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«SPA SERVICES L a k e way S i gna tur e J o ur n e y | 4. 5 ho ur s We begin this sensory journey with our Signature Scrub, a salt scrub that will ...»


L a k e way S i gna tur e J o ur n e y | 4. 5 ho ur s

We begin this sensory journey with our Signature Scrub, a salt scrub that will help polish tired

skin revealing a more youthful, radiant glow. You are then cocooned in a unique blend of wild

flowers and shea butter, working in harmony to moisturize and revitalize your skin from head to

toe. Take a moment to enjoy our spectacular lake views, while you soak up the healing benefits of our signature wild flower oils and shea butter. With your body now feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, we begin to work deeper to relieve tension with our Signature Massage. Enjoy 80 minutes of unwinding, until you find the deepest sense of relaxation, all aided by our signature aromatherapy blend which includes all the best scents the hill country has to offer: lavender, cypress, sage and mint. End your day by putting your best face forward with our Signature Facial.

H i l l C o u n t r y L av e n d e r J o u r n e y | 3. 5 ho ur s Our Lovely Lavender scrub polishes away dull skin, stimulating lymphatic and circulatory systems, while the calming effects of lavender help release tension. Continue with the ultimate in relaxation, our lavender massage. Our skilled massage therapists use long flowing strokes to wash away tension leaving the body feeling deeply soothed. This journey concludes with a lavender manicure and pedicure. Paying particular focus to tired soles and dry hands, we buff away the old and reveal new… as hints of lavender soothe your soles.

T h e R o ya l Tr ea t m e n t | 3 ho ur s It’s all about you. This journey is customized to your needs. Begin with your choice of 80 minute massage, followed by your choice of 80 minute facial. Relax in our lounge looking over the lake, take time to lounge by the Pool or relax in our Dry Sauna. All resort amenities are available while you create your own personalized spa experience.


S i g natur e Mas sage | 50 mi n 130/ 8 0 mi n 190 Our custom blend of essential oils meets a custom blend of the finest points of bodywork. Feel your body move, unwind, let go, and settle into a fully relaxed state.

C o u p le s R e t r eat | 50 mi n 2 60/ 8 0 mi n 38 0 Disconnect from daily life and reconnect with the one another in our lakeview couples suite.

Skilled therapists help soothe muscle aches with relaxation techniques aided by our “I love” blend of essential oils.

Th e rap e u t ic | 2 5 mi n 75/ 50 mi n 13 5/ 8 0 mi n 19 5 Hands, fingers, forearms and elbows work together under the direction of our highly skilled massage therapists to release tension deep within your muscles. Using deep tissue techniques, our therapeutic massage is ideal for easing the most stubborn tension. Great for the athlete in all of us and for those who prefer deep massage work.

C la s sic | 2 5 m i n 65/ 50 mi n 11 0/ 8 0 mi n 160 A gentle to medium pressure massage allows your body to relax into deeper states of wellness.

Flowing strokes, gliding pressure, and gentle rocking massage strokes blend seamlessly to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, helping to bring you back to center.

–  –  –

Te x a s R ub y R e d B o d y Tr eatment | 8 0 min 1 75 Uplifting, stimulating and toning to the body, inspired by Texas’ very own ruby red grapefruit, uplifting grapefruit essential oil is the star of this treatment. We begin with a scalp massage, followed by a body polish, and finish with a relaxation massage.

S u n R e pair Wrap | 50 mi n 12 5 Aloe and Lavender fused into a healing wrap to soothe dehydrated, sensitive, sun-damaged skin.

Finish with a lavender body butter application.

G r e e n C lay D e t o x i f y ing Wrap | 50 mi n 12 5 Betonite clays draw toxins from the body, assists in mineral deficiencies while soothing minor inflammation. A moisturizing and refreshing application of Ocean Dew Body Lotion completes your service.

–  –  –

A n t i-A g in g Fac ial | 50 mi n 160 The Botionol Treatment is a non-invasive alternative treatment to micro injections. Boosted with retinol, alpha lipoic acid and five peptides including Matrixyl and Argireline to deactivate the signs of aging. A clinically proven treatment that visibly reduces expression lines, fine lines, and wrinkles, providing an instant and long-term youthful look.

A n t i-Wr in k l e Tr eatment | 8 0 mi n 1 75 Collagen 90-11 is an exclusive, highly renowned, and intensely rejuvenating treatment dramatically minimizes deeper lines and wrinkles, rejuvenates and tightens the skin resulting in the resurgence of a more youthful appearance. Ideal for fatigued and mature skin, it improves the overall complexion by stimulating cell metabolism. It quenches the skin, leaving it optimally hydrated and radiant for immediate and long lasting results of up to six months following a series of treatments.

Series discounts – pre purchase a series of six for $950 S ea an d C Fac ial | 50 mi n 150 Antioxidizing, rejuvenating, instant radiance. A powerful age-defying treatment designed to delay the visible signs of aging, providing long- lasting results on fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful skin appearance. An energizing treatment that helps improve cellular regeneration and natural defenses. This restorative treatment ensures skin regeneration, elasticity and suppleness. A unique concept combining marine and vegetal ingredients ( Pure Vitamin C Concentrate, Algae Biomatrix Patches and thermal Organic Mud).

–  –  –

S o o t h i n g a n d H y d ra t i n g | 50 m i n 14 0 This enriching Algomask Treatment provides immediate and long-lasting hydration. It’s thermocooling effect on the skin makes it a remarkably soothing treatment ideal for dehydrated/ sensitive and Rosacea prone skin. It offers instant radiance by hydrating, soothing and illuminating the skin while visibly minimizing redness.

O x y ge na t i n g Tr ea t m e n t | 50 m i n 14 5 Oxygenating and purifying, this revolutionary treatment is designed to clear skin congestion, control acne and revitalize fatigued, stressed and dull skin. The five step treatment, with a unique oxygen complex and patented anti-microbial peptides combined with salicyclic, glycolic and lactic acids, normalizes, purifies and hydrates in depth to give the skin back its natural radiance and glow. The skin becomes luminous, moisture-balances and younger looking.

–  –  –

S i g natur e Spa Manicur e | 50 mi n 75 A luxurious treatment for hands with our Lakeway custom blended scrub, body butter, aromatherapy paraffin dip, and your choice of nail polish.

S i g natur e Spa P e d icur e | 75 mi n 85 Lakeway custom blended scrub, body butter, aromatherapy paraffin dip, with your choice of nail polish.

L av e nde r Man icu r e | 2 5 mi n 45 Nail cleaning, cuticle removal and shaping, followed by a soothing hand and arm massage.

Polish applied as a finishing touch.

L av e nde r P e dicur e | 50 mi n 75 Nail cleaning, cuticle removal and shaping, and callus removal, followed by a soothing foot and calf scrub, with light massage. Polish applied as a finishing touch.

E x p r e s s P e dicur e | 2 5 mi n 50 Nail cleaning and shaping, cuticle care followed by a soothing foot and calf scrub with application of moisturizer. Polish applied as a finishing touch.

S p o r t s P e dicur e | 50 mi n 65 Nail Trim, callous removal, cool gel massage to relieve sore calf muscles, then shaping and buffing the toenails. This service is designed for the athlete in all of us. No Polish.

A d d on s Gel Removal $20 | Gel Polish $20 | Nail Art $10 for two nails | French Polish $10 JamBerry Nail Art $10 per nail

–  –  –

A pp ointment s Appointments should be scheduled at least seven days in advance to guarantee availability. All spa appointments must be guaranteed with a credit card.

We recommend that guests arrive at least 20-30 minutes prior to scheduled appointment times.

Please allow yourself enough time when driving to Lakeway Resort and Spa. If you wish to enjoy the showers, dry saunas, spa terrace or relax in the men’s or women’s lounges prior to your appointment, please be sure to leave adequate time so that you don’t feel rushed.

–  –  –

G ra tu t i e s Gratuities are accepted for exceptional service. Typical gratuities for spa services range from 20-25% based on your satisfaction level. An automatic 22% service fee will be added to all Spa Journeys. Prices and Services are subject to change without notice.

C a n c e l la t i o n c o n s i d e ra t i o n s Please cancel your appointments 24 hours in advance to allow other guests ample time to schedule appointments in your absence. Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance or “no show” appointments will be charged 100% of the treatment price. Prices and services are subject to change without notice.

–  –  –

51 2. 26 1. 735 0

1 01 L ake way Dri ve Austin, T X 78 73 4

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