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«What kind of stories qualify? • A specific act performed by an Enloe Caregiver. • The story can be about assisting each other as well ...»

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Supporting the mission of Enloe Medical Center:

To improve the quality of your life through patient-centered care.

Look for nomination ballots on

Inside Enloe and in your department.

What kind of stories qualify?

• A specific act performed by an Enloe Caregiver.

• The story can be about assisting each other as well

as patients & families.

• Stories about exceptional quality of clinical care or exceptional customer service are perfect examples.

• Simple acts of human kindness make the best stories.

Who is eligible for nomination?

Any Enloe Caregiver, including employees, partner employees, volunteers, and physicians who through their actions tell an Enloe story.

How the program works • Submit stories to Human Resources via intranet, e-mail or hand written ballot.

• Planetree Facilitators review each story and select five or six each quarter • Quarterly winners announced at a celebration event.

Amber Genato As Amber Genato, RN, was conducting a discharge phone call with an elderly patient, she noted that the patient was having difficulty speaking. The patient believed that she suffered a stroke the previous night. Amber was able to get the patient to agree to allow an ambulance to be sent to her home. Amber verified the patient’s address and called the ambulance dispatcher.

The patient also requested that Amber contact her son, so Amber called and asked him to go to his mother’s home. He stated that his mom often refuses such care, but if she were requesting an ambulance, then “something must be wrong”.

The patient was brought to the Emergency Department where it was confirmed that she had suffered a stroke and she was admitted to the hospital.

Amber was able to take a “routine” follow-up phone call and turn it into something much more. She truly “improved the quality of this patient’s life through patientcentered care.” Submitted by: Dr. Marcia Nelson, Vice President of Medical Affairs Stephanie Sicke and Dr. Steven Zlotowski Greetings up there, Mr. Wiltermood! Just a short note to express my family’s sincere gratitude to Stephanie, MSW, Care Manager, Social Worker and Dr. “Z” at the Emergency Room (ER) for the extremely professional, effective, and sensitive care they provided my father in January

2012. Although my Dad is 88 years old and speaks Spanish as his primary language, these two caring professionals breached those obstacles without delay or hesitation. Due to Stephanie’s keen knowledge, efficiency, and caring attitude, our Dad experienced a smooth transition from the ER to the skilled nursing home on the same day. She even procured transportation to get Dad there! Regardless of the intense and fast-moving nature of the ER, Dr. Z ran multiple tests to cross-check and determine Dad’s condition.

He continuously returned to check on Dad, updated us on his findings, provided sound recommendations, and did all this in a most congenial manner. He even spoke in Spanish to Dad! In short, the positive attitudes and professional competence demonstrated by Stephanie and Dr. Z helped alleviate a difficult situation.

It is comforting and reassuring to know we have people of their caliber in the healthcare profession. A caring and helpful attitude, such as theirs, goes a long way toward enhancing patient confidence and community Enloe Medical Center Stories of Excellence 3 relations. Their professional competence and positive attitude should be commended. I truly hope there is a way, within your hierarchy, to reward such outstanding performance. Please convey my family’s most sincere appreciation to Stephanie and Dr. Z. We will always remember their caring demeanor, congenial attitude, and professional competence. I would be pleased to discuss this further or provide additional information.

Submitted by: Henri Henderson – Administration on behalf of the patient’s family

–  –  –

Joel Rousso As an employee of Enloe in the ambulance department, I appreciate the little things in life. When we are busy running around the town and have not received a break for a while, it is nice to come to the station on Cohasset and take a breath or two. Joel, a housekeeper at the Cohasset site, not only comes in and makes the place look immaculate every time by going beyond normal cleaning duties and cleaning the unseen cracks and crevices in a very timely manner, but brings enthusiasm and integrity with him. Joel has a pride for golf and shares his remarkable story of his 10 year old son with diabetes who can out golf some of the best golfers in Chico. Joel does his 4 Enloe Medical Center Stories of Excellence job to the best degree and I imagine is trying to juggle 101 things at the same time. I know that he works until 5am but that does not slow the guy down. Joel represents good people. There is not a whole lot more to say, he is a nice guy and one of those people that you want to run into at least once a day to make things better in life. I only hope that Joel gets the respect and kindness back that he deserves because he sure dishes it out to everyone else.

Bless people like Joel; we need a few more billion people like him to have hope in this world. Joel might not give direct patient care, but he has the spirit to spread to others allowing them to give the care that is deserved by patients.

Submitted by: Chad Lewis, Paramedic - Ambulance Steve Zlotowski, MD Dr. Zlotowski possesses many wonderful qualities. What I would like to highlight is his amazing performance under pressure and in times of crisis.

He is a soft spoken man who has reached far into the lives of families and given them hope. I received this letter from a patient’s wife.....

Dear Dr. Zlotowski, You saved my husband’s life four years ago, I am not sure if you remember David. He was the patient who had a heart attack in the restroom of the emergency room. He did not have a heartbeat for 45 minutes. I want to thank you and all of the doctors and nurses that gave David an extra four years to live.

I am writing to you to let you know that David passed away on October 16th,

2011. David was jogging when he had collapsed on the street. A neighbor found him and called the ambulance. The EMT told me the cause of death was cardiac arrest. In the last four years of his life, David was able to see his first grandson turn one, travel to Russia with his father and celebrate our 30th anniversary with a trip to Amsterdam, Belgium and England. David never kept things, but when I was going through his items I found the letter that you wrote to him after he wrote to you. I know that he was very grateful to you and the rest of the team. All of you should be very proud of the work that you do. Thank you for giving me four extra years with him.

Dr. Zlotowski does not expect recognition or need it, he is simply content to do his best. I am proud of what he does, proud to know him and blessed to work alongside him.

Submitted by: Stacy Vincent, RN – Emergency Department Enloe Medical Center Stories of Excellence 5 Natalie Streeter I received a phone call today asking the “name of that wonderful Nurse Practitioner that took care of me so I can thank her for saving my life”. I asked the patient if I could share her name and her story and she quickly said please do.

Ruth’s story: She was having a hard time breathing after her knee surgery so she drove herself to the Cohasset Prompt Care and told the registration staff of her problem. They quickly called a nurse to come up front. Ruth was brought back to an exam room immediately and had a Nurse Practitioner, Natalie Streeter, at her side within minutes. Ruth stated she has had shortness of breath for many years and was just not getting any better so she thought she would drive herself in. She had just recently had a left knee replacement and when she shared that bit of information with Natalie things started happening. Ruth said Natalie told her as soon as she had that piece of information she suspected a clot. Ruth got a breathing treatment, lab work and was told she may have to be transferred to the main hospital.

She was sent by ambulance to the Emergency Room after concerning lab results were reviewed. Ruth states everyone was incredible to her and this was an example of excellence in the medical field. Ruth credits Natalie for helping to save her life. Ruth was very touched that Natalie came to see her the next day in the hospital.

Submitted by: Kathy Buck, RN, Nurse Manager - Prompt Care

–  –  –

6 Enloe Medical Center Stories of Excellence as best she could outside. Paula then took off her sweater, covered the child and waited around 15 minutes for police officers to arrive. They took down her information and said they were going to conduct a check of the neighborhood.

Paula turned on the heater in her car full blast to try and dry herself out and continued on to her patients. A few days later she still had not heard what the outcome was regarding the baby and all she could say was, “I can still see that little face and can’t stop thinking about that little girl”.

She did call the Chico Police Department to find out what had happened to the little toddler she had rescued off the street on that cold and rainy day. The officer told Paula she was truly the baby’s “angel” and that no harm had come to the little girl because of her fast thinking and gentle care. The officer also stated they had located the child’s mother. The mother stated she had left the baby in the care of her grandfather while she ran to the grocery store. The grandfather had fallen asleep and the baby had somehow gotten out of the house.

What an amazing story and a wonderful hero!

We at HomeCare know Paula to be gentle, patient and caring with her patients and dedicated and hard working always. She is quite simply EXCELLENT!

Submitted by: Jain C Redmond, Scheduler/Equipment Tech - HomeCare Services Darcy Seipert One day in March I worked an Ambulance shift with Paramedic, Darcy Seipert.

As we went about our day transporting patients in and out of the Enloe Esplanade Campus, we noticed a gentleman with a blank look on his face standing in the hallway outside the ER, close to the elevators. He was leaning against the wall with staff, patients, and visitors walking by him. After completing several patient transports we wondered why he had been in the same position for so long, it had been at least 3 hours since we had seen him move.

Darcy walked up to him and asked if he needed help or had any questions she could help with. It was immediately clear that he was fighting back Enloe Medical Center Stories of Excellence 7 tears. He explained that he had brought his wife in to the Emergency Department earlier in the day for an acute illness that they didn’t think was too serious, but she had then been taken into emergency surgery for a gallbladder issue and that the expected procedure would take 1 hour. An hour into surgery the OR staff had advised him that her condition was more severe than previously thought and that her surgery would take longer than expected. At that time she had been in surgery for over 4 hours. Darcy tried to reassure him that his wife was in good hands and then she asked him about his family and children. He said they had 4 children, ranging in ages from 8 years old to 2 months old.

Although Darcy only spoke with him for a few minutes, her reassuring tone and genuine compassion clearly was something he needed at that moment.

We then transported another patient. Afterwards when we stopped at a gas station to put fuel in the Ambulance, she bought a drink and a few snacks, using an “On The Spot” gift card she had received for coming in early a week prior to assure a patient would be at their destination on time. We then responded to Enloe to transport another patient. When we walked through the hallway the man was still in the same place. She walked up to him and gave him the drink and snacks, and again tried to reassure him that the Enloe staff would do everything they could for his wife. He gave her a hug and was obviously very moved by the gesture.

This gentleman was experiencing one of the worst days of his life and Darcy’s act of kindness was clearly not lost on him. Although she had not given him any false hopes or promises, she had instilled a feeling of caring and support that is sometimes all we are able to give as health care providers. Although working on the Ambulance often keeps us outside of the hospital, Enloe Ambulance staff like Darcy and myself take pride in, and assume ownership of the care given at Enloe Hospital. Working with individuals like Darcy is a positive influence and a constant reminder of what we can provide our patients and frequently even more importantly, their families. After we left the hospital Darcy went about her normal duties of the day with a smile, as if she hadn’t done anything extraordinary. Darcy’s caring and selflessness is an asset to Enloe and I would like to recognize her as an example of excellence.

Submitted by: Joseph Bond, EMT - Ambulance

–  –  –

Enloe Medical Center Stories of Excellence 9 Michelle Parsons Beverly Gentry stopped by Administration today and told me a wonderful story

of extra patient service:

A patient who was admitted to First Floor Medical/Neuro had dentures that appeared to need deep cleaning; they were black! Michelle Parsons, CNA took the initiative and called her dentist, Dr. Steven Abbott for advice. He said he has a special solution and ultrasonic cleaner and he offered to clean the dentures for the patient. The CNA delivered the dentures to the dentist. He examined the dentures and said the color was inherent in the type of material that was used for these dentures, but that they indeed could use a deep clean, which he did. The dentures were brought back to the patient looking like new!

Beverly is planning to use some on-the-spot funds to send a thank you basket to the dentist and his staff for their willingness to assist with this unusual need.

Kudos for their willingness to go above and beyond the usual care for this patient.

Submitted by: Debby Johnson, Administrative Assistant and Beverly Gentry, RN, Nurse Manager, Definitive Care Unit.

–  –  –

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