: sa.syr.edu or visit the SA office.

• Continued offering round trip buses to NYC and other select locations. For more information visit: sa.syr.edu or visit the SA office.

• Expanded shuttle buses to Syracuse Airport and Regional Transportation Center during Thanksgiving and Winter Break. For more information visit: sa.syr.edu or visit the SA office.

• Offered Pumpkin Patch shuttle buses during the month of October.

• Purchased four charging stations which will be installed in areas on campus like Syracuse Stage, The Warehouse, Grant Auditorium and Huntington Bread Crouse Hall.

–  –  –

During the Spring 2014 semester the Student Life Committee focused on issues concerning Transfer Students. The committee conducted a survey focused on the overall satisfaction Transfer students have at Syracuse. The survey showed that an overwhelming majority of transfer students felt out of touch and lost.

In addition to the survey the Student Life Committee lobbied for a change in the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs Rush Policy. The policy currently does not allow first semester transfer students to rush in greek life and the committee believes that this policy should be reviewed and redrafted to allow Transfer students who enrolled with a 3.5 G.P.A to be allowed to rush their first semester.

During the Spring 2015 semester the Student Life Committee will bring forth a resolution asking University administrators to review and changed the Rush Policy in regards to Transfer students.


For the Spring 2015 semester the Student Life Committee will be working on the following


• Adding Nutrition Information Labels in all the dining hall. Currently the Student Life Committee is working with Jamie Cyr, Director of Auxiliary Services, to finalize this initiative

• Creation of a first generation empowerment program. We are currently working with the Office of First Year and Transfer Students to create an empowerment program for first generation students similar to one that was created in Yale University.

• Creating a comprehensive financial literacy campaign. We are working with the Office of Financial Aid to bring forth a financial literacy awareness campaign that will help seniors with paying their student loans and learn about current opportunities that exist in regards to Financial Aid.

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