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«Oh, dear, precious son, your blood will be avenged by the avenger. May that day be hastened. 1st Printing: March, 2004 Published by Scriptures for ...»

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Oh, dear, precious son,

your blood will be avenged

by the avenger.

May that day be hastened.

1st Printing: March, 2004

Published by

Scriptures for America,

P.O. Box 766, LaPorte, CO 80535




Introduction About This Book Part I: The Moon is Not to be Used To Calculate the Feast Days Part II: The Importance of Keeping The Passover Part III: Warnings Part IV: Calculating the Day of Pass over Part V: The Two Calendars of the Bible 91st Days

Part VI:

Footnotes 4 Introduction by Mark Kline Drake Over the last 20 years I have studied the ori- gins of the lunar and solar calendars. By providence, I made my first acquaintance with Duane Middleton several weeks after Pastor Peters interviewed Duane on the radio in 2000 regarding the significance of Passover and the 91st days. God has richly blessed me by allowing me to exchange information with these men which has broadened my understanding of the solar calendar and lead to the reconstruction of the Hebrew calendar. When Pastor Peters completed his draft of Solar Sanity Versus Lunar Lunacy In Cal- culating Passover, he asked if I would review the draft. While doing research to proof the draft, God revealed that the solar calendar indicates that this coming Passover, Abib 14, duplicates the identical astrological timetable that occurred during the years when the Israelites in Egypt observed the Passover and Jesus was crucified in 33 A.D.. After Pastor Pe- ters and I discussed this revelation, and since his schedule is tight, he asked me if I would write a short introduction and include this insight for your consid- eration and edification.

Historically, men of power have used the calendar to control the people. Calendars are politi- cal. As you will see in Part I of this book, God’s cal- endar measures time with the cyclical movement of the sun and stars. No man can change God’s heav- enly calendar. Man can create a calendar that honors and coincides with God’s heavenly timetable or he can act in rebellion by creating a calendar that coun- terfeits and distorts His holy timetable. The prophet Daniel warned us that the enemy would use two tac- 5 tics to overcome the Sons of God, changing time and the laws of the most High.

Daniel 7:25 “And he shall speak great words against the most High … and think to change the time and laws.” The daily news reports the full assault against the laws of God in this nation. However, not so obvious to most Christians is the fact that the enemy has already changed God’s time as Daniel predicted by substituting a lunar calendar for a solarcalendar.

The premises of this book is that God’s timetable is based upon a solar calendar not a lunar calendar. To the contrary, America, and other countries throughout the civilized world, have adopted the Gregorian calendar, a calendar which arises from the Julian calendar, as their civil calendar. In studying the history of the Roman pagan Julian and Gregorian calendars, one will find these calendars are both in error and have been instrumental in leading the Christian Israelites into disobedience. The snakes have used this trick of arguing which lie is the best lie for centuries to overcome the truth.

“The technique of infamy is to invent two lies and to get people arguing heatedly over which one of them is true.” Ezra Pound Christian Israel fell for the deception and ratified the tradition of men by adopting a calendar that arbitrarily begins the year on January 1st at 12 o’clock midnight;

changing time as predicted by Daniel. Because these pagan calendars begin the year and the day at midnight, they are categorized as lunar-based calendars.

According to the Bible the first day of the year is Abib 1 not January 1. According to God’s timetable, Abib 1 begins on the vernal equinox, at high noon, when the sun is at it’s zenith. It follows that every day of the year thereafter starts at high noon, not midnight. Abib1 is inherently a High Holy Day. It is the first Sabbath day of the year, and hence establishes the remaining Sabbath days and work-days of the year. So simple is the solar 6 calendar, a sundial can be used to find the beginning of the year and the ¼ day error is automatically corrected at high noon; there is no leap year on God’s calendar.

Once we find the beginning of the year, Abib 1, it is easy to calculate the date to observe the Passover, Abib 14, and all the other holy Sabbath days of the year.

In reviewing Part I of the book, Pastor Peters makes the point that Jesus observed the Passover meal on Abib 14 in accordance with the solar calendar, one day prior to the Jews. To confuse this issue a little, we need to preface the next concept by discussing a third calendar. The Jews of the New Testament used a lunar based calendar to determine when the year began and sundown to start the beginning of their day. The first month of the Jewish year is known as Nisan. With that in mind, the Jews crucified Jesus the next day after Abib 14 as a blood sacrifice for man’s sins in preparation for their passover, Nisan 14. (Matthew 26:18-21) Pastor Peter notes that the closest Nisan 1 and Abib 1 could ever be to one another would be one day apart, and that would happen only when the new moon immediately followed the vernal equinox. In such a case, 1 Nisan would be the next day (the day after the new moon). The furthest apart they could be would be 30 days. In comparing this year’s Israelite solar calendar to this year’s Jewish lunar calendar, it indicates that the Jewish Passover of Nisan 14, (a/k/a April 3, 2004 on the Gregorian calendar), falls one day after the Israelite Passover on Abib 14, (a/k/a April 2). This comparison reveals that this year’s Passover lines up just as it did in the year Jesus was sacrificed, and just as it did on Passover in ancient Egypt. At this point in time we do not have the information to determine how often this Nisan 14 follows the day after Abib 14, but we do know that it does not happen on an annual basis due to the previously mentioned cycle of one to 30 days difference between Abib 14 and Nisan 14. This revelation does lead me to believe there may be some significance in the 7 way this year’s Passover aligns to historical crucifixion of Jesus the Christ.

Pastor Peters uses his book Solar Sanity Versus Lunar Lunacy In Calculating Passover to call forth all Christian Israelites to observe the Passover this year on Abib 14, (a/k/a April 2, 2004). As Christian Israelites, if we will again follow the ancient paths as our forefathers did by observing God’s commands, including observing the Passover meal and the Sabbaths at the proper time, as Jesus did, we will reestablish the protection described in the 91st Psalm. God’s protection is needed for our escape from modern day Egyptian slavery.

Genesis 12:13 And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are; ;and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt.

–  –  –

The writer of this treatise is a preacher more than an author and he would like to get many sermons that have been preached into print. Many of them are already in manuscript form yet to be read, proofed, and edited. This preacher has many projects in various stages of completion including book and booklet manuscripts from various sermons and sermon series including but not limited to: “The Unseen War,” “The Speed-up of Time,” “Worshipping God in Truth and Spirit,” “The Snakes Among Us,” and “The Murder of Lazarus.” These must get done between putting out newsletters, pulpit sermons, daily radio broadcasts, study time, managing a ministry, travels, correspondence, Christ for president campaign, pastoral duties and demands, and a little family time and daily need for private prayers and devotions.

One day in prayer, a request was made that He might direct the preacher to the work to do that week knowing that some of these unfinished works needed to be completed but not knowing which one to complete first. The answer came through the Holy Spirit and a whole new project was given with a sense of urgency to complete it. So this book was hastily written and completed in a few short days with all other projects and daily demands pretty much put to the side.

There have been many books written (many, many of them by slithering, deceiving, misleading snakes) teaching the people to use the moon to calculate the feasts. I was convicted and moved to write to counter these lies.

No doubt the urgency was laid upon the writer because of the great importance of the Passover Day that truly needs to be kept in this present day and time, which is just before the great and terrible day of the 9 Lord. Time is running out as the sands in the hour glass fall faster and faster, for, as Jesus said, the days are being shortened (Matthew 24:22). The preacher realized it did not do much good to urge people to keep the Passover if they were misled by the lunar people to keep it on the wrong day; thus, this book.

The book is in parts. Part One is to show the flock that the sun and stars (and not the moon) are to be used to calculate the feast days.

Part Two deals with the importance of keeping the one day feast of Passover. This preacher believes

this is what Isaiah instructs us to do in Isaiah 26:20-21:

20 Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee; hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast. 21For, behold, the Lord cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity;

the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain. KJV Part Three is a warning to various ones concerning the subject of this writing.

Part Four is the calculating of the Passover day.

. In a past four-part sermon series on the Sabbath, this preacher presented proof that the solar day begins not at sunset, but when the sun begins to set – i.e., at high noon – thus the day begins at high noon (the reader can order those four tapes for a $20 offering by writing to the LaPorte Church of Christ, P.O. Box 766, LaPorte, CO 80535). Part four is just a brief part of that fourpart message series.

Part Five is an article written by Bill Strittmatter on the two calendars in the Bible and reprinted with Mr. Strittmatter’s permission. Doing so does not mean the article’s author or this author agrees on everything, but we do both agree that the flock needs to follow the solar calendar and not the lunar.

10 Part Six is a brief section concerning the 91st days which is a whole other subject that, hopefully, someday, will be a whole other written treatise. For now, it will have to remain in sermon form on tape.

The Passover, coming on the heels of the printing of this book, is from high noon April 2 to high noon April 3, 2004. Make this a special day. Quit working at noon (though, technically, this isn’t a Sabbath Day but rather a special day). Gather in your home with family (other families can join you); have prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and take communion together that evening. If you have a church you can attend that observes this day, go to it. (We hope to have live, audio and video internet streaming of the church sermon this preacher will be preaching on that day at www.scripturesforamerica.org).

This preacher wants to give special acknowledgment to the following that helped make this book


First to that body of Christ that is that special remnant with eyes to see and ears to hear and continue to obey II Peter 3:18 – those that this preacher is privileged to preach to. Their prayers, support, and studies, which they have shared, made this writing possible.

Bob ??. I don’t know who you are or where you are but someone gave me an old video you did in about 1991 on the solar calendar. It helped much in writing this book.

Mr. Middleton first introduced me to the truth of the 91st days in conjunction to the Passover Day as the door day, and sharing with me his years of research on the subject.

Bob Skaggs, who has long since finished his race; many years ago, he taught me about the solar day of noon to noon.

Bill Strittmatter, whose work is in this writing.

11 Most importantly, to our Lord, who patiently allows us to grow in grace and knowledge (II Peter 3:18) and His Holy Spirit that guides us into truth and gives us revelation knowledge.

–  –  –

In this portion of this writing, we are not concerning ourselves with the subject of feasts and feast days (also called festivals in Scriptures) as to whether they are to be kept or when or if the early church kept them. We know in the Mosaic Covenant the Israelites kept them, but we need to know they did not keep them according to the moon. This portion of this writing is given to prove that point.

The Israelites did not use a lunar calendar.

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