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«2015 Veterinary Products Catalog NEW! LFA # 9095 Canine Skin Parasite Models of the Flea Tick Mite Hello! We are Lake Forest Anatomicals offering a ...»

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2015 Veterinary Products Catalog

NEW! LFA # 9095 Canine Skin Parasite Models

of the Flea Tick Mite

Hello! We are Lake Forest Anatomicals offering a broad line of high-quality anatomical accurate charts and models for Veterinary Medicine, Research and Education.

Our Veterinary Models include REAL BONE and realistic Canine and Feline plastic skeletons, procedural manikins (CPR, IV) plus models of the heart, lungs, ear, jaw, teeth, spine, knee, pelvis, skin and common parasites. Each anatomical model is ideal for student or pet owner education, procedural demonstration and anatomical studies. Our Veterinary Wall Charts include Canine, Feline, and Bovine skeletal, muscular and internal organ systems, and an acclaimed series of 13 Equine Anatomy charts. All of our charts and anatomical models are medically accurate and ideal for use by professional veterinary practice, breeders, animal shelters, pet-owner training centers, educators, etc. Alternative Care products such as Acupuncture/Acupressure models, charts and manuals also available.

LFA#92515-25 Canine Chart Set of 3 Includes Skeletal, Musculature and Internal Organs LFA #92530 Feline Anatomy Chart Equine Chart Series SPECIAL OFFER: Our unique Equine Chart Set of 13, LFA # 2559X includes the major Equine Skeletal and Internal Anatomy Charts – Equine Conformation, Dental Anatomy, Digestive, Foot and Hoof, Forelimb, Hindlimb, Mare Reproductive, Navicular, Neurological and Stallion Reproductive Anatomy. For use by professional Veterinarians, Vet Tech, Educators, Horse Owners and Equestrians- Hang in the barn or classroom to better understand your Veterinarian, or Horse!

We also feature a series of Alternative Medicine Veterinary Medicine Charts for Acupuncture, Acupressure, Chakra and related therapies, including a complete line of Tall Grass Institute veterinary acupressure charts, models, CD’s and manuals to support the growing application of acupuncture/acupressure methods for animal health and wellbeing.

Notice to Sales and Marketing Directors: Custom Imprinting on selected Anatomical Models Available for Customer Promotions. Please Contact us at 1for more information.

View all of our products online at www.lakeforestanatomicals.com for additional products in your area of specialization. Order directly and SAVE! Verisign Approved. Safe. Secure.

Satisfaction guaranteed Canadian and International Customers Welcome! We ship to over 40 countries worldwide and accept VISA, MC, AMEX, ACH Direct Bank Payment, PayPal (e-Bay), personal check or money order. Professional or institutional purchase orders accepted. Terms: Net 30 Days.

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LFA #9051 Canine Knee, Set of 4 Set of four (4) life-size models illustrate degenerative joint disease (Osteoarthritis) in the canine knee.

Disease-free (normal) knee also includes additional important structures including ligaments, tendons and patella. The progressive degeneration of the articular surfaces and the development of osteophytes (bone spurs) are demonstrated in the other three (3) models. With key card and base.

LFA #9060 Canine Hip/Pelvis Canine pelvis features both normal and osteoarthritic bone, body of ilium, greater trochanter, acetabulum, herniated disc, neck of femur, nerve, sacrum, and third trochanter.

–  –  –

LFA #9075 Canine Shoulder Average size dog shoulder with scapula, humerus, biceps brachii tendon, coracobrachialis tendon, lateral glenohumeral ligament, medial glenohumeral ligament and transverse humeral ligament. Model Size: 11.12” x 3” x 2”. With key card and base.

–  –  –

LFA #9151 Canine Heart and Lung Set Average canine (dog) heart and lungs infested with heart worms (dirofilaria immitis). Cut-away view demonstrates structures in the heart (right ventricle, pulmonary truck, pulmonary arteries, and lungs) where adult-stages heart worms are normally found. With key card and base.

LFA #9190 Feline Jaw Average size feline jaw depicts healthy teeth on the right side and diseased and damaged teeth on the left. The eight pathologies featured are: fractured canine, periodontal disease, tartar accumulation, plaque, gingivitis, worn incisors, retained deciduous tooth and missing pre-molar.

Jaw opens and closes and separates for closer study.

Model Size: 2.75” x 2” x 1.125”. With key card. No Base.

–  –  –

LFA #9195 Canine Jaw Average size canine jaw depicts healthy teeth on the right side and diseased and damaged teeth on the left. The nine pathologies featured are: fractured canine, periodontal disease, tartar accumulation, plaque, gingivitis, worn incisors, retained deciduous tooth, gingival recession and missing pre-molar. Jaw opens and closes and separates for closer study.

Model Size: 4.75” x 2.75” x 2”. With key card. No Base.

LFA #9196 Clear Canine Jaw Healthy canine hinged jaw showing the roots of all teeth (incisors, canine, premolars, molars).

Can be separated for better observation. Model size: 4 ¼” x 3” x 2”. With key card. No Base.

LFA #9200 Canine Ear- Normal and Infected This 2-sided, average size, canine ear depicts: Normal Side with cochlea, auditory ossicles, auditory tube, tympanic bulla, middle ear cavity, tympanic membrane, horizontal canal, vertical canal, auricular cartilage, pinna and temporalis muscle; Abnormal Side illustrates inflamed inner ear structures, inflammatory exudates in tympanic bulla, ear canal with partial occlusion from cellular hyperplasia, inflammatory exudates and an inflamed (reddened) outer ear.

Model Size: 4.75” x 2.75” x 2”. With key card. No Base.

LFA # 2512 Exclusive “Kotani” Canine Eye Model NEW!

Dr. Tadao “Ted” Kotani was a pioneer of Japanese veterinary ophthalmology and a leader in his field. Prior to his untimely death in 2003, Dr. Kotani had been working on an educational model of the canine eye. The Kotani Dog Eye Model finally came on the market in 2005. This beautifully crafted model is anatomically correct, with careful attention to detail in terms of size, location, and color of external and internal structures. The sturdy plastic model separates into two sections to reveal the interior of the eye. Both the cornea and the lens can be removed.

Two lenses are supplied. One is clear to mimic the normal lens and the other is cloudy to depict a cataract.The model comes with its own viewing stand, allowing it to serve as a work of art as well as an educational tool for clients and students. Ideal for clinical display and consumer education.

Also available- Complete Composite Plastic or “Real Bone” (Natural) Skeletons.

–  –  –

All above models feature a removable tail and skull with jaw on spring. Mounted on sturdy base.

Real Bone (Natural) LFA #51014 Real Bone Canine Skeleton LFA #51009 Real Bone Feline Skeleton LFA #51009 Real Bone Equine Skeleton* LFA #51010 Real Bone Bovine Skeleton* LFA #51013 Real Bone Pig Skeleton* LFA #51016 Real Bone Chicken Skeleton LFA #51017 Real Bone Bat Skeleton LFA #51018 Real Bone Rabbit Skeleton Note: Real Bone (Natural) Skeletons are recommended for research or professional use where precise authentic details of the skeletal anatomy are required. All models on sturdy base (* wheeled) and/or enclosure. All REAL BONE skeletons subject to availability. Please expect 6weeks for delivery.


Clear durable urethane allows transparent 3-dimensional views of roots and teeth. Full skull accurately shows the anatomical shapes, positions and proximity of roots to eye sockets and nasal cavity. Explain needed dental procedures without struggling with pet’s mouth or using real skull to demonstrate suggested treatment.

Enables the technician or assistant to learn the dental anatomy more easily and is excellent for lecturing, wet labs and teaching students. Injection molded teeth are extra strong, natural color and are anatomically correct. Teeth can be drilled and restored (with acrylic); Orthodontic devices, crowns and splints can be applied to the models for demonstration purposes.

–  –  –

Veterinary Wall Charts and Posters We are pleased to offer an exclusive line of professional laminated veterinary anatomical wall charts

measuring 26” x 20” including:

–  –  –

Equine Poster Set of 13 SPECIAL OFFER LFA #2559X LFA #92535 Equine Skeletal Anatomy LFA #2536 Equine Surface Anatomy LFA #2537 Equine Conformation LFA #2538 Equine Dental Anatomy LFA #2539 Equine Digestive Anatomy LFA #2540 Equine Foot and Hoof Anatomy LFA #2541 Equine Forelimb Regional Joint Anatomy LFA #2542 Equine Hindlimb Regional Joint Anatomy LFA #2543 Equine Foaling LFA #2547 Equine Mare Reproductive LFA #2548 Equine Navicular Syndrome LFA #2549 Equine Neurological LFA #2550A Stallion Anatomy Alternative Therapy Acupuncture/Acupressure Charts, DVDs and Manuals

–  –  –

Lake Forest Anatomicals, Inc.

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