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«Miami-Dade County Public Schools Division of Student Services Comprehensive Health Services Oral Health, Refugee and Immigrant Health, and Infectious ...»

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Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Division of Student Services

Comprehensive Health Services

Oral Health, Refugee and Immigrant Health, and Infectious Disease Control




I. School Health Programs 2 II. School Board Rules 3-9 6Gx13- 5D-1.021 3-8 Welfare: School Health Services Program, School Health Facilitator, Entrance Requirements, Physical Examination 3 Immunization, Tuberculosis Clinical Screening, Health Appraisal Information 4 Health Screening, Teacher-Nurse Conferences 5 Health Station, Medication 6-7 Emergency Services: First Aid, Student Injuries, Emergency Information Card, Emergency Care Providers; Communicable Disease Control 7 Sanitation 8 6Gx13- 5D-1.05 8-9 Student Safety and Health Protection: General Responsibilities, Specific 8-9 Protection and Accident Reporting Responsibilities Injuries to Students 9 6Gx13- 5D-1.06 – Student Accident Insurance 9 III. M-DCPS Medication Rules and Procedures 10-36 Florida Statute 232.46 – Administration of Medication by School Personnel 10 Administration of Medication at School, Medication Side Effects 10-11 School Board Rule 6Gx13- 5D-1.021 11 Medication Policy 12-13 Medication Protocol at School, Parent Responsibilities – Prescription 13 Medication Storage/Labeling of Medication, Handling/Disposing of Prescription Medication 14 Unused Medication Form to Parents 15 The Five Rights of Medication Administration 16-18

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The primary purpose of a School Health Program is to promote, improve and maintain the health of the school age youth. Such a program should include adequate supervision of the physical, mental, emotional and social aspects of school life. It also should include instruction in health to assist the student in developing desirable health behaviors, knowledge, attitudes, and practices. The health of the school child is influenced by the teaching and environment of the school, by the program of public health in the community and by the direct services received. If the School Health Program is to succeed, it is important that private physicians, public health personnel and the school coordinate their activities in a cooperative effort.

Some portions of this guide have been taken from Florida State Department of Education Manuals and acknowledgement is made to all who contributed to the development of those manuals. Special appreciation is extended to the Miami-Dade County Health Department (M-DCHD), the Miami-Dade County medical community, and the members of the Miami-Dade County School Health Medical Advisory Committee for their continuing support and advice in all matters concerning the health and well-being of the school-aged child.

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This handbook has been planned as a suggested guide for school health facilitators to aid them in carrying out their assignment in developing and maintaining an effective school health program.

The program calls for a coordinated effort on the part of many people--teachers, administrators, custodial and cafeteria staff, public health personnel, parents, health professionals from the community, and others--if the program is to function adequately. Each school can develop workable plans through studying and analyzing the pertinent health problems of its pupils and community. This can be accomplished within the limits of available staff, time, and facilities.

This Handbook provides the informational guidelines which the school health facilitators and advisory committees will need to develop implementation procedures which can be successfully put into action.

School Health Program: The school procedures that contribute to the understanding, maintenance, and improvement of the health of pupils and school personnel, including health services, health education, and healthful school living.

School Health Services: The school procedures which are established to (a) appraise the health status of pupils and school personnel; (b) counsel pupils, parents, and other persons involved concerning screening findings;(c) recommend the follow-up corrections of remedial defects; (d) help prevent and control disease; (e) provide emergency care for the sick or injured; and (f) help plan for the health care and education of handicapped children.

Health Appraisal: That phase of school health service which seeks to assess the physical, mental, emotional and social health status of the individual pupils and school personnel through such means as screening tests, observations, medical, dental and psychological examinations, health histories and parent-teacher-nurse conferences.

School Health Counseling: The procedures by which teachers, nurses, physicians, guidance personnel and others interpret to pupils and parents the nature and significance of a health probe 1m and assist them in formulating a plan of action which will lead to solution of the problem.

School Health Education: The process of providing learning experiences for the purpose of influencing knowledge, attitudes and behaviors relating to individual, family, and community health.

Healthful School Living: A term which designates the provision of a safe and healthful environment, the organization of a healthful school day, and the establishment of interpersonal relations favorable to the best emotional, social and physical health of pupils.

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-2School Board Rules 6Gx13- 5D-1.021 Welfare


The Florida School Health Services Act of 1974 authorized the development and implementation of the School Health Services Plan which is a joint responsibility of the Department of Health and The School Board of Miami-Dade County, Florida. The primary purpose of the School Health Services Program is to provide learning experiences and health services that will help the student and the family develop and maintain sound health practices throughout their lives. The objectives of this program include the pro-motion of health, the prevention of disease and injury, and the provision of an optimal educational environment. The Superintendent of Schools shall establish such procedures as are necessary to provide for cooperative efforts in this area and for implementation of statutes pertaining to health programs to be provided in the schools.

I. School Health Facilitator Each school shall have a health facilitator appointed by the principal who works with the principal, faculty, public health nurse, and other resource persons in the implementation of an effective health program. Responsibilities of the facilitator are outlined in the Handbook for School Health Facilitators.

II. Entrance Requirements The Office of Comprehensive Health Services, in cooperation with the Department of Health, will develop and distribute annually the appropriate procedures for the implementation of the Florida School Health Services Plan.

The requirements of the Florida School Health Services Plan, in accordance with

the amended School Health Services Act of 1974, are as follows:

A. Physical Examination The Florida School Health Services Plan provides that all children of school age shall have health examinations performed at appropriate intervals by their family physicians or by physicians provided by public health agencies. This health examination shall be administered within twelve (12) months prior to initial entry into a Florida school. Parents of all students are to present evidence of health examination on the appropriate School Entry Health Exam (DH 3040) prior to initial entrance into a Miami-Dade County Public School. Parents, who, for economic reasons, are unable to have their children examined by a private physician, may obtain a health examination from the Department of Health or neighborhood health centers.

To be considered complete, the school health exam must include a tuberculosis clinical screening and appropriate follow-up.

Students transferring into the Miami-Dade County Public Schools from another school within the State of Florida who have a completed health examination form as part of their school record need not be re-examined.

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B. Immunization

1. The Florida School Health Services Plan requires each child entitled to initial entrance into a Florida public school to present a Certificate of Immunization (DH 680 - Part A) from a licensed practicing physician or a county health officer prior to the child's entry into school.

2. Children admitted to school with temporary certification, Certificate of Immunization (DH 680-Part A-1 or A-2), shall be excluded from school attendance if additional certification is not presented on or before the expiration date noted on the temporary certificate.

The principal is responsible for monitoring the status of students admitted with temporary certification. Two weeks prior to the expiration date, letters should be sent to parents alerting them to impending exclusion.

3. The Plan further provides that any child shall be exempt from immunization upon written request of the parent or guardian stating an objection to such immunization on religious grounds, Religious Exemption Certificate (DH 681), or upon written certification, Certificate of Immunization (DH 680 - Part C), by a competent medical authority. It is understood that children with medical or religious exemptions will be subject to exclusion from school during any communicable disease epidemic.

4. Each student is required to have on file a Florida Certificate of Immunization (DH 680) or an exemption for attendance in a public school in Miami-Dade County for grades Pre-K through 12. Students who do not meet this requirement will be subject to temporary exclusion from school until proper documentation is presented. The Certificate of Immunization shall be attached to the Cumulative Health Record (DH 3041) and filed as part of the student's Cumulative Record Folder.

C. Tuberculosis Clinical Screening Each student shall have proof of a tuberculosis clinical screening and appropriate follow-up prior to initial enrollment in any grade in a MiamiDade County Public School. This screening is to be administered at the time of the Student Health Exam and within twelve (12) months prior to initial enrollment in any grade in a Miami-Dade County Public School. If the screening indicates that a follow-up skin test is needed, a student can be admitted but only with a health provider‟s statement that the student is free of communicable tuberculosis and can attend school.

III. Health Appraisal and Information A. The Cumulative School Health Record The Cumulative School Health Record (DH 3041) is supplied by the

-4Department of Health. It is the responsibility of personnel within the individual school to initiate this form, including all identifying data. This record is to be retained permanently as a part of the student's Cumulative Record Folder. Results of periodic screening tests, follow-up services, and notations of significant injuries and illnesses are to be promptly and accurately recorded on this form by authorized school and public health personnel.

B. Health Screening

1. Heights and weights shall be taken and recorded at least once a year in grades Pre-K through 5, preferably during the first eight weeks of each school year, under the supervision of school and/or health personnel.

Heights and weights are to be recorded on the Cumulative School Health Record (DH 3041).

2. Vision screening shall be done annually for each student in grades PreK, kindergarten, 1, 3, 6, and 10 with the use of, but not limited to the Snellen Eye Chart, under the supervision of school and/or health personnel. Any student who, at any time during the school year, appears to have a vision problem shall be referred to the school public health nurse, for vision testing. The results of the vision screening and follow-up are to be recorded on the Cumulative School Health Record (DH 3041).

Parents of students who fail the vision screening test are to be notified and referred to private eye specialists or to the school public health nurse.

3. Audiometric screening will be performed annually on all students in grades Pre-K, kindergarten, 1, 2, 3, 6, and 10 under the supervision of school and/or health personnel. Any student who, at any time during the school year, appears to have a hearing loss will be referred to the school speech/language pathologist for audiometric screening or to a certified audiologist for audiometric testing.

Parents of students who fail the audiometric test are to be notified and referred to private physicians, to the Conservation of Hearing Clinic, Jackson Memorial Hospital, or a certified audiologist. The results of the audiometric screening and follow-up are to be recorded on the Cumulative School Health Record (DH 3041).

4. Provide vision and audiometric screening and follow-up services for all new students entering Miami-Dade County Public Schools in the remaining elementary grade levels.

5. Other types of health screening shall be conducted in accordance with the Florida Health Services Plan.

Parents of students who fail any of the health screening tests are to be notified in writing and referred to appropriate health care specialists.

C. Teacher-Nurse Conferences Teacher-nurse conferences, initiated by the public health nurse, will be scheduled in grades Pre-K through 5 at least once a year and whenever necessary in the secondary schools. The purpose of such conferences is

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IV. Health Station Each school shall provide physical facilities for the implementation of the Florida School Health Services Plan. This space (clinic) shall be equipped to provide to students emergency aid, temporary relief, and other health services program activities.

V. Medication School personnel may assist students in the administration and/or dispensing of prescribed medication to students in compliance with the following procedures

approved by the Department of Health:

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