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«GUIDELINES FOR USE PRODUCT: Corning® Matrigel® Basement Membrane Matrix, 5 mL vial CATALOG NUMBER: 356234 BACKGROUND: Basement membranes are thin ...»


PRODUCT: Corning® Matrigel® Basement Membrane Matrix, 5 mL vial


BACKGROUND: Basement membranes are thin extracellular matrices underlying cells in vivo. Corning

Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix is a solubilized basement membrane preparation

extracted from the Engelbreth-Holm-Swarm (EHS) mouse sarcoma, a tumor rich in

extracellular matrix proteins. Its major component is laminin, followed by collagen IV, heparan sulfate proteoglycans, entactin/nidogen.1,2 Corning Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix also contains TGF-beta, epidermal growth factor, insulin-like growth factor, fibroblast growth factor, tissue plasminogen activator, 3,4 and other growth factors which occur naturally in the EHS tumor. Corning Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix is effective for the attachment and differentiation of both normal and transformed anchorage dependent epithelioid and other cell types. These include neurons, 5,6 hepatocytes,7 Sertoli cells,8,9 chick lens,10 and vascular endothelial cells.11 Corning Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix will influence gene expression in adult rat hepatocytes, 12,13 vascular endothelial cells,14 as well as three dimensional culture in mouse15-18 and human19,20 mammary epithelial cells. It is the basis for several types of tumor cell invasion assays,21,22 will support in vivo peripheral nerve regeneration, 23-25 and provides the substrate necessary for the study of angiogenesis both in vitro26,27 and in vivo.25, 28-30 Corning Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix also supports in vivo propagation of human tumors in immunosupressed mice.31-33 Corning Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix can be used for the transplantation of unsorted mammary cells, 34 as well as sorted epithelial subpopulations embedded in Corning Matrigel.35,36 This matrix has also been used as a cancer stem cell model and shown to enhance tumor growth rates in vivo.37 SOURCE: Engelbreth-Holm-Swarm (EHS) Mouse Tumor FORMULATION: Dulbecco's Modified Eagle's Medium with 50 µg/mL gentamycin.

Corning Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix is compatible with all culture media.

STORAGE: Stable when stored at -20°C. Freeze thaws should be minimized by aliquotting into one

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Corning Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix may be used in several ways. The Thin Gel Method is useful for plating cells on top of the gel, the Thick Gel Method allows you to grow cells within a three dimensional matrix, and the Thin Coating Method (no gel) provides you with a complex protein layer on top of which to grow your cells. Make your selection based on the final result that you wish to achieve, whether it is cell growth, attachment or differentiation.

NOTE: Application specific protocols are posted on the support web page.* The protein concentration for Corning Matrigel Matrix products is lot specific and provided on the Certificate of Analysis. For consistent results dilute Corning Matrigel Matrix products by calculating the specific protein concentration (mg/mL) required. To maintain a gelled consistency we recommend not diluting Corning Matrigel Matrix to less than 3 mg/mL. Use ice-cold serum-free medium to dilute Corning Matrigel Matrix. Mix by pipetting up and down or by swirling the vial in ice.

Thin Gel Method

1. Thaw Corning Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix as recommended. Using cooled pipets, mix the Corning Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix to homogeneity.

2. Keeping culture plates on ice, add 50 µl/cm2 of growth surface.

3. Place plates at 37oC for 30 minutes.

4. If necessary aspirate unbound material just before use and rinse gently using serum-free medium. Ensure that the tip of the pipet does not scratch the coated surface. Plates are now ready to use.

Thick Gel Method

1. Thaw Corning Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix as recommended. Using cooled pipets, mix the Corning Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix to homogeneity.

2. Keep culture plates on ice. Add cells to Corning Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix and suspend using cooled pipets. Add 150-200 µl/cm2 of growth surface.

Place plates at 37oC for 30 minutes. Culture medium may now be added. Cells may also be cultured on top of this 3.


Thin Coating Method

1. Thaw Corning Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix as recommended. Using cooled pipets, mix the Corning Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix to homogeneity.

–  –  –

3. Add diluted Corning Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix to vessel being coated. Quantity should be sufficient to cover entire growth surface easily. Incubate at room temperature for one hour.

4. Aspirate unbound material and rinse gently using serum-free medium. Plates are now ready to use.


Corning Dispase (Cat. No. 354235), Corning Cell Recovery Solution (Cat. No. 354253).

Most efficient recovery of cells growing on Corning Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix is accomplished using Corning Cell Recovery Solution that depolymerizes the Corning Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix within 7 hours on ice or with Corning Dispase, a metalloenzyme which gently releases the cells allowing for continuous culture.

*NOTE: For technical resources contact Technical Support at:

tel: 800.492.1110; email: CLSTechServ@corning.com


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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer.

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SPC-356234 Rev 6.0 -4-

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