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Playwriting – Theatrical Adaptations

The Island of Dr. Moreau (2007) Based on the novel by H.G. Wells

Published by Playscripts, Inc.

Commissioned by: Lifeline Theatre (Chicago, IL); premiered October 2007.

Produced by: Mulvane High School (Mulvane, KS); Spanish River Community High

School (Boca Raton, FL); T.C Williams High School (Alexandria, VA); The Theatre

Lab School of the Dramatic Arts (Washington, DC);.

The Picture of Dorian Gray (2008) Based on the novel by Oscar Wilde Published by Playscripts, Inc.

Commissioned by: Lifeline Theatre (Chicago, IL); premiered September 2008.

Produced by: Arclight Repertory Theatre (San Jose, CA); Michigan Youth Theatre (Rochester, MI); Victoria West High School (Victoria, TX).

Neverwhere (2010) Based on the novel by Neil Gaiman Commissioned by: Lifeline Theatre (Chicago, IL); premiered May 2010.

Produced by: Calderdale Theatre School (Halifax, England); Cohesion Theatre Company (Baltimore, MD); Cornish College of the Arts (Seattle, WA); Croi8 Productions (Galway, Ireland);

Elkhart Memorial High School (Elkhart, IN); Friends Academy (Locust Valley, NY); Imperial College Drama School (London, England); Knox College (Galesberg, IL); Mob Hit Productions (Calgary, Alberta, Canada); Northwest Academy (Portland, OR); Progress Theatre (Reading, England, UK); Rambunctious Theatre Co. (Fairfax, VA); Rorschach Theatre (Washington, DC);

Sacred Fools Theatre Company (Los Angeles, CA); Sandy Actors Theatre (Sandy, OR); St.

Charles East High School (St. Charles, IL).

The Three Musketeers (2010) Based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas Commissioned by: Illinois Shakespeare Festival (Normal, IL); premiered June 2010.

Produced by: Indiana University (Bloomington, IN); Lifeline Theatre (Chicago, IL).

The Moonstone (2011) Based on the novel by Wilkie Collins Published by Sordelet Ink Commissioned by: Lifeline Theatre (Chicago, IL); premiered February 2011.

Produced by: Town & Gown Players (Athens, GA).

The Woman in White (2012) Based on the novel by Wilkie Collins Commissioned by: Lifeline Theatre (Chicago, IL); premiered September 2012.

Northanger Abbey (2016) Based on the book by Jane Austen Script by Robert Kauzlaric, Music & Lyrics by George Howe Commissioned by: Lifeline Theatre (Chicago, IL); premiered June 2016.

Theatrical Adaptations for Children The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs! (2007) Based on the book by Jon Scieszka & Lane Smith Script & Lyrics by Robert Kauzlaric, Music by Paul Gilvary & William Rush Published by Playscripts, Inc.

Commissioned by: Lifeline Theatre (Chicago, IL); premiered February 2007.

U.S. National tours: Dallas Children’s Theatre (2012-13).

Regional tours: Children’s Theatre of Charlotte (Southeast USA: 2008-09, 2012-13).

Produced by: Atlantic Theater Company (New York, NY); Adirondack Theatre Festival (Glens Falls, NY); Asheville Creative Arts (Asheville, NC); Bay Area Children’s Theatre (Oakland, CA);

Children’s Theatre of Charlotte (Charlotte, NC; two productions); Columbia Center for Theatrical Arts (Columbia, MD); Dallas Children’s Theatre (Dallas, TX); Derby Dinner Playhouse (Clarksville, IN; two productions); Dutch Apple Theatre (Lancaster, PA); Eastern Illinois University (Charleston, IL); Florida Repertory Theatre (Ft. Myers, FL); Gifford Family Theatre (Syracuse, NY); Indiana University (Bloomington, IN); La Comedia Dinner Theatre (Springboro,

–  –  –

Flight of the Dodo (2008) Based on the book by Peter Brown Script by Robert Kauzlaric, Lyrics by Victoria DeIorio & Robert Kauzlaric, Music by Victoria DeIorio Commissioned by: Lifeline Theatre (Chicago, IL); premiered December 2008.

The 13 Clocks (2011) Based on the book by James Thurber Commissioned by: Lifeline Theatre (Chicago, IL); premiered October 2011.

Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed (2012) Based on the book by Mo Willems Script & Lyrics by Robert Kauzlaric, Music by Paul Gilvary Commissioned by: Lifeline Theatre (Chicago, IL); premiered March 2012.

Lions in Illyria (2015) Based on Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare Commissioned by: Lifeline Theatre (Chicago, IL); premiered January 2015.

Produced by: Lincoln College (Lincoln, IL); Los Alamos Little Theatre (Los Alamos, NM); Mt.

Vernon Presbyterian School (Sandy Springs, GA); Shawnee Mission NW High School (Shawnee, KS); The Sockdolagers (La Crosse, WI).

Mr. Popper’s Penguins (2015) Based on the book by Richard and Florence Atwater Script by Robert Kauzlaric, Music & Lyrics by George Howe Commissioned by: Lifeline Theatre (Chicago, IL); premiered October 2015.

Produced by: South Coast Repertory (Costa Mesa, CA) Professional Directing Experience Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events/ Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Chicago, IL (2011) Hunger, adapted by Chris Hainsworth (concert reading)

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Lifeline Theatre, Chicago, IL (2009) Treasure Island, adapted by John Hildreth (world premiere) (2012) Hunger, adapted by Chris Hainsworth (world premiere) (2015) The Picture of Dorian Gray, adapted by Robert Kauzlaric (concert reading)

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• 2016 Wilde Award nomination: Best Play (The Rivals; Robert Kauzlaric, director) • 2015 Jeff Award nomination: Best Production Play–Midsize (The White Road) • 2014 Wilde Award nomination: Best Comedy (She Stoops To Conquer; Robert Kauzlaric, director) • 2009 Non-Equity Jeff Award nomination: New Adaptation (The Picture of Dorian Gray) Published Work • “The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs!,” Playscripts, Inc. (2015) • “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” Playscripts, Inc (2009) • “The Island of Dr. Moreau,” Playscripts, Inc (2008) • “The Moonstone,” Sordelet Ink (2014) • “Lions in Illyria,” Dramatics Magazine (May 2015) Extensive copywriting experience as Marketing Director for Lifeline Theatre Other Credentials

• Marketing Director, Lifeline Theatre (2008-present)

• Casting Director, Lifeline Theatre (2006-2015)

• Member, Artistic & Technical Team, Joseph Jefferson Committee (2008-present)

• Artistic ensemble member, Lifeline Theatre (2005-present)

• Artistic ensemble member, Irish Theatre of Chicago (2006-present)

• Artistic associate, Michigan Shakespeare Festival (2014-present) References Available upon request

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“The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs! sparkles on the musical stage… a juicy plum of a show with fun music and lots of humor. It’s a good piece for young children, with a lesson to learn in this new version of the children’s tale” –The Oregonian “A perfect example of what children’s theater should be: fun, lively, and NOT insulting to the intelligence” –Fort Myers Florida Weekly The Island of Dr. Moreau “Hugely ambitious, wildly physical, stunningly effective 90-minute stage version of Wells’ story.” –Chicago Sun-Times “A gripping combination of tension and bombast, Moreau makes for engrossing theater and a shrewd cautionary tale about what happens when science outpaces morality; progress takes priority over principles; and outsiders impose order at the point of gun upon a community they don’t understand.” –Daily Herald The Picture of Dorian Gray “Enthralling… a crystal-clear, ideally-structured adaptation.” –Chicago Sun-Times “A brilliant, faithful adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s late Victorian gothic horror novel… As an adaptation and as a unique work of art, this is a must-see event.” –Centerstage “A lavish and impressive rendering of an outstanding adaptation… an entertaining masterpiece… theatrically thrilling…” –Chicago Stage Review Neverwhere “Few American theaters can do this kind of thing — with such imagination, dignity, humor and judicious restraint — quite like the master storytellers at Lifeline.” –Chicago Tribune “This remarkable adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s urban fantasy novel brings the nightmare Wonderland of underground London to life… spectacle and story so ambitious and colorful, poetic and vulgar, heroic and homely, it’s like eavesdropping on your favorite author’s waking dream.” –Centerstage Lions in Illyria “One of the smartest adaptations of Shakespeare for kids that I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing… It’s not hard to make children’s theatre funny. It’s also not hard to make theatre that teaches a lesson.

But a successful combination of both, that touches lightly – yet effectively – on subjects of bullying, addictive behavior and being true to yourself while trying to love someone else, adds up to a show that kids and adults alike will adore.” –Chicago Parent “[A] cleverly crafted script creates a world within which kids and parents alike can thoroughly revel in an hour of live theater… The humor within the script is smart, wicked and silly… It has the fun and feisty attitude of an episode of ‘The Animaniacs’ or the classic ‘Muppet Show.’ It is self-aware without being meta and it makes a centuries-old classic story new again.” –New City Northanger Abbey “A sparkling jewel of a musical... driven by a ravishing score... a meticulously structured book... an ideally talented and notably diverse cast... Marked by an abundance of intelligence, emotion, wit and style, it is perfection.” –Chicago Sun-Times "Left the audience starstruck with an equally riveting combination of writing, direction and performance." –Newcity Robert Kauzlaric, page 4 of 5 Reviews – Directing As You Like It “[Director Robert Kauzlaric] expands the theatricality of the show to put an emphasis on the redemptive power of storytelling… [He] strums the underlying themes of As You Like It like a finelytuned lute… [Kauzlaric] uses As You Like It as a vehicle to celebrate love, storytelling and redemption. It makes merry with Shakespeare with its language – its fully fleshed out characters, its twists and turns and its inherent comedy.” –Encore Michigan Cymbeline “Sometimes you walk out of a theater and you know you've experienced something special.

Something you're not likely to ever experience again. On Sunday, I walked out of [Cymbeline] with the realization that I may never again see this play done so well… Director Robert Kauzlaric takes a strong hand to the script and molds it into a story that is compelling and fascinating. Then he works with a design team and a group of actors that couldn't be more committed to the group storytelling… It truly is teamwork amongst the production crew that makes things work. It isn't the costumes alone, the lighting alone, or the set pieces alone. All of them combine to tell the story, and it is their seamless integration as if done with one hand that makes the show magical.” –Encore Michigan Love’s Labour’s Lost “If you only ever see this play once, make it this one. It is a well-constructed beauty and not to be missed… Under the skillful direction of Robert Kauzlaric and his highly talented cast, Love's Labour's Lost is a comedic romp filled with the unfettered joy of immature youth… Kauzlaric, however, doesn't overlook the more serious undertones of this play. He teases them out with the most light and subtle of hands, ensuring they will have the maximum impact when the time is right.” –Encore Michigan “Think Shakespeare is not for you? Think it’s too high-brow? Don’t tell that to the audience that attended [Love’s Labour’s Lost]. After an evening of laughter, they rewarded the performance with a standing ovation... After seeing Love’s Labour’s Lost you will wonder why this timeless and truly funny play isn’t done more often.” –Jackson Citizen-Patriot Hunger “In Robert Kauzlaric's harrowing production, an ensemble cast powerfully capture the mix of heroism and ruthlessness required to get through the nightmare alive.” –Chicago Reader “Shepherding this chamber ensemble of 12 diverse characters played by seven actors, director Robert Kauzlaric displays a conductor’s flair for musical line and rhythm.” –Chicago on the Aisle “The new production at the Lifeline Theatre is, in essence, the story of a group of people slowly starving to death. It is a measure of the quality of the acting here — and, looking at the ensemble as a whole, I don't think I've seen a better acted show at this venerable Rogers Park theater — that you find yourself deeply invested in their plight.” –Chicago Tribune Tartuffe “Director Robert Kauzlaric plays this one straight, which is to say with all the affectations of a French farce with its over-the-top characters, quick pacing, humorous wordplay and intense physical humor.

Every moment is played for laughs while always supporting the furtherance of the story… Each performer shows equal and total commitment in an impressively consistent manner throughout the four acts of this classic farce.” –Encore Michigan Treasure Island “This is Treasure Island done right… There’s [no] fake nonsense in Robert Kauzlaric’s production, which treats this grand yarn with the upmost dignity… A rapt audience clearly appreciated all of this attention to detail, not to mention the willingness of a big cast of manly men to dig deep into their souls as they contemplated a potential trip to Davy Jones’ locker… This is an engrossing adventure that Kauzlaric unfolds at break-neck pace.” –Chicago Tribune

“This show is as close to perfection as they come.” –Chicagoist Robert Kauzlaric, page 5 of 5

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