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«Intro To Paleo: The Natural Diet to Burn Fat, Lose Weight, and Build Muscle Abel James Copyright © 2013 BrainFood Productions All rights reserved. ...»

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To Paleo:

The Natural Diet to Burn Fat,

Lose Weight, and Build


Abel James

Copyright © 2013 BrainFood Productions

All rights reserved.


I’d like to thank the folks who have devoted their lives to

helping others by focusing on Ancestral Health. The list is

long, but I especially want to thank the following friends who

have influenced and inspired me: Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson,

Loren Cordain, Paul Jaminet, Jimmy Moore, and Dave Asprey. Special thanks, too to George Bryant for contributing killer recipes (and cooking us dinner from time to time). You are all rock stars!

Disclaimer The techniques, strategies, and suggestions expressed in this text are intended to be used for educational purposes only.

The author and publisher are not rendering medical advice of any kind, nor is this manual intended to replace medical advice, nor to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, condition, illness, or injury.

It is imperative that before beginning any nutrition or exercise program you receive full medical clearance from a licensed physician. The author and publisher claim no responsibility to any person or entity for any liability, loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly as a result of the use, application, or interpretation of the material in this text.

Contents What People are Saying about “Intro to Paleo” 7 Why this Book? 8 Introduction 10 What is Paleo? 12 How Did We Get Here? 15 Cavemen Living in the Space Age 17 The Natural Human Diet: An Overview 19 Against the Grain 20 A Natural Approach to Fitness and Activity 27 How to Get Fit by Exercising like a Caveman 31 How to Shop in an Unnatural World 39 Paleo Success Stories 46 Shopping Guide 57 Paleo Favorites: Meal Ideas 60 Award-Winning Paleo Recipes 62 Paleo in a Page 127 About the Author 130 What People are Saying about “Intro to Paleo” “Outstanding! This book is a no-nonsense approach to the Paleo way of eating. For the first time in my life, eating does not consume my every thought. I now eat to live and not live to eat! Thank you for this!” – Jan “I thought this type of “diet” was just a fad like all the others.

Boy was I wrong. This will change your life. Hence, it's not a “diet” but a lifestyle change. I’ve only been following this “Common Sense, Keep It Simple” lifestyle for a few months, but I’m seeing great results. At 45, I’m looking better than I ever have my whole life. I feel great. You owe it to yourself to check it out and make the change. Give it a try. There are other longer more detailed books out there that will tell you the same thing, so spend a fraction of your time and check this out to see if the Paleo lifestyle is right for you.” - Mark “I was skeptical that I wouldn’t learn anything new, as I have been practicing Paleo eating and reading related books and blogs for over a year now. I was pleasantly surprised, both by new information and well-stated reminders of the basics that I already know. This is a fabulous read for those who are interested, anyone who has just started but has questions, or seasoned veterans who would like to renew their passion for healthy eating by reminding themselves that science wholly backs up our way of life.” – Mary Why this Book?

I often ask my listeners, readers, and fans, “What’s something that you’re struggling with right now?” A common

response goes something like this:

“Abel, there are so many Paleo books out there. I don’t need the backstory, detailed science, or anthropology…I just want to know what to do and how to do it! How do I get started with Paleo?” In response, I wrote this book. It’s meant to be a brief, easyto-read, straightforward guide on how to get rolling with the Paleo diet and lifestyle right away.

If you want a detailed breakdown of Paleo, replete with scientific references, charts, graphs, and other hoopla, this book is not for you.

You don’t need to hunker down with a Bible-sized book to try Paleo and see if it works for you. You can read this book in a few hours. Heck, you can read “Paleo in a Page” in a minute!

If you’d like to try Paleo to decide if it’s right for you, everything you need (including 20 mouth-watering recipes) is waiting for you on the following pages.

I sincerely hope the knowledge in this book helps guide, motivate and encourage you on your journey to the body, health, and life of your dreams.

In Health, Abel James P.S. — If you want more in-depth detail on the latest research-informed strategies in nutrition, fitness and health, please visit us at FatBurningMan.com.

Introduction Most diets teach that you can be lean, but only if you’re willing to endure being hungry and miserable.

Paleo isn’t like that. And you won’t be slugging down cabbage soup, either.

Going Paleo does not require: calorie-counting, expensive drugs, marathon workouts, iron willpower, teeth-gritting sacrifice, or gloom. Using the principles of Paleo nutrition and fitness, not only will you build a lean muscular body, but you will eat often. And exceptionally well. Foodies rejoice!

Paleo is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle. Paleo is an old paradigm for making food choices based on what will nourish your body and mind. It’s a framework for making informed decisions about how to fuel your body. It’s a template that is infinitely customizable to your own tastes, needs and goals.

The collective health of the country (and much of the rest of the developed world, for that matter) is falling off a cliff, and I believe we have a solution. I sincerely hope this book—as well as my free blog, videos, and The Fat-Burning Man Show—can act as a springboard to help you shed unwanted fat and improve your health in a way that is completely healthful, fun, and sustainable.

There is far too much misinformation out there masquerading as scientific fact. Eating less and exercising more is not necessary. A calorie is not a calorie. You don’t need to tether yourself to a treadmill to get the body of your dreams.

I mean it.

When you embrace the Paleo lifestyle, you can be lean and enjoy life. It’s a piece of (gluten-free) cake.

Now let’s get to it.

What is Paleo?

Paleo. Hunter-Gatherer. Caveman. Primal.

Ancestral. Wild. Prehistoric.

Depending on whom you ask, these terms may provoke confusion, dismissal, anger, or cult-like loyalty.

It doesn’t matter what you call it— they all boil down to the same general idea: We should eat like our spearwielding cavemen predecessors.

It’s true. Our genetics are nearly identical to those of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Your Stone Age body still thinks you’re chasing wooly mammoths around the savanna, dodging saber-toothed tigers, and browbeating your enemies into submission.

People often ask me if I eat like a “caveman.” I take it as a compliment, because I certainly wouldn’t want to be accused of eating like a “Standard American.” That would be brutal.

It’s no secret that I am a proud advocate of a diet that approximates the nutritional composition of what we are genetically adapted to eat. I encourage my fans, listeners, and clients to experiment with the Paleo approach to eating and lifestyle, and I am active in the Paleo and Primal communities.

So, yes. I eat like a caveman.

The Paleo and Primal approaches to healthy living are often viewed as being on the fringe. I believe this is mostly due to the fact that critics misunderstand it, or they fear change, or have some ulterior motive. There are also the die-hard cavemen types who take the Primal approach to the extreme by refusing to use soap or toothpaste, or by participating in bloodletting parties. These are the ones who seem to get attention from the media.

But most Paleo folks are more mainstream. You might not even notice that they’re all around you (aside from the fact that they are noticeably lean, strong and glowing). People can make all the caveman jokes they like, but there is no question. Paleo nutrition works.

And no, eating like a human is not a fad.

An approach to nutrition and lifestyle that is informed by the ancestral considerations of nutrition isn’t just for knuckledraggers. On the contrary, in my humble opinion the principles of Paleo are light-years ahead of any other dietary framework. The more we can approximate the nutritional composition of the hunter-gatherer diet and lifestyle the more we will thrive.

Not everyone wants to live like a caveman. I get that. But everyone can learn from how our ancestors lived and thrived in their environment. You don’t have to live in a mud hut, dress in bearskin, or participate in bloodletting, to eat as a human should.

Do people have “bones to pick” with eating like a huntergatherer? Sure. For one, there was no single cookie-cutter “caveman” diet—it varied greatly, depending on geography, season, local microclimates, etc. But I can assure you cavemen weren’t eating Ho-Hos, diet ice cream bars, or microwaved soy burgers.

Paleo really boils down to this simple principle: Eat real food. Foods that can be consumed in nature—straight from the tree, ground, or carcass—are more healthful options than foods that require manipulation or refining to be safely digested.

I am not interested in squabbling about issues like whether eating sprouted lentils once a day, or sipping an occasional gluten-free beer, will lead to dietary disaster. I just eat real, high-quality plants, and meat from healthy animals, as often as I possibly can.

Fortunately, as a movement Paleo is becoming more flexible.

Folks like Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, and countless others have added welcome nuances to the Paleo approach since Loren Cordain released The Paleo Diet a decade ago. It will be interesting to see where the movement goes in the next few years.

One thing is certain: Interest in Paleo is growing like a wooly mammoth, and it’s going to be one heck of a fun ride.

How Did We Get Here?

“If 50 million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.” ~Anatole France The low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet recommended by nutritionists, doctors, and conventional wisdom sounds great in principle. Indeed, the belief that “fat makes you fat” is a wonderfully simplistic concept that makes things sound so easy. Just avoid fat as much as possible, and you’ll lose weight.

But it’s not true.

After decades of fat-phobia, we have witnessed the weight of the average American skyrocket. Today, more than 72% of adult men in America and more than 64% of adult women are overweight or obese. The low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet is biochemically flawed—avoiding fat in favor of carbs does not prevent weight gain. It causes it. Clearly, conventional wisdom’s dietary advice isn’t working, so we need to seek better solutions.

Enter the fad diet and supplement companies. Pushing their magic “fat-blaster pills” or “exercise in a bottle” miracle potions, these vultures will say anything to make a sale. They tend to reference carefully selected passages from “research” only when it suits the sales goals of their businesses. This presents another problem: Any company can quote or conduct a study that appears to supports virtually any predetermined premise (which the media is eager to distort and sensationalize).

Sadly, the goal of most companies is not to educate you, but to condition you as a consumer. Tune out the peddlers of conventional nonsense and the wily, desperate gurus. Ignore the alarmist drumbeat of the sensationalist media. You need to try something different.

The Paleo lifestyle—now well on its way to being a major movement in our society—doesn’t thrive on swindling, circus antics, or peddling. It simply works. You may be surprised, shocked, or confused by its methods, which often stand in direct opposition to popular dieting beliefs, and may challenge your comforting worldview. But do not dismiss them simply because they are “out of the box” compared to the status-quo.

Open your mind and reap the rewards.

Cavemen Living in the Space Age Our genetics are nearly identical to those of our huntergathering ancestors. Today it’s much easier to survive.

However, with a rampant supply of fat-storing foods, it is incredibly easy to become fat.

There are three compounding problems here:

1. We expend little to no energy to obtain our food.

2. Our antiquated instincts cause us to overeat modern foods that contain unnaturally high concentrations of calories, which do not ultimately satiate hunger.

3. We are genetically programmed to store fat. This is a survival mechanism that served us well during times of famine. Those times have passed.

In the glory days of hunter-gathering, the opportunity to eat required immense effort and risk. If you wanted meat, you had to run a buffalo off a cliff, scoop a jackrabbit out of thin air, or snap the neck of a feral swine with your bare hands.

Eating well only came as the direct result of an enormous expenditure of energy.

Additionally, our bodies simply have not had ample time to adapt to the products of modern food processing and the environment of drive-thru convenience that has come along with it. Molten chocolate cake doesn’t exist in nature, nor do Slurpees, or deep-fried ice cream. In fact, the obscene amounts of sugar in these gut bombs would have been nearly impossible for our ancestors to consume. To put it into perspective, you would have to eat three pounds of carrots to equal the sugar equivalent of a single bottle of Coke. Three pounds!

These foods appeal to—and take advantage of—our instinct to binge on sweet foods that rapidly fatten us up in anticipation of (formerly) inevitable meager times ahead. But here is the problem: While you may know intellectually that ample food is readily available and you’ll eat again in a few short hours, your body does not. It’s still operating on old software, so to speak, that hasn’t been updated to reflect today’s vastly different “foodscape”. So, as a no-longer-handy survival mechanism, you still readily store extra calories— especially carbohydrates —as fat.

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