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An easy and natural treatment to stay away from pollen allergy!



Allergy - Honey Can Cure Your Pollen Allergies For Good!

Every year, new allergy medicines are on the market with more hour relief for allergy symptoms. Of course, they will give you stronger side effects.

Moreover, all over-the-counter and prescription medicines for allergies are for masking symptoms only without addressing the root cause, so you need them every season. I heard a friend said his best season is winter, because only in winter he can be pollen allergies free.

During other seasons of every year, allergy medicines make his life miserable.

I heard a remedy to cure pollen allergies.

1. Get a bottle of local honey from farmer market or local stores (not from supermarket).

2. Chop a whole lemon to small pieces and mix the lemon pieces into the honey. And then keep the lemon honey in refrigerate for a week.

3. Eat 1 or 3 spoons of honey with lemon pieces every morning on an empty stomach for several months. Do it for several seasons.

Remember that only local honey works, since only local honey contains local pollens, which make you allergy. Supermarket honey is harvested from honey farms, where only one kind of flowers is planted to feed bees.

A friend of mine tried it and it worked for him. Also, I posted this remedy in another site. A lady commented that she used it about 20 years ago, and she has enjoyed pollen allergies free for many-many-many years. She had miserable pollen allergies twice a year before. She said it worked her.

Scientifically, I think it makes sense. Since doctors use allergy shots to treat severe pollen allergy, the shots only contain tiny quantities of pollens. With slowly exposure to pollens over time, your body will get used to them and stop reacting with allergy symptoms.

Local honey contains local pollens. And the lemon changes the honey to acid, for unknown reason, which enhances the curing power of local honey.

No matter what the principle is, it has no side effects, it is easy to do it and it is a cure for pollen allergies. - Libo Li, MS. MPH.



Indian home remedies for pollen allergies ips to overcome pollen season / allergy I started living in Germany from the age of 21. Until then I was in India and never had the problem of pollen allergy. Even during my first 3 years of stay in Germany, I did not have pollen allergy. It started after 3rd year and at the beginning it was quite mild. Itching of eyes now and then and some sneezing now and then, thats all.

From the 5th year onwards, it was quite serious and intensive. Until then I never heard of pollen allergy. So, I did not know what was happening to me. I had serious itching to my eyes and intensive sneezing and quite serious stuffed nose. Even I used to sneeze at the middle of night and middle of sleep. I went to a doctor and she gave me antihistamine and nose spray for clearing the nose. But they did not help me much.

I changed my doctor and went to a ENO specialist. He first did allergy test for me and found that I am quite allergic to tree pollens, particularly Birch pollen. He gave antihistamine tablets, nose drops and eye drops. After I started using them, in a week everything was fine and thought to myself that why didn't I come to this guy in first place.

Next year, pollen season started and hay fever started again. That year I thought to myself that I go to the same doctor whom I went on the previous year. I went to him and he prescribed the same antihistamine tablets, nose drops and eye drops. I started using them but to my surprise, the hay fever did not go away. Just eye itching and sneezing reduced when I applied the prescribed things. Stuffed nose and cough never reduced. I could breath only by mouth and coughing was quite serious too. I went to the same doctor again after couple of weeks and this time he prescribed a bit more stronger medicines to clear my stuffed nose. Guess what, it did not help much. Also I realized that in the previous year it was pure coincidence that my pollen allergy got cured by his medicine.Because I went to him really at the end of pollen season.

Meantime, I started reading more about pollen allergy and ways to handle pollen allergy. I started realizing that for many people, antihistamine can only help to relieve pollen allergy symptoms to some extent. Also realized that a healthy life style and things like yoga can cure pollen allergy / hay fever completely.

I started drinking lot of water and started eating vitamin c rich food quite often. Also I started washing my hair before going to bed. Also I started avoiding oily / fatty food. This things did not provide immediate cure. Even after the pollen season, I continued with the above mentioned things such as drinking enough water, eating healthy food also I started doing yoga.

When the pollen season started again the symptoms came back again, but it lasted only for 2 weeks compared to 2 months in the previous years. That was really a good improvement. But still those 2 weeks were quite bad. Stuffed nose and coughing were the worst things.

In the next year I started using Nasivin for the stuffed nose and it really helped a lot to relieve my stuffed nose. I could get Nasivin over the counter and I was told that I should not use Nasivin for more than 2 weeks. This time severe pollen allergy lasted for bit more than a week. For coughing I started using an Indian home remedy which is mixing 4-5 black whole peppers with some rice and taking the mixture in the mouth, biting it and holding the mixture in the mouth.

Again this year I had pollen allergy for 1-2 weeks. But again with same techniques which are described in the previous paragraph, I could avoid its severity. Hopefully, if I continue doing yoga and healthier lifestyle, at some point I may be able to completely overcome pollen allergy.

Tips to cure pollen allergy:

I have written the above mentioned things and I am writing the following things just based on my experience. Please consult your physician before doing anything based on the writing here.

During pollen season, as soon as you come home try to change your clothes and wash your hair or have bath.

Vacuum clean your house regularly´, at least once a day.

Do not spend too much time outside during pollen season.

Do not leave your window open for long duration.

Drink lot of water.

Try to eat vitamin c rich food, even during pollen free days.

Try to avoid fatty / oily food.

Do yoga regularly. I would recommend surya namaskar (sun salutation) and couple of more poses.

If possible, try to do also pranayama (breathing exercise).

Remember, it may take many years to completely cure pollen allergy. We need to do these things consistently to overcome pollen allergy.

Though I am doing all the above things, I also take antihistamine tablets, eye drops and nasivin nose spray for few days to have better days during pollen season. Also try to consult your physician before taking Nasivin.

To reduce coughing I take mixture of 4-5 black pepper pieces along with hand full of rice and take it in my mouth bite the mixture and hold it for several minutes and drop the juice slowly to my throat. I keep it in my mouth and spit it after a while.



NATURAL ALLERGY REMEDIES - (By Lynn Keiley - August/September 2006) Allergies plague millions of people, and many only get marginal relief from drugs, which can also have frustrating side effects. Natural remedies, however, often have fewer side effects, and can combat allergic reactions to plants such as the notorious ragweed, shown here.

As the golden days of summer begin to fade, thoughts often turn to the last sun-ripened tomatoes and bringing in the harvest. But if you or someone you know are among the more than 26 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies (or the estimated 50 million who suffer from all types of allergies), you may be focused more on pollen counts, the first freeze, and stocking up on tissues and allergy meds than on harvesting tomatoes.

Members of the sniffling, sneezing and itching allergy demographic typically rely on numerous drugs and sprays for relief — often with mixed results. Many pharmaceutical treatments relieve sneezing and itching, but do little to treat congestion, and vice versa. In fact, at a recent meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Dr.

William E. Berger reported that nearly a third of allergy patients think their medications don’t work. Plus, pharmaceutical remedies are often expensive and frequently come with unwanted side effects, such as drowsiness and nasal irritation. The sedative effects of these drugs can impair driving ability and because a mental disconnects that many users find irritating.

Annual bouts with pollen aren’t just uncomfortable; they also take a toll on mental wellbeing. Studies have shown that during ragweed season, allergy sufferers often experience a general sense of fatigue — especially mental fatigue — and are more prone to feelings of sadness. People who suffer from allergies also are up to 14 times more likely to experience migraine headaches than those who don’t have allergies.

Given these statistics, you might want to pull the covers over your head and wait until the whole season blows over. But it is possible to step outdoors safely without first loading up on allergy medications, even when ragweed is in full bloom. Here are several natural alternatives that are medically proven to help control allergies and help you breathe easier, even when pollen counts are at their worst.

Understanding Allergies When you understand what’s happening during allergy attacks, treating them naturally seems like plain common sense. First, picture a grain of pollen — it looks something like a spiny sea urchin (see photo 3 in Image Gallery). Now imagine this prickly invader entering your nasal passages and latching onto soft mucous membranes. These mucous membranes line our bronchial and nasal passages and contain immune cells, called mast cells, which are loaded with histamines. Receptors sit on top of these mast cells, and when an allergen trigger — such as pollen, mold or pet dander — lands on top of the receptor, it alerts the mast cells, which respond by releasing histamine and other chemicals. The histamine initiates a series of reactions designed to help the body get rid of the intruder, including sneezing, watery eyes and itching. For some people, particularly those with asthma, this reaction may also include swelling in the bronchial tubes that makes it difficult to breathe.

Most allergy medications attempt to treat the symptoms your body instigates to get rid of the allergen. But doesn’t it make more sense to shore up your defenses before your body goes into attack mode? Many of the natural remedies discussed below are designed to prevent a reaction before it occurs.

A few minor lifestyle changes also can go a long way toward keeping symptoms under


Avoid using window fans to cool rooms, because they can pull pollen indoors.

Keep windows closed when driving, using the air conditioner if necessary, to avoid allergens.

Limit your time outdoors when ragweed pollen counts are highest — from mid-August until the first frost.

Here are more things that can help head off allergies before they start, as well as some drugfree ways to treat symptoms when they do arise.

Neti Pots.

What could be simpler than rinsing away allergens with saltwater? Neti pots, small vessels shaped like Aladdin’s lamp (see the Image Gallery), have been used in India for thousands of years to flush the sinuses and keep them clear. It’s an idea that takes some getting used to for most Westerners, but it’s a bit like using nasal spray. A little douse of saltwater can rinse away those prickly pollen grains and help treat allergies and other forms of sinus congestion.

Just last year, an Italian study published in the International Archives of Allergy and Immunology found that nasal flushing was a mild and effective way to treat seasonal allergies in children, and markedly reduced their use of antihistamines.

You could simply use your cupped hand instead of a neti pot to rinse sinuses, but netis are inexpensive, and many people find them much easier to use. To flush your sinuses, mix a quarter to a half teaspoon of noniodized table salt into a cup of lukewarm water and pour it into the pot. (You can adjust the amount of salt, depending on what feels most comfortable.) Lean over a sink with your head slightly cocked to one side, then put the spout of the neti into one nostril and allow the water to drain out the other nostril. Use about half of the solution, then repeat on the other side, tilting your head the opposite way. Gently blow out each nostril to clear them completely. Neti pots are widely available online and at natural food stores. Use your pot about twice a day during allergy season, especially in the morning and after spending time outdoors. You also can use a neti pot before bed to prevent snoring caused by allergies and promote optimal overnight breathing.


A natural plant-derived compound called a bioflavonoid, quercetin helps stabilize mast cells and prevents them from releasing histamine. Quercetin also is a natural antioxidant that helps mop up molecules called free radicals that cause cell damage, which can lead to cancer.

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