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«PU B L I CAT I 0 N S TH~ OF FACULTI~S 1954- 1955 Minneapolis, Minnesota TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 1 Administration..1-29 College of Science, ...»

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University f':1innesota





1954- 1955

Minneapolis, Minnesota






College of Science, Literature, and the Arts.
















General Studies







10 History 11 School of Journalism.

13 Library School.

13 Mathematics 14 Music Philosophy 16 17 Physics Political Science 19 Psychology 21

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Duluth Branch-Continued Science and Mathematics-Continued Page Chemistry.......................







Social Sciences.

Business and Economics


Political Science.......

Social Science........

General Extension Division

Dean of Students.


Counseling Bureau

Foreign Student Adviser

Religious Activities

Speech and Hearing Clinic...

Admissions and Records


Museum of Natural History

Alumni Relations.....

Students' Health Service

University Press..

Publications of the Faculties


]AMES LEwis MoRRILL, B.A., LL.D.. L.H.D., President "The land grant college and continuing education." Pages 26-31 in Proceedings of the Centennial Symposium of the Continuing Education Service of Michigan State College, February 25-26, 1955, East Lansing, Michigan.

"The college administrator looks at the health program." Panel discussion: J. L. Morrill, moderator. Pages 9-23 in Proceedings f the Fourth National Conference on Health in Colleges.

Held in conjunction with the 32nd meeting of the American College Health Association, New York City. May 5-8, 1954.

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ber 30, 1954. Min~esota: Voice of Alumni, Vol. 54, No. 3, p. 7. November, 1954.

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May 2-3, 1955.

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–  –  –

ERRETT W. McDIARMID, Ph.D., Dean and Professor "Library needs which should be met." Library Trends, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 109-17. October, 1954.

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16, No. 2, pp. 34-40. June, 1955.

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–  –  –

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Editor, A Symposium on Conflicting Philosophies of General Education, a special issue of College and University Bulletin. November 1, 1954.


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1955. 417 pages.

The Democratic Spirit. University of Utah Press. 1954. 10 pages.

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CHARLES M. LESLIE, M.A., Instructor "Style tradition and change: an analysis of the earliest painted pottery from North Iraq." Journal of Near Eastern Studies, 11:1952.

–  –  –

H. HARVARD ARNASON, M.F.A., Professor and Chairman Conversations on Art. WTCN-TV, Channel 11. Presented by General Extension Division, U niversity of Minnesota. 36 pages. Spring, 1955.

DIMITRI T. TsELOS, Ph.D., Professor The Sources of the Utrecht Psalter Miniatures. Minneapolis: privately printed 1955. 100 pages, 361 illustrations.

LoRENz E. A. EITNER, Ph.D., Associate Professor "Gericault's '\Vounded Cuirassier'." Burlington Magazine, 94:237-41. August, 1954.

"Gericault at Winterthur." Ibid., pp. 254-59.

–  –  –

MALCOLM H. MYERS, Associate Professor


Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. February 15, 1955.

Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington. November 12, 1954.

Philadelphia Art Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. November 20, 1954.

Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado. June 15, 1955.

Wichita Art Museum, Wichita, Kansas (one-man show). August I, 1954.

Woman's Club show, Minneapolis, Minnesota. May 10, 1955.

University Gallery, University of Minnesota (one-man show). December, 1954-January, 1955.

WALTER W. QUIRT, Associate Professor


Untitled painting. vVhitney Museum of American Art Annual Exhibition. January, 1955.

Two untitled drawings. University of Minnesota Gallery. March-April, 1955.

One untitled painting. St. Paul Gallery and School of Art. November, 1954.

One untitled painting. Dayton's Department Store Window, Minneapolis. Fall, 1954.

One untitled painting. Nationally toured exhibition of American Federation of Art. 1954-55.

Five paintings. Perls Gallery, Los Angeles, California. August, 1954.

Six paintings. San Diego State College. August, 1954.

Three untitled paintings. Walker Art Center, Minneapolis. 1954·55.

One untitled painting. Sioux City, Iowa. Spring, 1955.

Roon, Associate Professor ]OHN


85 sculptures, 30 drawings. Retrospective exhibition, Walker Art Center. August !·September 12, 1954.

Dwinnel doorway, west porch Cathedral of St. Marks, Minneapolis, dedicated. Five sculptures depicting races of man. Two sculptures depicting Canterbury Cathedral and ruins of first Episcopal church in America at Jamestown, New Jersey. July 11, 1954.

Two sculptures. Minnesota State Fair. 1954.

One sculpture. Twin Cities Annual, Minneapolis Institute of Arts. 1954.

"The Forest." (Sculpture.) 74th annual painting and sculpture exhibition, San Francisco Art Association, San Francisco Museum. Won Edgar Walter Memorial Prize for sculpture.

April 7-May 8, 1955.

Four sculptures. Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota. January, 1955.

Five sculptures. Architecture exhibition, St. Paul Gallery. First award for fa~ade of office building. Second award for sculpture in place on building. Second award for garden sculpture. April 15-30, 1955.

"Three fish." (Iron and glass.) Fish Form in Art exhibition, University of Minnesota Gal· lery. April !!·May 13, !955.

Twelve sculptures. One-man exhibition of folk sculpture, College of St. Catherine, St. Paul.

April 24-May 10, 1955.


BERNARD P. ARNEST, Assistant Professor "Color" (with A. Downs). Design Quarterly, 32:30. Spring, 1955.

"Fourteenth Avenue." Exhibition 65th Annual Exhibition, Nebraska Art Association, University of Nebraska. February 27March 27, 1955.

Contemporary Exhibition, Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha (from Lincoln). April 10-May 10, 1955.

"Underpass." Contemporary American Painting Exhibition, circulating show Columbia Museum of Art, Columbia, South Carolina.

Florida Gulf Coast Art Center, Belleair, Florida.

Norton Gallery and School of Art, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Central Louisiana Art Association, Alexandria, Louisiana.

Sarasota Art Association, Sarasota, Florida.

Telfiar Academy of Arts and Sciences, Savannah, Georgia.

Chattanooga Art Association (Hunter Gallery), Chattanooga, Tennessee.

One-man exhibition, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis. November-December, 1954.

"Street crossing with figures." Art Exhibition, Springville High School Art Gallery, Springville, Utah. April 1-30, 1955.

"Gray station." Purchase Exhibition, Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois.

October 31-November 13, 1954.


"View of the city through signs."

Trends in American Painting, Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, Alabama. March, 1955.

Exhibition honoring the U.N., San Francisco Museum of Art, San Francisco, California. June· July, 1955.

"Boy with plant." Artists West of the Mississippi, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Colorado Springs. March-April, 1955.

"Man with newspaper." Summer Exhibition, Parrish Museum, Southampton, Long Island, N.Y.

June-July, 1954.

"Still life with children.'' Uniontown Art Association, Uniontown, Pennsylvania. May, 1955.

"Black boat, white boat." Woman's Club Annual, Minneapolis. March, 1955.

"Untitled." Minneapolis Institute of Art, Twin Cities Sbow. November, 1955.

Contemporary drawing. University of Minnesota Art Gallery. February, 1955.

One·man sbow. Bethel College, St. Paul. January, 1955.

Film: Color of the Day, Item No. 1, silent, 10-minute color fihn, released February I, 1955 (with A. Downs). Exhibited University of Illinois.

Festival of Contemporary Arts, March, 1955; Cleveland Film Festival, June, 1955.

ROBERT CoLLINS, M.F.A., Assistant Professor


"The diners." (Painting.) Awarded Artists' Council Prize. San Francisco Museum of Art 18th Annual Watercolor Exhibition. September, 1954.

"Avocado plant No. 2." (Painting.) San Francisco Museum of Art 18th Annual Watercolor Exhibition. September, !954.

"Open pit iron mine." (Painting.) Minneapolis Institute of Arts 39th Annual Local Artists Exhibition. November, 1954.

"Frieze of pines." (Painting.) Minnesota State Fair Exhibition. September, 1954.

"Ornamental grouse." (Painting.) Minnesota State Fair Exhibition. September, 1954.

"Handball player." (Drawing.) University of Minnesota Gallery Exhibition (invitational drawing). March, 1955.

"Game in a white room." (Drawing.) University of Minnesota Gallery Exhibition (invita· tiona! drawing). March, 1955.

"Doll face." (Painting.) The May Show, Sioux City, Iowa. May, 1955.

One-man exhibition of drawings (21). Westgate Theater, Minneapolis. May, 1955.

ALLEN DowNs, M.A., Assistant Professor "Color" (with B. P. Arnest). Design Q«arterly, 32:30. Spring, 1955.


Color of the Day, Item No. 1, silent, IO·minute color film, released February I, 1955 (with B. P. Arnest). University of Illinois Festival of Contemporary Arts, March, 1955;

exhibited Cleveland Film Festival, June, 1955.

Freight Stop, selected for exhibition by Cinema 16 for the !954-55 season.


30 still photographs. Bethel College, St. Paul, March, 1955.

50 still photographs, St. Charles College, St. Charles, Missouri, February-March, 1955.

JosEPHINE L. RoLLINS, M.A., Assistant Professor "The moon is setting." (Oil painting.) Honorable mention, 43rd Annual Minnesota State Fair. 1954.

Purchased by the Minnesota Mutual Service Insurance Company, St. Paul. March 15, 1955.

"The rock crusher." (Drawing.) Honorable mention, 43rd Annual Minnesota State Fair. 1954.

"Street in Mexico." (Opaque watercolor.) Second award, 39th Annual Local Artist's Exhibition, Minneapolis Institute of Arts. November 3·December 5, 1954.

One-man shows:

Star Theatre, Minneapolis. October, 1954.

St. Anthony Public Library, St. Paul. April, !955.

St. Paul Y.W.C.A. May, 1955.

–  –  –

"West of Mississippi." Colorado Springs Museum, Colorado. March 25-May 9, 1955.

"New York Painters." (Painting.) "Red and Black." (Painting.) Stable Gallery, New York City.

April and May, 1955.

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