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«Cancer can be healed by following God’s Ten Natural Health Laws One morning in the Spring of 1999 as I was driving home from my doctor appointment, ...»

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Cancer can be healed

by following

God’s Ten Natural

Health Laws

One morning in the Spring of 1999 as I was driving

home from my doctor appointment, I was listening

to my car radio and as I switched to a popular

morning station, I heard the voice of Dr. Lorraine

Day describing how she was completely healed

from the deadly disease of cancer. The

photograph on her web site shows the cancerous

tumor that she had on her body:

http://www.drday.com/tumor.htm How Dr. Lorraine Day received God’s Healing of her Cancer Dr. Lorraine Day reversed her severe, advanced cancer by rebuilding her immune system by natural therapies, so her body could heal itself. In her video "Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore," she describes how she was completely healed from cancer of the breast, which had spread throughout her lymphatic system and the muscles of her chest. As a Medical Doctor she knew what the profession did to people with cancer, and she refused to undergo conventional treatments, even when her Oncologist refused to treat her unless she complied with either (1) mastectomy (2) radiation or (3) chemotherapy. She asked the doctor: “My immune system is the most important factor in my fight against cancer, so why should I let you destroy it?” Dr. Day says: “A person cannot get well when the immune system does not function properly.” Dr. Lorraine Day explains why chemotherapy and radiation is not good for any cancer patient.

“Many who die from cancer, don't actually die from the cancer itself, but from losing the battle against the side effects of treating the symptoms, mostly through chemotherapy and radiation.

"Chemotherapy and radiation DESTROY the immune system, the ONLY system in our body that gets us well and keeps us well from EVERY disease!” “Chemotherapy and radiation also destroy cells indiscriminately, good cells, bad cells, they kill them all. Chemotherapy is poison and kills cells by poisoning them. It is a chemical and, of course, is unable to tell a cancer cell from a non-cancer cell.

2 That's why a person's hair falls out and they get so sick and vomit.” “The explanation the doctor gives to justify using chemotherapy is that the chemotherapy tends to kill the cells that are the fastest growing or the fast-dividing cells, thus it will kill MORE cancer cells than normal cells. And this is true, however, it kills so MANY normal cells, particularly the immune cells, that the patient often dies from the TREATMENT rather than from the cancer!” “What about radiation? Radiation burns out the cancer, in fact, it burns everything in its pathway. It also, like chemotherapy, kills cells absolutely indiscriminately and it destroys the immune system. When the immune system is so severely damaged by chemotherapy or radiation, it can no longer restrain the spread of cancer which is why after 5 to 7 years (average) it is common to find that the cancer has returned and spread to other organs.” Visit here: http://www.drday.com/crs.htm

–  –  –

In her second video “You can’t improve on God,” Dr. Day describes God’s Ten Natural Health Laws that were revealed to her when she sought after God’s help through prayer and studying the Holy Bible. She followed every one of the laws which she called the Ten Commandments of Good Health for her complete healing. The best part of God’s Laws for Good Health is they are all free except that you only pay for the nutritious food which you have to pay anyway when you eat other foods.

God’s way is the best way.

1. Nutrition that is given by God in the Holy Bible, Genesis 1:29.

2. Exercise regularly – our bodies are created by God for movement.

–  –  –

4. Sunlight is given by God for good health – go outdoors daily

5. Temperance – abstain from tobacco, alcohol, drugs and unclean food

–  –  –

7. Rest – proper time to sleep is essential for recuperation and recovery

8. Stress relief – do not worry – just relax and be joyful

9. Trust in God and the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the only true Healer

10. An Attitude of Gratitude and benevolence – have a Christian character After viewing all of Dr. Day’s tapes, I believe God has given us guidance and the great hope that Christians can also be healed of this deadly disease of cancer without Chemotherapy and Radiation, but by completely trusting in God's healing power like Dr. Lorraine Day did.

Here are some of Dr. Lorraine Day’s recommendations of nutrition for cancer patients.

1. Nutrition:

• Eat stone ground whole-wheat bread instead of white bread.

–  –  –

• Eat fresh fruits between the meals and not during the meals. The reason is this. Fruits undergo little or no digestion in the stomach and are held up if eaten with foods such as vegetables, legumes and nuts that require digestion in the stomach. Another reason is that fruits have sugar and acid which neutralize foods that have alkali content, making both foods ineffective for absorption into the body.

• Eat Barley Green, a live green juice

• Drink fresh Carrot Juice

2. Exercise - at least half hour daily - reduces 66% incidence rate for breast cancer.

3. Water - We are 75% water - dehydration is the major cause of disease. Water is best detoxifier. Use chlorine-free water only.


4. Sunlight - kills bacteria and boosts immune system, reduces size of tumors.

5. Temperance - elimination of all harmful chemicals - carcinogens, caffeine, processed foods, drugs, all medications but not instantly, gradually - step by step

6. Fresh Air. Indoor air doubles cancer growth speed. Hospital air conditioning system recirculates polluted air. Cancer does not like oxygen. Do deep breathing exercises

7. Proper sleep. By 9:30 p.m. at the latest. The body needs to recuperate and rebuild.

8. Stress Relief - stress is one of the major causes of disease, read the Bible. God promises to heal all your diseases if you keep His commandments. What you put in your mind is just as important as what you put in your mouth. Every negative thought must go.

9. Attitude of gratitude - learn to Trust in God.

You need to change your lifestyle; have complete faith in God. Sickness does not glorify God. It is His will for you to get well. A person who is enthusiastic and committed to a recovery program is much more likely to get healed.

10. Have a Spirit of benevolence - love God and others as yourself; pray for others.

7 All of God's Ten Natural Health Laws are free, except the food, which we need to eat anyway.

Drugs never heal diseases - our God-given immune system does. Cancer is not chemo deficiency. Dr. Lorraine Day believes that to be healed of any sickness we must reverse the cause.

We cannot heal a disease by doing something completely unrelated to its cause.

Dr. Day wants you to use God's plan which includes forgiveness of sins by the Lord Jesus Christ. This means you must pray and confess your sins to Him. Not only that, you must also forgive those who have wronged you. Only then can healing begin to take place. We all know when we have done something wrong we just have to make it right, and we cannot carry our anger around. Bitterness and resentment of others will make your sickness worse. Dr. Day wants you to view your sickness as something that you have caused by having an improper lifestyle, habits, behaviors and a faulty diet, which you must reverse through repentance, confessions of sins to God and turning around. Healing can only come from within you. Modern medicine tends to somehow let you off the hook by letting you think you can be healed through drugs which is artificial and independent of your wrong lifestyle. The reality is that what you think, act and eat determines whether or not you are going to be healed and how long you are going to live.

8 Whenever the Lord Jesus Christ healed a sick person, He healed every one of them by forgiving their sins; He commanded them to sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon them. If you confess your sins and repent of all the wrong things you have done and eaten, then you should begin a new life by following all God's Ten Natural Health Laws.

When you do that you will experience healing, beginning to take place in your body and mind. If you do all the right things according to God's Ten Natural Health Laws, there is no reason why you cannot receive healing from the Lord Jesus Christ.

God never changes. But it involves choosing not to continue to do the same wrong things that caused your problems, and to avoid things that cause more damage. Chemotherapy and Radiation destroy your immune system which you need for healing. Stop trusting in cutting (surgery), poisoning (chemotherapy) and burning (radiation).

Start trusting in the One True God, the Father and the Master Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah.

Dr. Lorraine Day discussed with Donald Barrett of

ITV how she was completely healed:

An Interview with Lorraine Day - Infomercial (2004) DONALD BARRETT: Hello, my name is Donald Barrett, and welcome to another edition of ITV. Our guest today is medical doctor and cancer survivor with a miraculous story of recovery. In 1993, she was diagnosed with life-threatening breast cancer. After refusing to be pressured into chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, her doctor sent her home to die. She discovered in this country that there are natural 9 healing techniques being suppressed that can prevent and/or reverse disease. She's now 67 years old and she looks better than ever. Dr.

Lorraine Day, welcome to our show today.

DR. LORRAINE DAY: Thank you very much.

BARRETT: Now, you're a medical doctor, correct?

DAY: That's correct. Orthodox medical doctor. Have been for 25 years BARRETT: What are your credentials?

DAY: Well, I was—I graduated from the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine. I'm an orthopedic trauma surgeon; I was Vice Chairman and Associate Professor of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of California San Francisco Medical School for 15 years; and I was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital. So I have been in the heart of academic, orthodox, mainstream medicine for virtually all of my career.

BARRETT: Now, how did you find out that you first had cancer?

DAY: Well, I had a small lump on my chest—really tiny—and I didn't think anything of it because it was fairly high up on my chest, but it bothered me when I put my seatbelt on. So, I thought I'll just have this taken off. And I went to a plastic surgeon friend of mine, had it taken off under local. He didn't think it was anything; neither did I. And when we found out the biopsy report I already had cancer all through my chest wall.

BARRETT: So, not only was it a little spot of cancer, it was all through your chest.

DAY: All through my chest wall at the time. They could not get clear borders in the biopsy. And I had a second biopsy too. These were done at well-known cancer centers and the biopsy report was infiltrating ductal adenocarcinoma of the breast, even though it was fairly high up.

BARRETT: Now, why, as a medical doctor, why would you refuse chemotherapy or radiation or even surgery? I mean, that's what most doctors recommend.

DAY: Right. Well, when we talked about surgery I did have the biopsy and later on I had, what we call, a debulking procedure just for pain relief. But I did not have a mastectomy. I refused a mastectomy. The reason I didn't go with any of those techniques is, first of all, 10 chemotherapy is poison. Radiation is very destructive to the immune system.

I have seen thousands of patients die from the treatment we give them Doctors and dentists will tell you don't get too many x-rays. X-rays cause cancer. And yet, when you have cancer then we, doctors, tell them, oh, now you have to have huge doses of exactly what we told you to avoid because it causes cancer. And there are many articles in the medical literature about chemotherapy causing secondary cancers later on, even if they survive the first cancer because chemo is poison.

BARRETT: So, what you're saying is chemotherapy and radiation actually cause cancer?

DAY: That's correct. And there are numerous articles in the literature and every doctor knows this.

BARRETT: Somebody out there who is watching right now, maybe they have cancer, maybe a loved one has cancer, they're probably saying why would my doctor recommend chemotherapy or radiation if they cause cancer.

DAY: Because they don't know anything else to do. What they're trying to do is decrease the size of the tumor or destroy the tumor, and in many cases they will do that. However, while it is destroying the tumor, it's destroying good cells, too, and most of your immune system. The reason your hair falls out and you vomit your insides out when you have chemotherapy is because it's destroying good cells as well as bad cells. And so it's always a race. Are you going to kill the patient first or destroy the tumors. But, you see, you never really cure the cancer because you've done nothing to reverse the factors that cause cancer. Cancer is not caused by a deficiency of chemotherapy nor a deficiency of radiation BARRETT: Let me ask you this. Does chemotherapy or radiation work for some people?

DAY: Well, it doesn't ever work for anybody. In other words, they never get well.

BARRETT: So there's nobody out there that got well through chemotherapy or radiation?

DAY: No. They don't ever get well. They may survive, but they don't get well. In other words, they don't reverse their cancer. What they do is... If you have termites in your house I can get rid of the termites by putting an atomic bomb under your house, and the termites will be 11 gone, but so will your house. And that's what chemotherapy does. It destroys your immune system You see, the body is made to heal itself. If you have cut on your hand, that cut will heal unless you do something really strange to try to keep it from healing. If you pick it open every day or if you put dirt in it, it will not heal. But if you just leave it alone it will heal. The body is meant to heal. And so when we develop cancer it's because of the way we're eating and living. It doesn't fall out of the sky and it's not just cancer.

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