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«Version 1.4.1 Loway Via Ligornetto 17a – 6854 San Pietro - Switzerland QueueMetrics User Manual Page 2 of 130 INDEX What is ...»

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Version 1.4.



Via Ligornetto 17a – 6854 San Pietro - Switzerland


QueueMetrics User Manual

Page 2 of 130


What is QueueMetrics?

Installing QueueMetrics

Prerequisites: Server

Prerequisites: Client

Where to install

Installing in practice

Installing using yum

Using the JDBC tester page

Updating from a previous version of QueueMetrics

Automatic update using yum

The database update utility

Installing a licence key

Setting session timeout

Understanding basic security mechanisms

Understanding QueueMetrics memory requirements

Understanding QueueMetrics disk I/O requirements

How much load can QueueMetrics handle?

Logging on to QueueMetrics

License information

Running a report

Quick activity reports

Agent report

Custom reports

Understanding results: Common header

Exporting data from reports

Understanding results: Answered calls

Agents on queue

Service level agreement

Disconnection causes


File:QueueMetrics User Manual 141.doc Version: 23/08/07 QueueMetrics User Manual Page 3 of 130 Answered calls by queue

Answered calls by direction

Answered calls, by stints

Detail of answered calls

Understanding results: Unanswered calls

Disconnection causes

Unanswered calls, by queue

Unanswered calls - distribution by length

Inclusive Service Level Agreement

Unanswered calls by key press

Unanswered calls, by stints

All calls, by stints

Details of unanswered calls

Understanding results: Area code report

Understanding results: Inbound ACD call attempts

ACD attempts by terminal

ACD attempts by queue

Understanding results: Call distribution

Call distribution per day

Call distribution per hour

Call distribution per day of week

Understanding results: Agent activity

Agent availability

Session and pause duration

Answered calls for selected queues

Answered calls by service groups

Session details

Pause activity details

Agent history popup

Understanding results: Call outcomes

Showing call details

Detail of answered calls

File:QueueMetrics User Manual 141.doc Version: 23/08/07 QueueMetrics User Manual Page 4 of 130 Listening to answered calls

Detail of unanswered calls

The real-time status panel

Top status panel

Calls being processed

Agents currently logged in

Unattended call and VNC monitoring

The real-time live page

The top panel

Calls being processed

Agents currently logged in

Server status

Enabling the real-time live page

Help! My Real-time and Live pages display different results!

The real-time agent page

Using the agent’s page to control advanced features

Multi-stint calls

Limitations and side-effects

Multi-stint calls in QueueMetrics

The visitor’s page

Setting up VISITORS in a real life scenario

Using Supervisors

Automating statistics download: the ROBOT profile

Setting up a self-service wallboard

Storing queue data on MySQL

Who should use MySQL storage?

Understanding MySQL storage

Uploading data to MySQL

Loading data in QueueMetrics

Checking MySQL database status

Optimizing the queue_log table

Monitoring clusters with QueueMetrics

File:QueueMetrics User Manual 141.doc Version: 23/08/07 QueueMetrics User Manual Page 5 of 130 Setting up a cluster

Setting up the members of the cluster

Setting up QueueMetrics to access the cluster

Using the Agent’s page with a clustered environment

Editing QueueMetrics settings

Configuring users

Editing user classes

Configuring queues

Setting attention levels (Red and yellow alarms)

Configuring agents

Configuring locations

Configuring call outcomes

Configuring pause codes

Automatic QueueMetrics configuration

Configuring system preferences

Configuring Asterisk for QueueMetrics

Configuring queues to report exit status

Configuring URLs to be launched by the agent real-time page

Listening to calls using QM

Using AddQueueMember for dynamic agents

Defining outbound queues

Enabling ACD call attempts recording on Asterisk 1.0 and 1.2

Enabling ACD call attempts recording on Asterisk 1.4

Enabling Unattended Call Monitoring

Enabling VNC Monitoring

Enabling Agent’s page actions

Enabling XML-RPC call listening and streaming

Enabling call outcomes

Enabling pause codes

For more information…

Appendix I: Default users

Appendix II: Security keys

File:QueueMetrics User Manual 141.doc Version: 23/08/07 QueueMetrics User Manual Page 6 of 130 Appendix III: The [queuemetrics] context

Appendix IV: Glossary

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What is QueueMetrics?

QueueMetrics is a versatile call center monitoring system dedicated to call centres based on the Asterisk PBX.

QueueMetrics lets you…

• Run reports on call center activity, divided by queue and filtered by agent and time period, that show what happened (e.g. taken calls, lost calls, agents logging on and off…) during the specified period. Such reports can be run while Asterisk is running, so that you have no delay in seeing what’s going on.

• See the details of call center activity, like each single call that was handled or lost, and listen to it through your web browser.

• Have a single real-time panel showing call center activity; you’ll see calls being processed by queues and agent activity in the very moment it’s happening. You will be able to listen to your agents’ calls as they are being made, and optionally see their screen through a VNC application.

• Give your agents a web-based interface panel that lets them see their own calls while they’re being handled and optionally launch an external web-app (like a third party CRM module) as the calls come in; they also can use it to log-on to Asterisk, log off and pause/unpause themselves.

• Allow external users, like your clients if you are an outsourcer or the QA dept if you run an in-house call center, monitor your call center in real-time and see a stripped-down version of the current statistics.

• Allows tracking of call completion statuses and pause codes, so you can run statistics on the result of your CC activity and on the time used by your agents, keeping track of their ACD and non-ACD time.

To meet these goals, QueueMetrics processes a file called queue_log, i.e. the log file where Asterisk writes signalling events on call queues. QueueMetrics is preconfigured with the standard Asterisk installation paths so it will work out-of-the-box for most installations.

QueueMetrics is meant to be highly customizable; you can alter much of its behaviour to fine-tune it to your own needs (and display your company’s – or your client’s logo….).

QueueMetrics is an intranet application as is designed to be used through a web browser. There is no software to install on the client machines. You can access it from anywhere, as long as you have the correct credentials.

QueueMetrics is meant to be free for smaller installations, that is up to two agents, covering most SOHO’s and passionate Asterisk hackers. Larger installation can buy a licence based on the call centre size; our clients testify that the extra insight and control on your operation that QueueMetrics makes possible is well worth its price tag!

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Installing QueueMetrics QueueMetrics is written in Java, so it should run on any environment where a Java virtual machine is available. This means that the same version of QueueMetrics runs fine on both Linux and Windows, with no need for a specific version.

Prerequisites: Server

The following software is needed to run QueueMetrics:

• Java SDK, version 1.4 or later

• A modern JSP and servlet container, like Apache Tomcat 5

• MySQL version 4

• Asterisk PBX, version 0.7 or later (versions 1.2 and 1.4 are fully supported) All said software should be already installed and working on your machine before attempting to install QM.

QM was tested on various distributions of Linux, on Windows 2000/XP and many flavours of Unix.

Prerequisites: Client QueueMetrics is a web based application, so it does not require any software to be installed on the client machine but a fairly modern web browser.

QM is also a multi-user application, meaning that many users can use share the system at the same time; each user is identified by its credentials and not by its physical location.

The following web browsers have been successfully tested with QM:

• MS Internet Explorer 6

• Mozilla Firefox

• Opera 7, 8 and 9 A number of users have encountered minor annoyances using versions of Firefox before 1.0, mostly on Unix environments.

All versions of Mozilla seem to share a common problem when trying to access multiple user sessions from the same browser instance. You should not therefore use Mozilla to access multiple times to QM; results might be unpredictable.

–  –  –

Where to install The most common case is to install QM on the same server running your Asterisk instance. This will be fine in most cases, but in very heavily loaded servers running huge analyses it might be possible that QM will end up competing for RAM, CPU and disk I/O with the Asterisk system. In this case, QM should be installed on a separate server and log files should be replicated (or MySQL storage used, see page 77) to minimize impact on the Asterisk server.

In most cases – like mid-sized call centres up to 20 agents on line – it will usually be okay to have everything on the same production server.

It will be fine to have MySQL run on a separate server from the main QM installation.

Installing in practice Installing QM is easy and only takes a few minutes.

1. Make sure your servlet container is working

2. Make sure your MySQL is working and you have the “create” grants for a new database.

3. Download the latest version of QueueMetrics from http://queuemetrics.com

4. Unpack QM in the webapp/ folder of your servlet container. The folder created will usually be named something like queuemetrics-1.4.0 – rename it as needed.

5. Download the MySQL connector and place it in WEB-INF/lib with the other Jar archives. It is important that you use the file named mysql-connector-javastable-bin.jar, that can be downloaded from http://www.mysql.com/products/connector-j/index.html Other versions of the MySQL connector will likely work but might require some minor tweaking of parameters1.

6. Create a database called queuemetrics in your MySQL installation and fill it with data taken from the file WEB-INF/README/queuemetrics.sql.

–  –  –

CREATE DATABASE queuemetrics;

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON queuemetrics.* TO 'queuemetrics’@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'javadude';

- Exit the MySQL shell

- Load the database sample with something like mysql --user=queuemetrics --password=javadude queuemetrics queuemetrics_sample.sql

7. Edit WEB-INF/web.xml, change the parameters of JDBC_URL to reflect your installation. The included version uses a database called queuemetrics that is on a the same server, using a user called “queuemetrics” which password is “javadude”.

8. Restart your servlet container

9. Point your browser to

10. Log in and change the default QM installation passwords.

If you encounter any problems with this setup, you should point your browser to for a JDBC tester page.

Installing using yum On Linux distributions that are derived from Red Hat, it is possible to install QueueMetrics using an automated procedure using the yum utility.

Just type the following commands:

wget -P /etc/yum.repos.d http://yum.loway.ch/loway.repo yum install queuemetrics The installation will start automatically and all dependencies will be handled automatically. When it finishes, there is a screen telling you to type a command to create the database; follow the on screen instructions to create it.

When finished, point your browser to and log in using the default credentials.

Using the JDBC tester page The main source of problems when installing QueueMetrics is to correctly set-up the JDBC connection to the MySQL database. In order to ease the installation process, there is a test page available at the URL

–  –  –

The test page will look like the following figure:

If all tests show the OK status, then you are ready to start QueueMetrics. If any test should fail, the web app will tell you the reason of the failure and possible workarounds.

If all tests are Okay, it’s a good idea to click on the link that checks that you have the latest version of the database and updates it in case it’s necessary.

In this case, for example, one of the tests fails:

–  –  –

It is very important that you restart the servlet container after tweaking with the JDBC configuration; otherwise your changes may work in the DBTest page but might not be seen by QueueMetrics.

Updating from a previous version of QueueMetrics

If you choose to update from a previous working version of QueueMetrics:

• Make a backup of the files web.xml and configuration.properties that are found in WEB-INF/. To be extra-safe, make a backup of the whole working webapp and of the database being used.

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