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«Temperature—really cold, guards brought them an extra blanket, so guys have to lay in their beds all day and not get their exercise because it’s ...»

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Grievance/ Grievance/ Access to Quality of Hygiene/

Access to MH Quality of MH Accounta-bility Phone Call Commissary Inmate Facility Issues Raised Use of Force Inmate Safety Visitation Complaint Complaint Housing Culture Out-of-Cell Time Programs Isolation Reentry Physical Health Physical Health Phone Call Rates Sexual Misconduct Cleaning/ Food Other Services Services of jail staff Problems Supplies Welfare Fund Process Retaliation Care Care Clothing Temperature—really cold, guards brought them an extra blanket, so guys have to lay in their beds all day and not get their exercise because it’s too cold to get. “There’s no reason we should have to lay up in our blankets all day long and not be able to get up and move around.” Grievance—he has not gotten any responses to grievances. Before Tyree’s death, guards would physically assault inmates who made grievances. After that, the atmosphere changed. Sergeants are a lot more attentive. It’s just a matter of time before things go back to the wa

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He has not gotten proper medical care, he has two hernias and they refuse to operate they just give him pain medication. The unit he is in needs better cleaning, it is only cleaned every three days it really needs to be cleaned twice a day with the number of people in here. They don’t give them enough cleaning supplies either. The air in the jail is really cold and they only recently gave them thermals and extra blankets. Officers wake up the inmates at 3am to go to yard. When they do shakedowns they have thrown away his stuff, stamps and photographs, he put in a grievance and they said they only threw away contraband and even said the sergeant was present during the shakedown when he was not. They did not have hot water for two weeks until the Blue Ribbon Commission came. Inmate safety is also an issue; they have protective custody inmates that are gang dropouts getting haircuts by active members. The lack of hotpots in the south is unfair since the north has them. Commissary is also very expensive like calls, he lost $60 on two phone calls and there is no way to fight it. The officers take advantage of the weakest inmates, like older inmates. He once saw an Main South officer go into a cell of an older man who had very little hearing left, and they pushed the guy up onto the wall and hit him in the ribs. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

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Use of Force: NT18 discussed the regular and routine excessive use of force by the correctional officers. The officers will regularly use the interview rooms and showers to physically assault inmates they have issues with. For example, the correctional officers will pull inmates out of their unit in the middle of the night, take them to the showers or interview rooms (which are hidden from sight of units) and physically assault them. Prior to the Tyree incident, this was being done regularly and consistently. NT18 stated that even for minor disagreements between officers and inmates would be handled in this fashion. Retaliation: NT18 had his bed and bunk searched everyday for over a month in retaliation/response to him filing a grievance against a correctional officer. According to NT18, under policy and procedure, correctional officers are supposed to randomly search a handful of beds a day. However, these searches are used to hassle and discriminate against certain. Inmate Welfare Fund: NT18 is unaware of the Inmate Welfare Fund. Grievance Process: NT18 has used the grievance process, however, he understands that filing a grievance will earn him Main South harassment from correctional officers. He knows that it is a consequence of filing a grievance. 1 1 1 1

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Commissary: NT37 complained that there are insufficient cleaning supplies and cleaning materials available at the Commissary. For example, NT37 has experience at other jail facilities. At these other facilities, wash clothes and soap/shampoo is readily available for purchase by inmates. However, at the County facility inmates are not allowed to purchase wash clothes or sufficient cleaning supplies. He is unclear on why they are prevented from purchasing these materials. Clothing: According to NT37, inmates are not allowed to have more than one set of clothes per week. They are provided one set of underwear, one pair of socks and one pant and one shirt for an entire week. This is unsanitary, as inmates are forced to live, eat, workout, and sleep all in one set of clothing for the week. This differs significantly from other counties in the area. He is unclear on why they are only provided one set of clothing per week. Retaliation: NT37 witnessed the physical assault and death of an inmate at the hands of Correctional Officers in late summer 2015. After the incident, Correctional Officers came by each neighboring cell, and in a threatening tone, asked each inmate what he witnessed. NT37 said that the manner and tone in which the question was asked left him and other inmates with the impression that no witnesses should come forward and if they did, they would be subjected to physical assaults. The inquiry was made multiple times with the same tone and expression by the Correctional Officers. NT37 believes this was done to instill the fear and threat of retaliation if any inmate were to talk to Internal Main South Affairs or any investigative body about the death of the inmate. 1 1 1 1 1 1 Grievance Process: NT38 has filed multiple grievances over living conditions in the South jail. For more than a year, NT38 and other inmates in the South facility have lived in cells with non-operative lights, no hot water, a cells infested with roaches and mice. Despite filing grievances, they have not received any formal response or if they do receive a response it simply states that work orders have been filed to address the sanitation issues.

However, there has no improvement of the conditions for more than a year. NT38 explained that he and many other inmates have lost faith in the grievance process. Use of Force: NT38 has witnessed a significant amount of physical assaults of inmates by Correctional Officers. In particular, he stated that inmates in protective custody are often the target of these attacks, as the guards can assault them without consequence or fear of violence from fellow gang members. Similarly, NT38 discussed how Correctional Officers often open doors of inmates under protective custody while active gang members are outside of their cells. Active gang members are required to assault inmates in protective custody when the opportunity presents itself. Officers are well aware of this active gang code, as such, they often create opportunities for active gang members to assault protective custody inmates by opening doors are opportune time to allow for assaults on vulnerable inmates. Sanitation: As discussed in the grievance section above, NT38 discussed the sanitation issues within the County facility. For example, when NT 38 arrived in the South jail, his cell was covered in hair, had blood on the walls and was covered in a weeks worth of old food containers. He did not receive any cleaning supplies to address the conditions in the cell for more than two weeks. In general, inmates are not provided sufficient materials to maintain clean cells, let alone clean cells that they inherit. Laundry/Clothing: Inmates are only provided one clean set of clothing per week. This is insufficient and unsanitary for Main South inmates to sleep, workout, eat and reside in only set of clothing a week, according to NT 38. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

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Before Mike Tyree's death there was a lot of physical abuse by the guards. He heard them dragging inmates out and beating them in a remote area at night while they were handcuffed - you could hear them screaming in pain/for help. They now turn off all the TVs if an inmate is being too loud - he feels unfairly punished for the actions of others when they turn off his TV as it takes his mind off his case and from jail. Some of the COs have bad attitudes towards the inmates, and don't speak to them like grown men. One CO yelled at him for trying to talk out of his cell to another inmate and accused him of checking out the nurse. The inmate, who was in his cell, got into an argument with the CO. The CO called for backup and 4 or 5 COs came and dragged him to an interview room and cuffed him to the floor and left him there for 4 or 5 hours, during which he could not go to the bathroom. They also cuffed him too tight and the handcuffs cut into his wrists. They do this a lot to punish inmates, sometimes leaving them there for 5 or 6 hours without bathroom breaks, and the inmates end up going to the bathroom on the floor. He hasn't tried filing a grievance or complaint because this kind of treatment seems normal here, and he's seen COs throw grievances in the trash and retaliate against people who file them by tearing up their cells and messing up their things. Nobody ever gave him information on grievances. They don't go outside enough - they go to the yard three times per week for an hour and a half. Shower time is separate and there are only three working showers. The water is ice cold (there is no hot water) and they only shower every other day. They don't wash the clothing enough. The food is not very good and he is often still hungry after they eat and commissary is expensive - the ramen is marked up tremendously. They have giant cockroaches in the cells. He has reading glasses but he needs prescription glasses and filed a white card for them. It took a month and they only scheduled him to see a nurse who had him read an eye chart on the wall, but he still has not seen an optometrist and it has been 3 to 4 months. He still does not have prescription glasses. He's heard of the Inmate Welfare fund through the free stamps/envelope kit, but you have to pay the money back. Telephone calls are too expensive and so are toothpaste and toothbrushes - they should give out more of those. They should take the grievances and complaints out of the hands of the COs – the COs are not objective and they’re not going to investigate – there’s an “us against them” mentality. 99% of the time the sergeant will come in and sign with the officer; the person reviewing needs to be someone in a position with no stake in it. • They want them to clean every Wednesdays – it isn’t always clean and they haven’t been providing a broom and a mop every week and they have to clean their own cells; they used to have an extra rag and they took it away, they said there’s no such thing as a floor towel. They only get toilet paper with twice a week; it’s not enough to last them, sometimes the COs don’t bring it to them.

Main South 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Page 5 of 94 The hot water doesn't work and it's not very clean or sanitary in the cells. They don't give many cleaning supplies or clean around the toilet although they're housed with people who have staph infections. The showers are ice cold and the water comes up to their ankles because the drain is clogged.

The COs just laugh at them and give them a plunger. The shower floor and drain is filled with hair and there are feces on the ground in the showers from the flooding. There is also black mold on the ground. There are CO officers who are still very aggressive with the inmates. He's seen them snatch someone out of the shower and slam them into a wall. One CO gambles with the inmates and curses, another appears at work smelling of alcohol - they are very unprofessional. He heard the COs drag someone out of his cell and beat him - they told him to shut up. When medical arrived to examine him after they'd beaten him the first thing medical told the inmate was also to shut up. He was in a program once - Road to Recovery, and the instructor was unprofessional and rude and called them "stupid f__s" although they were supposedly trying to rehabilitate them to enter society. He never received information on how to file grievances. If you file a grievance, they send you to more maximum security, kick your lunch at you, they come in and pull you out of your unit, slam you against the wall, chain you in the cell and don’t let you go to the bathroom - people go to the bathroom in there on the floor. The COs need to be retrained, fired, and tested regularly. He fears for his safety because of some CO's Some of them also do a poor job of protecting inmates from each other when they fight. They turn their backs on inmates fighting and let a guy attack him in a group cell – he kept telling them that the guy was being aggressive and threatening him, he asked them repeatedly to move cells because he feared for his safety and the guy ended up physically attacking him – punching him – it took the COs more than 15 minutes to intervene. They just put them both in handcuffs and chained him to the floor. The COs just laughed it off. The inmate who attacked him was transferred to another group cell where he attacked someone else and was finally moved to his own cell. He was afraid to be seen by medical for his injuries after the attack because medical often writes up an event as if it was your fault and you end up having charges pressed against you. He is being treated for mental health and the COs are rude to mentally ill, mocking them and calling them names. At pill call they announce that the inmate is getting mental health pills, telling his confidential health information to the whole floor. • The mental health care here is poor – they come see you once every 6 to 8 weeks – he has to talk to certain psychiatrists because his pills need to fluctuate with his mood; they don’t come to adjust medication; the psych had an attitude and cut him off a few of his meds without explaining why. Some of the food is uncooked and they don't pass out soap. The clothing is washed with so much detergent that they make him itch. He has been in Roadmap to Recovery and found it helpful but he would change a lot about the programs. They should be held in a group and he would have someone appointed to assist the individuals with the help they need; you can’t expect an addict to figure out something he hasn’t figured out in 20 years, especially if they had little education and can't read well. They need someone to take the time and break it down for them to understand. The teachers are also full of rage – the teacher didn’t help in that situation and his attitude was discouraging. He had to ask other inmates, his family, and his lawyer for help with reading the material and managed to graduate.

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