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«Vision Care for Life Group Name: LOS ALAMOS NATIONAL SECURITY, LLC. Group Number: 12284390 Effective Date: JANUARY 1, 2016 EVIDENCE OF COVERAGE ...»

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Group Vision Care Plan

Vision Care for Life


Group Number: 12284390

Effective Date: JANUARY 1, 2016


Provided by:


3333 Quality Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

(916) 851-5000 (800) 877-7195 EOC NM 03/02 09/10/15 Mzp

To be filled in by employer in the event this document is used to develop a Summary Plan Description:











Benefits are furnished under a vision care Policy purchased by the Group and provided by VISION SERVICE PLAN INSURANCE COMPANY(VSP) under which VSP is financially responsible for the payment of claims.

This Evidence of Coverage is a summary of the Policy provisions and is presented as a matter of general information only. It is not a substitute for the provisions of the Policy itself. A copy of the Policy will be furnished on request.


ADDITIONAL BENEFITS The document attached as Exhibit C to the Group Policy maintained by your Group Administrator, which lists RIDER selected vision care services and vision care materials that a Covered Person is entitled to receive by virtue of the Plan.

BENEFIT AUTHORIZATION Authorization issued by VSP identifying the individual named as a Covered Person of VSP, and identifying those Plan Benefits to which a Covered Person is entitled.

COPAYMENTS Those amounts required to be paid by or on behalf of a Covered Person for Plan Benefits which are not fully covered, and which are payable at the time services are rendered or materials provided.

COVERED PERSON An Enrollee or Eligible Dependent who meets VSP’s eligibility criteria and on whose behalf premiums have been paid to VSP, and who is covered under the Policy.

ELIGIBLE DEPENDENT Any legal dependent of an Enrollee of Group who meets the eligibility criteria established by Group and approved by VSP under Section VI. ELIGIBILITY FOR COVERAGE of the Policy under which such Enrollee is covered.

EMERGENCY CONDITION A condition, with sudden onset and acute symptoms, that requires the Covered Person to obtain immediate medical care, or an unforeseen occurrence requiring immediate, non-medical action.

–  –  –

NON-VSP PROVIDER An optometrist, optician, ophthalmologist, or other licensed and qualified vision care provider who has not contracted with VSP to provide vision care services and/or vision care materials to Covered Persons of VSP.

–  –  –

SCHEDULE OF BENEFITS The document attached as Exhibit A to the Group Policy maintained by your Group Administrator, that lists the vision care services and vision care materials that a Covered Person is entitled to receive by virtue of the Plan.

–  –  –


Enrollees: To be covered, a person must currently be an employee or member of the Group and meet the established coverage criteria mutually agreed upon by Group and VSP.

Eligible Dependents: If dependent coverage is provided, the persons eligible are indicated on the attached Schedule of Benefits and Additional Benefit Rider (if applicable).

PREMIUMS Group is responsible for payments of the periodic charges for coverage. Group will notify Covered Person of Covered Person's share of the charges, if any. The entire cost of the program is paid to VSP by Group.


1. When you want to receive Plan Benefits, contact VSP or a VSP Network Doctor. A list of names, addresses and phone numbers of VSP Network Doctors in your area can be obtained from your Group, Plan Administrator or VSP. If this list does not cover the area in which you desire to seek services, call or write the VSP office nearest you to find one that does.

2. If you are eligible for Plan Benefits, VSP will provide Benefit Authorization directly to the VSP Network Doctor. If you contact the VSP Network Doctor directly, you must identify yourself as a VSP member so the doctor can obtain Benefit Authorization from VSP.

3. When such Benefit Authorization is provided by VSP, and services are performed prior to the expiration date of the Benefit Authorization, this will constitute a claim against the Policy, in spite of your termination of coverage or the termination of the Policy. Should you receive services from a VSP Network Doctor without such Benefit Authorization or obtain services from a Non-VSP Provider, you are responsible for payment in full to the provider.

4. You pay the Copayment (if any), amounts which exceed the Plan Allowances, and any amounts for non-covered services or materials to the VSP Network Doctor for services under this Policy. VSP will pay the VSP Network Doctor directly according to its agreement with the doctor.

Note: If you are eligible for and obtain Plan Benefits from a Non-VSP Provider, you should pay the provider’s full fee. You will be reimbursed by VSP in accordance with the Non-VSP Provider reimbursement schedule shown on the enclosed Schedule of Benefits and Additional Benefit Rider (if applicable), less any applicable Copayments.

In emergency conditions, when immediate vision care of a medical nature, such as for bodily trauma or disease is necessary, Covered Person can obtain covered services by contacting a VSP Network Doctor (or Non-VSP Provider if the attached Schedule of Benefits and, if applicable, Additional Benefits Rider, indicates Covered Person's Plan includes such coverage). No prior approval from VSP is required for Covered Person to obtain vision care for Emergency Conditions of a medical nature. However, services for medical conditions, including emergencies, are covered by VSP only under the Acute EyeCare and Supplemental Primary EyeCare Plans. If there is no Additional Benefit Rider for one of these plans attached to this Evidence of Coverage, Covered Person is not covered by VSP for medical services and should contact a physician under Covered Person's medical insurance plan for care. For emergency conditions of a non-medical nature, such as lost, broken or stolen glasses, the Covered Person should contact VSP's Customer Service Department for assistance.

Emergency vision care is subject to the same benefit frequencies, plan allowances, Copayments and exclusions stated herein. Reimbursement to VSP Network Doctors will be made in accordance with their agreement with VSP.

5. In the event of termination of a VSP Network Doctor’s membership in VSP, VSP will be liable to the VSP Network Doctor for services rendered to you at the time of termination and permit the VSP Network Doctor to continue to provide you with Plan Benefits until the services are completed, or until VSP makes reasonable and appropriate arrangements for the provision of such services by another VSP Network Doctor.


VSP authorizes Plan Benefits according to the latest eligibility information furnished to VSP by Covered Person's Group and the level of coverage (i.e. service frequencies, covered materials, reimbursement amounts, limitations, and exclusions) purchased for Covered Person by Group under this Plan. When Covered Person requests services under this Plan, Covered Person's prior utilization of Plan Benefits will be reviewed by VSP to determine if Covered Person is eligible for new services based upon Covered Person's Plan’s level of coverage. Please refer to the attached Schedule of Benefits and Additional Benefit Rider (if applicable) for a summary of the level of coverage provided to Covered Person by Group.


Through its VSP Network Doctors, VSP provides Plan Benefits to Covered Persons, subject to the limitations, exclusions and Copayment(s) described herein. When you wish to obtain Plan Benefits from a VSP Network Doctor, you should contact the VSP Network Doctor of your choice, identify yourself as a VSP member, and schedule an appointment. If you are eligible for Plan Benefits, VSP will provide Benefit Authorization for you directly to the VSP Network Doctor prior to your appointment.

Specific benefits for which you are covered are described on the attached Schedule of Benefits and Additional Benefit Rider (if applicable).

COPAYMENT The benefits described herein are available to you subject to your payment of any applicable Copayments as described in this Evidence of Coverage, the Schedule of Benefits and Additional Benefit Riders (if applicable). Amounts that exceed plan allowances, annual maximum benefits, options reimbursements, or any other stated Plan limitations are not considered Copayments but are also the responsibility of the Covered Person.




This vision service plan is designed to cover visual needs rather than cosmetic materials. If you select certain options, as listed in the PATIENT OPTIONS section of the attached Schedule of Benefits and Additional Benefit Rider (if applicable), the Plan will pay the basic cost of the allowed lenses or frames, and you will be responsible for the options’ extra cost.

Some professional services and/or materials are not covered under this Plan. Please refer to the NOT COVERED section of the attached Schedule of Benefits and Additional Benefit Rider (if applicable) for details.

VSP may, at its discretion, waive any of the Plan limitations if, in the opinion of our Optometric Consultants, this is necessary for the visual welfare of the Covered Person.





If Covered Person ever has a question or problem, Covered Person's first step is to call VSP’s Customer Service Department. The Customer Service Department will make every effort to answer Covered Person's question and/or resolve the matter informally. If a matter is not initially resolved to the satisfaction of a Covered Person, the Covered Person may communicate a complaint or grievance to VSP in writing by using the complaint form that may be obtained upon request from the Customer Service Department. Complaints and grievances include disagreements regarding access to care, or the quality of care, treatment or service. Covered Persons also have the right to submit written comments or supporting documentation concerning a complaint or grievance to assist in VSP’s review. VSP will resolve the complaint or grievance within thirty (30) days after receipt, unless special circumstances require an extension of time. In that case, resolution shall be achieved as soon as possible, but no later than one hundred twenty (120) days after VSP’s receipt of the complaint or grievance. If VSP determines that resolution cannot be achieved within thirty (30) days, a letter will be sent to the Covered Person to indicate VSP’s expected resolution date. Upon final resolution, the Covered Person will be notified of the outcome in writing.


Initial Determination: VSP will pay or deny claims within thirty (30) calendar days of the receipt of the claim from the Covered Person or Covered Person's authorized representative. In the event that a claim cannot be resolved within the time indicated, VSP may, if necessary, extend the time for decision by no more than fifteen (15) calendar days.

–  –  –

VSP’s determination, including specific reasons for the decision, shall be provided and communicated to the Covered Person within thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of a request for appeal from the Covered Person or Covered Person’s authorized representative.

If Covered Person disagrees with VSP’s determination, he/she may request a second level appeal within sixty (60) calendar days from the date of the determination. VSP shall resolve any second level appeal within thirty (30) calendar days.

When Covered Person has completed all appeals mandated by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”), additional voluntary alternative dispute resolution options may be available, including mediation and arbitration. Covered Person should contact the U. S.

Department of Labor or the state insurance regulatory agency for details. Additionally, under ERISA (Section 502(a)(1)(B)) [29 U.S.C.

1132(a)(1)(B)], Covered Person has the right to bring a civil (court) action when all available levels of review of denied claims, including the appeals process, have been completed, the claims were not approved in whole or in part, and Covered Person disagrees with the outcome.


After the Policy Term, this Policy will continue on a month to month basis or until terminated by either party giving the other party sixty (60) days notice. Policy Benefits will cease on the date of cancellation of this Policy whether the cancellation is by your Group or by VSP due to nonpayment of Premium.

If Covered Person is receiving service as of the termination date of the Policy, such service shall be continued to completion, but in no event beyond six (6) months after the termination date of the Policy.


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