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«1 ABOUT THIS BOOK. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are diseases • that affect your sex organs (pussy and cock) both inside and outside the ...»

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BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS............... 42

NO GLOVE, NO LOVE!................. 44




Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are diseases

that affect your sex organs (pussy and cock) both

inside and outside the body.

You can get a STD by having sex (straight fucking, • butt sex, blowjob) with someone who is infected.

There are many STDs out there and you never • know who might have one. Wearing a CONDOM every time you have sex is the BEST WAY to protect yourself from an STD-other than not having sex at all.

Lots of people get STDs, don’t be embarrassed.

• Some STDs can be cured.

• Some STDs can’t be cured which means you will • have them forever but you can still live a healthy and normal life.

Use a mirror and get to know what you look like • down there so you will know if there is something wrong.

It is important to know that the pictures in this • book are the worst of the worst and not all STDs look this bad.

Some STDs are reportable which means that you • will have to tell the nurse or doctor the names of all the people you have had sex with so they can be contacted and treated.

2 There is a lot of stuff in this book and some of the • pictures are gross but maybe they will help you know if you have a STD.

If you think you have a STD go to the nearest • STD clinic, Birth Control clinic or SEE your doctor as soon as possible.

This book was written by a • group of people who work on the street, a nurse and a social worker.

None of the characters in this book are real people. All the names and stories are made up.

3 CHLAMYDIA Cla–mid–ee–ah Patricia loved sex and had sex any chance she could. As time went on, Patricia became ill with pain in her tummy, chills, bleeding between periods and a burning feeling in her lower stomach after having sex. Patricia decided to visit the local clinic and the doctor asked questions about her sex life.

Patricia talked about it. This is when the doctor said that she had chlamydia. Stressed and embarrassed Patricia asked how to get rid of it.

The doctor gave her antibiotics. He also said that she should try to use lotsof lube and an extra strong CONDOM when she has sex.

Meet the most popular bugs in town!

What is it?

Chlamydia is a bacteria.

How do you get it?

By having sex with someone who has it.

For guys chlamydia infects the shaft of the penis and for girls chlamydia infects the women’s insides (cervix).

Chalmydia can also live in the eyes and the butt.

4 Signs and Symptoms You might see symptoms within a few weeks after being with someone who has it.

(many women and men don’t know they have because they might not have any symtoms)


• extra wet vagina

• screwed up periods

• pain in the lower stomach during sex

–  –  –


Chlamydia is treated with medication (antibiotics).

You only have to take it once. Try not to have sex while you’re taking medication but if that is too hard, don’t forget to USE A CONDOM.

The bad news is:

If you put off going to the doctor for too long, chlamydia can cause a lot of damage to your insides. You might not be able to have kids later on.

The good news is:

Chlamydia can be cured!

–  –  –

Bill and Barb had been married for 25 years but Barb knew things were changing between them. Bill was spending more and more time away with “the boys”. It had been a long time since they had sex and Barb thought tonight was the night. They made love for hours. Three days later, Barb was very itchy below and noticed blood spots on her panties. She was scratching herself raw. Barb told her friend Ginger about this and Ginger told her to get her ass to the doctor.

“Guess what,” the doctor exclaimed. “You have crabs.” Barb cried, “what do I do, how did I get this?” The doctor explained how people get crabs.

Barb got the feeling Bill was cheating on her and she asked him when she got home. Bill said yes...

What is it?

A bug that lives in the pubes. They are big enough to be seen and lay eggs that stick to the hair. They can live in the chest hair, thigh hair and under the arms.

Crabs are different from head lice.

–  –  –

Signs and Symptoms:

Men and women will have the same signs and symptoms.

• itchy feeling in areas where you have body hair (except the head)

• small blood spots on panties or underwear from bugs biting in warm hairy (pubic) area

• condoms don’t stop you from getting them

• you can see them if you look real close 8 Treatment

• shampoo with bug juice like Kwellada® and NIX® (do not use Kwellada® on small children, if you are pregnant or have HIV!)

• use a fine tooth comb to get rid of the eggs


• some people shave all their hair and it works

• change the beds and wash all clothes, towels, sheets and blankets in hot soapy water or put things outside if it is really cold because crabs don’t like the cold

• vacuum your house from top to bottom Check yourself weekly because the crabs might come back and if they do, you will have to shampoo again.

The bad news is:

You might feel a little creepy if you have them.

The good news is:

Crabs can be cured!

9 GENITAL WARTS (pickle dick) Gladys met a guy from a dating service and she decided to meet him at Sassy’s Strip Bar. Once Gladys arrived the two of them talked a bit, had a drink, and relaxed.

After a few drinks, Gladys took the guy to her apartment. Since she was paying a lot for this guy, Gladys asked him to do a table dance for her. He slowly took down his boxers and Gladys noticed that his cock looked like it had teeny cauliflowers attached to it. When she asked him about it he told her it was a birth defect.

They had sex without using a condom and a couple of weeks later Gladys noticed that she had a “birth defect” too… What are they?

Genital warts are lumps and skin coloured bumps caused by a virus.

How do you get them?

By skin to skin contact with someone who has them


• sex (straight fucking)

• oral sex (blow jobs or eating out)

• anal sex (up the ass) 10

Signs and Symptoms:

Some people don’t even know they have warts because they might be in a place where you can’t see them.

Warts aren’t painful either so you can’t feel them. If you don’t do anything about them, more and more keep growing!


• pimply dink

• looks like a rash

• looks like skin coloured cauliflowers around the head of the penis and can be found around the butt


• grows inside a women’s vagina

• can be found outside and around the vagina as well, and looks like cauliflower

–  –  –


Warts can be burnt or frozen off by the doctor. If you have a lot of warts you might have to come back more than once for treatment to get rid of them all.

DO NOT use over the counter wart medicine because you can do a lot of damage to yourself! Genital warts are different from the ones you get on your hands or feet.

The bad news is:

The virus that causes warts cannot be cured and warts may lead to cancer if left untreated. Using a condom may not stop the spread of warts.

The good news is:

If you take care of yourself and see your doctor regularly, you can stay healthy and prevent the warts from coming back.

–  –  –

18 year old Ryan was hungry for sex and he was still a virgin. His friends decided to get him laid for a gift so they took him out to find a working girl. When they found the right girl they sent her to Ryan’s hotel room. Ryan, being so excited, jumped into bed with the woman without putting a condom on. 4 days later Ryan’s penis burned when he pissed, and there was some funky discharge coming from the end of it. Ryan got scared and thought his dick might fall off so he went to see the doctor.

After doing some tests the doctor told Ryan he had gonnorhea...

What is it? Gonnorhea is a germ (bacteria).

13 How do you get it?

Gonnorhea is passed easily through body juices. It can live in any wet place in the body where you have sex

like the:

• mouth or throat-where you won’t feel it or even know you have it

• butt-if you have it in the butt, you might see puss or blood in your undewear or on the toilet paper

• vagina

• inside of the penis

Signs and symptoms:


• red sore drippy penis after about a week

• hurts to take a pee • 2 in 10 men don’t even feel sick

–  –  –

The moral of the story…no glove, no love!

16 HEPATITIS B Hep-a-tight-us (Hep B) Judy was having a party at her place when her friend Deedee showed up with two gorgeous guys she met at the bar. Judy was feeling fine after a few drinks and started making out with one of the guys.

Judy was so drunk that when they started fucking she forgot to ask him to put a condom on. Judy woke up the next morning with a really bad hangover which got worse when she realized that she didn’t use a condom the night before. Judy was so afraid of getting pregnant… A couple of months later, Judy started feeling like shit. She didn’t want to eat and was throwing up all the time. Judy thought she was pregnant so she went to see her doctor. The doctor told her she wasn’t pregnant. “Phew,” Judy thought. He then told her she had Hepatitis B. Judy started crying. She didn’t know how she could get this disease.

The doctor explained:

Hepatitis B is a virus that attacks the liver and it is found in blood and cum (semen and vaginal juices).

Hepatitis B causes the liver to become swollen. You need your liver to stay healthy.

Hepatitis B is different from Hepatitis C.

–  –  –

Hepatitis B can also be passed through the breast milk of moms who have it.

Signs and Symptoms You might not know you have it for a long time (1 to 6 months) and some people have no symptoms at all.

• puking

• don’t feel like eating

• pain in your gut

• skin rashes

• yellowing of your skin and the whites of the eyes

–  –  –

The bad news is:

Some people will not get better and might spread the disease without knowing it.

Hepatitis B can lead to cancer of the liver if you don’t take care of yourself.

–  –  –

For the next few months Judy took it easy.

She made sure she got a lot of sleep and ate well.

Judy stopped partying for awhile because the doctor told her that drinking too much would hurt her liver even more. Judy got better and always tried to take care of herself.

19 HERPES Her-pees Ginger and some friends went to the Easy Lay Inn on Friday night. Ginger met and took home a new guy named Jack. In the heat of passion, the guy went down on her without using a condom. Days later Ginger felt a stinging pain when she was peeing. She used a mirror to look down there and saw a red sore. Ginger wanted to know what it was so she went to the health centre to see the nurse.

The nurse told her she had herpes.

What is it?

Herpes is a virus which means it is a friend for life and will not go away. There are 2 kinds of Herpes virus but they can be spread to the same parts of the body.

How do you get it?

Passed on through skin-to-skin contact with someone who has sores or blisters on their vagina, penis, mouth or butt.

–  –  –

20 Signs and Symptoms: (are the same for both men and women) · painful water filled blisters 2-20 days after contact with someone who has them · you might feel like you have the flu · headache · fever Some infected people don’t even get sores but can still pass the virus to others.


· get sores on the vagina or near the asshole · sores might develop inside where you can’t see them

–  –  –


There is no cure but there are some very good medications that might help the sores heal faster and decrease the pain.

The bad new is:

You can get herpes even if you are using a condom because the sore might be in a place where the condom doesn’t cover. You can get sores over and over again so it is important to know the symptoms and watch for sores (outbreaks).

The good news is:

Some people will have an outbreak of herpes and never have one again. Relaxing, eating and sleeping enough can help decrease herpes outbreaks. Try not to have sex if you have sores and always wear a CONDOM even if you don’t have any sores.

Ginger was surprised when the nurse told her that you could get herpes if the person going down on you has a cold sore on their lips.

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