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«RULES AND REGULATIONS Hudson Guild Theatre The rules and regulations of the theatre have been developed to ensure the smooth running of the theatre ...»

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Hudson Guild Theatre

The rules and regulations of the theatre have been developed to ensure the smooth running of the theatre for

all productions using the space. Therefore, these rules and regulations must be followed. If you are not

sure what your responsibilities are, current rules (a copy of which you have signed before your first use of

the space) are posted inside the booth as well as in the backstage hallway. Please bring this copy with you when you have your Rules and Regulations tour.



323.856.4316. You will be charged for all requested time even if you leave early or arrive late or are unable to use that time for any reason. Forms to aid your rehearsal/tech time requests are available from management. Rehearsal and tech use is usually paid in advance—if not, a check for the time used must be made out to Hudson Theatricals and given to the Hudson staff before you leave. If no one is on duty, put it through the mail slot. Your alarm code in and out will be used to confirm your chargeable time if a problem arises.


There is no eating, drinking (water is ok) or smoking in the theatre at any time. This includes the stage itself, the booth and the audience seating area. Eating and drinking is only allowed in the dressing rooms.

If you are found with food in the theatre, you will be fined $35**. _____INIT A PERFORMANCE REPORT must be filled out after each rehearsal/tech, performance, showcase, class and various other uses. Failure to do so will result in a fine of $35**. _____INIT Put completed reports on the Hudson box office shelf or hand to a Hudson staff person. Blank Performance Reports are available in the booth or from management. Communicate to us in your Performance Report. If something needs our attention or you have a technical problem, please let us know. Describe the problem thoroughly in writing, write the words “SERVICE REQUEST” large on the form and return the form to the office. If your problem is an emergency and management is not in the theatre, call our technical director, Steve Pope at 323.428.8984.

The only animals permitted in the theatre are “service” animals and animals that are in the show. Animals are to be contained and not allowed to roam free in the theatre or common areas. Please leave your pets at home.

The air conditioner is never to be set below 70 degrees (F) to avoid freezing up. When it is off, its Fan control reads AUTO and the HEAT/COOL control reads OFF.

In the case of failing technical equipment or air conditioning on the night of a performance, the Hudson staff will endeavor to correct the issue in a timely manner but there are no refunds.

Hudson staff MUST approve placement of musicians.

There is no amplified sound unless approved by Hudson staff and sound levels will be monitored throughout the run by Hudson staff to ensure undisturbed enjoyment in all spaces. Because of sound/noise agreements with other building tenants, daytime rehearsals will not, in most cases, be conducted at full volume with regards to amplified sound.

Approval must be obtained from Hudson staff BEFORE securing cables (sound, electrical, etc) to the stage floors, walls or ceilings.

Please do not ask to use the office phone—it is for staff use only. We do not take messages.


The facility (dressing rooms, booth, audience area, restrooms, etc.) must be left clean after each use.

Cleaning supplies and equipment (brooms, mops, trash liners, vacuum cleaner, etc.) are provided by the theatre. If you need to clean messy food props, mops, paint brushes, etc., use the utility sink located in the utility bathroom in the hallway near to the GUILD Actor’s Entrance door.

At the end of each rehearsal/tech, performance, showcase or class, you must clean up the theatre and throw away all trash. This includes sweeping, taking the trash to the dumpsters and putting fresh liners in the cans, and whatever else is needed. Make a Performance Report notation if an item was already there when you arrived (e.g.: drink cup, trash) and clean it up or you will be fined $35**. Note: The production staff’s failure to know this information will not exempt producer from this fine. _____INIT Dressing rooms should be left neat and clean after every performance. Please do not tack, tape or nail anything to the walls. ANY food items left behind MUST be stored in sealed containers. Also, do not leave personal belongings on the counters when your show is not playing. The upper shelves are used to store all the props and belongings you choose to leave behind on your dark nights. Be aware that other shows need the counter space cleared for their use.

SECURITY During rehearsals, you must keep the back door locked to keep strangers out. To protect your belongings, do not leave the dressing rooms unlocked or unattended with the doors open. The Hudson is not responsible for any losses. You will be assigned a lock-up area as required by Equity.

Each show must code in upon entering the theatre and code out when leaving the theatre. If a show is coming in as you are leaving, you must code out and they must code in. Failure to follow this simple security procedure will result in the forfeiture of your theatre keys and alarm code. You will then be required to pay a $15 fee to Hudson staff each time you need the space opened or closed. There will be no warnings. Do not allow any person that has not been properly trained to lock up the theatre. It is our experience that the theatre will not be properly closed down with all elements checked unless the lock up is done by a Hudson trained individual. The fine breakdown is included in your packet. Failure to properly secure the theatre when leaving carries a possible $250+** fine. No exceptions. _____INIT When you lock up, remember to lock all doors including the front door, all the dressing rooms, and the tech booth. IMPORTANT: At night, also lock and bolt the black metal security doors from the hallway onto Hudson Ave., especially if you are one of the last shows. Don’t worry about locking anyone in. We can always get out.

When you leave the theatre: All lights must be turned off ($35** fine); all sound equipment must be turned off ($35** fine); all dimmer packs must be turned off ($50** fine); the air conditioner must be turned off ($50** fine); and the theatre must be locked ($100** fine), with the alarm properly set ($50**fine) as described. False alarm response carries a minimum $115 fine. Fines will be assessed for every violation up to $300** per day. No exceptions. _____INIT LOAD-IN & STRIKE Before access to the theatre is given, you must schedule a Rules and Regs tour with Hudson Theatres staff.

The producer must review these rules and regulations and sign or initial them where required. The staff will issue keys and an alarm code used only by your show. The code will be deleted upon show’s closure. Keys are never to be copied.

Before booth access is granted, you must also schedule a mandatory 1-2 hour technical (equipment use) walk-through with our T.D., Steve Pope (323.428.8984). The people who will run the show must attend this walk-through. The fee for this is $25/hour and will be waived if you plan to hire Hudson-approved technical staff to run your show, set your light cues and conduct rehearsals.

If there is any construction or painting in the theatre during your load-in, you must cover all seats and carpet and ensure that the air conditioning is turned off. Most construction must be completed off-site and brought to the theatre for installation. At the theatre, construction (and all sawing) must be completed on the sidewalk outside the theatre on Hudson Ave. When painting the floor, the borders must be taped to prevent paint from being applied to the walls and carpet. Brick walls in the theaters are never to be painted. All aisles in the Guild Theatre must be kept clear. EXIT signs are NEVER to be altered or obstructed.

The production is responsible for providing it’s own tools and hardware. We do not loan tools.

If yours is the primary weekend production, others using the space will use your lights but may not focus, change gels or re-hang them. All primary shows must therefore supply the theatre with a light/patch plot and ensure that general stage illumination is included in the design. If you share the weekend, you must coordinate/share your lighting and set with the other show, and we may ask for a “prop strike” on Sundays.

Upon final strike of your show’s set, the stage floor and walls are to be taken back to black. This may be due to scenic painting or wear of the clean black. The paints used for these tasks are of a specific variety and are the only ones to be used. We will provide you with this information and paint may sometimes be purchased directly from Hudson Theatricals. Should you choose not to paint, a private contractor will be hired and monies will be deducted from your Security Deposit. It is far less expensive for the show to do it’s own restoration painting. Again, borders must be taped to prevent paint from getting on the walls and carpet. The production will be held accountable for paint removal.

PROP/SET STORAGE & USE Since there are limited storage areas in the theatre, it is necessary to use the space efficiently. As much as possible, store your props and small set items in your assigned storage area. Hudson staff will help you store other items, but clearly label them as yours. Do not use props or set items, which you do not supply yourself unless you have a clear arrangement with that item’s owner. Props and sets may need to be struck after a performance for security and to allow other uses of the space during the daytime. Coordinate with Hudson staff what may be necessary for your show. You may not use the dressing rooms to lock up your belongings without Hudson approval.


You are provided a Hudson Contact Sheet in your Producer’s Package. If an emergency situation arises, please contact/page the Technical Director or the Managing Director as appropriate. To report nonemergency issues (supplies needed, etc.), use your Performance Report form. In most cases, your first contact for any evening issue should be the Hudson Theatre Manager on duty and then the Hudson Managing Directors the remainder of the time. Do not use the Hudson Theatres address as a billing address for your production. If shipping items to the theatre, please include your production’s name in the address.

RESERVATION SERVICE – PLAYS 411 Information about the reservation service is included in your Producer’s Package. It is up to the production to arrange this service directly with Leigh Fortier at 323.965.9996 or leigh@ plays411.com or info@plays411.com.


Information about the marquee and program/flyer examples and requirements are included in your Producer’s Package. The requirements for size and style are laid out for you and must be followed. You must use the Hudson Playbill template for your program’s jacket.

Weekend shows have use of the Marquees. If you share the weekend, you will have to share the Marquee with the other production and will therefore have a half-height poster in the Marquee. When possible, the Hudson requires that half-sized posters be laminated into one full-sized poster before mounting it in the Marquee. Normally, though, the Marquee is not shared. Hudson Staff will mount marquee posters. Do not mount other posters, flyers, pictures, etc without specific clearance from Hudson Staff.

The production will provide programs to the box office (collated, folded, and otherwise ready to be issued) each week to cover the next week’s run. Programs may be used as tickets and will be secured by box office personnel.

You must submit your flyers, front page of program, and marquee poster to the Hudson for proofing before proceeding with printing. Our review is only for general formatting and Hudson-specific information, not for artistic content. This is mandatory. You may fax a proof to 323.856.4316.


It is California state law that a public address is made inside the theater, prior to each performance, providing patrons with directions to the FIRE EXITS.

Each show will provide a PRODUCTION House Manager, other than the stage manager, specifically to work as their house manager during check-in as well as to monitor noise in the common areas during intermission and after the show. Your Production House Manager will be the primary liaison between the production, Hudson box-office personnel, and the Hudson House Manager. The Production House Manager will ensure that the doors open no later than 20 minutes before show time to ensure smooth traffic from the box office and the cafe to seating. If the show has any special reservation lists, press packages to give out, VIP’s coming, etc., the Production House Manager will inform the Hudson House Manager and/or the Hudson Box Office operator as appropriate.

As noted on the DEAL MEMO, fees for Box Office and Monitor personnel will be deducted nightly from cash ticket sales at the Box Office. If the production does not have enough cash sales to cover that night’s fees, the balance will be added to the production’s invoice. A copy of the invoice, if amended, will be put in the production’s nightly receipts envelope. These fees must be kept current. The production does have the option of paying the Box Office and Monitor fees in advance.

Productions must have a zero balance on their invoice for closing weekend. Carrying a balance into closing weekend may result in the production being locked-out of the theater.

CAFFE BACIO Caffe Bacio is a full-scale coffee bar that sells food and beverages. We do not permit the consumption of food or beverages that were not purchased from Caffe Bacio. Actors and crew that bring food to the theatre can eat in the theater’s dressing rooms.


Common Hallways:

*Please be respectful of other shows. No noise in the hallways when flashing red lights are turned on.

Make sure your cast and crew understands you may not be the only show in the building.

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