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Dec. 4th, 2011 by Clark Night, (Mary Iva Oliver), Clearsight Publishing Co. - South San Francisco,


& STRENGTHENING THE EYES BY William B. MacCracken, M. D., Bernarr MacFadden & Ophthalmologist

William H. Bates http://www.cleareyesight.info. (Central-Fixation Publishing Co. - William H. Bates

Books, Better Eyesight Magazine is owned by Dr. Bates.) Copyright by Clark Night is for assembly and preservation of Ophthalmologist William H. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines, Books, Medical Articles and other author’s old copyright free books included with this Book and in the PDF E-Book.

All Rights Reserved The Author allows this Paperback and the E-Book copies to be distributed free to the public;

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Upon my death; the public can sell books by Clark Night and continue to distribute them free including download from websites, transmission on Internet. This excludes Paperback books left in my will to David Kiesling, www.iblindness.org. (See my will in the books. David has full right to the Paperback books and my website.) If he does not want to sell or distribute the books free, then; all books, website… are free to the public. My PDF version of this books final upgrade within 1 year from Sept. 2011 and my other books in PDF form are free for the public to distribute free through internet, on CD, printed copies after my death. Entire website is included in the main PDF E-book.


Contact lenses cannot be worn before, during, after practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement.

Contacts will not fit the eye, cornea as it changes to normal, healthy shape and function with practice of The Bates Method. Contact lenses can scrape, injure, infect the eyes cornea, eyes, impairing the vision, eyes health. The eye can change shape often with or without practice of Natural Eyesight Improvement. Contact lenses are never a perfect fit to the eye. Avoid wearing contact lenses.

Natural Eyesight Improvement normalizes the eyes pressure, improves eye health. If the reader has any eye condition, Glaucoma... check with your Eye Doctor first before practicing The Bates Method, Natural Eyesight Improvement. Eye drops, drugs, medicine, un-natural treatments for eye pressure may need to be changed, reduced, discontinued.

Natural Eyesight Improvement changes the shape of the eye, cornea back to normal, healthy condition. If eye, retina, cornea, cataract... surgery has been done on the eyes; check with a Eye Doctor first to be sure the surgery and Natural Eyesight Improvement do not conflict, interfere with eachother; with the eye shape, condition the doctor has fit the surgery to. Natural Eyesight Improvement may help the surgery, eye to heal or it may work against the surgery because; Natural Eyesight Improvement brings the eye, cornea to normal shape-but, the surgery may have been done to place, keep the eye in a abnormal shape, the shape it was in before the surgery or a new abnormal shape. Example; Retina surgery done on a eye that is abnormally lengthened due to advanced Nearsight, many years wearing eyeglasses or a injury may act differently if the patient practices Natural Eyesight Improvement and returns the eye to normal, round shape, normal eye pressure, normal fluid, circulation flow... Same warning for eye cornea laser and other surgeries. Possibly cataract lens surgery. Read complete directions in the free PDF E-book. People have regained clear vision after unsuccessful eye muscle, cataract and other surgery but always check with a eye doctor, preferably a Bates Method, Natural Eyesight Improvement Ophthalmologist, Teacher.

Thank-You for Purchasing a Paperback, Kindle or PDF E-Book Contact mclearsight@aol.com – www.cleareyesight.info for an Adobe PDF version of this book.

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Your purchase supports free and low cost Natural Eyesight Improvement and Donations to the Guide Dog Schools, Perkins School for the Blind, DAV, ASPCA at; http://cleareyesight.info/id73.html 12 PDF E-Books: Natural Eyesight (Vision) Improvement Training Do It Yourself-Natural Eyesight Improvement-Original and Modern Bates Method + A Exact Copy the Author’s Natural Eyesight Improvement Website in book form, with all Training, Activities, Treatments, Text, Pictures, Downloads, Links.

+ Natural Eyesight Improvement Training Book with 100+ Color Pictures. Less reading: Easy to learn steps-Read the short directions on the pictures to quickly learn, apply a treatment, activity for Fast Vision Improvement. (All of Dr. Bates, Clark Night’s Kindle, PDF & Paperback books are in this E-Book.) + Better Eyesight Magazine by Ophthalmologist William H. Bates - (Unedited, Full Set Magazine Issues - 11 Years-July, 1919 to June, 1930.) Illustrated with 500 Pictures and additional, up to date Modern Natural Eyesight Improvement Training.

+ Original Better Eyesight Magazine by Ophthalmologist William H. Bates - Photo copy of all his Original Antique Magazine Pages in the 1900's Print. (Unedited, Full Set 132 Magazine Issues - 11 Years-July, 1919 to June, 1930.) A History Book. Learn Natural Eyesight Improvement Treatments directly from the Original Eye Doctor that discovered and practiced this effective, safe, natural method! Magazines & Method Hidden from the public by eye surgeons, Optometrists, optical businesses for over 100 years because this method works and frees the patient from the need to purchase eyeglasses, drugs, unnecessary eye surgery. Yes, it can and has reversed cataracts and other eye conditions!

+ The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses by Dr. Bates (Photo Copy of the Original Antique Book Pages) with Pictures. Dr. Bates First, Original Book. (Text version with Modern Treatments included.) 2nd Printing Title: Perfect Sight Without Glasses.

+ Medical Articles by Dr. Bates - with Pictures.

+ Stories From The Clinic by Emily C. A. Lierman/Bates. (Dr. Bates Clinic Assistant, Wife.) + Use Your Own Eyes by Dr. William B. MacCracken M.D. (Trained with Dr. Bates.) + Normal Sight Without Glasses by Dr. William B. MacCracken M.D.

+ Strengthening The Eyes by Bernarr MacFadden & Dr. Bates - with Pictures and Modern Training. (Trained with Dr. Bates. One of the First Physical Fitness Teachers.) + EFT Training Booklet - with Acupressure, Energy balance, strengthening, Positive Emotions.

Easy step by step directions with Pictures.

+ Seeing, Reading Fine Print Clear, Clear Close Vision (Presbyopia Treatments) with Videos.

+ Eight Correct, Relaxed Vision Habits- A Quick Course in Natural Eyesight Improvement.

+ Astigmatism Removal Treatments - Natural Eyesight Improvement with Astigmatism Swings, Eyecharts and Videos.

+ Eyecharts Booklet with Natural Eyesight Improvement Basic Training.

+ Eyecharts - 15 Large, Small and Fine Print Big C, E Charts for Close and Distant Vision, White and Black Letter Charts, Tumbling E Chart, Astigmatism Test and Removal Charts, Behavioral Optometry Charts.

Eyechart Video Lessons.

+ Audio Lessons in Every Chapter + Video Links in Training Chapters - Learn a Treatment, Activity Quick and Easy.

+ Videos Page: Links to 35+ Natural Eyesight Improvement Training Videos; YouTube and on the Author’s Website. Download Videos to DVD with Real Player SP, Convert for Television. Watch YouTube Videos on Cable TV. Watch for new videos in 2011-2012.

E-Book contains over 1500 pages. 650+ Color Pictures. No security; print, bind all 12 books.

Read the Books, Watch the Videos for Complete Natural Eyesight Improvement Training.

Check the ‘New Stuff Page’ on http://cleareyesight.info/id61.html for notice when new Chapters, Activities are added to the PDF, Kindle Books. Contact mclearsight@aol.com for the new download link. Print the pages, add them to the Paperback Book.

Use Your Own Eyes by William B. MacCracken, M. D.

Dr. MacCracken obtained Natural Eyesight Improvement Training from Ophthalmologist William H. Bates and applied the Bates Method to cure his patient’s eyesight.

This book is dedicated to the memory of W. H. Bates, M. D.

It was his discovery and his lifework that founded and established the system which can prevent the impending degeneration of the eyes of civilized humans. His genius and his fine courage made it possible for him to bequeath this magnificent gift to the race.


Introduction Chapter I - The Problem Chapter II - The Background Chapter III - The Cause Chapter IV - The Psychology of Spectacles Chapter V - To Be Or Not To Be Chapter VI - The Psychology of the Eye Chapter VII - The Eye Itself Chapter VIII - Accommodation Chapter IX - Eyestrain Chapter X - The Mechanism Of Vision Chapter XI - The Warrant for the Work Chapter XII - Some Cases That Illustrate Chapter XIII - First Principles of Cure Chapter XIV - The Case for the Children Chapter XV - The Sun and the Eye Chapter XVI - Palming Chapter XVII - Central Fixation Chapter XVIII - Shifting the Central Fixation Chapter XIX - Swinging to Relax Chapter XX - How Memory Helps Vision Chapter XXI - How Imagination Helps Vision Chapter XXII - The Snellen Test Card Chapter XXIII - Relaxation Chapter XXIV - Illusions of Vision Chapter XXV - Techniques Chapter XXVI - Astigmatism Chapter XXVII - Presbyopia Chapter XXVIII - Myopia and Hyperopia Chapter XXIX - Strabismus Chapter XXX - Cataract Chapter XXXI - Some Other Conditions Chapter XXXII – Conclusion


THE mighty silence of the great open spaces, the soft warm calm under the palms out on the sands, the cold stillness of the silent frozen worlds, the majestic grandeur of the sunset in the West, the weird influence of the soft light of the moon, the story of the ages in the cold gleaming of the star worlds in the sky, the lure of the lonely vastness of the sea, the soothing cadence of the melody of music in the ears, the silent touch of tender memories, the thrill of a soul in the presence of love—these and kindred of the great primal forces are the real influences guiding the motives and powers of human life.

Our lives are modified, more than we know, by these constant, active influences. Not only are our minds molded, obeying unconsciously these silent orders; but our bodies and organs. There are serious chronic nervous diseases which have no found cause in any change of tissue structure, and which are modified or cured by emotions and impulses. Emotions and impulses are actually only automatic reactions to impressions which are often not even possible to discover. It is established that emotions cause specific changes in many of the body functions: the action of the heart and lungs, the tension of the blood vessels, the conduct of muscles and even tendons. In normal healthy bodies muscular tremors have been demonstrated by laboratory instruments, produced by arousing mental conditions such as curiosity, or fear, or anger. And it is common to find tendon reflexes modified by similar emotions, or even by ordinary excitement. And just such mental conditions are present as the cause of many abnormal physical conditions such as constant eyestrain, indigestion, insomnia, and even distinct diseases with muscle spasms and mental disturbances. And above all, the brain itself with all its nerves, is dominated by the same impressions from the world it lives in, and is molded like the softest clay.

Suppressions, conscious or unconscious, increase these abnormal conditions of tension, and we are constantly suppressing. And worst of all, we are thoughtlessly allowing abnormal and harmful influences to suppress the natural normal functions of our subconscious mind, and mislead us into complexes that are the causes of many diseased conditions.

It is possible to relieve these abnormal conditions by the simple expedient of securing a state of relaxation of the muscles of the body. Without muscular relaxation there never is mental relaxation. And when the muscles are relaxed mental relaxation is always present. There are different methods and varieties of technique by which this muscular relaxation may be secured. But they all must depend upon the same laws of psychology and physiology. It is necessary to enlist the cooperation of the subconscious mind. This can be accomplished by occupying the conscious mind so completely with some carefully chosen impression that the subconscious mind is also fully occupied with the same thought and purpose for a period of time. This method has been proved. It is scientific and successful. It requires, however, that the patient be receptive, earnest, and confident.

The story in this book is founded on these truths. Vision is the most precious of the senses which feed the life and the happiness of the human. That vision should be allowed to degenerate into a crippled dependent upon a mechanical device is an ominous threat to the future of the race. If the mind can be roused into a consciousness of its loss, the recovery of the natural power of the eye will be the smallest of the glorious achievements that will come with the new life.

It has been interesting to try to imagine the mighty spirits of the past contemplating the modern hosts that are helpless without their pieces of glass. How could those independent souls understand this new habit? How long will it be before the minds of children, who are beginning their lives, will be taught to use their own eyes, with the freedom and the power which belongs to them, and which will give them a new fullness of life?

–  –  –

WHEN the human eye begins to falter, whether in adults or in the youngest children, the conventional method of treatment is to call in the assistance of compensating lenses. The claim that is made for these lenses is that they neutralize the effects or symptoms of the conditions which are present as the cause of the failing function.

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