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«Rosacea and Seabuckthorn – Cause and Effect Rosacea and Seabuckthorn – Cause and Effect INTRODUCTION I – ABOUT ROSACEA Description Subtypes and ...»

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Rosacea and Seabuckthorn – Cause and Effect

Rosacea and Seabuckthorn – Cause and Effect




Subtypes and specific symptoms

Causes and coexisting conditions


Suppressed immune system

Demodex mite

Migraine disease and (other) vascular disorders

Specific causes and irritants

Other issues


What about Demodex mites?

What about the ‘Niacin flush’ that is caused by B3 and is believed to exacerbate Rosacea?

What about oil? Wouldn’t the ingestion or topical application make it worse?......... 8 III – QUICK ROSACEA FACTS


©2008 SBT Seabuckthorn International Inc. and Natalie Anne Lanoville Page 2 of 10 Rosacea and Seabuckthorn – Cause and Effect


Seabuckthorn is a promising new treatment for Rosacea, the only known treatment besides laser surgery. Rosacea is a complex and mysterious syndrome that is as yet not well understood by the medical community, although its results can be devastating to sufferers. The following fivepart document is intended to be a guide to the causes of and treatments for Rosacea. Part I outlines some of the specific qualities of Seabuckthorn that positively impact Rosacea. Part two is a detailed outline of Rosacea itself, a description of the symptoms and supposed causes, Part III is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, Part IV is a point form ‘Quick Facts’ sheet, and Part V is an annotated outline of the SBT Rosacea treatment programme. Suggestions of how Seabuckthorn can be used to treat specific symptoms and causes are in bold italics.

Related information is footnoted.


Seabuckthorn is such a complex and synergistic product that it can be a challenge to try to explain what specifically about Seabuckthorn conquers a particular issue or disease. When approaching the problem of Rosacea, it is helpful to focus on the following qualities of Seabuckthorn (explained in detail later) that directly impact Rosacea: Anti-Inflammatory (reducing swelling, flushing, irritation and cell damage); Auto-Immune Moderator (discouraging over-zealous immune system responses that attack healthy tissue); Heart and Vascular Healer (strengthening blood vessels, cell walls and circulation); Anti-Microbial (making the skin and body an unwelcome place for bacteria, microbes and parasites); and Skin Conditioner (nourishing and retaining young, healthy cells while softening scar tissue and tough, fibrous or abnormal ones).

• Seabuckthorn:

Regulates hormones (soothes hormonally-induced Rosacea and limits Demodex mite food), as well as normalizing sebaceous secretions, blood chemistry, endocrine balance and other systems that can be affected by hormone imbalances Is an anti-inflammatory, nerve and vascular conditioner, and an anti-irritant Is an anti-microbial (bacteria, yeast, fungus, other microbes) Protects the skin from sun and conditions the skin after (sun exposure is a known Rosacea irritant) Performs many of the same functions as prescribed steroids, but without the same sideeffects Conditions the skin in many ways; it helps Rosacea by healing micro-tears in the skin, thinning out thick, coarse areas and constricting pores, as well as softening and healing scars beyond what is possible with any other non-surgical treatment

• Rosacea has been correlated with a depressed immune system, a condition that ingestion of Seabuckthorn products is known to improve

• Quercetin, an ingredient in Seabuckthorn berries, is an antihistamine, counteracting both histamine-inducing foods, and the vascular expansion reaction of B3, an element in the flavone capsules.

• Seabuckthorn’s anti-aging properties may slow down cell death, resulting in less skin thickening ©2008 SBT Seabuckthorn International Inc. and Natalie Anne Lanoville Page 3 of 10 Rosacea and Seabuckthorn – Cause and Effect

• Many skin care products can exacerbate Rosacea, either due to over-drying, chemical reactions, allergies or sensitivities. Unlike many other skin care products, Seabuckthorn soaps, creams and oils are simple and natural, decreasing the likelihood of negative reactions.

II – ABOUT ROSACEA Description Rosacea is a skin condition estimated to affect 45 million people worldwide. Rosacea sufferers tend to be female, between 30 and 50 at the onset of symptoms (although men, while less likely to suffer from rosacea, tend to have the worst cases), and Caucasian. Rosacea primarily affects the face, although it can also be present on the neck, ears, chest, and shoulders, and symptoms include persistent or unusual flushing or redness, visible blood vessels, thickening or scaling of skin, pimples, white heads, blackheads, enlarged pores, pustules and bumps, and in some cases red, irritated eyes, scaly, flaky eyebrow skin and a bulbous, even misshapen nose.

Rosacea is sometimes mistaken for, or co-exists with, Acne Vulgaris1 or Seborrhoeic dermatitis,2 and while there are several pharmaceutical treatments including antibiotics and steroids, the only known cures for Rosacea are laser surgery and Seabuckthorn.

Subtypes and specific symptoms There are four sub-types of Rosacea; they can exist singly, may overlap in an individual sufferer, or may progress from one type to another.

1. Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea: Affected areas are permanently red and individual tends to flush and blush more easily. Small blood vessels may be visible, and individuals may experience a burning sensation. Seabuckthorn is a known analgesic and skin soother, as well as a vascular conditioner.

2. Papulopustular rosacea: Affected areas may be permanently red, with red bumps and whiteheads. This type is often confused with acne.

3. Phymatous rosacea: Affected areas are thickened, red, even bulbous, with enlarged pores and sometimes cystic acne or irregular surface nodularities. Small blood vessels may be visible. This type occurs more often in men and is (often mistakenly) associated with excessive drinking (Bill Clinton, Boris Yeltsin and W.C. Fields are sufferers).

1 See Acne article.

2 Seborrhoeic dermatitis is a skin condition that affects the same body parts as Rosacea, and is thought to be caused by an overgrowth of a normally-benign fungus called Malassezia furfur. Topical anti-fungal creams and shampoos are the recommended course of treatment, although steroids are sometimes prescribed (see steroids in the Rosacea article). The symptoms of fungal overgrowth (excess oil production, thickened, red, flaky skin) are thought to be an auto-immune reaction, which suggests that the anti-inflammatory and immune conditioning features of Seabuckthorn would be a good fit. Note that yeast and fungal overgrowths are associated with depressed immune systems, a condition that Seabuckthorn also treats. Omega 3 is also known to decrease the frequency and intensity of flare-ups.

©2008 SBT Seabuckthorn International Inc. and Natalie Anne Lanoville Page 4 of 10 Rosacea and Seabuckthorn – Cause and Effect

4. Ocular rosacea: Red, dry and irritated eyes and eyelids. Other symptoms include foreign body sensations, itching and burning. Seabuckthorn oils are rich in Omega 3, which is a proven treatment for dry eye syndrome.

Causes and coexisting conditions A lot has been said about the supposed causes of Rosacea, but the truth is no definitive cause has been proven. There are, however, a number of illnesses, conditions and factors that have been shown to correlate with incidences of Rosacea.

Menopause Sufferers tend to be female and symptoms tend to appear during perimenopause and menopause, and some sufferers experience a decrease in symptoms at the conclusion thereof. It is believed that menopause may cause or exacerbate Rosacea due to: a) hormonal changes (see Demodex), or b) hot flashes (see Specific causes), but it is important to note that currently, no conclusive evidence exists to prove the correlation. Seabuckthorn is a hormone regulator and a vascular conditioner, both of which ameliorate menopausal symptoms.3 Suppressed immune system There is a loose correlation between depressed/suppressed immune systems and Rosacea, although the relationship is not yet proven or understood. There is also loose evidence of a three-way tie-in between depressed immunity, Rosacea and Demodex mites, although the key has not been found (studies on the Rosacea-Demodex-Immune correlation note that not all Rosacea sufferers have increased Demodex numbers or weakened immunity; conversely, not all immune-deficient people have Rosacea or elevated Demodex numbers; and not all those with elevated Demodex numbers have either Rosacea or suppressed immunity). It may be, however, that the symptoms, indicators and treatments of immune disorders are not yet well codified.

What is known, however, is that Seabuckthorn is an immunity booster and an auto-immune conditioner (it ameliorates auto-immune reactions). Interestingly, one of the symptoms of lupus (another auto-immune disorder) mimics Rosacea, and leads to many mis-diagnoses.

3 Quercetin (a bio-active ingredient in Seabuckthorn berries) is an antihistamine. This is important a) because of its ability to calm flushing and other histamine reactions, and b) because it counteracts one of the contraindications of Niacin (B3), the ‘niacin flush’ considered to aggravate Rosacea.

©2008 SBT Seabuckthorn International Inc. and Natalie Anne Lanoville Page 5 of 10 Rosacea and Seabuckthorn – Cause and Effect Demodex mite Much has been said about the connection between the Demodex mite and Rosacea; in fact, some groups state categorically that it is the cause of Rosacea, however, no conclusive evidence has

yet been found that this is true. What is known about the Demodex mite is that it:

1. Lives in hair follicles, eats dead skin, oils and notably, excreted hormones (See No 3).

2. Exists harmlessly on the majority of the 98% of people who have it.

3. Is associated particularly with Steroid-induced Rosacea, a sub-sub-type that is unfortunately caused or exacerbated by steroids (which are often prescribed to treat Rosacea and other skin conditions). It is known that Demodex mites eat topical hormones, and this has been suggested as a reason why people with Steroid-induced Rosacea often have noticeably elevated Demodex numbers.

4. Does NOT show in elevated numbers in all, or even the majority, of Rosacea sufferers.

5. Has such an efficient digestive system that it has no excretory orifice.

Some medical and commercial documentation suggests that Seabuckthorn kills Demodex mites.

This may be true, and in fact elevated levels of Demodex may exacerbate skin conditions.

However, it is extremely important to remember that the majority of Rosacea sufferers do not have elevated levels of Demodex mites, and in sufferers with elevated levels, the mite infestation may be a symptom, not a cause of their condition. Consider that Rosacea = thicker skin, which = deeper pores, more sebaceous secretions and more dead skin cells, which = more food and living space for Demodex mites.

Migraine disease and (other) vascular disorders Migraineurs suffer from Rosacea at a rate significantly higher than average. This is believed to be due to the vascular nature of migraines; although migraine disease itself is a neurological in origin, the attendant pain and some other symptoms are due to the abnormal engorgement and constriction of blood vessels. This lends credence to the current prevailing wisdom that Rosacea is a vascular disease. The B and C vitamins and flavonoids present in Seabuckthorn are known to contribute to vascular health.

Specific causes and irritants The simplistic ‘cause’ of Rosacea is stated as simply progressive thickening of the epidermis and deterioration of blood vessels caused by repeated engorgement. What is unsatisfying about this explanation is that it says nothing about why Rosacea is hereditary, why it affects primarily Caucasian people, why it is on the increase, why repeated blood vessel dilation doesn’t always result in Rosacea, and WHY Seabuckthorn is such an effective treatment.

Interestingly, many of the so-called ‘migraine triggers’ are also considered to bring on or exacerbate Rosacea episodes: Cheese, chocolate, red wine, MSG (all of which can cause histamine reactions), yeasts, moulds, beer (which can cause auto-immune reactions), sun (casual exposure and sunburn), changes in temperature/humidity, exercise (which can overtax blood vessels), ingested and topical hormones (birth control pills, HRT, other therapeutic hormones, cortisone, steroids) as well as stress, are all common triggers between the two conditions.

©2008 SBT Seabuckthorn International Inc. and Natalie Anne Lanoville Page 6 of 10 Rosacea and Seabuckthorn – Cause and Effect Additionally, physically hot or spicy food can be a Rosacea contributor, although neither is considered a common migraine trigger.

Certain acne and wrinkle treatments have been known to trigger or irritate Rosacea, including chemical and mechanical (dermabrasion) peels, and such acne treatments as benzoyl peroxide, tretinoin and isotretinoin (Retin-A based preparations).

As noted above, there is considerable debate over whether Demodex infestations are a cause or a symptom of Rosacea.

Other issues There is mounting evidence that identifying and avoiding allergens (food allergies as well as environmental allergens), avoiding sugar, reducing auto-immune stimulation and combating yeast overgrowth is not only useful in treating and minimising particular skin diseases (like Seborrhoeic dermatitis and psoriasis), but is in fact useful in most if not all skin conditions.

Scientists are beginning to recognise the relationship between allergies, auto-immune dysfunction, suppressed immunity, overactive immune response, and sugar consumption.

Seabuckthorn is proven to regulate and soften the overactive immune responses that result in many auto-immune disorders.

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