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«FL Statute 515, Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act, shall be complied with. R4101.17 Residential swimming pools shall comply with Sections ...»

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Residential Pool/Spa - Fact Sheet

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Applicant is responsible for compliance with all applicable Federal, State, and Local codes; some common code articles have

been included for applicant’s convenience; compliance shall be determined by in-field inspections.

FL Statute 515, Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act, shall be complied with.

R4101.17 Residential swimming pools shall comply with Sections R4101.17.1 through R4101.17.3.

Exception: a pool/spa equipped with an approved safety cover complying with ASTM F 1346.

R4101.17.1 Outdoor swimming pools shall be provided with a barrier complying with R4101.17.1.1 through R4101.17.1.14.

R4101.17.2 All walls surrounding indoor swimming pools shall comply with Section R4101.17.1.9.

R4101.17.3 A barrier may not be located in a way that allows any permanent structure, equipment, or window that opens to provide access from the home to the swimming pool.

Safety Glazing May Be Required R308.3 Individual glazed areas including glass mirrors in hazardous locations such as those indicated as defined in Section R308.4 shall pass the test requirements of CPSC 16 CFR, Part 1201.

R308.4 Safety Glazing required in walls (windows & doors) and fences enclosing indoor and outdoor swimming pools, hot tubs and spas where the bottom edge of the glazing is less than 60 inches above a walking surface and within 60 inches horizontally of the water’s edge.

This shall apply to single glazing and all panes in multiple glazing.

Termite Treatment required per FBC, R320 PROTECTION AGAINST TERMITES; R704 INSPECTION FOR TERMITES R4101.15 Gas piping shall comply with the Florida Building Code, Fuel Gas.

R4101.16 Electrical wiring and equipment shall comply with Chapter 27 of the Florida Building Code.

R4101.6.1 Design, construction and workmanship shall be in conformity with the requirements of ANSI/NSPI 3; ANSI/NSPI 4; ANSI/NSPI 5;

and ANSI/NSPI 6.

R4101.3 Plumbing, Unless otherwise specified in this code, all piping, equipment and materials used in the plumbing system of swimming pools thatare built in place shall conform to the Florida Building Code, Plumbing.

R4101.6.2 Mechanical Equipment: Swimming pool/spa shall be equipped complete with approved mechanical equipment consisting of filter, pump, piping valves and component parts. Exception: Pools with a supply of fresh water equivalent to the volume of the pool in the specified turnover time will be allowed.

R4101.6.3 Pool piping shall be designed so the water velocity will not exceed 10 feet per second for pressure piping and 8 feet per second for suction piping, except that the water velocity shall not exceed 8 feet per second in copper tubing. Exception: Jet inlet fittings shall not be deemed subject to this requirement.

R4101.12.1 Pressure test, all pool piping shall be tested and proved tight under a static water or air pressure test of not less than 35 psi for 15 minutes. Exception: Circulating pumps need not be tested as required in this section. R4101.12.2 Drain and waste piping, all drain and waste piping shall be tested by filling with water to the point of overflow and all joints shall be tight. R4101.13.1 Drain piping shall be sloped to discharge. Drain piping serving gravity overflow gutter drains and deck drains shall be installed to provide continuous grade to point of discharge. Discharge lines shall discharge at least 1 foot away from the structure sidewall, whether by underground piping, tail extensions, or splash blocks.

–  –  –

R4101.6.6.1 Suction inlets shall be provided and arranged to produce circulation throughout the pool or spa.

R4101.6.6.3 Backup System, All pools and spas shall have a backup system which shall provide vacuum protection should grate covers become missing or inoperative… (Such as: Hayward SP1048R-Kit; Vac-Alert; Engineered device; etc.) R4101.6.6.4 Suction Inlets, A minimum of two suction inlets shall be provided for each pump in the suction inlet system, separated by a minimum of 3 feet or located on two different planes; Suction inlets shall be plumbed such that water is drawn through them simultaneously through a common line to the pump. When a skimmer is used in conjunction with a single main outlet to meet the requirements of this section, the common suction line must be in compliance with Section R4101.6.6.3 such that a vacuum cannot be drawn on any single main outlet or skimmer.

R4101.6.6.5 Where provided, the vacuum or pressure cleaner fitting(s) shall be located in an accessible position(s) at least 6 inches and not greater than 12 inches below the minimum operating water level or as an attachment to the skimmer(s). All cleaner suction inlets shall be protected by an approved, permanently installed,

self-closing flapper assembly.R4101.7.3 Pumps shall have design capacity at the following heads:

1. Pressure Diatomaceous Earth–At least 60 feet.

2. Vacuum Diatomaceous Earth–20-inch vacuum on the suction side and 40-foot total head.

3. Rapid Sand–At least 45 feet.

4. High Rate Sand–At least 60-feet.R4101.21.2 Surface Skimmers are required and shall be installed on the basis of one per 800 square feet of surface area or fraction thereof, and shall be designed for a flow rate of at least 25 gpm per skimmer.

R4101.21.3 Main outlet, when provided, shall be located on a wall or floor at or near the deepest point in the pool for emptying or circulation, or both, of the water in the pool.

R4101.21.4 Hydrostatic Relief, in areas of anticipated water table an approved hydrostatic relief device shall be installed. Exception: Plastic liner pools (where there is no structural bottom to the pool).

R4101.21.5 Inlet fittings for the return of re-circulated pool water shall be provided on the basis of at least one per 300 square feet of surface area.

Where more than one inlet is required, the shortest distance between any two required inlets shall be at least 10 feet.

R4101.18 Entry/Exit, All pools whether public or private shall be provided with a ladder or steps in the shallow end where water depth exceeds 24 inches. In private pools where water depth exceeds 5 feet, there shall be ladders, stairs or underwater benches/swimouts in the deep end.

–  –  –

SAFETY FEATURES-ANSI/NSPI-5 Article XV (15) 15.1 Handholds: An in-ground residential pool shall be provided with handholds around its perimeter in areas where depths exceed (3’-6”) three feet six inches. Handholds shall be provided no farther apart than (4’) four feet to include but not be limited to, any one (1) or a combination of items listed in Articles 15.1.1 through 15.1.3. Article 15.1.1 Coping, ledge, or deck along the immediate top edge of the pool which provides a slipresisting surface of at least (4”) four inches minimum horizontal width and located at or not more than (12”) twelve inches above the waterline; or 15.1.2 Ladder, stairs, or seat ledges; or, 15.1.3 A secured rope or railing placed at or no more than (12”) twelve inches above the waterline.

Construction standards: The minimum compressive strength of concrete used in pool/spa shell construction shall be 3,500 psi. The minimum shell thickness shall be (4”) four inches for gunite, (5”) five inches for shotcrete, and (6”) six inches for hand-stacked. Foundations for decks which support other structures shall be designed in accordance with 2004 FBC, R Chapter 4 and the minimum width of footings shall be (12”) twelve inches and all exterior footings shall be placed at least (12”) twelve inches below the undisturbed ground surface. The maximum width/ length of pool/spa constructed under these standards shall be (36’) thirty-six feet.

–  –  –

Excavation Chart As applicable, check one box which represents the worst case site condition for minimum required distance away from bottom of existing foundation and the maximum allowable depth of excavation below the existing foundation.

Interpretation between values is acceptable.

–  –  –

The total depth of excavation (dig-out) is determined by adding ('d') depth of foundation below grade, to maximize allowable depth of excavation below bottom of existing foundation taken from chart.

EXAMPLE: If 'd' equals 7' and the distance from the foundation is 60', maximum dig-out would be equal to 79'.

–  –  –

Print Form Compliance with ANSI/APSP-7, & FBC, R4101.6, shall be determined by one (1) of the following Methods: (Select Method and Provide Applicable Information & Completed Form(s).

1. Maximum Pump Flow: Maximum pump flow capacity of the pump(s), which shall be limited by the criteria of ANSI/ APSP-7 4.4 (e.g., based on the manufacturers pump flow curve using the listed maximum GPM/gpm (gallon per minute) determine the pipe sizes per Table-1; and select component(s) based on manufacturers listed flow rate for the component, which are acceptable for use at the maximum pump flow gpm rating. (Use Simplified TDH Form for listing results; and for listing the components/manufacturers information)

2. Simplified TDH Calculation: (Use Simplified TDH Form for Calculation(s); and list results with the selected components/manufacturers information)

3. Complete TDH Calculation: (Attach Complete Calculation(s) and use the Simplified TDH Form for listing results; and for listing components/ manufacturers information) This information is based on each pumping system provided, and the total maximum flow rate possible in the system; if more then one pump is provided in the system the total possible gpm flow rate of the combined pumps must be used in the calculation.

If there is more then one pumping system available, such as two separate isolated pumping systems, one for the pool and the other for a spa, then each separate isolated system would require a calculation for determining compliance.

When the piping system offers multiple operational configurations the TDH calculation shall be based on the lowest TDH produced by any system configuration possible (e.g. if there are features that are intermittently entered into, or removed from, the system flow; the pathway that produces the least TDH shall be used for determining Velocity flow-rate).

I. Selected Pipe Size to be used for: (Nominal size in inches for schedule 40PVC) (a) Branch piping size ____ (Maximum Flow-Rate allowed (in gpm) _____ to maintain the maximum allowable Velocity flow rate in pipe of 6fps from Table-1) (b) Suction piping size ____ (Maximum Flow-Rate allowed (in gpm) _____ to maintain the maximum allowable Velocity flow rate in pipe of 8fps from Table-1) (c) Return piping size ____ (Maximum Flow-Rate allowed (in gpm) _____ to maintain the maximum allowable Velocity flow rate in pipe of 10fps from Table-1) Table-1 Pipe Size Maximum Pump Flow-Rate Allowable (in gpm) to Maintain Maximum Velocity in Pipe (in fps) (inches) 6.0 fps 8.0 fps 10.0 fps 1-½” 37gpm 50gpm 62gpm 2" 62gpm 82gpm 103gpm 2-½” 88gpm 117gpm 146gpm 3" 136gpm 181gpm 227gpm Example: 2" SCHEDULE 40 PVC pipe is acceptable for use with a maximum pump flow rate of 62gpm and still maintain a maximum velocity flow of 6fps.

The maximum pump flow rate is based on the manufacturers flow rate chart @ a specified TDH pressure for Method 2. & 3. (Or the maximum flow rate for Method 1.).

Using Methods 2. & 3. If the TDH pressure is reduced, it changes the pump flow rating, and the pump may not work for the applicable velocity flow rate.

II. TDH (in feet of Head) ___ (Method 1: Enter Zero TDH) (Method 2: Enter Simplified TDH Calculation from Work-Sheet) (Method 3: Enter Complete TDH from Calculations, Provide your calculations and adequate information listed on plans for verification of derived TDH) III. Selected/Maximum Pump Flow Rating (in gpm) _____ (Per Pump Manufacturers pump curve Data; however, pump gpm flow rating can not exceed the maximum flow rating per Table-1 for pipe size selected, or any other components listed maximum design flow-rate; Additionally, your design pump flow rate should be of sufficient capacity for operating all included features in the pumping system; and for maintaining maximum 12hr turn-over rate).

IV. Pool-Water Turn-Over Rate in hours Calculate pool volume in gallons/divided by the System Pump Flow-Rate (in gpm at the specified TDH and divide the answer by 60 = Turn-over Rate in hours (Must not exceed 12hrs); you must maintain a minimum flow rate of 25gpm per skimmer, without exceeding the Velocity flow rate of selected piping size.

–  –  –

Simplified TDH Calculation Work-Sheet Form (May also be used to list: TDH result & components for Methods 1. & 3.) Closest Distance (“D”= (Measurement in Feet)) from pool equipment to nearest waters edge in pool or spa (“D”) = ____

1) Simplified TDH Calculation for Piping (use “D” for length of piping and TDH Factor/Multiplier from Table-2 based on pipe size and maximum Velocity flow rate of 8fps for Suction piping and 10fps for Return piping)

–  –  –

Total of (b)+(c) = ____ Simplified TDH for Piping (Add piping TDH to TDH rating of filter and other rated features such as Heater, Automatic Chlorinating system; Etc.; to finish calculating the Simplified TDH for system) Table-2

–  –  –

3) Selected Equipment Make/Model/Flow-Rate/Head-Pressure (Provide Manufacturers Make/Model/Flow-Rating/Head-Pressure rating for items used in TDH calculation; e.g.; Filter, Heater, etc.) Filter _________________________________________________________________________

Heater ________________________________________________________________________

Auto-Chlor _____________________________________________________________________

4) Make/Model/Flow-Rating for Submerged Suction outlet(s) and cover(s):


5) Pump Make/Model/Flow-Rate for the System design TDH (provide the manufacturers pump curve/chart)

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