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«The T1 Guide W elcome to New Orleans and to the Tulane University School of Medicine! This is The T1 Guide, a handbook for the fledgling New ...»

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The T1 Guide

W elcome to New Orleans and to the Tulane University School of Medicine! This is

The T1 Guide, a handbook for the fledgling New Orleanian that you are so fortunate to

have become! This guide should help you in your quest to find study spots, restaurants,

things to do around the city, as well as provide general information to ease you into your

new life in New Orleans.

Getting Started … … … … … … … … ….2

Attractions … … … … … … … … … …. ….3 Banks … … … … … … … … … … … … …. …4 Coffee Shops/Cafes … … … …. … …..6 Drug Stores … … … … … … … …. … …...8 Grocery Stores … … … … ….....… … …9 Guide to the Campuses … … … … 10 Restaurants by Genre...… … … … 13 Fine Dining … … … …. …....18 Casual Dining … … …. … …21

Getting Started:

Louisiana Driver’s License, License Plates, etc:

The Office of Motor Vehicles is open Monday-Friday (8am-4pm). For a L A driver’s license, you will need: your out-of-state license, social security number, and one primary document (birth certificate, passport).

2150 Westbank Expressway Harvey, LA 70058 Map/Directions or 6701 Airline Highway Metairie, LA 70003 Map/Directions

Sewerage & Water Board:

Website To get your water turned on, you’ll need a copy of your lease/deed and just a smidge of patience.

625 Saint Joseph Street New Orleans, LA 70165 (504) 529-2837 Map/Directions

Entergy (gas/electric):

The majority (if not all) of this process can be done online here:

Entergy – New Orleans


Unfortunately, New Orleans does not offer free recycling services to its residents.

However, curbside recycling service is offered by Phoenix Recycling for ~$15/month:

Phoenix Recycling

Change of Address:

USPS – Official Change of Address Forms


Things to see and do while you’re here or if family/friends are visiting:

-Take a tour of the Mississippi River on the Steamboat Natchez They have jazz cruises and jazz/dinner cruises as well!

-Walk up and down Royal Street in the French Quarter, perusing the various art galleries, antique shops, and boutiques!

-Tour the most haunted sites in New Orleans!

Haunted History Tours Haunted New Orleans Tours

-Visit the National World War II Museum!

-See the famous Preservation Hall!

-After taking in the sights and sounds of historical Jackson Square, enjoy café-au-let and beignets at Café Du Monde!

-Stroll around our beautiful Audubon Park in Uptown!

-Visit the Aquarium of the Americas!

-Visit the Audubon Zoo!

-Enjoy our beautiful City Park in Mid-City after getting your culture on at the New Orleans Museum of Art, located within the park!


As far as I can tell,New Orleans is devoid of Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Wachovia, or TD Banks. We’ve got these though!


In addition to these branch locations, most Walgreens have a Chase AT M.

2200 St. Charles Ave.


–  –  –

First Bank & Trust:

909 Poydras St.


Coffee Shops/Cafés:

Where you study in medical school often greatly influences how well you study. I am so wise. Some students prefer coffee shops and cafes, while others prefer libraries and academic buildings. Wherever you like to get it done, New Orleans offers plenty of places to let your mindgrapes ripen!

Note: all locations listed have Wi-Fi access (with purchase)

P.J.’s Coffee & Tea:

A New Orleans chain with franchises all over the city. There are numerous locations (14!), so I have only included the locations that seem to be the most convenient to students.

7624 Maple St. (6am-10pm) This location is a bit larger than the others, with additional seating in the back and a patio area as well. It’s conveniently located next to the restaurant Fresco, as well as a line of bars (if your work/play lines often blur).

Map/Directions 5432 Magazine St. (6am-9pm) Within a short walking distance from Whole Foods, Pinkberry, and various shops.

This location also has a back patio area.

Map/Directions 1420 Annunciation St. (6am-10pm) Map/Directions In addition to those listed above, there are two P.J.’s located at the main/undergraduate campus (uptown), one of which is attached to a computer/print lab with seating.

C C’s Community Coffee House There are a few locations in New Orleans, but the most popular location seems to


900 Jefferson Ave. (6am-10pm) Map/Directions CC’s can become a little more crowded than the other coffee shops listed, but is still a favorite among studiers. This location is a short walking distance from Whole Foods, Slice Pizzeria, Pinkberry, etc.

Café L una Café Luna is a charming coffee shop in a located uptown! Within walking distance from Whole Foods, Slice Pizzeria, Pinkberry, etc.

802 ½ Nashville Ave. (7am-6pm) Map/Directions Rue De La Course Both “Rue” locations are very popular study spots, but make up for it by being markedly open and spacious. Cash only!

3121 Magazine St. (6:30am-11pm) Map/Directions

-Convenient food nearby 1140 S. Carrollton Ave. (6:30am-11pm) Map/Directions Starbuck’s Coffee If I describe what a Starbuck’s is like, I will feel very silly.

Map/Directions to both 2801 Magazine St. (6am-9pm) 7700 Maple St. (6am-9pm)

-Convenient food nearby Mojo’s Decidedly a bit more hipster than the others, this is an interesting changeup from your typical New Orleans chain coffee shop. Mojo’s offers an excellent tea selection, as well as a variety of organic and vegan food options.

1500 Magazine St. (6:30am-12am) Map/Directions Dee’s Coffee & Copy Near campus, also has copy services!

401 Baronne St.


Drug Stores:

–  –  –

Winn-Dixie – 5400 Tchoupitoulas St.

Map/Directions Rouse’s 4500 Tchoupitoulas St. (Uptown) Map/Directions 701 Royal St. (Downtown/Marigny) Map/Directions Whole Foods Market – 5600 Magazine St.

Map/Directions Walmart – 1901 Tchoupitoulas St.


Guide to the Campuses:

Medical/Downtown Campus Map of the Downtown Campus 1430 Tulane/Hutchinson Memorial Building “The Hutch” (#1 on the campus map) houses the Rudolph Matas Medical Library, which is our primary library. It is located on the 2nd floor, and has ample space for studying. It has a fair number of study carrels, and there are also small study rooms available. Computer/printing access is also available. The hours listed below are when the library is operational, like if you need to check out a book or get your Dewey Decimal on, but you can still gain access after hours by swiping your student ID card.

Matas Library Regular Hours:

Monday-Thursday (8am-11pm) Friday (8am-6pm) Saturday (11am-5pm) Sunday (11am-5pm) In addition to Matas, there are many study rooms located on the Dean’s Hall (1st floor), though during regular school hours they are often utilized for administrative and curricular meetings. Study space is also available in the newly renovated Student Lounge, located adjacent to the cafeteria. The Campus Bookstore is also located at The Hutch, next door to the Student Lounge.

Cafeteria Hours:Monday-Friday (7am-3pm)Saturday, Sunday (closed)

1555 Poydras (#17) You will use this building primarily for group activities and Standardized Patient sessions, but when it’s not being used for curricular activities, it serves as a great place to study. Located on the 22nd floor, it is comprised of small study rooms, most of which have gorgeous views of the city! However, on the weekends, the air conditioning is typically turned off, which is perfect if you like to feel swampy and moist when you study … A cafeteria is located on the ground floor.

The Murphy Oil Building/”Murphy” (#18) The Murphy Building serves as the administrative headquarters for the school th (15 floor). Here you’ll find the DeBakey Room, used primarily for group learning sessions (PBLs, TBLs, etc.—2nd floor). Murphy also houses a small gym, a large student lounge, and study rooms as well (6th floor).

Building Hours:

Monday-Saturday (6am-10pm) Sunday (10am-6pm) The Tidewater Building/1440 Canal (#3) This building houses our School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, as

well as a few important student services:

-Card Services (8th floor)

-Parking Services (8th floor)

-Financial Aid Office (12th floor) Undergraduate/Uptown Campus Map of the Uptown Campus The Uptown campus has a lot to offer! Parking is allowed in the garage adjacent to the Reily Center (see below) if you have a valid HE AL parking pass. If you do not, it is best to park on the streets that border the campus.

The Uptown campus is where you’ll find the Reily Student Recreation Center our largest and most extensive gym. (#106 on the campus map) The Howard-Tilton Library #60 is located essentially on Freret street (see campus map). While I’m sure it was one totally swinging building when it was constructed in 1968, the uptown library is now a bit dodgy in some parts. Some people swear by it, but be prepared for unpredictable temperature fluctuations, retro furniture, and to compete with undergrads who seem to be studying, but are actually vigorously facebooking/cyberbullying. On the upside, Tulane has recently renovated the ground floor, which now has a multitude of computer stations as well as a P.J.’s coffee shop!

Regular Hours:

Sunday-Thursday (8A M-3:45A M) Friday (8A M-10PM) Saturday (9A M-10PM) There are two P.J.’s Coffee & Teas located on the uptown campus. One is located at the corner of Willow and McAlister (#96) while the other is located beneath beautiful Stern Hall (#19) The Willow/McAlister location is conveniently attached to a computer lab with some booth-style seating for studying.

The Lavin-Bernick Center/LBC (#29), the undergraduate student center, is also frequented by studiers. It is open to the students at virtually all times, though the hours of the food court within it often vary on a restaurant-by-restaurant basis.

Restaurants in the LBC Food Court:

-Wall of Greens (salads, wraps)


-Energy Zone (smoothies)

-Byblos (Mediterranean)

-Southern Tsunami (sushi)

-Baja Fresh (Mexican)

-Einstein Bros.

-Panda Express


It has been estimated that there are over 900 restaurants in the city of New Orleans! Many of these restaurants are world renowned —try as many as possible! I’ve provided you guys with this smattering of restaurants organized into various categories.


* = offers delivery

Restaurants by Genre:

Pizza Places:

Theo’s – 4218 Magazine St.

(504) 894-8554 M ap/Directions Angeletto’s Pizza – 220 S. Robertson St.

(504) 581-3500 Map/Directions Slice Pizzeria – 1513 St. Charles Ave.

(504) 525-7437 Map/Directions Reginelli’s* 741 State St. (Uptown) (504) 899-1414 Map/Directions

–  –  –

Fresco* – 7625 Maple St.

(504) 862-6363 Map/Directions Naked Pizza* – 6307 South Miro St.

(504) 865-0244 Map/Directions Domino’s* 135 Carondelet St.

(504) 525-3663 Map/Directions

–  –  –

Japanese/Sushi Restaurants:

Sushi Brothers – 1612 St. Charles Ave.

(504) 581-4449 Map/Directions Hana Japanese Restaurant – 8116 Hampson St.

(504) 865-1634 Map/Directions Mikimoto* – 3301 S. Carrollton Ave.

(504) 488-1881 Map/Directions Miyako Sushi Bar & Hibachi – 1403 St. Charles Ave.

(504) 410-9997 Map/Directions

-DO NOT go here for the sushi … Rock-n-Sake Bar & Sushi – 823 Fulton St.

(504) 581-7253 Map/Directions Sake Café – 2830 Magazine St.

(504) 894-0033 Map/Directions Kyoto Sushi – 4920 Prytania St.

(504) 891-3644 Map/Directions


Five Happiness* – 3605 S. Carrollton Ave.

(504) 482-3935 Map/Directions Chef Panda – 247 S. Robertson St.

(504) 252-8336

-catering only!

Mexican and Tapas:

Superior Grill – 3636 St. Charles Ave.

(504) 899-4200 Map/Directions

-Great for large groups!

Taqueria Corona - 5932 Magazine St.

(504) 897-3974 Map/Directions Nacho Mama’s - 3242 Magazine St.

(504) 899-0031 Map/Directions Juan’s Flying Burrito 2018 Magazine St.

(504) 569-0000 Map/Directions 4724 S. Carrollton Ave.

(504) 486-9950 Map/Directions Felipe’s Taqueria – 6215 S. Miro St.

(504) 309-2776 Map/Directions

-Great for pick-up!

Baru Bistro & Tapas – 3700 Magazine St.

(504) 895-2225 Map/Directions


–  –  –

Byblos Café – 3218 Magazine St.

(504) 894-1233 Map/Directions Lebanon’s Café – 1500 S. Carrollton Ave.

(504) 862-6200 Map/Directions Attiki Bar & Grill – 230 Decatur St.

(504) 587-3756 Map/Directions

-Excellent hookah!


(see the pizza section as well) Vincent’s Italian Cuisine – 7839 St. Charles Ave.

(504) 866-9313 Map/Directions Pascal’s Manale – 1838 Napoleon Ave.

(504) 895-4877 Map/Directions Ice Cream/Yogurt Creole Creamery – 4924 Prytania St.

(504) 894-8680 Map/Directions Cold Stone Creamery – 624 S. Carrollton Ave.

(504) 218-8900 Map/Directions Sucré – 3025 Magazine St.

(504) 520-8311 Map/Directions

-Great gelato!

Pinkberry – 5601 Magazine St.

(504) 899-4260 Map/Directions

Late Night/Bar Food:

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