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«1. Are we going to learn how Lily and her team got together? A. Yes. It’s a planned series but it isn’t going to come around until probably ...»

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Warning – spoilers ahead!

1. Are we going to learn how Lily and her team got together?

A. Yes. It’s a planned series but it isn’t going to come around until probably Scarab Beetle’s story ends. (By end, I mean the main books are done. Novellas and short stories as follow ups and for fun will be likely to continue after the series are over. )

2. How old is Lily? I've been playing with the idea that she's actually Sang's mother.

A. About thirty-ish. She’s not Sang’s mother, though.  Sang’s mother died years ago.

3. Will Sang meet her mother's parents?

A. We’re going to get to know her extended family in upcoming books. I’m not sure when we’ll get there but it’s part of the plot in the future.

4. Will Sang have another sibling that she doesn't know about? I always thought that Sang may have a twin somewhere because in an article I read before said that some twins can sometimes see each other dreams and feel their pain sometimes.

A. Sang will not have another related blood relative sibling.  Marie is the closest family person she’s got.

5. I was wondering does Mr. B know about the biting, and will he have a conversation with her about it in the future?

A. He doesn’t know about that part. North and Sang aren’t going to tell him just yet.

6. When is Mr. B getting his first kiss with Sang?

A. When the time is right. I can’t promise it any sooner. You’ll not want it any other way.

7. Will Mr. Blackbourne address the Sang shower thing with anybody in Black and Green?

A. Mr. Blackbourne will do everything possible to ensure Sang’s comfort and safety and wellbeing. He’ll likely be working with her directly to help her out, like any family member would. He’ll make sure, eventually, while she can never erase the past, she’ll rise above it.

8. Will Mr. Blackbourne ever be caught off guard in a t-shirt and boxers like the other characters have been so many times before?

A. Mr. Blackbourne is rarely ever caught off-guard, except often enough Sang does throw him for a loop.  Would we have him any other way? (PS: He was already well underdressed in Drop of Doubt. ;))

9. Will Sang ever get close enough with Mr. Blackbourne that she calls him by his first name? What about Dr. Green?

A. Mr. Blackbourne: She will always call him Mr. Blackbourne and she will always be his Miss Sorenson. Always. This is not a form of ‘so formal they can’t call each other by first names’. This is their names for each other. There’s only one instance in the future where this changes and we haven’t gotten there yet.  And we won’t for a very long time.

–  –  –

10. Will we ever know about the mission Owen and Sean did for the academy that Sean mention to Sang? Or How Owen found the guys?

A. Yes. They’ll tell the stories eventually.  It’ll come up later for sure.

11. I’ve wondered a few things related to Sang being an "official" part of the Academy now. Will she have to go to the boot camp thing like the boys did?

And, if so, since she is the only new one, will it be just her? Because it seemed like they did a lot of team-building stuff there, so will the guys go with her for that part?

A. Boot camp isn’t the same for every Academy member. Boot camp was different for the boys because they were struggling to become the group Mr. Blackbourne knew they could be. Not everyone within the Academy does ‘the punishment’ hour either, where they exercise together. That’s their specific group. Not saying other groups didn’t pick up this method or use it, but like you won’t see Kayli’s group doing that. They do other things. Eventually she’ll go through a lot of training and a ‘boot camp’ like situation. It’ll just be different than the original.

–  –  –

13. Do you foresee any of the boys getting their vasectomies reversed and having children of their own?

A. The future is the future.  Lots of Academy men and women get certain medical procedures done to prevent pregnancy and then get it reversed later when ready. Not all go through this, but it’s a topic talked about at length at different ages. You’re checking in with the Academy a lot once you’re in. Their reasons for getting surgeries for it mostly relate to the dangerous jobs they handle and how it sometimes attacks vile people willing to go to great lengths to hurt them. And also in general for health reasons.

14. With as much as Sean loves babies, why did he agree to getting a vasectomy?

A. So he wouldn’t get a girl pregnant on accident prior to being ready. Since it is reversible, he was well aware he could get it changed at any time. He’s a clever person and is very well aware of the procedure within his Academy hospital and knows what he’s doing. 

15. I was wondering if Derrick had a story. Mr. Blackbourne said once all the Academy boys were broken, and they wanted Derrick on their team.

A. Not really. They tried to get Derrick involved early on, but he didn’t have the heart for it.

Not everyone qualifies, and he didn’t. He’s not lazy, but he won’t risk getting in trouble, even if it’d greatly benefit someone else. He looks out for his own neck.

16. Does Marie know how Derrick feels & are they going to date at some point?

A. They’re kind of seeing each other, but Marie isn’t totally sure about him. She invites him over to hang out and he spends the night sometimes when he can.

17. Will Kota and Sang's shower issue be addressed more in Black and Green?

A. More than likely. Mr. Blackbourne will go about figuring out with Sang and Dr. Green and working with a psychologist about the shower issue and her personal issues being around girls. With Sang, though, it takes her a while to open up to people. The psychologist they are working with will more than likely guide Mr. Blackbourne and Dr.

Green through this process. She’s not dying and she’s not depressed/suicidal so she’s not in danger. They can take this slow. Now that she’s more aware of her own limitations, she’ll be eager to work through them. She bounces back pretty well for someone who has been through what she’s been through. She’s happy and vibrant, just has a couple of places that sparks bad memories for her. Once she works through them, she’ll eventually be able to handle those issues.

–  –  –

22. Will the boys or Sang ever get into serious trouble with Academy debt in the future? I know this issue has been addressed in the last book, but as I understand, they're still having some problems with the debt. Will it ever become serious?

–  –  –

25. I was rereading Meeting Sang and the hand-written letter Kota got in the mail from Virginia, I was wondering if it was from Volto? Or maybe Kota’s father?

A.  Surprises await within Meeting Sang! Part of the plot. We’ll find out soon.

–  –  –

Volto is )*(@*)$@*&)MEssaGE-IntERCepteDbYVoLtO(#*$()*@&()*@( 

28. Will Dr. Roberts be her manager?

A. No manager. If she’s on Mr. Blackbourne’s team, then Mr. Blackbourne and Dr. Green are her ‘trainers’. They’re qualified. However if this becomes more complicated, say they lose too many favors around her... the Academy might step in and send a manager.

29. When will she have to be at another "Academy event"

–  –  –

33. Why is it always Gabriel who ends up with her? Does he insist or do the others? eg, in Mr Blackbourne’s bed after crying and in the bath at Victors?

–  –  –

48. Did Scarab Beetle team meet the Andersons yet?

A. Only Blake meet Liam. The others don't really know about Lily and that team.

49. Will Sang always keep her GB status?

–  –  –

51. Did it hurt Kota when he found out that everyone knew but him?

A. Yes, he was hurt, but he’ll understand later it was really just everything falling into place and it isn’t exactly a great topic to discuss without someone being ready for it.

52. Was Silas really being pervy in the car?

–  –  –

54. We know of seven piercings in the group. The presence of a piercing gun makes me wonder if there are more piercings we don't know about.

–  –  –

55. The guys who have already have sex, did that happen at camp?

A. I’ve no idea. I treat all the guys like I do my significant other. While I “know” he’s probably had other girlfriends and so forth prior to me, I *pretend* I’m his first and only.

 So goes with the guys. Imagine what you’d like, they’re all Sang’s first and only to me. Same with Kayli’s group. I just assume they’re all innocent little darlings. 

56. When we get the SB book that corresponds with First Kiss’s timeline, will we be getting all the Academy info again from her perspective?

A. I’ll probably skim a lot but she doesn’t join a girl group like Sang. Kayli will assume a lot already on her own. She’ll just bluntly ask the guys whatever she wants to know.

57. Will the boys have a sit down talk together with Sang about boundaries, and will they then discuss the birds and the bees?

A. When in a multi-person relationship, it’s always best to have very clear boundaries and everyone agree. We’re just not in that stage yet. And relationships evolve. We’ll be exploring these themes as we go.

–  –  –

63. Who invited Carla to camp? What is up with the two years it took to invite her to camp? Is it her sparkling personality? Did Lake fall and hit her head? Now she wants to be on a team with Carla after all that bit**ing about her?

A. Carla and Lake have their own story to tell and I may write about it someday. But for now, I’ve got other series planned. We may revisit them later to find out what happened.

Carla’s Academy material, and they’re a starter team for now. Carla is often misunderstood because of her direct nature, but then, many people who have direct frankness are sometimes seen as…not nice? But that’s not who they really are. North’s a grumpy butt as well, but he’s all gold on the inside. It’s perspective.

64. Are we going to see more GB and SB crossovers in the next books?

–  –  –

70. Why is Sang channeling her inner Kayli, I mean... numerous times she either threatened to smack or kick Gabe's ass. Or thought about 'making them pay'..... I kinda expected sang to be really anti-violence especially with all the abuse everyone suffered.

–  –  –

She’s only human. She gets angry. She’s more comfortable expressing this with the guys.

71. When is Sang going to learn to drive?

–  –  –

75. Luke says he's ok with the others kissing Sang around him. Is he really? If so why is he so ok with it?

A. He's the one who has a problem with change. So wouldn't growing up your whole life seeing only 2 people in relationships make it hard to change to sharing your girl?

76. Was that his going off on his own thinking thing and now it's solid in his head?

A. He's just not the jealous type. He’s okay with her kissing the others but he’ll get antsy if it’s someone else, someone that could take her away. He’s more worried she’d leave on her own. That’s the change he doesn’t want. He can kiss her if the other guys are kissing her, as long as his relationship with her doesn’t change. It took him some thinking after Sugar but he’s okay with it now.

~A~ If you’re new to The Academy and would like more spoilers and to meet some other people who also enjoy them, there is a special Forum for fans. I am active in this group when I’m not busy writing and answer questions there as I can, but beware—parts of the forum are full of spoilers.

–  –  –

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