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«Version 4 An editable PDF of the questionnaire to help you prepare to complete the Scorecard online 2 INTRODUCTION ABOUT THIS PDF Welcome to the ...»

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Version 4

An editable PDF of the questionnaire to help you prepare to complete the Scorecard online




Welcome to the latest version of the HERO Employee Health Management (EHM) Best Practices Scorecard in This PDF of the Scorecard is provided for informational collaboration with Mercer (“Scorecard”). The Scorecard purposes only. This form may be useful in gathering is designed to help you learn about and determine EHM information to assist with completing the online survey best practices. The original Scorecard, which was created but should not be submitted. All data are being by a broad panel of industry experts in 2006, has been collected through the online survey. For more updated several times to reflect the evolving EHM field. information on the Scorecard, including background The HERO Scorecard Version 4 (launched June 2014) and history and a discussion of the scoring system, is the result of more than a year of discussions among please see page 25.

a panel of EHM experts and incorporates what we’ve learned about which best practices have the biggest STATEMENT OF PERMISSIBLE USE impact from analyses conducted using the extensive The HERO Employee Health Management Best database created from Version 3, as well as recently Practices Scorecard© in collaboration with Mercer published research. It also covers practices that either (“Scorecard”) is protected by copyright and owned didn’t exist or were just emerging when Version 3 by the Health Enhancement Research Organization was created and takes into account the continuous (HERO). The Scorecard may be displayed and feedback we have received from users and industry reproduced by individuals and entities for their thought leaders. noncommercial use, including educational purposes and program assessment.


First, the questions themselves serve as an inventory In the event the Scorecard is reproduced for such of EHM best practices and, as such, may contribute to noncommercial uses, it is agreed that all copyright your organization’s strategic planning. Second, when notices will be preserved on such copies. Under no you submit the Scorecard online, you’ll instantly receive conditions may the Scorecard be changed, altered, an automated email response, free of charge, with or modified in any way without the express written your organization’s best-practice scores compared to permission of HERO. Additionally, the Scorecard may national averages. You can also complete the Scorecard not be used for any commercial purpose without the again to track progress over time. Finally, by sharing express written permission of HERO. HERO welcomes your organization’s information, you’ll be helping to suggestions on changes to the Scorecard, with the build a major national normative database to further the understanding that all suggestions become the industry’s understanding of best-practice approaches property of HERO and changes to the Scorecard to EHM. Numerous analyses of data from Version 3 of are made at the sole discretion of HERO. To discuss the Scorecard have been published — including articles permission for change or use, email info@the-hero.org in peer-reviewed journals. As the Version 4 database or call +1 952 835 4257.

grows, we’ll make benchmark reports available that will allow employers to compare the details of their Individual, identified responses to the Scorecard will be programs with those of relevant benchmark groups released only with the permission of the respondent. The based on industry, employer size, and geography. names of the organizations completing the Scorecard (but no contact information) will be available upon request and may be published.

I agree to these terms

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Organization name Name of person completing Scorecard Email address (required to receive Scorecard results) Email address confirmation (Please enter email address again) Email address of a person at the employer organization, if different from above (for example, if a consultant or vendor is completing the Scorecard on behalf of an employer)


1. Total number of full-time and part-time employees in the US (please estimate if necessary):

–  –  –

5. Do any employees regularly work from home (telecommute)? If yes, approximately what percentage?

Yes, approximately % of all employees regularly work from home.

No, few or no employees regularly work from home.

–  –  –

8. If you have multiple worksites, please indicate how many worksites are in the size categories listed below:

Worksites with 500 or more employees:

Worksites with 50–499 employees:

Worksites with fewer than 50 employees:

–  –  –

10. Primary type of business:

Manufacturing — mining, construction, energy / petroleum Manufacturing — products (equipment, chemicals, food / beverage, printing / publishing, etc.) Transportation, communications, utilities Services — colleges and universities (public and private) Services — other educational organizations (public and private) Services — financial (banks, insurance, real estate) Services — hospitals and health care clinics Services — other health services Services — technical / professional Services — other Retail / wholesale / food services / lodging / entertainment Government (federal, state, city, county) Other (diversified companies, farms, etc.)

11. North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code #

12. Average age of your organization’s active employees:

–  –  –

2 The purpose of the Scorecard is to assess the use of best practices in Employee Health Management (EHM). The Scorecard uses a broad definition of EHM. Essentially, all programs, policies, or benefits provided by your organization beyond basic health care insurance that are intended to maintain or improve the health and well-being of employees and their families should be considered in your responses, whether or not they are formally or organizationally part of a wellness or employee health management program.

This includes programs or services for employees on the entire health spectrum, from wellness and risk reduction to managing those with chronic or acute conditions.


1. Which of the following data sources do you actively use in strategic planning for your company’s EHM program? Check all that apply.


Medical / pharmacy claims Behavioral health claims Health assessment Biometric screening Fitness assessment Disability claims Absence / sick days data None of the above


Employee interest / feedback Employee morale / satisfaction / engagement data None of these employee surveys


Employee / business performance data Employee retention / recruitment data Culture / climate assessment (not including the HERO Scorecard) None of these measures or assessments

2. Does your organization have a formal, written, strategic plan for EHM?

Yes, a long-term plan (two or more years) only Yes, an annual plan only Yes, both a long-term and annual plan No — skip to Q.4

–  –  –

5. Does your EHM program specifically address the needs of employees who are (check all that apply):

Healthy At-risk Chronically ill Have acute health needs (or catastrophic health incidents)

6. To what extent is your EHM program viewed by senior leadership as connected to broader business results, such as increased revenue, profitability, overall success, and sustainability?

To a great extent To some extent Not seen as connected

–  –  –



In this section, we ask you to describe your company’s efforts to create or maintain a culture of health across your organization, including the level of support from leadership. By “culture,” we mean key values, assumptions, understandings, beliefs, and norms that are commonly shared by members of the organization.

8. Does your organization communicate its health values in any of the following ways? Check all that apply.

Company vision / mission statement supports a healthy workplace culture Employee health and well-being is included in organization’s goals and value statements Senior leaders consistently articulate the value and importance of health (for example, making the connection between health, productivity / performance, and business results) None of the above

9. Does your company have any of the following policies relating to employee health and well-being? Check all that apply.

Allow employees to take work time for physical activity Provide opportunities for employees to use work time for stress management and rejuvenation Support healthy eating choices (for example, by requiring healthy options at company-sponsored events) Encourage the use of community EHM resources (for example, community gardens, recreational facilities, health education resources) Tobacco-free workplace or campus Policies promoting responsible alcohol use Support work-life balance (for example, with flex time or job share options) None of the above

10. Does your company’s physical (“built”) environment include any of the following? Check all that apply.

Healthy eating choices are available and easy to access (for example, healthy options in cafeteria or vending machines; cafeteria design that encourages healthy choices) Physical activity is explicitly encouraged by features or resources in the work environment (such as a gym, walking trails, standing desks) Stress management and mental recovery breaks are supported (for example, with “quiet” areas or gardens) Safety is a priority within the environment (for example, ergonomic design, lighting, safety rails, etc.) None of the above

11. Which of the following describes your leadership’s support of EHM? Check all that apply.

Leadership development includes the business relevance of worker health and well-being Leaders actively participate in EHM programs Leaders are role models for prioritizing health and work-life balance (for example, they do not send emails while on vacation, they take activity breaks during the work day, etc.) Leaders publicly recognize employees for healthy actions and outcomes Leaders are held accountable for supporting the health and well-being of their employees Leaders hold their front-line managers accountable for supporting the health and well-being of their employees A senior leader has authority to take action to achieve the organization’s EHM goals None of the above

–  –  –

13. If your organization uses employee champions or ambassadors to promote EHM, are they supported with any of the following resources? Check all that apply.

Training Toolkit including resources, information, and contacts, etc.

Rewards or recognition Regularly scheduled meetings for the champion team None of the above We don’t use employee champions or ambassadors to support EHM

14. Are mid-level managers and supervisors supported in their efforts to improve the health and well-being of employees within their work groups or teams? This might include training, adequate budget, and resources that reflect the team’s needs and interests (for example, providing alternatives to cafeteria food service offerings, such as a farmers’ market option).

Work group supervisors / managers are given a lot of support Some support Not much support No support

–  –  –

6 SECTION 3: PROGRAMS In this section, we ask about specific health management programs that your organization makes available to employees. These may be offered through a health plan or specialty vendor, or by internal resources.

16. Which of the following approaches do you use to assess the health of the individual / population? Check all that apply.

Health assessment questionnaire(s) Biometric screenings Employee surveys Claims data mining (medical, pharmacy, behavioral health, disability) Monitoring or tracking devices Other We do not currently assess population health

17. Does your organization promote biometric screenings (beyond just providing coverage in your health plan) in any of the following ways? Check all that apply.

We provide onsite or near-site biometric screenings We offer biometric screenings through a lab, home test kits, or other offsite options We conduct awareness campaigns or otherwise actively promote getting biometric screenings from a health care provider No, we do not provide biometric screenings or conduct awareness campaigns — skip to Q.19

18. Do you have a referral and follow-up process for those individuals whose biometric screening results are out of the normal range?

Yes No

19. Does your organization provide health behavior change programs that are offered to all individuals eligible for EHM, regardless of their health status (for example, health challenges, classes, or activities)?

Yes No — skip to Q.22

20. If yes, how are these health improvement programs delivered? Check all that apply.

Phone-based (can include group conference calls) Email or mobile (SMS) Web-based method (other than email) In person (includes individual or group meetings or activities)

–  –  –

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