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«Friday, March 18 through Monday, March 21, 2016 Held at the South Fork Ranch, Parker, TX Welcome to SilkenFest 2016 On behalf of the SilkenFest ...»

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Conformation — Lure Coursing — Straight Racing


Friday, March 18 through Monday, March 21, 2016

Held at the South Fork Ranch, Parker, TX

Welcome to SilkenFest 2016

On behalf of the SilkenFest Committee and the Board of Directors of the International Silken Windhound Society, I would like to extend all of you a warm welcome to the 16th annual Silken Windhound National Specialty show.

This show started out in the front yard of Francie and Chuck Stull at Kristull ranch with a conformation show with 15 entries. We all sat around on hay bales and had a great time, and look at where we are now. Silkens are being shown and competing in performance events all over the US, and in different venues all over the world. This will be our second largest National event with multiple events showcasing the versatility, beauty, and athletic ability of our breed. It's been an incredible journey so far.

I regret that I can’t be there with you all this year, I’m currently at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, where some of the people are painted green, but not because it’s St. Patricks Day weekend.

Thank you to the hard working team who put this event together! Countless hours have gone on behind the scenes to make this weekend special.

The Silken Windhound fancy is glad you are here to celebrate our wonderful breed. The ISWS sincerely thanks Francie and Chuck Stull, for founding and guiding this wonderful breed, and all of you who own, love, do activities with, and educate others about the Silken Windhound. Each one of you is invaluable for your contributions towards making this breed what it is today, an incredible, family friendly, sporting sighthound, with a growing support base, and a very bright future.

Joyce Chin ISWS President 1 ISWS Officers President -------------------------------------------------------------- Joyce Chin Vice President ------------------------------------------------------- Jennifer Ceballos Recording Secretary ------------------------------------------------ Lynn Wall Corresponding Secretary ------------------------------------------- Iola Stetson Treasurer ------------------------------------------------------------- Jolene Hicks

Members at Large:

International Delegate --------------------------------------------- Hilary Tringham Registrar -------------------------------------------------------------- Iola Stetson Founder --------------------------------------------------------------- Francie Stull SilkenFest 2016 Show and Performance Committee SilkenFest National Co-Chairs--------------------------------Tara Maxey and Jolene Hicks Email Address:

-------------------------------------------------- silkenfest@gmail.com Performance Chairs ------------------------------------------ Victor Whitlock and Mike Leach LGRA Chair ----------------------------------------------------- Victor Whitlock ASFA Chair ----------------------------------------------------- Lori Silvestri Show Secretary ------------------------------------------------- Iola Stetson Conformation Ring Steward --------------------------------- Julie Lechuga Ribbons/ Rosettes ---------------------------------------------- Jerilynn Adin Safran Trophies/ Judges Gifts ---------------------------------------- Lydia Jorgenson Auction/ Fundraising ------------------------------------------- Jan Decker, Trisha Decker, J Vookles Grounds ----------------------------------------------------------- Kent Jones Health Testing ---------------------------------------------------- Jolene Hicks and Tara Maxey Hospitality --------------------------------------------------------- Monica Moline and Vicki Frey Hotel Liaison ------------------------------------------------------ Tara Maxey

–  –  –

5 pm – Hospitality Suite opens: Pick Up your Welcome Bag and Socialize Friday, March 18 9 am – 1 pm Health Testing/ Bathing Stations available Lunch will be delivered to the Pavillion for those who pre-ordered.

12:30 pm Pick up Arm Bands 1 pm – 3:30 pm Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes 5 pm- 7 pm Annual Meeting Saturday, March 19

–  –  –

There are 108 Silken Windhounds entered in this specialty with a total class entry of 138. This includes 25 in Puppy Sweepstakes and 8 in Veteran Sweepstakes. There are 36 dogs and 33 bitches in the Regular Classes. For your convenience the following has been carefully tabulated. However, neither the Club nor the Show Secretary assumes responsibility for absolute accuracy.

–  –  –

GENERAL APPEARANCE: The Silken Windhound is an elegant, small to medium-sized sighthound with a moderately long silky coat. Its classic lines and athletic build are the hallmark of a true coursing dog.

When viewing a Silken Windhound, one has the impression of grace, balance, and strength integrated with exceptional running ability.

SIZE, PROPORTION, SUBSTANCE: The accepted measurements for Silken Windhounds are 18.5 -23.5 inches (47-60 cm) at the withers. Dogs over or under the ideal shall be penalized to the extent of the deviation. In proportion, Silken Windhounds are approximately square or slightly rectangular. Silkens that are excessively longer or shorter than they are tall should be penalized according to the extent of the deviation.

The build of the Silken Windhound is sleek, through a balanced combination of fine bladed bone and smooth muscle, and never looks frail. Heavy, round, or coarse bone is faulty.

HEAD: The Silken Windhound's expression is alert, friendly and intelligent. Eyes are rather large and dark, almond-shaped and set somewhat obliquely. Pigment around eyes is full and dark. Ears are small and fine in texture, folded and lying back along the neck when in repose. When alert, ears may prick or semi-prick. Hanging, or drooping, houndy ears are undesirable. Moderately long in head, the Silken Windhound has a fairly narrow back skull which, when viewed from above, tapers gradually through a full muzzle to the nose. The muzzle is in good balance to the skull. When viewed from the side, the top plane of the muzzle is parallel to the plane of the flat skull, with a barely perceptible stop between.

The head is well chiseled, skin dry and tight, with noticeable veining. The nose is dark, and may be slightly down-turned at the end. Lips and flews are tight, in keeping with the dry head. Pigment on lips is full and dark. Jaws are strong to accommodate the teeth, which are large for a dog of this size, with full dentition and scissors bite. Missing teeth should be penalized.

NECK, TOPLINE, BODY: The neck is long and slender. It is slightly arched, well muscled and powerful, never ewe necked. The neck is free from dewlap or throatiness, widening gradually and symmetrically into the shoulder. The topline rises gradually from slightly behind the withers, with the highest point of the arch being over the last rib, flowing smoothly over the muscular loin, carrying through and falling gradually over the long croup.

The back is short and the loin moderately long, wide, muscular and arched. It is important that the loin be flexible to sustain and drive the double suspension gallop, which Silkens exhibit when running at top speed. A flat back with steep croup is not a loin arch and should be faulted. The chest is deep with moderate spring of rib. A barrel shaped or slab sided body is faulty. The brisket reaches as nearly as possible to the elbow, with a graceful upsweep to the tuck-up; this creates the distinctive underline of the Silken Windhound.

6 The tail is long and flexible, falling in a sweeping curve, free of kinks and reaching past the hock. When carried, the tail should not rise above the back. A tightly curled or gay tail is faulty.

FOREQUARTERS: The shoulder blades are well laid back and are long and smooth with flat muscle. Fine withers are preferred. Good return of upper arm is desirable, bringing the legs well under the withers.

Elbows turn neither in nor out. The forelegs are straight and strong, with pasterns straight or slightly bent, but never knuckled over. Dewclaws on front legs are acceptable. The feet are well knuckled with tough, thick pads. Both the hare foot, with its longer middle toes; and the cat foot, with its shorter middle toes, is acceptable. Hare foot is preferred. Nails are strong and of moderate length.

HINDQUARTERS: Hindquarters are well angulated, with a long second thigh and well developed thigh muscles. Viewed from the rear, the hindquarters are slightly wider than the front, well muscled, without any suggestion of cowhocks. Stifles are well bent, and hock joints broad and strong. Hocks are short.

Rear dewclaws may be removed. The feet are well knuckled with tough, thick pads. Both the hare foot, with its longer middle toes; and the cat foot, with its shorter middle toes, is acceptable. Hare foot is preferred. Nails are strong and of moderate length.

COAT: The coat is soft, and silky in texture. In no case should the coat be woolly or profuse enough to obscure the outline of the Silken Windhound, nor so long as to interfere with the function of a coursing hound. The coat may be straight, slightly wavy, or curly. There is longer feathering along the back of the forelegs, the brisket, hindquarters, around the neck, and tail. Coat on the face, feet, front of forelegs and hocks are naturally short. Feathering that frames the ears and face adds to the dog's expression, and should not be trimmed. The Silken Windhound is shown in a natural coat with minimal trimming.

COLOR, MARKINGS: All colors and markings are acceptable.

GAIT: The Silken Windhound moves with a smooth effortless trot, which has good reach in front and good drive from the hindquarters.

Restricted or wasted motion of the legs or body, when viewed from the side, is faulty. Paddling, hackneyed gait, toeing in, and toeing out are faults in front movement. The hocks should not roll in or out when rear movement is viewed. While the hind legs are wider apart than the front, the feet, both front and rear, seek a center of balance closer to the centerline when the dog moves at a fast trot.

Movement which is too wide, or too narrow, or which does not converge towards a centerline, is faulty.

TEMPERAMENT: The Silken Windhound is an intelligent hound of balanced character. While this breed exhibits strong prey drive in the field, they are gentle, affectionate, devoted companion animals in the home. An unwarranted show of timidity or nervousness, or any sign of hostility towards people or dogs, should be penalized. Non-Regular Classes

7 Trophies and Awards

All entrants placing in the Regular, Non-Regular, and Sweepstakes classes receive a Medallion and sash of the appropriate color. Donors of the medallions are shown in the class listings in this catalog. Much thanks goes to all our 2016 donors. SilkenFest would not be possible without you.

–  –  –

Elessar Hounds is a small kennel on California’s Central Coast, owned and loved by Lori and Michael Silvestri. We focus on breeding healthy, athletic hounds who are loving family members with effortless movement and elegant structure.

We brought home our first Silken Windhound in 2003, nine-week-old Strider (BISS, MBIS, UKC Grand Ch, ISWS Dual Ch, NAKC Ch Allagante Aragorn Elessar, SRC, GRC, CIC). Strider is a joy to live with and has sired Best in Show and Best in Specialty Show winning champions, racing champions, CGCs, two of the first four Silken field champions and the first ISWS Lure Courser of Merit. In 2004, we brought home the beautiful and charming Kyra (UKC Grand Ch, ISWS Ch, NAKC Ch Kristull Firestar of Elessar). Kyra has the quintessential Silken Windhound personality - elegant and graceful, silly and playful, joyfully giggling her way through life.

These two fabulous hounds gave us an amazing start in Silken Windhounds.

Kyra blessed us with three beautiful litters. Her son Tuscan (MBIS, BISS, MBOSS, UKC Grand Ch, ISWS Dual Ch, NAKC Grand Ch, IABCA Ch Elessar’s Superb Tuscan, SRC, GRC, CGC) is a joy to live with thanks to his sweet and happy soul, elegant beauty and playful nature. Tuscan placed in the top 5 UKC Silkens for 2011-2013. Kyra’s daughter Storm (BISS, MBIS, MBOSS, MRBIS, UKC Grand Ch, ISWS Dual Ch, IABCA Ch Elessar’s Marvel Storm, SRCXIV, SGRCIII, CIC, CGC) is an accomplished and fun-loving socialite. Storm is the only female to ever earn a Straight Racing Champion Excellent II, III & IV and the #1 ISWS straight racing female for 2009 – 2015. Storm’s first litter is showing great promise, with excellent performance aptitude and earning multiple Best Puppy in Specialty awards and titles in performance and conformation. Storm’s son Banzai (RBIS UKC Ch Elessar’s Banzai Pipeline, SGRC, CGC) was the #2 Silken Windhound straight racing champion in 2015 and #4 all breed LGRA racer for the year.

All of our hounds are health tested and raised with love. http://www.elessarhounds.com

–  –  –

Our goals and sights at Allagante are high, but simple. “Champions producing Champions” is a phrase by which we breed, and our personal goal is to continue raising the standard for the breed over the years to come and be the benchmark which all others are judged by. Our Apache was the first Silkens to ever achieve the title of ISWS Grand Champion and set the tone for all our other dogs. He and his daughter Chiana won the Nationals in 2008 as BOB and BOS. His great granddaughter, Tootsie also won the Nationals in 2012. His grandson, Rio, won the Nationals in

2013. Allagante Silkens continue their winning top titles over and over again.

Allagante Silkens have also proved themselves in the performance arena by holding the top spots in both lure Coursing and Racing year after year. Our dogs lead the country in performance and look gorgeous while doing it.

Our Silkens are a life-long commitment to us and we love and are extremely proud of each and every one of them.

Paul & Karen Sanders * www.allagantesilkens.com * 503-658-4363 * allagantesilkens @ yahoo.com

–  –  –

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