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«3:45 p.m. Certificate in Design, Innovation and G. Wnek Intellectual Property Management C. Nard attachment Certificate in Wireless Health G. Wnek ...»

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Faculty Senate

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3:30 – 5:30 p.m. – Adelbert Hall, Toepfer Room


3:30 p.m. Approval of Minutes from the February 16, 2011 A. Levine

Faculty Senate meeting, attachment

President’s Announcements B. Snyder

3:35 p.m. Provost’s Announcements B. Baeslack

Chair’s Announcements A. Levine 3:40 p.m. Report from the Executive Committee G. Chottiner Report from Secretary of the Corporation C. Treml 3:45 p.m. Certificate in Design, Innovation and G. Wnek Intellectual Property Management C. Nard attachment Certificate in Wireless Health G. Wnek attachment P. Crago MSM- Finance, Shanghai G. Wnek attachment A. Gupta 4:05 p.m. Climate Action Plan J. Lawyer attachment J. Ruhl S. Campbell 4:30 p.m. Strategic Plan for University Libraries M. Quinn Griffin attachment A. Hirshon Faculty Senate Meeting Tuesday, March 22, 2011 3:30-5:30 p.m. – Adelbert Hall, Toepfer Room Members Present Keith Armitage Faye Gary Diana Morris Hussein Assaf Julia Grant Heather Morrison Bud Baeslack David Hutter Carol Musil Ronald Blanton Quentin Jamieson Daniel Ornt Lee Blazey Betsy Kaufman Leena Palomo Ben Brouhard Jim Kazura Mary Quinn Griffin Richard Buchanan Kenneth Ledford Alan Rocke Mark Chance Alan Levine Barbara Snyder Gary Chottiner Ken Loparo David Wilson David Crampton Joseph Mansour Gary Wnek Lisa Damato Laura McNally Elizabeth Woyczynski Mary Davis Frank Merat Nicholas Ziats Members Absent Kathryn Adams Sue Hinze

–  –  –

Call to Order Professor Alan Levine, chair, Faculty Senate, called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.

Approval of minutes The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of February 16, 2011 were approved as submitted.

President’s announcements President Barbara Snyder said that she greatly enjoyed hosting the recent reception for the 2011 nominees for the Wittke and Jackson awards for outstanding undergraduate teaching and mentoring respectively. Ms. Margaret Carney, university architect has accepted a new position at Temple University. Case Western Reserve will launch a national search for a new university architect. President Snyder announced that applications for undergraduate admission were up by about 45%; she thanked faculty for assisting with recruitment efforts. In November 2010 the US House of Representatives declared the week of April 11, 2011 as Undergraduate Research Week. President Snyder asked the Faculty Senate to consider recognizing the week of April 11, 2011 as the Undergraduate Research Week at Case Western Reserve University. The Faculty Senate voted to endorse the proposal.

Provost’s announcements Provost Bud Baeslack said that Mr. Mark Coticchia, vice president for research and technology management, resigned to pursue new opportunities as a consultant. The job search for the half-time position of associate provost for research has been terminated; instead, a national search for a vice president for research will commence shortly.

Chair’s announcements Prof. Alan Levine, chair, Faculty Senate, said that the final report of the ad hoc SAGES Review Committee has been posted on the faculty senate website. The Executive Committee charged the Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education (FSCUE) with making a proposal about the governance of SAGES, the university’s common undergraduate core curriculum. The Case School of Engineering made a proposal to give engineering majors an alternative means to complete their SAGES requirements. The executive committees of the Case School of Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences met to discuss the School of Engineering’s proposal. The Department of English has drafted a compromise proposal which will be considered at a second meeting of the executive committees. Prof. Levine anticipates that a mutually agreeable proposal will be brought to the Faculty Senate for final review in the fall 2011.

Prof. Levine said that the division of Information Technology Services is moving to Oracle 11, which will require a move to Blackboard 9. Blackboard 9 is significantly different than the current version that is in use, Blackboard 8. Moodle is a possible alternative to Blackboard that the faculty may want to consider.

A couple senators noted that information about the impending change has not been substantively discussed with the faculty. Prof. Levine has asked the Faculty Senate Committee on Information and Communications Technology to consider the matter and to report back to the Senate.

Prof. Levine said that International Planning Committee has been discussing the internationalization of the curriculum at Case Western Reserve University. The committee will provide a proposal to the provost shortly. Prof. Jim Kazura and Prof. Janet McGrath, co-chairs, International Planning Committee will make a presentation to the Executive Committee and the Faculty Senate in April.

Report from the Executive Committee Prof. Gary Chottiner, chair-elect, Faculty Senate said the Executive Committee heard a summary report from Prof. Emeritus Wally Gingerich, conciliation counselor, about the 18-month pilot faculty conciliation and mediation program. It seems that the program has been successful; the Faculty Senate will hear the report in April and will vote whether or not to establish the program permanently. There was a question about faculty voting privileges for faculty appointments; the instructions in the Faculty Handbook are incomplete. Prof. Alan Levine, chair, Faculty Senate, has asked the Committee on By-laws to draft language that will clarify the procedures.

Report from Secretary of the Corporation Ms. Colleen Treml, interim general counsel and secretary of the corporation, said the Board of Trustees approved resolutions for new endowments and new appointments for faculty. Two new board members, both CWRU alumni, were approved: Ms. Julie Gerberding and Mr. Vincent Guadiani. Prof.

Alan Levine provided a report from the Faculty Senate. Mr. Minh-Tri Nguyen provided a report from the Undergraduate Student Government. Ms. Marilyn Mobley, Vice President for Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity gave a report about diversity initiatives. There was a progress report on the strategic alliances, US New and World Report rankings of colleges and universities, and the University Career Center. The Board of Trustees approved a 3.9% increase in tuition, and a 4.9% in room and a 4.5% increase in board for 2011-2012.

Certificate in Design, Innovation and Intellectual Property Management Prof. Gary Wnek, chair, Faculty Senate Committee on Graduate Studies, introduced Prof. Craig Nard, School of Law, who presented the proposal to offer a certificate in Design, Innovation and Intellectual Property Management. With some minor clarifying amendments, the Faculty Senate voted to approve the proposal. The amended proposal is attached to these meeting minutes.

Certificate in Wireless Health Prof. Gary Wnek introduced Prof. Pat Crago, associate dean, Case School of Engineering who presented the proposal to offer a graduate certificate in Wireless Health. The Faculty Senate voted to approve the proposal which is attached to these meeting minutes.

MSM- Finance, Shanghai Prof. Gary Wnek introduced Anurag Gupta, associate professor, Banking and Finance, Weatherhead School of Management, who presented the proposal to offer a Master of Science in Management in Finance in Shanghai, China. The Faculty Senate voted to approve the proposal which is attached to these meeting minutes.

Climate Action Plan Mr. John Lawyer, associate vice president for campus planning; Prof. John Ruhl, director, Sustainability Alliance; and Mr. Stephen Campbell, vice president for campus planning shared a presentation about the university’s Climate Action Plan. The plan will be submitted by the May 15 extended deadline to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. In April 2008 the Faculty Senate Executive Committee endorsed the university’s commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The Faculty Senate voted to endorse the updated Climate Action Plan. The presentation about the updated Climate Action Plan is attached to these minutes.

Strategic Plan for University Libraries Prof. Mary Quinn Griffin, chair, Faculty Senate Committee on University Libraries and Mr. Arnold Hirshon, University Librarian, presented the proposed strategic plan for the University Libraries. Mr.

Hirshon reported that budget cuts to the operating budget of Ohio LINK are fortunately just 2.5%.

Forums for faculty to comment on the proposed strategic plan are being offered. A final draft of the proposed strategic plan will be presented to the Faculty Senate Committee on University Libraries.

Update from Enrollment Management Mr. Rick Bischoff, vice president for enrollment management, said that the acceptance rate for the first year students applying for fall 2011 was 48%, down from the 66% percent acceptance rate for fall 2010.

The number of admitted students in the humanities and social sciences, nursing, management and engineering increased; there were decreases in the number of admitted students in the sciences, premed, and undecided students. The report is attached to these meeting minutes.

Second Quarter Forecast Mr. John Sideras, senior vice president for finance and chief financial officer, presented the second quarter forecast. The projected year-end university operating result is a $889K deficit, a $3.7M improvement from Q1 forecast of $4.6M. The stronger operating performance and use of special funds produced this result without accessing the University’s $8.2M budget contingency. The report is attached to these meeting minutes.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

Case Western Reserve University Graduate Certificate Program in  Design, Innovation, and Intellectual Property Management   

–  –  –

Ted Theofrastous, Adjunct Professor, School of Law and Founder,  ThetaSquared LLC    Introduction – Building Inter-Disciplinary Perspectives around the Management and Commercialization of Innovation The goal of this certificate program is to provide to graduate-degree graduate students a nationally-distinctive academic program that blends legal, scientific, and management disciplines to drive thought leadership and guides students through the complex path of cultivating the commercial potential of complex scientific discovery.

The Program is designed to provide (1) thought leadership in the field of innovation management commercialization; (2) graduate-level, interdisciplinary coursework in the field; (3) opportunities for students and faculty to apply their substantive knowledge; and (4) a launching point among CWRU’s current students, faculty, and alumni for the establishment of regional and national networks and leadership in the field of innovation management and technology-based economic development.



A. Coursework

Six courses comprise a curriculum that reflects the following key themes:

–  –  –

Students desiring to complete the certificate are required to successfully pass four of the six courses. Each student is required to pass Courses II and III (defined below), which serve as core courses; each student must then elect to pass a coupling of either:Courses I and VI (collectively “Design and Creativity”) or Courses IV and V (collectively “Design in Management”).

  2    Course I – Design and Creativity This course seeks to expose students to the fundamentals of intellectual asset creation, namely human curiosity, experimentation and creativity. A survey of the origins and history of developed approaches to intellectual asset capture and application will provide students an understanding of the framework of modern patent and information systems and aligned valuecapture mechanisms. Exploration of the interface among technology, perceived value, and business opportunity will introduce students to modern approaches in innovation, including need-inspired design, collaboration, open innovation and structured innovation. By the end of the course, students will have developed skills in needs assessment, experimental design, and knowledge sourcing. This will serves as the bases for intellectual property protection and aligned opportunity assessment that will be presented in the next course.

Course II -Intellectual Property Management and Opportunity Assessment Building on the previous coursework,, this course seeks to provide students with the ability to value a given technological advance or invention holistically, focusing on issues that extend beyond scientific efficacy and include consumer and practitioner value propositions, legal and intellectual property protection, potential market impacts, market competition, and ethical, social, and practitioner acceptance. These issues transcend disciplinary boundaries, requiring the integration of expertise in the fields of law, management, and science.

Students will learn that intellectual property strategy is implicit in business strategy, and that intellectual property is a strategic business asset that can be leveraged to create value and intellectual asset formation in the marketplace. From this, students will learn to structure of an IP portfolio that aligns with a sophisticated business model, including market identification, value assessments, and a strong sense of the competitive landscape. This module exposes students to a range of issues related to the creation, management, and evolution of innovation and intellectual property estates. The focus of the course is to provide students the ability to discern value under multi-disciplinary lenses, leading to tactical approaches to commercial development and quantifiable value creation or go/no-go decision points. Primers in intellectual property law and the influence of regulatory requirements will serve as the heart of the survey-based curriculum. Meanwhile, the skills practicum will include risk analysis, modern approaches to valuing early-stage opportunities (i.e., decision tree analysis and application of Monte Carlo simulation techniques) and transactional approaches to collaboration/licensing.

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