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«Revision. Date Sections affected No. CONTENTS Section Title Page 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Instructions to Contractors 5 3.0 Format and Structure of ...»

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Revision. Date Sections affected



Section Title Page

1.0 Introduction 3

2.0 Instructions to Contractors 5 3.0 Format and Structure of Submissions 7 4.0 General Conditions 8 Appendix A: Index of Submission structure Appendix B: Guidance on information required Appendix C: Paper media – detailed requirements Appendix D: Electronic media – detailed requirements City University Property Department Project Handover Information Requirements rev 2 page 2


1.1 Overview This document sets out City University’s requirements for the format, structure and content of Project Handover Record Information.

Its purpose is to ensure that projects are handed over consistently and the information required to satisfactorily operate and maintain the facility is both complete and capable of rapid incorporation into existing records.

Project Handover Record Information includes, but is not limited to, as-built records, operating & maintenance manuals, testing and commissioning information etc. A separate Health & Safety File and a Building Log Book is to be issued.

In this context it does not include project related information that may be required at Handover, such as snagging or punch lists, unfinished work schedules, draft Final Account information or the like, which are dealt with under separate City University Property Project Procedures.

1.2 How the City University Building Technical Records System works Every building at City University has its own set of permanent record information subdivided into the categories given below. Each time a project takes place that materially affects that building a set of Project Handover Record Information is created. This information when accepted, is incorporated into the master set.

Material from each project is either added to or substituted for, existing information depending on whether assets are added, modified or deleted. A strict record is kept of all changes to the master set.

In addition the Project Information Section describes the inputs for each project (existing records, survey info etc), processes carried out (design, demolitions, construction and commissioning etc) and outputs (as-built records, Operating & Maintenance info etc).

The Project Information Section within any building master set therefore builds into a comprehensive record of interventions and modifications, which when cross-referenced to the other sections provide an up to date picture of the current building status, including any residual hazards.

City University Property Depa

–  –  –

SECTION 1: Project Information SECTION 2: Schedules of Summary information SECTION 3: Operating & Maintenance: Mechanical Services SECTION 4: Operating & Maintenance: Electrical Services and Controls SECTION 5: Civils and Fabric Maintenance and Cleaning SECTION 6: Manufacturer’s Literature SECTION 7: As built record information SECTION 8: Testing and Commissioning data SECTION 9: Residual Hazards

–  –  –

SECTION 1: Building history SECTION 2: Purpose and responsibilities SECTION 3: Links to other key documents SECTION 4: Main contacts SECTION 5: Commissioning, handover and compliance SECTION 6: Overall building design SECTION 7: Summary of areas and occupancy SECTION 8: Summary of main building services plant SECTION 9: Overview of controls/BMS SECTION 10: Occupant information SECTION 11: Metering, monitoring and targeting strategy SECTION 12: Building performance records City University Property Department Project Handover Information Requirements rev 2 page 4 SECTION 13: Maintenance review SECTION 14: Results of in-use investigations Appendix: relevant compliance and tests certificates

–  –  –

SECTION 1: Description of Works SECTION 2: Residual Hazards SECTION 3: Key structural principles SECTION 4: Hazards associated with material SECTION 5: Removal or dismantling of installed plant or equipment SECTION 6: Cleaning or maintaining the structure SECTION 7: Services SECTION 8: Information and as-built drawing City University Property Department Project Handover Information Requirements rev 2 page 5


2.1 Introduction This document identifies a strict requirement for the production of Project Handover Record Information, so that a common approach to as-built documentation can be achieved for each and every part of the City University estate.

All submissions must comply with this document.

City University WILL NOT ACCEPT HANDOVER of projects without sufficient Project Handover Record Information in place and available with which to safely manage the operation and maintenance of the facility.

2.2 Current Requirements Information providers must avail themselves of the latest requirements by contacting the City University Responsible Manager before embarking on the production of information.

The Contractor shall also refer to the requirements of the Main Contract Preliminaries, and immediately bring any inconsistency with this document to the attention of the City University Responsible Manager.

This document specifies the minimum content, presentation and selection of essential information to be included in all technical manuals, and as separate delivery to any other information issued throughout the project, irrespective of the medium or form of presentation. Where there is uncertainty, and as the requirements of electronic media can change on a frequent basis, providers are strongly advised to confirm the latest requirements with the City University Responsible Manager.

2.3 Preparation for Project Handover Information providers shall review this document and agree with the relevant CU Responsible Manager what sections are to apply and if any further definition/clarification is required.

The final draft of the Project Handover Record Information shall be submitted in due time, and in any case not less than two weeks prior to practical completion, so that at least one copy of the complete final version is in the possession of the Client at practical completion, in order to comply with the Health and Safety legislation. Draft copies must be issued in sufficient time to enable comments to be made on these, and should any parts of project require to be handed over earlier, then the respective Handover Information must also be available to permit this to happen.

The submission will be checked by the Property Department Technical Records Manager and incorporated into the relevant Building Technical Record Set(s).

–  –  –

1 copy of the electronic submission and 2 copies of the paper submission are required.

The electronic submission shall consist of a full and complete set of documents generated electronically or converted from paper elements. Electronic media shall be submitted in CD or DVD form, properly labelled (jewel case and disc) and consistent with loading onto City University servers.

Detailed arrangements for provision of electronic media are given in Appendix D.

The paper submission shall consist of the following:

Written documentation: A4 submission generated from Microsoft Office applications, together with copies of manufacturer’s literature as set out elsewhere in this document.

Drawings, Schematic diagrams etc: are required in 2 size formats:

A3 reductions (which must state the size at which they are to scale) Full size paper plots.

Detailed arrangements for provision of electronic media are given in Appendix D.

–  –  –

3.1 Structure Project Handover Record Information will only be accepted when correctly presented in line with

the following structure:

SECTION 1: Project Information SECTION 2: Schedules of Summary information SECTION 3: Operating & Maintenance: Mechanical Services SECTION 4: Operating & Maintenance: Electrical Services and Controls SECTION 5: Civils and Fabric Maintenance and Cleaning SECTION 6: Manufacturer’s Literature SECTION 7: As built record information SECTION 8: Testing and Commissioning data SECTION 9: Residual Hazards The full Index to be used is given at APPENDIX A.

Any sections or sub-sections deemed not to be applicable must be agreed with the responsible P&F Manager. Each such occurrence shall be noted on the master index, individual indexes and a page inserted at the relevant position stating that the section is not applicable.

Further division of information must be agreed beforehand with the responsible P&F Manager.

3.2 Content Project scope will determine the exact information required within each Section described above.

All systems and material scope of the project must be covered in the submission: a draft detailed contents list is to be submitted to the responsible P&F Manager in good time for content to be agreed and sufficient information to be ready by Handover.

Guidance on the information required is set out in APPENDIX B.

–  –  –

It shall be the responsibility of contractors to ensure that Project Handover Record Information is properly compiled and presented in the format requested in this specification.

This specification deals only with matters that are essential for the provision of technical documentation. It shall not be assumed the content is exhaustive. It has been prepared to ensure a common approach for the provision of technical information with which to safely operate, maintain and redevelop facilities.

4.2 Confidentiality

The contractor shall ensure that (without City University’s prior written consent) any confidential information herein (or procured during the course of complying with the requirements and clauses of this specification) will not be used (other than complying with the clauses of this specification), disclosed or used to the advantage (direct or indirect) of its Associated Companies.

4.3 Language All documentation must be submitted in (UK International) ENGLISH

4.4 Legibility All materials, howsoever produced, must be created from first generation information. Illegible, skewed, greyed or any other form of non first generation material is NOT acceptable.

4.5 Review of draft submissions A draft copy of the manuals shall be provided for comment in accordance with a schedule to be agreed with the P&F Responsible manager.

4.6 Certification All certificates must be legible and fully completed. They are to have the required signatures and dated. Those signing should have their names spelled out in text as well as signature.

Certificates failing to comply will be deemed not to have been presented.

4.7 Manufacturers’ Literature The literature shall clearly identify the specific plant/equipment installed (i.e. model numbers AND NOT GENERIC)

4.8 Virus checking All electronic media and associated software must be certified virus checked. The virus checking software, version number and the date checked must be provided with the electronic media.

–  –  –

The manuals shall, in particular, be based on the Technical Manuals Specification; the Applications Guide AG1/87.1 published by BSRIA and BS4884. Attention is drawn to the following

British Standards:

–  –  –

Reference shall also be made to other relevant CU Property Department Standards.

4.10 Warnings, Cautions and Notes Warnings, cautions and notes shall be used to emphasise points accordingly. Warnings and cautions shall be placed immediately before the text to which they apply or in a prominent position on illustrations.





Call attention to instructions that shall be followed precisely to avoid injury, damaging the product, process or its surroundings.


Are used for supplementary information or emphasis.

4.11 Change Control The updating of this document will be subject to strict change control. The latest authorised version will be published to the P&F website for use by those working on Property Projects.

–  –  –

Deviations from the index below will not be permitted, since the material must be capable of incorporation into City University Building Technical Record Sets.

Guidance for information required within each section is given at APPENDIX B.

–  –  –


1.1 Directories Provide name, address, telephone, email and facsimile details for all project participants as set out in the index.

Also Include:

o Local and statutory authorities indicating their responsibilities o Insurance details o Specialist contractors required (e.g. hire equipment that may be specified for maintenance in the H&S file) 1.3.1 Overview


o Purpose of the project/objectives o Functional description of building and its parts o Areas affected; new construction; modified construction; demolitions o Overview of any special hazards encountered or addressed (see 1.3.3 below) 1.3.2 Principles of Design An overview from each design discipline giving a comprehensive but brief synopsis of how the final design solution was arrived at and how it meets the project objectives.

Services design – in conjunction with lead designer, provide energy philosophy.

Lead design – provide details of sustainability and environmental characteristics, strategies for thermal, acoustic and fire performance (cross refer to fire strategy dodumentation).

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