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«Internship at Clockwork Volume I Isabel Coghe Academiejaar 2007-2008 Scriptie voorgelegd aan de Faculteit Letteren en Wijsbegeerte, Vakgroep ...»

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Faculteit Letteren en Wijsbegeerte

Internship at Clockwork

Volume I

Isabel Coghe Academiejaar 2007-2008

Scriptie voorgelegd aan de Faculteit Letteren en Wijsbegeerte, Vakgroep

Meertalige Bedrijfscommunicatie, tot het behalen van de graad Master

in de Meertalige Bedrijfscommunicatie

Promotor: Prof. dr. G Jacobs

Practical Information Sheet

Onderneming Stagebegeleider Taken Talen Periode

Clockwork Mevr. Barbara de Meehelpen - Nederlands 21/04/2008 Staute organiseren van allerhande - Frans Tot

Dok Noord 7 E-mail: evenementen:

9000 Gent bd@clockwork.b contacteren van - Engels 23/05/2008 e leveranciers, Telefoon: opstellen van 09 235 29 93 memos en project Website: proposals, www.clockwork coördineren van.be evenementen, etc.

2 Acknowledgements First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the entire Clockwork team for their continuous support and confidence in me. If it had not been for their cooperation, my internship would not have been possible, nor would it have been such a nice and interesting experience. I was very happy to be part of the Clockwork team consisting of Jan, Michiel, Greetje, Barbara, Thomas and Mike. They were always there when I had questions or when I was experiencing some kind of difficulties. Moreover, I had the opportunity to be part of a team that does not only consist of good colleagues, but more importantly of good friends.

These friendships transformed the working atmosphere at Clockwork into a breeding ground for dedication, which also rubbed off on me.

Secondly, I would like to thank the entire team of MTB professors at the University of Ghent.

Although the exam period of the first semester was quite tough, the practical application of the theory really helped me to bring my internship to a good end and made this whole year more than worth it.

A special word of thanks goes out to Luc De Bie who supported all the MTB students during the whole of this academic year. His dedication towards this programme and his students is an indispensable element of Multilingual Business Communication.

This word of thanks would not be complete without the expression of extreme gratitude towards my boyfriend, parents, sister and friends, people without whom I would not stand

where I am today. Words cannot convey my appreciation, but still I would like to give it a try:

thank you for your enormous support, love and respect during the past five years of my studies. Thank you for always believing in me.

–  –  –

Volume I Practical Information Sheet


Table of contents


Chapter 1: Presentation of Clockwork

1.1 Company History

1.2 Company Structure

1.3 Clockwork’s Corporate identity

1.3.1 Mission statement

1.3.2 Philosophy

1.4 Clockwork’s competencies

1.4.1 Clockwork and Database Marketing

1.5 Clockwork clients

1.6 Competititon

1.7 What the Clockwork future will bring

1.8 SWOT analysis

1.8.1 Strenghts

1.8.2 Weaknesses

1.8.3 Opportunities

1.8.4 Threats

1.8.5 Schematic overview SWOT Analysis

Chapter 2: Event Management

2.1 Categories of events

2.1.1 Relation Event

2.1.2 Company Event

2.1.3 Staff Event

4 2.1.4 Knowledge Event

2.1.5 Congress Event

2.1.6 Client-Driven Event

2.1.7 Media-Driven Event

2.2 Definition of Event Marketing

2.3 Marketing mix for events

2.3.1 Traditional elements (P’s) of the marketing mix

2.3.2 New elements (P’s) of the marketing mix

2.4 Steps in the organisation of events

2.4.1 Organising a successful event

2.4.2 The Clockwork method

2.4.3 Beware of the pitfalls

2.4.4 Attention to details of event logistics

Chapter 3: Events at Clockwork

3.1 Alpha Card

3.1.1 The preparatory stages

3.1.2 The event

3.1.3 The debriefing

3.1.4 Personal appreciation

3.2 Cisco

3.2.1 The preparatory stages

3.2.2 The event

3.2.3 The debriefing

3.2.4 Personal appreciation

3.3 Jumping Antwerpen

3.3.1 The preparatory stages

3.3.2 The event

3.3.3 The debriefing

3.3.4 Personal appreciation

3.4 Netlog

3.4.1 The preparatory stages

3.4.2 The event

3.4.3 The debriefing

5 3.4.4 Personal appreciation

3.5 Bosta

3.5.1 The preparatory stages

3.5.2 The event

3.5.3 The debriefing

3.5.4 Personal appreciation

3.6 Egon Zehnder

3.6.1 The preparatory stages

3.6.2 The event

3.6.3 The debriefing

3.6.4 Personal appreciation

3.7 Delaware

3.7.1 The preparatory stages

3.7.2 The event

3.7.3 The debriefing

3.7.4 Personal appreciation

3.8 Other tasks

3.8.1 Brainstorming

3.8.2 Administration

3.8.3 Options

3.8.4 Correspondence

3.8.5 Translations

3.8.6 Exploring the locations

Chapter 4: Conclusion

4.1 Professional enrichment

4.2 Personal enrichment

4.3 Links with the MTB programme

4.4 Appreciation of MTB



–  –  –

Multilingual Business Communication was an evident choice for me, since I wanted to add an interesting and completely new degree to my studies of translator. Furthermore, I was immediately interested in an internship at Clockwork since everything about the agency breathes dynamism, energy and professionalism. Consequently, I am more than proud to present you my dissertation based on the MTB programme and my experience at the event agency Clockwork.

In the first chapter, an introduction of the event agency Clockwork is presented. First of all, the evolution and the structure of the company are described. Subsequently, Clockwork’s corporate identity is explained by its key principle, i.e. Customer Relationship Management, and by means of its mission statement and philosophy: “The secret of success is to do common things uncommonly well.” In addition to that, the competencies of Clockwork are introduced, as well as some examples of realizations. Specifically one competency is highlighted: Database Marketing. The fifth, sixth and seventh element of this chapter are the event agency’s clients, competition and future. To conclude the first chapter, a SWOT analysis is given, together with a schematic overview of this analysis.

The subject of the second chapter is Event Management, the first section of which presents the different kinds of events, such as relation events, staff events, client- or media- driven events, etc. Furthermore, a definition of the term Event Marketing is given, which is of particular interest for event-organising agencies such as Clockwork. The third subject of this chapter describes the marketing mix for events, including the traditional elements such as place and the new elements such as public. Finally, the last section this chapter deals with are the different steps that have to be respected while organising any kind of event. These steps are summed up because of their importance, along with the exact Clockwork method.

The third chapter deals with my personal experiences at Clockwork. After giving a brief explanation of each event I helped setting up, three different periods during the whole course of organising an event are explained: the preparatory phases, the event itself and the debriefing. For every phase, my input and personal appreciation are made clear as well.

Sometimes, however, a stage is not included because I was not involved or because I was simply not doing my internship during that phase. The exact description of the various events can be found in the enclosures presented in Volume II.

–  –  –

In this first chapter, the company where I did my internship is presented: the event agency Clockwork. To begin with, the company history and structure are described. Furthermore, Clockwork’s key principle, i.e. Customer Relationship Management, is explained, together with its mission statement and philosophy: “The secret of success is to do common things uncommonly well.” The following section of this chapter deals with the competencies of the event agency, including Database Marketing. Additionally, the event agency’s clients, competition and future are introduced. To conclude the first chapter, a SWOT analysis is presented and visualised in a schematic overview.

1.1 Company History In January 1995 two friends called Jan Renaer and Thierry Vandebroeck founded a specialised event agency located in Brussels: Clockwork. However, the two colleagues already encountered fierce competition during that first year, which made them soon realise that differentiation of their agency was a pure necessity. Consequently, the founders decided to distinguish themselves from fellow competitors in the event-organising sector by focussing on B-2-B markets. Renaer and Vandebroeck wanted to establish a personal, customised and yet professional relationship with their customers. As a result, Clockwork is different from the usual event agencies, it became a so-called “Relationship Management agency”.

Swiftly, two new working forces enriched the Clockwork team: Michiel Vanderheyden in the year 1997 and Olivier Verhaegen in the year 1998. Clockwork became more and more successful until in 2000, the founders Jan Renaer and Thierry Vandebroeck decided to each go their separate ways. They had noticed that their vision of Clockwork’s future was too different in order to steer for the same course. As a consequence, Vandebroeck left the agency and Renaer bought the shares from his co-founder. He hereby became the only shareholder of Clockwork at that time.

In the same year, Clockwork set up a consortium with three new business partners:

Upstream (specialised in Marketing Communication), Exelman Graphics (specialised in corporate image) and Luna (specialised in press and public relations). Thanks to this consortium, Clockwork was able to generate synergy in all of its organising activities and to create added value for its clients. In 2005, the consortium ceased to exist because Rebound then merged with N’Lil.

–  –  –

The advertising and communication agency Rebound provided full-service solutions to its clients. Founded in Ghent in 1997, the agency was specialised in setting up strategic communication campaigns for both B-2-B and B-to-C customers. Like Clockwork, Rebound always relied on the most modern technologies and strategies so as to come to one-to-one communication with its clients.

In 2003, Clockwork moved to Dok Noord 7 in Ghent in order to join forces with Rebound Communications. Furthermore, it was a benefit for Clockwork’s employees, since most of them were living in Ghent at that time. Certain clients, however, such as Région Wallonne, would not have wanted to cooperate with a company situated in East-Flanders. Therefore, the event agency wished to remain neutral and thus kept its invoice address in Brussels. The two companies shared the same office space in Ghent and now and then joined forces. One can say that both companies were more or less complementary: if Rebound needed to organize an event for one of its clients, this task was outsourced to Clockwork, and vice versa, if Clockwork was to set up a communication strategy for one of its projects, Rebound took care of it. Thanks to this intense collaboration, the quality of both partner agencies improved. However, it should be made clear that, no matter how close both partners worked together, both Clockwork and Rebound always remained completely autonomous. (Company Interview Michiel Vanderheyden, 20/05/2008; http://www.vdp.be/content/default.asp?id=110) In that same year, Clockwork welcomed a new member to the team: Greetje Amerijckx, who was to assist Michiel in his various tasks. Meanwhile, the urge was felt to attend to the precious documentation that the company possessed: the database was updated and a great deal of research was carried out by Isabelle Demeulenaere, who, however, left the company one year later.

The following year, the new event agency Clockwork flourished and as a result, two new event coordinators, Barbara de Staute and Mike De Smet, were employed to enrich the team. In 2006, another new member was engaged for six months, especially to replace the pregnant Greetje Amerijckx, i.e. Elli De Meyer.

10 In 2005, most collaboration between Rebound Communications and Clockwork was put to an end because Rebound then merged with one of Belgium’s largest and most prestigious communication agencies, N’Lil. However, the merger hardly affected Clockwork’s turnover: in the past only 2% of Rebound customers had opted for Clockwork’s event organising skills and as a result, Clockwork’s business kept on thriving. Consequently, one more event coordinator was engaged in 2007, i.e. Thomas Lannoo. (Company Interview Michiel Vanderheyden, 20/05/2008)

1.2 Company Structure

Below, today’s structure of Clockwork is visualised. Jan Renaer and Michiel Vanderheyden are the two shareholders of the event organising company. Jan Renaer and Veerle Stubbe are responsible for the financial part and Michiel Vanderheyden is the manager of the executive part. Veerle Stubbe is also responsible for the administration. The other employees are all event coordinators. (Company Interview Michiel Vanderheyden, 20/05/2008)

–  –  –

1.3.1 Mission statement

Mission statement of Clockwork:

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