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«143 DURBIN MEDICAL SUPPLY CATALOGUE Books and Teaching aids Books and Teaching Aids DURBIN MEDICAL SUPPLY CATALOGUE Books and Teaching aids 9.1 ...»

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Books and Teaching Aids


9.1 General medical and nursing

9.2 General surgery and critical care

9.3 TB, HIV/AIDS and STD

9.4 Women's health

9.5 Newborn and child health

9.6 Laboratory

9.7 Community and urban health

9.8 Drug information

9.9 Equipment Issues

9.10 Health care services: management, training and technical 9.11 Free publications 9.12 Teaching aids 9.13 Charts and models DURBIN MEDICAL SUPPLY CATALOGUE Books and Teaching aids Durbin and TALC TALC (Teaching Aids at Low Cost) is a UK charity with an established reputation in the supply of high quality and appropriate health-related books and teaching aids to the developing world at affordable prices.

TALC books and other products are available through Durbin at the TALC catalogue list price*.

This supplements our list of low-cost books from WHO, Martindale and other sources.

All books are in English unless otherwise stated.

*may be subject to a packing and carriage charge Prices on application. Please email cataloguesales@durbin.co.uk or call +44 (0)20 8660 2220 for a quotation.


9.1 General medical and nursing Order code A Pocket Book for Safer IV Therapy (Drugs, Giving Sets and Infusion Pumps) EI134L M Pickstone ed. (1999) This pocket book gives practical information on the calculation of drug doses, making up of drug solutions and selecting appropriate infusion equipment.

Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses.................................... B/APN R Watson (2005) Comprehensive and clear book on anatomy and physiology for nurses and allied health students. This book shows how to understand the structure and function of the body and how to relate this knowledge to the care of the patient.

Baillieres Nurses Dictionary (24th edition) 2005.......................... B/DNURSE Essential pocket reference for everyone involved in nursing and healthcare.

Fully updated and revised to address the changing world of nursing and health services. Contains a new appendix on clinical supervision and clinical governance and an updated section on nurse prescribing and community care.

Common Medical Problems in the Tropics............................... B/CMP CR Schull (1999) A comprehensive and practical handbook for medical and nursing staff, concentrating mainly on adult medical conditions.

Essential Nursing Skills (2nd edition)................................... B/ENS M Nicol, C Bavin, S Bedford-Turner, P Cronin & K Rawlings-Anderson (2003) Manual of skills that are essential to nursing with hints, suggestion and explanation to ensure successful performance. Covers essential skills and procedures.

Eye Diseases in Hot Climates (4th edition).............................. B/EDHC J Sandford-Smith (2004) Covers a whole range of eye diseases, providing a practical quide for healthworkers, doctors or medical assistants. Contains new chapters on practical refraction, HIV/AIDS and the eye, and children’s eye diseases.

Mansons Tropical Diseases (21st edition)................................ B/MTD Manual of Diagnostic Ultrasound....................................... EI408L PES Palmer ed. (1995) Provides guidance on the use of ultrasound in the diagnosis of a wide variety of common conditions at the primary and first referral levels of health care.

Suitable for use by doctors, sonographers, nurses and midwives with basic training in ultrasound.

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Pattern recognition in diagnostic imaging................................ EI413P WHO (2001) This book focuses on how to perform and interpret X-ray examinations.

It provides images of common pathologies seen in many developing countries in a pattern format. These include chest, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal and urinary tract patterns. The book, which is fully illustrated both with X-ray images and drawings will be useful to radiographers and radiological technologists, and will also prove valuable for other medical professionals working with X-rays.

Refugee Health...................................................... B/RH MSF (1997) Practical operational guide for relief workers dealing with a wide variety of health issues in refugee programmes. Ten priorities are identified for implementation in the acute phase of emergencies. Also discussed are priorities for the post emergency and repatriation phases.

Systems Structures (2nd edition) 2005................................... B/SS Anatomical Chart Company. This book comprises 35 anatomical colour digitally enhanced charts. Every major system and various organs structures have been covered to provide the most complete collection of charts on the human body. Desk-sized format makes this collection handy for the study of human anatomy, patient consultation and quick reference.

Tropical Medicine and Parasitology (6th edition)........................... B/TMP W Peters, G Pasool (2002) Combines over 1100 illustrations, nearly all in colour and authoritative text covering the clinical diagnosis, pathology and ecology of all recognised tropical and parasitic diseases. Each chapter contains relevant epidemiology, maps, histopathologic illustrations, improved laboratory tests and examples of modern diagnostic screening, enhanced by clinical photographs, parasitic life cycles, tables of clinical features and macro and microscopy causative agents and vectors. Useful for physicians, teachers and students of tropical medicine and parasitology.

Prices on application. Please email cataloguesales@durbin.co.uk or call +44 (0)20 8660 2220 for a quotation.


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Anaesthesia at the District Hospital (2nd edition)......................... B/ADH MB Dobson (2000) This updated and revised edition reflects the changes over the last decade in clinical practice, equipment and drugs available, all which conform with WHO and UNICEF recommendations. Aimed at medical officers and non-specialist anaesthetists working in small hospitals with limited resources to help them provide safe and effective anaesthesia. Special consideration is given to paediatric and obstetric anaesthesia.

Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery (24th edition) 2002.............. B/BLSPS In this major edition, all sections have been revised and updated.

Covers all branches of surgery. Useful book for all who study surgery from undergraduate medical students to those working for post graduate surgical examinations and also for practising surgeons.

–  –  –

ABC of AIDS (5th edition)............................................ B/ABCAIDS M Adler (2001) The new edition includes the latest information on epidemiology, psychosocial effects, palliative care, pain control. Patients also give an important insight into what it’s like to have Aids and be HIV positive.

Clinical Tuberculosis (2nd edition)...................................... B/CT J Crofton, N Horne & F Miller (1998) A practical book for non-specialist doctors and health-workers in countries with a high prevalence of TB. Includes a section on HIV infection in relation to TB and an outline of the WHO ‘DOTS’ programme.

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A Book for Midwives (2nd edition)...................................... B/BFM S Klein (2007) A reference book on antenatal care, labour, birth and post-partum care.

Includes sections on the complications of labour and birth and special procedures that midwives can learn. Aimed at carers from midwifery teachers and programme planners to community midwives and health workers. Uses clear, simple language.

Baillieres Midwives Dictionary (10th edition)............................. B/DMID D Tiran (2003) Revised and updated to include new words. The appendices also have new and up-dated information on immunization and vaccination schedule for children, nursing and midwifery council information, abbreviations and useful addresses and resources.

Myles Textbook for Midwives (14th edition)............................... B/MTM DM Fraser, M Cooper (2003) The leading textbook for midwives. Contains a new chapter on pharmacology and one on the dilemmas faced by potential parents in antenatal investigations and the challenges that adverse outcomes present to the midwife. More emphasis is placed on the puerperium presenting mother and midwife as partners in determining post-natal care.

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International Child Health Care: a practical manual for hospitals worldwide.... B/ICHC D Southall, B Coulter, C Ronald, S Nicholson & S Parke (2002) This comprehensive text provides up-to-date acceptable standards of management in all the common childhood conditions, using minimum resources. It is written for paediatricians working in stressful, under-resourced conditions and also for those planning to work overseas.

The Newborn Child (9th edition)....................................... B/NC P Johnston, K Flood, K Spinks (2007) Covers medical and nursing care of healthy, sick and malformed babies from conception to the end of the first month of life. Includes new material on nursing and midwifery, effective neonatal resuscitation and genetic disorders.

Prices on application. Please email cataloguesales@durbin.co.uk or call +44 (0)20 8660 2220 for a quotation.


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District Laboratory Practice in Tropical Countries (Part 1) 2nd edition........ B/DLP1 M Cheesbrough (2005) Aimed at those working in the district laboratory and those responsible for the organisation and management of community laboratory services and the training of district laboratory personnel.

District Laboratory Practice in Tropical Countries (Part 2) 2nd edition......... B/DLP2 M Cheesbrough (2006) This book describes in practical detail microbiological, haematological, and blood transfusion techniques with, as in Part 1, an emphasis on the use of standard operating procedures, quality assurance and good laboratory practice. Focus is on infections prevalent in tropical countries, including HIV, TB, and dengue. It also describes procedures for blood collection, screening, grouping, storage and compatibility testing. We recommend Part 2 should be used together with Part 1.

Selection of Basic Laboratory Equipment for Laboratories with Limited Resources B/SBLE WL Johns and ME El-Nageh (2000) This book provides a framework to help laboratory workers, supply officers and decision makers to choose and buy laboratory equipment and consumables. Includes information on maintenance and about energy requirements for laboratory equipment. Quick reference buyer’s guides and equipment data specification sheets provide easy reference to buying information and makes the buying process easier. Framework can be adapted to guide general equipment purchasing.

9.7 Community and urban health Order code Hygiene Promotion: A Practical Manual for Relief and Development (2nd edition) B/HP S Ferron, J Morgan & M O’Reilly (2007) Written for fieldworkers aiming to reduce the incidence of water - and sanitation - related diseases in relief and rehabilitation programmes.

Also useful for other development workers, particularly those working in the fields of community development, health and engineering.

–  –  –

Urban Health & Development: A Practical................................ B/UH Manual for use in Developing Countries B Booth, K Martin & T Lankester (2001) This practical manual is designed for those working with the urban poor, particularly front line and development workers. Topics include gathering resources, training a team, working in partnership, empowering community health volunteers, and management and ways of making a health programme sustainable.

Vector Control: Methods for use by Individuals and Community.............. EI409L J A Rozendaal (1997) WHO Provides practical information on all major disease vectors and pests, and on effective control methods suitable for rural and urban environments.

Intended for health workers and auxiliary staff as well as health planners and aid organisations.

–  –  –

Where Women Have No Doctor........................................ B/WWHND A Burns, R Lovich, J Maxwell & K Shapiro (1997) A health guide for women and girls to help them identify common medical problems and treatments. Covers sexual health, major diseases, pregnancy and childbirth, nutrition, disabilities, injuries and mental health. Uses clear simple language and illustrated with drawings.

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Prices on application. Please email cataloguesales@durbin.co.uk or call +44 (0)20 8660 2220 for a quotation.


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BNF (British National Formulary)....................................... B/BNF Special low cost BNF for developing countries only. Provides up to date information and guidelines for selecting and prescribing medicines including side effects, dosages and costs. All drugs available in UK are listed including many used for tropical diseases. 2 revised editions per year.

Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference (34th edition).................. EI060L Royal Pharmaceutical Society An invaluable resource providing health professionals with succinct, authoritative and evaluated information on medicines used worldwide.

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