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«Attendees John Black (JB) Breathe Easy group Brian Clark (BC) North Southport Individual Locality Representative Lionel Johnson (LJ) Central ...»

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Community Champion Network Meeting

Thursday 10th July 2014


John Black (JB) Breathe Easy group

Brian Clark (BC) North Southport Individual Locality Representative

Lionel Johnson (LJ) Central Southport Individual Locality Representative

Ken Lowe (KL) Ainsdale/Birkdale Individual Locality Representative

Denise Grant (DG) Southport Community Service Station

Carole Holt (CH) Parenting 2000

Louise Malone (LM) Healthy Sefton

Gill Mason (GM) The Independent Social Work Partnership Liz Brooks (LB) The Independent Social Work Partnership Healthwatch Sefton Staff Helen Murphy (HM) Engagement & Participation Officer Apologies Mike Gregson Southport Library Laura Wills Formby Individual Locality Representative Sharon Forrester CCG Locality Lead for Central Southport Adrian Lee Galloways Society for the Blind Carl Moore Galloways Society for the Blind Justine Shenton Alzheimer’s Society Emma Harrison Southport Library …………………………………………………………………………………………… Community Champion Network Members (NM’s) Healthwatch Sefton Staff (HSS) North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Notes from previous meeting Action: Moira to send details of the ward round in relation to sheltered accommodation to Helen. Jane Uglow is the locality lead looking at this.

Moira has said she is going to speak to colleagues about this and get back to us.

Action: Mike (Southport Library) to send details about their Visual Impairment Group around when he has them.

Helen read out email from Mike: The VIP reading group starts today (Tuesday 8th July) 11.30-12.30. They meet within the Atkinson in a room just off the library. It is run by a volunteer. There are at the moment around three in the group and one or two more would be welcome though it is felt that it works best with just a few and that more than six could make it problematic to run. They intend to meet roughly every 4 weeks though the exact date is not set in stone and is flexible depending on when they desire to fit in with their plans (best to check the exact date of the next meeting with the library). Basically they take out a few ‘talking books’ (on CD or cassette, free to borrow just like all library books) and chat about them. It is a good chance to socialise and chat with others who enjoy a good story!

Action: Helen to send across GP surgery practice manager details for those in Central Southport as requested by Lionel.

Completed 12/06/14.

Action: Helen to send details of where she’s been specifically in Ainsdale area as requested by Ken.

Completed 11/06/14.

Action: Helen to liaise with Moira over Kevin Thorne coming along to speak about Dementia to the Network.

Moira to get back to us about this.

Guest Speaker Sharon Forrester: Not in attendance.

Guest Speaker Louise Malone:

Louise talked through the various services available from Healthy Sefton and

recent changes that have occurred:

Sensible Drinking: With easy access to alcohol many people may not realise that regularly drinking too much can affect sleep and also contribute to feeling low and depressed. That is why it is important to have at least two days without drinking alcohol and keep within recommended guidelines.

Lifeline Project is a registered charity which has taken over as providing help and support for drug and alcohol issues. Part of the project is Sefton Treatment and Recovery Service (STARS) which works with individuals over the age of 18 delivering integrated interventions. They engage, motivate and tailor support to meet individual needs and their families. They also work with partners within Sefton to deliver positive outcomes. They are based in Church Street, Southport and Canal Street, Bootle. People are advised to ring 0300 100 1000 for information on how to contact this service.

Healthy Eating: The Food and Health Workers offer free cooking and healthy eating sessions that are very popular. They are delivered in a variety of community venues rather than in dedicated places to make it

easier to reach as many people as possible. The courses offered are:

Antenatal healthy eating sessions Parent and Toddler cookery courses (1-5 year olds) Cookery programmes for children and young people aged 5 to 19 Workplace healthy eating and practical cookery courses Practical cookery sessions and healthy eating courses for adults Working with older people and their families to improve nutrition and mental wellbeing.

Plus Cook and Eat sessions – aimed at adults looking for more information on cooking healthier meals that are also economical. Course focuses on cooking skills and up to eight people can attend.

Healthy Eating sessions – aimed at improving people’s knowledge and motivation. Topics include: fats, sugars, understanding food labels and portion sizes.

Local venues – always looking for new sites to deliver these courses within the community. The team have been allocated specific areas within Sefton so they can build up contacts with local partners and reach the members of the community who would benefit most from their sessions. If anyone has an idea of where they could deliver any of these courses then please let me

know and I’ll pass on the details. My contact details are:

louise.malone@liverpoolch.nhs.uk They also used to offer free 6-week weight management courses (Choose to Lose) but the service has changed and now weight management is being delivered by the local authority’s Diets Don’t Work.

This is a FREE group programme for people who would benefit from weight management support. It also allows 1 to 1 support for those needing further advice or uncomfortable in a group environment. The programme increases your knowledge and will give you the skills necessary to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It not only covers nutritional advice, but also focuses on goal setting, behaviour change, habits, coping mechanisms and relapses, all of which are essential for weight management.

The Diets Don't Work Programme is available at a number of venues right across the borough, and also includes monthly follow up support for up to 12 months after completion. All participants taking part in the Diets Don't Work Programme are offered FREE £10.00 worth of fruit and vegetable vouchers to help them on their way to five-a-day. To find out more visit Healthy Sefton or Active Lifestyle websites (www.healthysefton.nhs.uk / www.active-sefton.co.uk Smoking: The SUPPORT team is an NHS nurse-led service offering free help to quit all types of cigarettes including electronic devices. No appointment is necessary. By ringing 0300 people can find their nearest clinic and aim to be there a few minutes before the session starts. Clinics are at different times Monday to Saturday in venues such as the Southport Centre for Health and Wellbeing, Churchtown Community Clinic and the Ainsdale Centre for Health and Wellbeing.

The team will see anyone interested in stopping smoking over at least 10 weeks while they receive tailored support, including any nicotine replacement therapy or medicines such as Champix or Zyban.

Additionally, if anyone is not quite ready to quit smoking completely, the team can support people in reducing the amount they smoke in preparation to setting a quit date.

SUPPORT also offers home visits, especially for those who are pregnant or have been seen in hospital and later discharged but would find it difficult to get to the clinics. There is also a workplace service where the team can visit those in their place of work to make it easier for people to get the help they want.

Wellbeing: Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing runs non medical programmes for those who are feeling low, moderately stressed or dealing with anxiety. By ringing the 0300 number people can be signposted on to a variety of course and activities.

Did you know, following the 5 Ways to Wellbeing can add up to 7.5 years to your life! The 5 Ways are: Connect, Take Notice, Be Active, Keep Learning, Give.

The Sefton Wellbeing team offer a range of services including:

• Sefton Wellbeing Co-ordinator

• Think Differently, Cope Differently

• Swan Women’s Centre

• Creative Alternatives

• Relax and Revive

• Active Lifestyles

• Read well

Wellbeing Co-ordinator:

• A way of linking people who are experiencing stress, depression and isolation with sources of support in the community.

Builds confidence and self esteem and develops a sense of control • over your life.

Think Differently, Cope Differently:

Designed to build the resilience of participants • Consists of four two hour sessions • Demonstrates how to invest the “Five Ways to Wellbeing” • Promotes positive thinking, goal setting and problem solving • Impacts on changing how people feel, think and behave • Also incorporates healthy eating, physical activity and practising • relaxation skills Relax and Revive: A physical activity programme targeting those experiencing stress, anxiety, depression etc. and helps to support people back into activity. It is a low intensity programme with relaxation and time for socialising incorporated. They are held at leisure centres around Sefton including Dunes Splash World and Meadows Leisure Centre in Maghull.

 Activities include line dancing, golf, walking, green bowling, aerobics and tai-chi Citizens Advice Bureau – Health Outreach: Free confidential, impartial advice delivered by Health Outreach Advisers, helping people to manage current problems, which maybe effecting mental health and wellbeing. This service is beneficial to those who have experienced stress due to problems relating to issues like debt, redundancy, bereavement, unemployment, housing issues, disability issues, sickness benefits, consumer issues, employment issues, divorce/separation and bullying in the workplace.

About Healthy Sefton: 0300 numbers are specifically for public sector bodies and non-profit organisations. The main benefit of 0300 numbers is the low cost to customers. Callers usually pay the same amount as they would when calling a landline 01 or 02 number, even if they call from their mobile phone. 0300 numbers are included in any discount schemes or inclusive call minutes that callers may have with their landline or mobile phone operator. Some suppliers even refer to them as: “Freephone numbers for mobile phone callers.”

What you pay on 0300s…

If your calls are free, it’s free. So if you’ve got free inclusive  calls, then calling 0300 won’t cost you. E.g. If you’re on BT’s free evening calls package then call 0300 in the evening and the call is free; but if you pay for a call in the day, you’ll pay for an 0300 during the day.

This works on mobiles too. If you’ve inclusive minutes on your  mobile the 0300 number will be included in that.

Additional Information: Most of the calls to Healthy Sefton are about the Stop Smoking Service and, when asked, people frequently say they were given the credit card or number from their GP.

There is a website – www.healthysefton.nhs.uk – for more details.

Action: Louise to send across details of the smoking cessation clinics.

LJ asked about Warfarin Clinics at the hospital and local ISIS clinics. Helen said that Healthwatch can look into the Warfarin clinics. Louise said that Healthy Sefton do offer a chlamydia screening to young people 16-25. CH said that parenting 2000 run a C-Card programme where young people can access free condoms. Helen explained that there is an ISIS clinic running from the Southport Centre for Health & Wellbeing. From March – June Healthwatch has been gathering experiences specifically about the ISIS service.

KL asked about Fruit and Veg co-ops. Louise confirmed that this service is run by Brighter Living Partnership. Action: Helen to contact Matty at Brighter Living Partnership and distribute information around the network.

Healthwatch Steering Group Update KL talked about the review of access to primary care that the Healthwatch Steering Group are now undertaking. This has followed on from the experiences that Helen and Wendy have gathered about appointments. The Steering Group have decided to focus on the SSP surgeries (those that are run by a private company in Manchester) as these are the ones that we’ve had the most comments about. Aside from one surgery, the rest of these surgeries are in South Sefton. The Steering Group will be looking into what the issues are and then will be reporting on their findings. Ken also explained that the Department of Health will be coming up with some new marketing around Care data. This has therefore been delayed to 2015.

BC told the group that he and Helen had been to do a leaflet drop around the chemists, clinics and post offices in North Southport. He also attended the Healthwatch National Conference in Reading with Maureen Kelly, the Healthwatch Chair.

LJ told the network members that he had attended a meeting at St Marks Medical Centre with Roy Boardman and Joyce Lloyd. He said they were extremely co-operative. They have said that Healthwatch Sefton can have an experience box at the surgery. He is also going along to the practice team meeting on Wednesday 16th July with Wendy. St Marks have invited us to their flu clinics on 9th and 10th October at Leyland Church. Carole Holt also mentioned the possibility of attending the Ainsdale Methodist Flu Clinic. LJ picked up at leaflet at St Marks Medical Centre about Connected Communities which provides activities for older people. Action: Helen to contact Shirley King at Sefton CVS to arrange a meeting about this.

Helen handed out copies of the Sefton LINk aims, visions and values that were adopted from the South and Central Sefton Community Champion Network. Helen explained that the South and Central Network has produced an updated set of aims and a mission statement. Helen would like the network to look over these and decide if they are happy to adopt the same aims and mission statement, amend them to include others or produce a new one. Action: All Network members to contact Helen by Monday 21st July if they have any changes to be made or would like to produce our own aims.

If nothing is suggested then we shall adopt the above mentioned aims and mission statement.

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