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Newsletter April 2015

Allergies and the Paracelsus Medical

Dear Mister/Miss

In the Appenzell region, there is an ancient tradition of

forcing out the winter with a big tree trunk (called a

“Bloch”). It appears to have worked, because Spring has truly

arrived, and we are pleased with the increasingly milder

days. But, this also means we’re hearing forecasts of

increasing pollen counts, which means increased suffering for those with pollen‐related allergies. The good news is that Paracelsus Clinic, or if you prefer, the “Paracelsus Medicine” can offer these people valuable help.

In the post‐war period one lived healthier. In my youth I did not hear of a single case of caviar allergy. (— Karl‐Heinz Karius) Of course, this is said with a wry smile, and yet it does contain a hint of truth. Allergic reactions have in fact increased over the past few decades and even more so in recent years.

The reasons for this are not yet entirely clear. However, it is clear that the higher the standard of living and improved hygiene, the greater the increase in allergies. The conventional wisdom says that the increased hygiene is partly responsible. The immune system is now stressed much less by its natural antagonists (which are harmless bacteria and viruses), and so, having lost its capacity to distinguish between dangerous and harmless substances, it now overreacts to harmless proteins as if they were dangerous, too.

About 35% of the Swiss population is sensitive to allergens, and their immune systems are in a state of alert, waiting to react and protect themselves from allergens. About 20‐25% have already exhibited allergic symptoms, and these numbers correspond to those of other industrialized nations.

Here at Paracelsus Clinic we use reliable lab tests to identify potential allergies and intolerances. This involves allergic reactions to pollen, food (such as cow’s milk products) and other environmental substances. You may know that Dr. Rau’s recommended Paracelsus diet regimen eliminates cow’s milk products. Of the many reasons for this, the most important one is that these products are now so highly processed.

As a small note, you may want to think about the following researcher’s conclusion: “Erika von Mutius, a Munich University Professor, found that rural children who drink raw milk suffer less from asthma and allergies than urban children who do not do this.” And so I hope that you will find a lot of useful information in our “Allergy Newsletter”.

With best wishes, Wolfgang A. Haas CEO

–  –  –

These clarifications are then incorporated into the individualized treatment plan, which may include general detoxification of the body, Auto‐ hemotherapy, bioresonance therapy, neural therapy, intestinal structure, change of diet, restoration of tooth interference fields (disturbances in the body’s energy as it passes through the dental regions), but also homeopathic medicines, phytotherapy, etc.

It can take months for the body and the immune system to be “recalibrated” into balance. This requires patience and discipline. Unfortunately, the results will not be felt until next year’s allergy season, but in the meantime, we do have plenty of natural ways to treat the current season’s acute symptoms, and then to plan your basic treatment later in the summer which will eliminate the symptoms by next year.

Dr. Kurt Tischhauser

–  –  –

But, there are many patients who continue to suffer from hay fever or allergic asthma despite years of desensitization therapy.

Traditional Chinese medicine has another approach, based on the idea that the upper digestive organs — the spleen‐pancreas system — are weakened. Because they are no longer strong enough to digest the food sufficiently, this leads to an excessive allergic reaction. For this reason, a Chinese doctor begins by strengthening the weakened spleen‐pancreas system (primarily with acupuncture treatments) and draws out the excess energy that was created by the allergic reaction in the nasal mucous membranes and leads to itching and burning.

Two strategic therapies are used: (1) strengthening the spleen and pancreas and (2) releasing the excessive and accumulated energies in the upper respiratory tract. There are various ways to treat a spleen‐pancreas‐system weakness, and focus is on acupuncture and accompanying Chinese nutritional medicine.

First, a strict avoidance of sweets is very important.

Food should be chewed very well, and one should take plenty of time both to eat and to enjoy the meal.

Cold and moist foods such as cucumber, melon and raw carrots should be avoided.

Hard to digest foods and fatty foods aggravate the symptoms.

Eating warm food in the morning helps, and it can even contribute to a rapid improvement.

Warm and nourishing soups (such as chicken or vegetable soup) are recommended.

One should not eat very late in the evening because when undigested food sits in the intestines too long, this can significantly exacerbate the symptoms.

Chinese nutritional medicine can also help strengthen the spleen and pancreas.

Warm food warms and nourishes the spleen and pancreas.

With the help of acupuncture treatments (which in this case consist of inserting acupuncture needles in specific points along the lung meridian) to equalize the energy flow to the lungs and upper respiratory tract, we can restore the normal function of the mucous membranes. We find that treating hay fever with 8‐12 acupuncture treatments can achieve long‐lasting (if not permanent) balance of the lifeforce.

This therapy is begun 1‐2 weeks before the expected onset of hay fever discomfort, with two treatments per week at the beginning and only one treatment per week toward the end. The entire treatment usually lasts 6‐8 weeks.

Dr. Stefan Rupp

–  –  –

This is because metals can bind to our body's cells and proteins, altering the proteins so that our immune system now sees the healthy cells as ill, and the immune system’s attempt to defend itself against the perceived “illness” manifests as allergic reactions. This reaction/allergy can either manifest locally (with symptoms like itching, redness, rashes, swelling, metallic taste in the mouth) or systemically (with symptoms like dizziness, vomiting, shortness of breath, heart problems or even organ dysfunction).

For decades, dental treatment has not only provoked but also exacerbated allergies through the use of metals in toothpastes, mouthwashes, amalgam fillings, (precious and base) metal crowns, root canal fillings, orthodontic braces, and tooth implants. Once our body is already hypersensitive due to cosmetics and food, a second contact with the same allergen triggers an allergic reaction. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that any form of metal in the mouth promotes chronic inflammation and an accumulation of bacteria, viruses and parasites which use the metal to protect themselves from unintentional destruction by our immune systems.

It’s extremely important for us and our fellow human beings to proactively protect ourselves from these dangers. For this reason, important immunological scientists have developed tests that are recognized worldwide, such as the LTT, MELISA test and TST, which dentists can use to detect allergies to the materials used in making fillings, crowns, and dentures.

Fortunately, Paracelsus Clinic with our unique integrative approach to dentistry, offers the patient the opportunity to be examined by doctors and dentists, thus allowing for early detection, prevention and minimally invasive treatment options.

We strive for organic, wholistic dental restoration that is free of all metal in order to avoid energy field disturbances, which weaken the immune system and it is absolutely essential to co‐ ordinate such dental care with medical treatment to not only eliminate the metal from the mouth but also to remove metal that is stored throughout the entire body, and thus to decrease the susceptibility to allergies that these metals cause.

The Paracelsus Clinic dental team is pleased to be available to answer any further questions you may have.

With kind regards, Dr. Vizkelety, Dentist Annoying pollens are approaching Targeted hay fever treatment not only helps to relieve annoying symptoms and improve the quality of life, but it also prevents the development of allergic asthma.

The following have successfully been proven to treat pollen allergies:

Avoid contact with the pollens that trigger your hay fever. To do so, it’s essential to know which pollen you are allergic to and when its season is. A pollen count calendar can serve as a main reference point, and you can follow the pollen count forecast for your area on the internet or radio.

Purify the air in your living space, especially in the bedroom, with the Goodsphere air cleaner.

Alpinamed’s black caraway seed oil capsules help to prevent as well as to relieve allergies.

Black cumin seed oil stabilizes cell membranes, can prevent autoimmune reactions like allergies, and strengthens the patient’s defenses against pollen and dust allergies, acne and atopic dermatitis (eczema).

Dosage: Beginning in January, 1‐2 capsules 3 times a day until the summer.

For treatment of hay fever, we recommend Ceres Urtica‐Sambucus comp. drops. This is a special blend of homeopathic extracts.

Dosage: Beginning about 2‐3 weeks before the season starts, take 2‐5 drops, 5 times a day, as needed.

For the nose:

Gencydo Nasal spray 1%, is used for the treatment of hay fever symptoms.

Gencydo 1% for topical use contains herbal ingredients which have an astringent effect, decreasing the secretions and reducing the swelling of the mucous membranes.

For the eyes:

Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis) is an herb that has been used for centuries to treat sore eyes, and Weleda Euphrasia eye drops are produced from this undomesticated plant.

Weleda Euphrasia eye drops can be applied to irritations of the eye conjonctiva, such as weary, bloodshot, or watery eyes. They also help with swelling of the eyelids, as well as a feeling of irritants or dehydration in the eyes. They can also be used for babies and are even compatible with most contact lenses (soft and hard).

The Weleda products in dropper bottles and in monodoses both contain no preservatives.

                      Take advantage of our pharmacy offers now!

–  –  –

‐ Ceres Urtica/Sambucus Comp Drops 20 ML CHF 18.35 ‐ Gencydo Nosespray 1 % 20 ML CHF 18.50 ‐ Weleda Euphrasia EyeDrops or monodoses CHF 14.90 Information and advice Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 6.00pm, Thursday from 9.00am.

You may place orders by telephone or by email.

Telephone +41 71 335 71 41, E‐Mail: bio.apo@paracelsus.ch

–  –  –

And just as healthy food cannot grow in depleted, toxic soil, healthy cells cannot grow in a depleted, toxic body.

For this reason, organic foods are essential in Dr. Rau’s recommended hypoallergenic diet regimen.

Dr. Rau’s diet regimen recommends eliminating certain foods, and the main allergens to avoid include: sugar, refined products, wheat, eggs, nuts, almonds, milk and milk products. More than half of our patients will benefit from just omitting these products and further reducing their chemical intake by consuming only organic food and drinking only pure water and herbal teas.

To me, an infant’s nutrition is especially important. The intestines digestive system of an infant take about a year to develop. If an infant is fed “foreign” (unnatural) proteins, they enter the bloodstream and can cause a lifelong weakened immune system. Therefore, I consider it particularly important to breast‐feed an infant for at least nine months and to not feed it any sugar or other refined foods. With such a healthy start in life, the gut and the resulting immune system can develop optimally.

Allergy symptoms are as varied as the causes of these allergies and intolerances. More and more people come to us with allergies or sensitivities to various vegetables, fruits, spices and cereals, which makes it particularly difficult to eat well. Often however, it is sufficient for the person to follow Dr. Rau’s recommended diet regimen for a few weeks to eliminate specific allergy‐ provoking foods. Omitting these main allergens, in and of itself, will often reduce or eliminate most of the 'secondary' reactions to vegetables, herbs and fruits, because often what appear as “secondary allergies” are actually sensitivities and intolerances caused by the foods that are excluded when following Dr Rau’s diet regimen. Eliminate them from your diet, and the reactions most often no longer recur.

It’s especially important to understand that this diet will strengthen the immune system, and the resulting detoxification of the body will also improve the health of the intestines, adrenal glands, hormones and even the teeth, thus ensuring long‐lasting benefits for a healthier life.

For this reason, I am pleased to have doctors at my side, who are committed to finding the root of the problem.

We often find that the root of the problem is not what it first appeared to be. The cause might actually be a weakened immune system, an imbalance of hormones and/or enzymes, or even diseased teeth which could result in a lactose‐, fructose‐, histamine intolerance or really, an allergy such as Celiac disease.

During my diet consultation, the patients each receive a personally adapted weekly guide to help them re‐enter the world of well‐being. This diet regime is much less complicated than what much of the media describes.

Yours, Sonja Bacus, Nutritionist

Recipe of the month:

Basic Gluten‐free Muesli (Granola) Ingredients

–  –  –

Preparation Dry roast the buckwheat 20 minutes in a frying pan; let cool.

Dry roast cashews; allow to cool. If using dates, cut them into small pieces.

Mix together the buckwheat, nuts and dates and barberries with the remaining ingredients and pour it all into an airtight storage container.


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